Mar. 31st, 2011

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One-pager comic again. I think this has been in my scrapbook for a couple of days now.

I might make more of these one-pager one shots. I'm too lazy to draw full story comics. Wahaha...

Maybe I could just try typing them sometime... Hmm...
IeyasuXMitsunari comiclet. Red String. )

DateSana done. IeyasuXMitsunari done. I need to make ChikaNari too... I got one in mind but... hmm... Good luck with that. Himewagako completely changed my views about the Setouchi pairing. Chikanari now becomes ChikaNariChika. So yeah, they're interchangeable now. Seriously.

Been using Photoshop for a while now. [ profile] pictoalchemist now works as a colorist in Korean Manwha so she taught me a few tricks (memory fails BADLY, I can't remember all of them x_x;;).

So yeah... found the joy of using Pen tool! Currently lining the East-West Trio comic.

Ugh. Work sucks today. So tiring... Aaah, wanna go home soon.

Oh 3 new updates from the capcom site!

O SHI. Ieyasu using Tadakatsu's Drill in the new game!*o* [ profile] pictoalchemist is so gonna be happy to see it at last! *this coming form a family who hasn't played SB3*

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