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Need to figure out what those, Circles, Subscribing and Tracking-- But being too lazy to read FAQs and whatnot. WTH. I'm too lazy to figure new things out.e_e;;

Just found the Import feature.8D Importing stuff from my LJ now.>.>;;
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First post! Just created this while at work, I needed to do a little something and now making a sort-of mirror to my Livejournal account with the same name.=D

Still arranging this one, so not much here yet.^^;;
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Lu Bu X Yoshitsune!!!<3<3<3

Damn Yo-tan for making me want to add this to the pile of Musou stuff I need be drawing.Dx I haven't even started practicing drawing the Sengoku Musou charas yet! ARGH. Slow, drawing slow.e_e

What else is new? I now ship CaoPiXZhaoYun, LuMengXLuXun and OrochiXEveryone (or someone, yeah, who else could it be?)... I really need to start downloading getting Dynasty Warriors.>.>;;

Still wasting my time with Musou Orochi Maou Sairin... and will start playing Sengoku Musou 2 Empires (yes, it's japanese)... Don't know how long I'll last though, wahahaha.

And speaking about Yamatano Orochi, err, snakes... I need to stop murdering myself with these issues.
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Papel was huddled at the corner of the shop, crying. It was the second time Lapis saw her like that. He sighs and continued on with his work, they'll be opening the shop soon anyways and her boss was slacking.

'No one listens,' the shopkeep thought, 'He'd cheer someone up with those words, but why couldn't he...? To me...?' she glanced up at her assistant with her teary eyes. 'It's the same here, it's the same with every world,' and she continued on crying.

'I knew it, I'd rather not talk...'

Ahaha, besides, she doesn't even have the right to talk. She's not even doing ANYTHING to make it right. Wow she sucks so bad.
Don't worry Papel, you'll get a good ending, I promise.
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So me and my twin, Yo-tan, cosplayed Kotetsu and Barnaby of Tiger&Bunny yesterday at SM Megamall (ToyCon's 2nd day).
Thanks to my beloved younger siblings for doing all the work! I know I only did most of the necktie only. I'll Help out next cosplay!

A few people recognized us, so we don't have much pics, but maybe we'll cosplay again after a few months to see if more people will know who we are.XD

But just being Kotetsu and Bunny at the event made me happy.8D You'll never know, we might cosplay the Hero suits next time.

Just the T&B Cosplay under the cut. Plus random story while I was typing stuff...
So T&B ep5 ended without the gang giving Bunny his Birthday present. Take 2 on Father's Day!? )

Now, back to drawing.
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Happy 26th Birthday!!!
It's this time of the year again! Happy Birthday to me and my beloved twin.<3<3<3

Same with last time, I thought I would end up drawing a birthday special with Sengoku Basara charas on it. *cough*Oyakata-sama<3*cough* But stuff happened and new inspiration saved the day.^^;; There wasn't enough disturbing elements for SB.TAT

I don't find the drawing too embarassing--
Though I was cringing every now and then while sketching IT.
Oooh, it's -sort of- WORKSAFE...???
Kotetsu stared in disbelief as he watched Bunny's latest upgrade-- the GOOD F*CK MODE. )

Hopefully drawing inspiration continues!XDXDXD
Aaand, no, I am not giving up on Sengoku Basara yet.x_x Argh, I need to draw them again.
Why does this always happen when I get inspiration changes!? It's so sad.TAT
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I am more attached to games, but after seeing all the T&B stuff in PIXIV... I actually thought it was some shojo anime before. Let's say I've known the title of the anime for months now and I just knew they're about 2 GAY guys at least a few weeks ago after accidentally clicking on a fanart.XD

Random thought about Tiger & Bunny after watching 2 episodes...

Me: So I thought they do HENSHIN but no, they simply wear the hero costumes... Well, at least they don't do GATTAI.XD
Yo-tan and Kuya: *laughed HARD*

So gay.<3<3<3

So yeah, it's BunnyXTiger for me. And I am the Tiger, again (Yukimura of Sengoku Basara was the first<3). I looove how my Bunny-chan's so pissy when I call him that.<3

Expect drawings soon... after I post my Sengoku Basara stuff... Uwaaah, I am so fearing for my BSR inspiration, knowing how bad my switching inspiration goes.x_x;;
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My yahoomail is really pissing me off. I love my yahoomail, I had it since... I dunno when... So backup email is picmurasaki@gmail.com. Lulz.

Lost all emails in yahoomail after I logged in again (seriously, I was really lazy to go online these past few weeks). Pakshet, there goes all my drafts... Dear yahoomail, do you know how lazy I am when I try to type something long?-_-;;

I've been trying to catch up on everyone... My facebooks available now. I think you can find me through Jaye Jiongco or Jei Revence. Still trying to get used to FB, and I'm actually hating it more. *sigh* Well, I guess this'll help me catch up... I THINK.

I'm risking so much opening up FB. Oh hat will our relatives think!? I like GAY anime and currently like GAY Samurai's and I like anything GAY. WTF!?!?!?

Kit.T_T I pray you see this friend me in FB, you said you have an FB right? *huggles*
Trick. Hope you read this, friends me in FB too.<3
Kisses. resend mail please?x_x;;
Roel. Do you actually have an FB?XD Wahaha.

Will TRY to stay online. This time... Actually, I think my PIXIV account is way more active than any other online accounts I have. WTH?
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One-pager comic again. I think this has been in my scrapbook for a couple of days now.

I might make more of these one-pager one shots. I'm too lazy to draw full story comics. Wahaha...

Maybe I could just try typing them sometime... Hmm...
IeyasuXMitsunari comiclet. Red String. )

DateSana done. IeyasuXMitsunari done. I need to make ChikaNari too... I got one in mind but... hmm... Good luck with that. Himewagako completely changed my views about the Setouchi pairing. Chikanari now becomes ChikaNariChika. So yeah, they're interchangeable now. Seriously.

Been using Photoshop for a while now. [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist now works as a colorist in Korean Manwha so she taught me a few tricks (memory fails BADLY, I can't remember all of them x_x;;).

So yeah... found the joy of using Pen tool! Currently lining the East-West Trio comic.

Ugh. Work sucks today. So tiring... Aaah, wanna go home soon.

Oh 3 new updates from the capcom site!

O SHI. Ieyasu using Tadakatsu's Drill in the new game!*o* [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist is so gonna be happy to see it at last! *this coming form a family who hasn't played SB3*
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Currently playing FFIVTA and my RM3 game is on hold on the PSP. Ah, and before anyone could react "A Tales game got on hold for an FF game!? Ridiculous!" youngest sis is playing the game fulltime and is nearlly ending the game (still figuring out how to get Lilith, argh). I'm sort of helping her out with the translations.

Specially the skits! OMG, Tytree mistaking Woodrow for Veigue!*o*<3<3<3

*cough* Anyways... I am playing FFIVTA right now. Skipped the actual FFIV game, finished Interlude and just recently finished Ceodore's Scenario...

And I still can't believe I'm playing this game!

It's the same feeling with it's Tales parallel which is ToD2. I couldn't believe I played the game after waiting for oh so long...T_T

I just wanna kick Namingway for changing occupation. I NEED to change Ceodore's name to Kyle and HoodedMan/Cain to Judas. Argh.

Ceodore's so anti-Kyle though. He's a more mature and smarter Kyle.^^;;
And I see Cain as the ultimate Judas. Well, at least there's no Loni figure that would be too suspicious of the Hooded man's identity. Ceodore's quite oblivious of it... so far...

Oh, I just realized I need to finish FFIVTA before Persona 2 Innocent Sin (PSP port) release!*o* OMG, I missed Jun sooo much!<3 Agh, so much to play, this time I'm gonna make sure I get a FOOL card.=/
Best of the Persona series ever.<3 My opinion, of course.

Anyways, onto Sengoku Basara...

We played SB2Heroes last SundayMori. It was the first time we actually PLAYED the VS mode, and we loved it so much.*o* The battle was Eastern VS Western Armies. Masamune and Ieyasu VS Yukimura and Motonari (or Motochika).

Youngest sibs actually played it first. They used their own charas and ieyasu kept on losing.
Next was me and Yo-tan and I kept on beating him.XD

Western Army wins 7 points over the Eastern Army's 4 points.=D

Our Keiji gets SOME points as well, even if he wasn't playing, NPC!Keiji actually won a few times.o_o;;

And about new sketches and stuff? Uhh... ARGH FRUSTRATION!!!x_x;;
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Geez, I color like a kid.x_x;; Still not satisfied with the way how I color with SAI.T_T
Trashed a Takechiyo and Sakichi coloring art. Ugh. FRUSTRATION.

Overpossessive Masamune-dono.<3<3<3 )

Does my arts look grainy? Or it's just our monitor?x_x;; Hmm... I'll prolly save my stuff on my phone and check if it looks ok there...

I'll try coloring something tomorrow again. Maybe I'm less frustrated by then. *sigh*
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So yeah, I tried coloring something. OTP of course.<3

Also posted a few more sketchies! Lessee...
A bunch of DateSana sketches and random SB chara sketches.
The chara sketches are Yukimura, Masamune, Kojuuro and Mitsunari... chibi Mittsun!8D
More DateSana and MitsunariXYukimura, and chibi Seme and Uke Teams

Tried not to post EVERYTHING or I might run out of stuff to post, YOU SEE? Last pic will be the colored DS art! )

I think... I really should be sleeping now.XD Hahaha.*goes to bed*
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Of Katakura Family is Kojuuro, Sasuke, Masamune and Yukimura...

Toyotomi Family makes Hideyoshi, Hanbei and Mitsunari (and Ieyasu is an extended family member)

And I just realized. This Toyotomi Family is making me cry.T_T Currently typing a ficlet about it. Uhh, not sure if it's worth posting like the rest of the stuff I'm making. Widdle Sakichi<3<3<3

My present SB parallel, Apartment for Three, is working out smoothly. I didn't want to focus on the school so... most of the setting is at a certain group's apartment... Ugh, Bishamonten, I suck.x_x;; Too excited with a really hyper Ieyasu and his expected HATE!SEX with a certain grumpy adopted brother. Me writing porn? Oh no no no...

Still trying to figure out SAI. I wonder if I can find a nice tutorial somewhere?
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Still scanning some stuff while typing this. Playing with my Oyakata-sama Shimeeji while scanning too. 5am and I'm still up!XD Wheee~!!!
Current icon so hurried. I really wanted a SB icon so bad.D8

Thankfully I was able to upload these even with he slow net connection.^^<3 Woot for Wireless Broadband!<3

What you'll find under the cut?
Hinted MasaKojuu, Yukimura ballpen sketchies, Mitsunari-centric comic and The Dango Colored Trio comic (the uke's, Motonari, Mitsunari and Yukimura).
Sengoku Basara. A guy kissing snakes, ballpen sketches, --Oh Was that comic supposed to be SAD?-- And DANGO!!! )

Also sketched something from the book I just finished reading. Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book.^^;; Random, I know.>.>;;

Expect more art posts soon! Hopefully my drawing inspiration stays. Oh Sengoku Basara, thank you so very much.T_T<3<3<3
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From win98 to winXP
and from 20GB to 250GB

Can't wait to get Photoshop and SAI installed and start coloring stuff again!*o*<3<3<3

I am so gonna make our own Shimeeji, but for now, I guess I could start downloading some and throw Mittsun and Ieyasu around.XD<3

And I need SB icons... really... The Danchou's on my default icon aren't too happy since I don't draw them anymore. Kaoru might slap me for not caring for his beloved Kai.XD<3

Really need to make my own SB icon. ARGH.

Scanner was also scanning faster now, and maybe we could get Wireless Broadband for a net connection.*o*

Oooh, so omg excited! Can't wait to start drawing, scanning and coloring again!<3<3<3

Yukimura's picture in SB:CH looks like he got lipstick.8D Oh Yuki, you know I'm into fem!Yukihimemura right now.<3<3<3


Been posting and a bit active online now... Hopefully this continues. Permanently this time.XD
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So it seems I have saved ALL DateSana pics in pixiv and on the BASARA search sites... I think I need more for inspiration.Dx

Since I am so desperate, I need to READ something. I've been out of practice anyways...

I'm still at work. Browsing Basara Search for another reason. Uke!Yukimura jp novels.>D

Saving the MasamuneXYukimura's for last.<3<3<3

I read one interesting KojuuroXYukimura... it's just weird for a DateSana fan like me to find Masamune-dono not in love with Yukimura. The novel was a scene in SB3. (Masamune's story I think? Where Kojuu stops Masamune from killing Yukimura)

Hmm hmm, R-18 jp novels are just the best!XD<3 I can read them at work and no one will know I'm reading porn.<3

Writing inspiration currently into Mitsunari VS Masamune X Yukimura. Not really a good start, since my inspiration is most likely rebelling cause my Masamune hates Ishida-dono with a passion. *sigh* I don't think he'll even read it.

I think my TadakatsuXIeyasu(?) fic might get a chance to be read by our beloved Ika-yasu.>.>;; I still think it sounds like an opening scene for a Gundam anime/manga/story whatever.XD

And Setouchi. Mori-dono, please stop tring to kill Ieyasu-dono.o_o;;

And Keiji needs a girlfriend. Badly.XD *pokes Magoichi*<3<3<3
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So I have been making practice sketches... period. I need to get serious. I know I'm seriously out of practice. Notice I could only draw faces to bust, but everything goes really sketchy when it comes to bodies. (What backgrounds? Since when did I draw BGs?)

I really need to draw my Sengoku Basara OTP, but Masamune-dono's hair is so not cooperating with me.x_x;; I can never get his hair right! The anime had a big influence on me since I started with the anime, but I wanted the Masamune-dono of the game who got a much badass look and hair.Dx

... and staring at really nice game!Masamune is not helping.x_x;;

Why am I this frustrated? I can draw IeyasuXMitsunari no problem, but they're not my fave pair. And I actually ship a LOT of pairs in SB and it's killing me since I wanted to draw them to show how much I like them.

But I still don't have any MasamuneXYukimura drawing.T_T

Younger sis beat me to it. She's drawing her OTP TadakatsuXIeyasu with full inspiration and is now moving onto uke!Ieyasu.

And I was actually, very jealous with the last one she paired. MasamuneXIeyasu. I am ok with the pairing (so far the only pairings I hate are seme!Yukimura's and ShingenXSasuke. Oyakata-sama is uke to Sasuke), I could definitely see (MotochikaX)MasamuneXIeyasu, since they're like the seme team (lulz). But I can't help but feel more frustrated cause I can't even draw MasamuneXYukimura... yet.

So yeah, I have issues with MasamuneXYukimura. Bigtime.x_x;;

Date Family parallel doesn't count. I've made a few sketches of Masamune, Yukimura and their two kids (OCs Saki and Yukari)... But that's not MasamuneXYukimura... I want to draw something Hot and Cool or sweet or those stuff... down and dirty or something...

I'm trying to be careful. I don't want to lose my drawing/writing inspiration anymore...

Oh and I need a Sengoku Basara icon. ARGH.
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My BSR uber uke's are Yukimura and Mitsunari.>.>;; And Yukimura is the most uke cause Mitsunari tops him too.XD;;

So... finished Anime Sengoku Basara (2nd season) yesterday. Also found out that our Masamune and Ieyasu (eldest and 4th younger sib) HATES Mitsunari with a passion.

My Masamune-sama gets ARGH so jealous when I pair MitsunariXYukimura, but he's ok when it's HideyoshiXHanbei and son!Mitsunari. Ah, same with IeyasuXMitsunari, he's ok with the pair.

Our Ieyasu is quite the fangirl of TadakatsuXIeyasu (and MotochikaXIeyasu, much to our Motonari's dismay) and he hates it when Ieyasu's seme. So she hates it when I fangirl IeyasuXMitsunari. Had to scream, "But he's your friend...!" Dx

So we got Sengoku Basara issues at home. I'm happy that our Motonari (youngest sis) felt pity for Mitsunari when she saw him in the anime. Damn that ending just made me cry... poor Mitsunari... I had to tell Mori-dono that Ishida-dono's our ally!<3

Not sure what is our Keiji's (younger bro's) thoughts about Mitsunari. Same like the real BSR Keiji, I think he might go for neutral mode.^^;;

The anime's ending might be a good reason for Mitsunari to remember Masamune-sama's name in the movie.XD Can't wait to see the movie!

But first of all, that OVA...! Sasuke kidnapping Kojuuro, Masamune seeing how stupid Yukimura is and Oyakata-sama punching the living daylights out of Yukimura's stupidity... Follow the Drama CD please.D8 It was way better than Yukimura's SB2Heroes Gaiden. After Hyottoko Kamen's mask breaking, Yukimura thought the man behind the mask LOOKED LIKE Oyakata-sama. That simply got me laughing so hard.

Ok ranting again. Need to finish some more piccies and ficcies.<3
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Icon is Akihiko since Liam O'Brien voices Ieyasu... Wat???

So at long last I tried to scan stuff. Not cleaned or anything since they were directly scanned and all. Crashed compy still doesn't have any photoshop to edit stuff.>.>;;

Ballpen and pencil sketches. Sadly no MasamuneXYukimura, but they are there. Some Oyakata-sama... KojuuSasu, Ieyasu and Mitsunari... and I think my fem!Yukimura was there too.o_o;;
Could've tried scanning some of the comics I've made, but I might save them till it's really worth posting.

Art post under the cut! IMAGE HEAVY of course.=D
Sketch sketch sketch )

Need to start drawing TadakatsuXIeyasu and some ChikaXNari soon too.=D And some other uke!Yukimura pairs.>3
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Typing stuff that comes to mind. Since I am so bored with these calls at the office...

First reaction as soon as Keel enters the Van Eltia... "IT'S YUKIMURA!!!" and yes, my mind is obviously not in the right fandom right now.XD

*cough* Even before that... Got to look around the Van Eltia and found Mitsunari (with Hideyoshi-sama?), Hanbei (lulz), and Yoshitsugu (my sibs were all o_o;;). I want to forget Nanaly's Sengoku Basara chara... never liked Itsuki...

Still looking forward to getting Oyakata-sama and Sasuke!*o* Damn, if only Moses was here. ARGH. Oh yeah, Mitsuhide and Nobunaga's there too. And... waaah, Hilda is Magoichi. Tsk seiyuu's...

Rid: Katakura-kun, I so wanna kidnap you.<3
Dhaos: Uhh... Lemme see you just do that here.

Better get back on the right Tales inspiration... Too happy to see Shirley in RM3 at last!<3 She's sooo cuuute...


Don't really know the ToSr chara's much, but Marta's so in looove with Emil.<3 Marta and Iria, then Emil and Ruca. Nice combinations.<3

Saleh just said he wants Veigue as his toy... I bet people who ship this pair is rejoicing. Dammit. I want VeigueXTytree.

Youngest sib wasn't too happy to see Eugene and Tytree together.XD Even I was expecting that Eugene and Mao would be together... Anyways, Tytree's too friendly and had been making friends with nearlly everyone in the ship.

Aaand Ange and Iria made my day! Spada enters the Van Eltia all alone, I was actually hoping him and Ricardo would be together... then Ange went 'Why isn't Ricardo with you?' then Iria comes in and also asks 'I thought you're with Ricardo?'. So that just made me think that Spada and Ricardo were actually travelling together. Nyahahaha.<3<3<3

OK, I think I'm rushing my RM3 game too much.x_x;; Need to slow down...


So I played Sengoku Basara2 Heroes... while my sibs take PSP!Shirley to start making their characters in RM3.

Oh yeah, I think I haven't posted it here yet, but I bought SB3 (yes, japanese!) a month ago. And we still don't have a PS3 yet. It was the last copy and the guy who was assisting us actually tried to recommend buying the eng one instead, but meh. Everyone at the shop was just surprised cause I preffered going for the japanese.

So I just stare at the game manual. Praying for the day we get to use the disc on a PS3. Hahaha...

Finished Oichi's story mode at last. It was... sad. Really really sad. I really like NagamasaXIchi pair... why did Nagamasa-sama had to die?T_T

Only cutscene we watch over and over in SB2heroes is Yukimura's OP and ED animations. (well, the same with SB2, we watch ANYTHING with Yukimura in it) Yukimura and Oyakata-sama is just so epic.<3<3<3 They're the reason why I fell in love with this series.<3

Pairing rant... can't wait for the OVA.*O*<3 Listened to the Drama CD again and it would be really nice to see how Sasuke tries to kidnap Kojuuro-- err-- kinda. Then Masamune and Yukimura fighting together in the Takeda Manly Festival trials.<3
I'm just excited to see Masamune's expression once he finds out how stupidly cute Yukimura is.<3<3<3

This is just so random.>.>;; Need to focus on drawing.e_e

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