Feb. 21st, 2011

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Typing stuff that comes to mind. Since I am so bored with these calls at the office...

First reaction as soon as Keel enters the Van Eltia... "IT'S YUKIMURA!!!" and yes, my mind is obviously not in the right fandom right now.XD

*cough* Even before that... Got to look around the Van Eltia and found Mitsunari (with Hideyoshi-sama?), Hanbei (lulz), and Yoshitsugu (my sibs were all o_o;;). I want to forget Nanaly's Sengoku Basara chara... never liked Itsuki...

Still looking forward to getting Oyakata-sama and Sasuke!*o* Damn, if only Moses was here. ARGH. Oh yeah, Mitsuhide and Nobunaga's there too. And... waaah, Hilda is Magoichi. Tsk seiyuu's...

Rid: Katakura-kun, I so wanna kidnap you.<3
Dhaos: Uhh... Lemme see you just do that here.

Better get back on the right Tales inspiration... Too happy to see Shirley in RM3 at last!<3 She's sooo cuuute...


Don't really know the ToSr chara's much, but Marta's so in looove with Emil.<3 Marta and Iria, then Emil and Ruca. Nice combinations.<3

Saleh just said he wants Veigue as his toy... I bet people who ship this pair is rejoicing. Dammit. I want VeigueXTytree.

Youngest sib wasn't too happy to see Eugene and Tytree together.XD Even I was expecting that Eugene and Mao would be together... Anyways, Tytree's too friendly and had been making friends with nearlly everyone in the ship.

Aaand Ange and Iria made my day! Spada enters the Van Eltia all alone, I was actually hoping him and Ricardo would be together... then Ange went 'Why isn't Ricardo with you?' then Iria comes in and also asks 'I thought you're with Ricardo?'. So that just made me think that Spada and Ricardo were actually travelling together. Nyahahaha.<3<3<3

OK, I think I'm rushing my RM3 game too much.x_x;; Need to slow down...


So I played Sengoku Basara2 Heroes... while my sibs take PSP!Shirley to start making their characters in RM3.

Oh yeah, I think I haven't posted it here yet, but I bought SB3 (yes, japanese!) a month ago. And we still don't have a PS3 yet. It was the last copy and the guy who was assisting us actually tried to recommend buying the eng one instead, but meh. Everyone at the shop was just surprised cause I preffered going for the japanese.

So I just stare at the game manual. Praying for the day we get to use the disc on a PS3. Hahaha...

Finished Oichi's story mode at last. It was... sad. Really really sad. I really like NagamasaXIchi pair... why did Nagamasa-sama had to die?T_T

Only cutscene we watch over and over in SB2heroes is Yukimura's OP and ED animations. (well, the same with SB2, we watch ANYTHING with Yukimura in it) Yukimura and Oyakata-sama is just so epic.<3<3<3 They're the reason why I fell in love with this series.<3

Pairing rant... can't wait for the OVA.*O*<3 Listened to the Drama CD again and it would be really nice to see how Sasuke tries to kidnap Kojuuro-- err-- kinda. Then Masamune and Yukimura fighting together in the Takeda Manly Festival trials.<3
I'm just excited to see Masamune's expression once he finds out how stupidly cute Yukimura is.<3<3<3

This is just so random.>.>;; Need to focus on drawing.e_e

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