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Asch called Chester Kuzu.8D;; And I don't know if I should be happy with that or not. Then I so wanna shoot Jade for ruining the moment where Asch was supposed to apologize!Dx His timing is always so very BAD!

Should I make a guide/story trans for ToF2? Yes or No?
I know a lot of people who can't read jp needs it.XD
(But I'm sure by the time I get to finish making it,
most of you are done with the game anyways...)

Anyways, ToF2 rants.8D Hey, at least I'm ranting about a new game. Hahaha.<3 )

I need to gain money and get Natalia's costume soon.x_x;; I wanna see the Gakuen Abyss skit~!XD;;


Random ToF2 Mini Guide

As in really random (hopefully) helpful stuff for ToF2.
ToF2 Mini Crappy Guide )

If anyone wants to ask questions about most of the games and stuff please do ask.8D I'll do anythying to search for the jp guide and translate it.


ToA Sketch Dump:

Hmm, really old stuff I got to draw before the PS2 came, also recent stuff I got to draw just a few days ago.^^;;

I was actually online to post up my last entry for the Vanwork-a-thon.8D;; I said I'll make a colored pic, but I ran out of time.x_x;; At least this is a decent sketch now.8D I hope you'll like it [livejournal.com profile] glorious Sensei~<3
Most are AschXGuy. Hahaha.XD )

I'm KINDA back to drawing again?8D Yay?<3

Tales of Destiny Directors Cut and some other Tales!!!
MIDORIKAWA HIKARU!!!XDXDXD (I am just too happy to know they're releasing it in for the PS2!*o*<3)
It seems there's a possible Lion Mode in the game and he's the hero.XD And Midorikawa's wearing glasses!XD<3
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I've been listening to the Gravitation Drama CDs at home cause I wanted to hear Hiroshi Nakano.>.>;; Then I BADLY wanna watch GetBackers just to hear Pore (the Master of Honky Tonk), but they're in VHS tape and our VHS player doesn't work anymore... the same goes with YuYuHakusho-- I wanna hear the Ice dude, Touya.Dx

Jean Havoc of FMA is rarely in the anime.>.>;; Still, I wanna hear more about the paralyzed!Havoc... speaking about FMA chap 71 should be released soon.<3

I can't watch Wild Arms TV without [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka, argh, I wanna hear Kianne Falwind too... We don't have the 20th episode of Trinity Blood cause that seiyuu's there...>.>;;

*scratches hear furiously* AGH! I wanna play Tales of the Abyss cause I wanna see and hear Guy Cecil!!!DX

I wanna hear more of YASUNORI MATSUMOTO.ToT

It's May 10. I am actually emo cause it's the deathday of a certain seiyuu and I'm not talking about Yasunori Matusmoto.^^;;
I know in the OVA he has a different seiyuu.Xp But I really don't like Morikawa Toshiyuki for him! Anyways, art under the cut. )

It's also PSP FFT's release.8D

Oh yeah, I got to watch more ToS OVA trailers and I can't help but feel uneasy with the LloydXColette hints in the beginning!!!Xp Grrr... I really don't like Colette...
The 3rd trailer
The first few minutes of the 1st ep!8D

ToFvol.2 get's a LOT of minigames!8D Like slots and pokers and... Baccarat...? But the one that caught my attention was the one that's titled SNIPER.*o*<3 I wonder how is it played?<3<3<3


More 16yrold!Van skit pic

I forgot to post this a few days ago.8D I finished coloring this one too the same time with the last skit pic.>.>;;
Meh. Pic under the cut and the raws.8D )

Wow... it'll be the 11th tomorrow.*o* 3 months dearest [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie!<3 Advanced Happy Monthsary! cause I'm not sure if I'll be able to get online tomorrow. And I hope you'll feel better today.D= *huggles*

I'll think of a monthsary gift to draw that's NOT disturbing.^^;; As I told you last night-- I WILL TRY not to make it DISTurbing.8D Ehehehe...<3
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O_O;; O SHI. My CD-RW ate the notepad where I typed some of my trans of the ToA Novels and left the ToF1 and arts behind.ToT Argh, I'm sorry [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie. I'll be sure to post it next time... I want my own flash drive, grrr...

ANYWAYS, I made random screenshots of ToF vol.1 again.*o* And since I'm such a Lion-fan still-- I took some of his Klamel Lab Scenario mode and the specially made skit for him!XD

(I did this to warm up my brain in reading the ToA novels again, lulz)

MarianXLionXMarian fans beware.=D There's a heavy hint of the pair... KINDA.
Lulz, Lion and his sweet tooth.<3 )

I really love ToD, seriously.X3
It's still my most fave Tales!<3

But no, I don't think this is enough to return my inspiration to ToD.x_x;;
My mind is stil swimming in ToA...

I just needed a little boost cause I owe a lot of ToD arts to [livejournal.com profile] wondermilk


ToA GuyXyoung!Asch art and
More chibis!!!

The GuyXyoung!Asch is for [livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx~!XDXDXD

And the random chibi's are just-- random.^^;;

Rokujinshou!Guy's back.8D *stupid*
How can you make gif edges smooth?ToT

Anyways, pics under the cut!<3
More Asch and Guy stuff please...?XD )

I'll be doing the groceries, cook food, and do the laundry.
Oh fun.-_-;;
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[livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx's GuyXyoung!Asch (the kissing pic, not the ERO one yet!XD) is nearlly done... But our photoshop went haywire and illegaled one me so it needs to rest.x_x;; Argh, was hoping to post it today. Then [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie's request for me to summarize Jade's Novel chapter... Which one, dear?XD The 1st chapter or the Epilogue?XD Damn, the Epilogue made Jade sound like he was the one waiting for Luke in the end. Hahaha!XDXDXD *cough* JadeXLuke...

The next time I'm online.XD I promise!

ANYWAYS, I re-burned our copy of Tales of Fandom vol.1 cause I was scared that our Compy at home might eat it up or something.x_x;; I'm playing it in our PS emulator at home now.=X

Oh yeah, and I took some really cheap screens too.*o*
ToF1 - ToD's 'Lilith Ganbarimasu'! )

I'm online to look for the ingredients of ToE's peskatore...?>.>;;

AND since Kimi said that the site is working last night-- I was supposed to be after the ToA UNO game, but it seems the site is usually up at night (at my place that is).x_x;; WTF!? But I usually visit there at this time...


Also, when [livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx gave me this link
I feel like I wanna rip the host's hair off.>O Yeah it was funny at some parts, but ARGH I SO WANNA KILL THAT BITCH!

Even Aniki aws fuming afterwards.x_x;;


HAHA, ToD and ToA character Towels!XD (I want the Lion and Guy one)

Teehee, they printed that girly pic of Guy too.XD

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