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I've been listening to the Gravitation Drama CDs at home cause I wanted to hear Hiroshi Nakano.>.>;; Then I BADLY wanna watch GetBackers just to hear Pore (the Master of Honky Tonk), but they're in VHS tape and our VHS player doesn't work anymore... the same goes with YuYuHakusho-- I wanna hear the Ice dude, Touya.Dx

Jean Havoc of FMA is rarely in the anime.>.>;; Still, I wanna hear more about the paralyzed!Havoc... speaking about FMA chap 71 should be released soon.<3

I can't watch Wild Arms TV without [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka, argh, I wanna hear Kianne Falwind too... We don't have the 20th episode of Trinity Blood cause that seiyuu's there...>.>;;

*scratches hear furiously* AGH! I wanna play Tales of the Abyss cause I wanna see and hear Guy Cecil!!!DX

I wanna hear more of YASUNORI MATSUMOTO.ToT

It's May 10. I am actually emo cause it's the deathday of a certain seiyuu and I'm not talking about Yasunori Matusmoto.^^;;
I know in the OVA he has a different seiyuu.Xp But I really don't like Morikawa Toshiyuki for him! Anyways, art under the cut. )

It's also PSP FFT's release.8D

Oh yeah, I got to watch more ToS OVA trailers and I can't help but feel uneasy with the LloydXColette hints in the beginning!!!Xp Grrr... I really don't like Colette...
The 3rd trailer
The first few minutes of the 1st ep!8D

ToFvol.2 get's a LOT of minigames!8D Like slots and pokers and... Baccarat...? But the one that caught my attention was the one that's titled SNIPER.*o*<3 I wonder how is it played?<3<3<3


More 16yrold!Van skit pic

I forgot to post this a few days ago.8D I finished coloring this one too the same time with the last skit pic.>.>;;
Meh. Pic under the cut and the raws.8D )

Wow... it'll be the 11th tomorrow.*o* 3 months dearest [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie!<3 Advanced Happy Monthsary! cause I'm not sure if I'll be able to get online tomorrow. And I hope you'll feel better today.D= *huggles*

I'll think of a monthsary gift to draw that's NOT disturbing.^^;; As I told you last night-- I WILL TRY not to make it DISTurbing.8D Ehehehe...<3
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Check out my icon.8D 16yrold!Van skit pic.8D<3 I anyone wants to use it, go ahead (just gimme credits).8D

Hahaha, I'm posting Van.<3 And surprisingly, NO YAOI today.8D
Nothing bad(touch) in here, really... JUST A NAKED TEAR!!! )

[livejournal.com profile] foxalollita just had a haircut and rebonded her hair so-- her hair is so straight! We now tease her Van-sensei.<3 She hates it of course, hehehe.^_____^

My sketches that needs to be colored has piled up, and some-- I can't find the inspiration to color.^^;;

A~nd lastly [livejournal.com profile] kaizer_guy update~!8D<3 Character: Kaizer!Guy Data.

I'm catching up on my flooded flist.x_x;; I don't have time to comment, but I ensure you guys that I've read your posts! *huggles everyone*
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[livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist began playing FFT in the PS before me.>.>;; Anwyays she's playing the english-- while I'm planning to play the japanese.8D And I'm still planning to rename Ramza as Vandesdelca.>D Then-- I'm not sure if I should name a Red Chocobo as Luke or Asch... Argh, nevermind.

*VERY bored at home*

I got to finish coloring [livejournal.com profile] kaitou_orphen's creepy chibi request.8D Cause I'm feeling really evil-- naked chibis...

Cut. Cause even my twin finds it creepy.XD )

I'm just online to post this.^___^<3

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The latest TalesRing the Abyss' guest was surprisingly Yasunori Matsumoto-- and this is probably my most faved show cause-- there are AschXGuy hints even in betweens the JadeXGuy.8D

I'll rant about this before I go to my art post, cause I am TOO HAPPY.^_____^

TalesRing the Abyss 041207. Matsumoto mentions JADE a LOT. So I'm hoping for Koyasu's next guesting for him to mention GUY a LOT. )

They announce when the 5th ToA Drama CD will come out, but didn't say who'll be in the cover. Then ToF vol.2 and the different edition's of ToS OVA--

The Exspehere Edition contains an extra with (interviews of?) Konishi Katsuyuki (Lloyd), Mizuki Nana (Colette), and Tachiki Fumuhiko (Kratos). But the one that made me interested was the Collectors Edition.XD It has something titled 'Kratos-sensei's Private Lesson' it sounds so wrong (it sounds like a pr0n title). What the hell is THAT?o_o;;


Oh yay! SCANNER!!!

[livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis got to fix our scanner~. I'm not sure how long it'll stay OK, but I hope it'll be permanent.^^;; So-- I got to scan some sketches.8D I'm still going to color them ALL hopefully.^_____^
(I'm fighting 4 siblings for the only computer at home!XD)

I was planning to post [livejournal.com profile] kaitou_orphen's CHIBI request-- but I haven't finished coloring them.>.>;; Uh huh... My twin thinks it's creepy.XD

- Singpen sketch Dist
- Signpen sketch Kaizer!Guy
(I also TRIED copying Atsuko Nakajima's art)
- Kaizer!Guy novel Cover?o_o;;
- Pretty Peony.XD
- Replica!Van

The only drawing that's NOT parallel there is the Peony one.^^;;

Sketches. None colored. MOST are Parallel/AUs.^^;; )

Now I need to look at a LOT of hentai with really soft looking big boobs so I can draw hentai VanXTear.X3
And I am still hyper with FontechXGuy thoughts.*o*<3

Argh... To everyone, I'm really sorry I can't get online much now.^^;; Ahehehe...


Apr. 14th, 2007 01:24 pm
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I'm trying to catch up with my flist and messages again.8D I'm not sure if I can finish reading them all cause I'm online for just an hour-- again.x_x;;

Happy Birthday
[livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist~!<3<3<3

I was able to ask [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie to scan some of my arts at her place.*o* But I can't always do this y'know.^^;; *scratches head* I got a few new drawings too-- but anyways, these'll keep me busy for the meantime.X3 'specially the FFT style ones.>.>;;

PeonyXSaphir/Dist art, IonXVan sketch, and ToA chara's drawn in FFT style!?8D )

Kimi was my very special guest last Wednesday.<3 She stayed over for a short time only, but I enjoyed the company-- and obviously, my siblings were so happy as well.XD (We still want the stickers.>D)

And about the cookies, I think there're about 8 left at home. Ahahaha...>.>;;

Hmmm... [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist was going PrideXWrath again and again at home after finding out who was Pride in the latest chapter of the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga.XD

[livejournal.com profile] ruaki I wanna know what you did with that Guy in your game!!!XDXDXD I want my Guy (once I get to play ToA) to have that much TP as well! And I do hope that Guy in your game has red eyes (Fonic Vision, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated).>D

So did I miss anything while I wasn't online???XD

and this is just a random cut cause I rant TOO MUCH )
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That's probably the stupidest title I could ever think or, but I really needed some cheering up even if I act so happy and all.8D I feel that my insides aren't happy.>.>;; I'm sorry with the very weird andf long post. It's so random today.

Can anybody get me ToA gag or something?-_-;;

Anyways, [livejournal.com profile] helpyoufly 008 entry random comic part.>.>;; Cause I was really feeling morbid last night...
Lulz, more VanXLuke... )

What CAN disturb me? I really don't know. A friend gave me a link to guro, as in 'Grotesque', (lulz, I didn't know there's something MORE under than R18 Under Pages.XD) Only one person knows what really creepy stuff I saw yesterday-- and I explained a bit to my younger sibs and they were just grossed out.>.>;;

[livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka still doesn't know what I saw yet cause even we don't get to talk much lately...-_-;; And he's NOT amused and enjoys Necrophilia theme as much as I did. *shoots self*

ANYWAYS, instead of getting creeped out with guro, I was actually amused with looking at it.8D<3 And I was inspired to draw slight bodnage with Guy-- NOT guro!DX
NOT WORKSAFE. I can't imagine myself drawing guro stuff though, so my mind went to pr0n stuff instead... )

I'll probably start on gift arts soon, once my mind is off of the random drawing mood.x_x;; You know why I feel oh so depressed? It's like everyone I want to talk to is avoiding me... Or they're just too tired and too frustrated, and my talk timing is VERY BAD.

I need to set my priorities.x_x;; That's what I'm bad at. ARGH. *shoots self*


Read [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue's fic and ended up crying a little near the end. I really like how Peony is so understanding.XD And Duke Fabre has always been such a bastard.DX

Eeee! And Guy and Asch are both Count's now?*o* They can have a secret meeting now together and-- *shoots self*-- They need to kiss and make up with each other first.x_x;; *very frustrated*

Someone get me a happy AschXGuy or anything GAG with them.>.>;;

Oh yeah, the owner of the Internet Cafe I'm in was downloading anime earlier-- and he gave me a link to free hentai anime downloads! OMG!<3 I'm kinda happy now.ID


Melon ni Melon Melon
Tales of the Abyss Hentai Doujin
Pairing: LukeXTear
Notes: It's Hentai! And it had the MOST ADORABLE ART I'VE EVER SEEN!!!XDXDXD And The whole gang appears in it too.*o* And Guy's OMG so cuteness.<3 *shuts up now*
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First off... Cause [livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx wanted Natalia... Chibi Natalia!

That's the only colored art I have, but I have a lot of random parallel sketches today cause I needed my sketch session back. Hahaha.<3 I hope my inspiration don't crash.x_x;;

And surprisingly, there's NO AschXGuy under the cut.
The stuff you'll see here are--
- VanXLuxanne (For [livejournal.com profile] lightbulby)
- Gaillardias (Kaizer!Guy and Dist.<3)
- Lulz, Dist Costume 'Rose Knight'
- Special NEW Rokujinshou Character

The Dist related ones are obviously for my Dist, [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie.*o*

I suggest everyone to see the last sketch I made.8D It's so special.<3 (but with ToA spoilers)
I'm an AU/Parallel dork. SORRY~!XDXDXD )

I'll be finishing the summary of Jade's novel chapter soon, once I'm more confident to put it up here.^^;;
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Since I'm in an inspiration crash/clash... I just feel like doing something really random.8D
And sadly, still no art posts...

RANDOM (possible) SPOILERS ahead~!XD

What are the
between these men?

Count (Gankutsuou)

Vaclav Havel (Trinity Blood)

Van Grants (Tales of the Abyss)

Answers under the cut. And YOU know they're all stupid.8D )


Jade and Dist's LOVECHILD!



Lezard Valeth!8D
Sorry about the crappy Lezard pic.XD
I just stole it somewhere, hahaha.
[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, you can change it if you want.^^;; Yes, I've changed it already. u_u <3 - [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie who sadly knows Saki's LJ password. xD

Jade's seiyuu voices Lezard in the jp ToA and VP2.
While in the US ToA and VP2, Dist's voice actor voices Lezard.

Okay, I think I'm done now.=3
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Suzuki Chihiro just announced that the 4th Drama CD's cover is Ion and Luke IonXLuke!!!, cause we'll know Ion's fate there... *spoiler rants* Yeah, you guys know what it is I'm sure...^^;; I was panicking when me and Kimi first got to Mt.Zaleho and thought it was gonna happen at that time... Hahaha...

(And I've searched all over for the cover-- but I haven't found it yet...XO)

And he didn't announce if next week we'll have Takehito Koyasu's guesting in TalesRing the Abyss.-_-;; Geez, Koyasu really wanted a surprise grand entrance.XD


VaXLuke and... SOME Guys

VanXLuke for [livejournal.com profile] lightbulby


A random ballpen-ed comic I made featuring
Guy Cecil, Kaizer!Guy and Rokujinshou!Guy.XD
Cause I was... bored...

Sketchies.8D )

I need to work on more stuff... Hahaha...


Went youtube hunting cause PSP ToD2 is already out and found the bonuses.>D

Jade, Zelos... Kyle, Reala and Judas...?

I still need to watch these...8D *haven't seen it* I think the one who made the clips is in the Tales Namco forums... Hmm... Havne't visited there for months.XD


Did I just saw Dist in Tales of Tactics???O_O;;

It's a mobile game and... well... yeah...XDXDXD I saw a random jp blog and saw pics.>D>D>D
REALLY!!!XDXDXD Dist-san~!<3
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First off, me and Aniki enjoyed Friendster, cause we found our High School freinds there.8D Ehehehe.<3 And also found my HS friendcrush-- and realized he already had a girlfriend. No worries, I have my Dist-san, hahaha.<3

(The KG Main Menu had to wait.x_x;; I still don't have the pics we took so I can figure out where to put the option.XD)

Okay, so I wasn't able to show much new stuff to my Dist-san yesterday when we stayed over at her place... so here's some inspiration rush from last night (and just this morning).

MONOMANIA. DistX(+)Guy. All worksafe tho, hehehe.XD Oh, and some Kaizer!Guy stuff are inside as well.8D )

Ehehe, enjoy.8D


Random ToA Rants

First off, I tried sketching AschXGuy Ero... And gave up.XD
What the hell is that position...? *murders self*

[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, I know you were disturbed when we did that GuyXVan shot in the game. I'm sorry...?^^;; *huggles*

UKE!Van fans would love me for this.8D

Spoilers in the game of course.8D
ToA Game rants. I'm not really into seme!Guy, but his HiOugi really makes him a SUPER-SEME!XO )

I am disturbingly evil? Yes, I know.


Talesring the Abyss and ToS OVA

What do we have here?XD It seems the only broken/weirded out file was the 14th radio show!
15th Radio Show

And there are 2 new corners!8D
Oh yayness!<3<3<3

Tales of Symphonia OVA Trailer
(raw ripped file.=p Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] arivess for the yousendit one!XD)
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I was watching a few vids I ripped from youtube.XD And I got to see the events before the battle in Absorb Gate (Absorption Gate...?o_O)...

Vandesdelca Musto Fende can play the Piano!XD Isa talaga syang talentadong tao!<3 (He's such a talented person!<3)
Master Badtouch thoughts... on how he lures more young children to his side.XD IT'S ANIKI'S IDEA, NOT MINE! )

Uhh... Yeah, obviously I still haven't played the game.XD Our PS2 is still with our Uncle and he's still hasn't given it back to us, hahaha. You'll know once I'm playing ToA-- cause I won't be online that much anymore.>D<3

I'll be playing both jp and eng ToA once our PS2 comes home.X3


TalesRing the Abyss 13th show:
No I haven't forgotten.8D

Asch ga Kiru--
Luke always bugged Asch in his judging!XD It's so cuuute!<3 And the last one where Asch tried to throw his sword at Luke-- NICE!XD

(Aww, Asch isn't calling Luke as 'Luke' anymore.D= He went back to calling him 'Kuzu' at certain times)

And guess who's the next guest!?XD THE TALES PRODUCER!!!


Did [livejournal.com profile] ruaki just mentioned she's gonna draw VANXGUY pr0n!?!?!?XDXDXD *cheers*

(Will be adding more stuff once I recall more to rant, hahaha)
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(I need to make a DistXGuy icon.=O)

I found myself listening to the last bit of Track 4 of the 1st ToA Drama CD again and again.=p Go figure. *cough*vanxguyarghclandestinemeeting*cough* I still want a Lastboss!Guy.ToT Rawrz.<3

Guy: Answer me Vandesdelca!


I wanted to do a summary of the 2nd and 3rd Drama CD, but I am obviously lazy (and don't want to go morbid mode cause it's so angsty) Lots to do lots to do. I also need to write some stuff about the ToA Novels and... well... draw and type more ToA parallales/AUs, cause I'm crazily hyper.8D

And I've been reading the uke!Guy rape jp fics again too... Hmm...


Asch VS Guy in the interviews?ToT

Random ranting about the interviews that's posted in the talesoftheabyss community--

Cut, cause it's spoiler-full and a bit long.=p
BaMco is really against my pairing, huh? Or they just interviewed the WRONG person?>D SOMEONE SHOULD INTERVIEW THE STAFF WHO DID THE MUSHROOM ROAD SCENE!!!XOXOXO *gets shot* )

*rolls around* I am still fighting for the right of my AschXGuy pairing~!XO The Mushroom Road staff and Sara Yajima (Novel author) are my comrades.

Also, I can't help but reminisce a certain scene in the novel where Tear thinks of the Selenia flowers as her brother.XD Ahaha. O-hana-chan Vandesdelca.<3


Shiro no Ashita 2: Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear side

Okay, since Foxalollita, our beloved Natalia-sama requested that I read Natalia's novel side-- here are some interesting stuff about Natalia-sama.8D

Oh yeah, the colored page IS Natalia and Largo, btw.=3

Really interesting... 'Largo' was supposed to be the name of Meryl's--!!! )


ToA Art dump. No AschXGuy... EH!?

Yes, no AschXGuy (but there's hinted 8D).

Van, Tear and Guy... Suicide?XD VanXLuke Aka no Senritsu page; and Rokujinshou!Guy and Kaizer!Guy art )


More on Kaizer!Guy parallel/AU

About the Kaizer!Guy--
It's not a BIG Fontech Machine like Kaizer Dist.^^;; It's Guy's title-- the side of Guy that likes fontech machines.=O Okay? Got it?XD

My first post about it is HERE (near the end).

Kaizer!Guy's special weapon and thoughts on changing random Dist related scenes )

Will the pairing of Kaizer!Guy stay as DistXGuy? Or I'm gonna give in to more random uke!Guy pairings?XDXDXD


[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie posted scans of the ToA Illust book.8D
I remember when we were staring at Guy's sketch-- Guy's crotch-- YES, Guy is female.XDXDXD
Whoa! the downloads finished!8D (and the online gamers in the compy shop were LAGGING while I was DLing it!!!XDXDXD) Thank you Kimi~!XDXDXD *huggles* Also, go ahead and use that layout.XD The pic IS for you and me, hahaha.XD

The ToA B-day site updated--
I haven't checked it since I don't know when and just realized that they tried to convert/guess Asch and Tear's birthday.=p So... who's interested in celebrating their birthdays in 3 different months?XDXDXD Hahaha.<3

I was supposed to type more about my lab test here but yesh, nevermind.Xp Though Me, Aniki and Sanse got to play Time Crisis 4 in the arcade in SM North and thought of how yaoi it was.8D Hahaha.<3 (We've been calling Sanse as 'Captain Rush' since she gives us the coins/credits.XDXDXD)
pic_murasaki: Sanada Yukimura of Sengoku Musou (His Loyalty)
Ahahaha, I haven't even written stuff about the 1st one and now I'm giving off a few stuff I noticed in the 2nd Shiro no Ashita Novel. (It's the novel with the Ion and Anise cover)

The colored picture of Largo and Natalia (or is that Sylvia?)-- it was sooo nice...ToT

About the Greens (Ion, Synch, Florian)... I badly wanted to kick Van's balls for brainwashing everyone in the Rokujinshou, 'specially the kids (Asch, Ariatta and Synch).ToT (BUT I STILL LOVE VAN!!!XD)

I'll read more of the novel-- so far, I just scanned a few scenes and all...

SPOILER LOADED, of course.>D VanXSynch, SynchXArietta(?), VanXDist (8D?), IonXArietta, SynchXIonXSynch, and the list goes on and on-- really long...x_x;;
Van's a 24/7 pedo, cause I can't believe he finds the time to train Luke-- train Asch-- then train Synch-- then have a clandestine meeting with Guy-- then brainwash Arietta with Hod+Score stuff-- more brainwashing and the likes...
More about the GREENS. I haven't read any of Natalia's except a few of the start... )

The last Synch pic-- the one where he's 'dying'... Atsuko Nakajima drew the WRONG Synch costume...ID Ahehehe...

I'll be writing more about Jade and Guy's Shiro no Ashita once I get to finish drawing some scenes I liked.8D That Shiro no Ashita is special (cause Guy's there) so I wanted to make a good summary of it...

Sadly, I don't have much knowledge about the Frings and Cecille subquest to fully summarize Guy's part.x_x;;

The Aka no Senritsu's-- well-- I'll probably figure out the whole story once I get to play the game.8D Hehehe... (We're hoping to get the PS2 probably this week)



Oh yes, I bet this is so screwed up.ID<3

Chara's in card games is so right.8D )

At least in ToA the chara's roles in the cards are right.8D IN ToD2, did anyone notice that Judas is a QUEEN and Loni is KING?XD


Final Fantasy Tactics Remake for the PSP:

Aniki was oogling on Kimi's laptop screen when he saw the FFT remake game.XD I heard the news in a random ToA fansite's blog and-- yeah-- uber-cool.8D

I'll be checking if the game has voices... And I hope they get KNOWN SEIYUU'S! Knowing SquarEnix, they usually get really NEW/RANDOM seiyuu's-- and I HATE IT! They're wasting precious roles on newbies.x_x;; (In FF7-- I hate Tifa's seiyuu! She's terrible!)

(I want Delita's seiyuu to be Koyasu~!ToT Ramza voiced by Hiro Yuuki, *checks really old made-up FFT seiyuu list* Mustadio voiced by Seki Tomokazu, Orlandu voiced by Ebara Masashi... blah. There's a LOT.XDXDXD)

I just checked-- no voices, so it reminds me of Vagrant Story.8D But it's all OK! But... I'm sure the one who did the narration in the trailer was Wakamoto Norio.8D

Aniki's badly looking forward to it and he's giving SquarEnix their last chance. If they ruin FFT's story/reputation, we're gonna murder them.>O

(Oh, if they translate it for the US release-- Oh yayness! I hope there's no more TYPOS!!!XDXDXD)


Lab Test:

Yesterday, me and Aniki went to the place called 'Intercon' after leaving [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie's place. It's kinda like a diabetic facility and all... Cause they needed my BLOOD SAMPLE.o_o;;

It's the first time I'm gonna get my blood extracted, and from what Sanse said, she said it HURTS!ToT SO I'm creeped out...

Blood Extracting.8D )

We'll be going to Juvenile Diabetics Foundation tomorrow to know the results.=p


Menu for Today:

I'll be cooking Torta today!8D Ma wants Tortang Talong tho... eew...Xp
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Since the pacings in the Drama CD is too fast, it's Luke's first time to use his Choushindou(Hyperresonance) after Van USED him in Akzeriuth. And since Tear was using the same words Van used-- the scene was just so wrong.ID

I typed this up by memory, so I can't really recall most REAL lines used by Tear and-- Asch.^^;;

Cause Luke is just being-- LUKE-- in the 3rd ToA Drama CD Track 3. Tear(?)XLuke->Van fic... )

I really love VanXLuke. Honest!<3<3<3 Hmm... I sound like an anti-LukeXTear though.o_o;; No! I love LukeXTear too~!ToT

Which reminds me that I should be either uploading the Tales Ring the Abyss Matsumoto (Guy) guesting-- or upload ToA Hentais.


The christmas gifts I want are--
Pirated ToDr CD
Dengeki Maoh (+Mini Anthology: Guy Cecil)
Or-- just gimme anything AschXGuy.>D

I ask for too much, I know... ANY Tales stuff would do?8D Ehehehe?<3

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