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So yeah, I tried coloring something. OTP of course.<3

Also posted a few more sketchies! Lessee...
A bunch of DateSana sketches and random SB chara sketches.
The chara sketches are Yukimura, Masamune, Kojuuro and Mitsunari... chibi Mittsun!8D
More DateSana and MitsunariXYukimura, and chibi Seme and Uke Teams

DateSana, and a desperate attempt for SB2 2nd costume Masamune chibi. XD

Was supposed to be a whole paper post, but I took off the center since I'll be editing it for better posting.XD

Just face sketches... Uhh yeah...

Close up of the chibi Mitsunari, since he's so cute.<3 *gets Iai-d*

Yukimura's two Moons.<3 (pixiv tag for Masamune and Mitsunari pairing is about Moons, hahaha)
Just too amused with the chibis WAT!?

Aaand more chibis. The SEME team gets along very well. The UKE team is... uhhh... well, they DO get along but it seems Yuki's the only one making the noise. Hahaha.

Still need to practice using SAI.e_e Well, it looks OK, but it doesn't make much difference with the stuff I color with photoshop.
Mmm... DateSana.<3<3<3

And again, thanks for looking!<3

I think... I really should be sleeping now.XD Hahaha.*goes to bed*
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