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May. 10th, 2008 10:48 am
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It's may 10 again, I need to post something related to that seiyuu... I wonder if anyones gonna post anything for him in the [ profile] seiyuu comm?>.>;;

Not gonna explain anything else. I'm posting this for my twin.<3
ORIGINAL. Burial. After the suicide of the brothers' father... )

So, onto usual schedule~!XD

WA5's inspiration is weakening a bit... NOT GOOD.DX
Wild Arms Vth Vanguard. Solo Chuck.. with goggles? And GregXChuck. )

In ToI. I have 1 that's NOT WORKSAFE in the end. And it's GardleXRicardo.<3
I love the pairing.<3<3<3
Tales of Innocence. Spada and Ricardo sketchies. More RicaSpa. One random comic about Spada's Hi-Ougi and lastly... GardleXRicardo!!! )

So should I post ALL my ToI yaoi in the ToI comm in one go?XD I wanna blow up some brains...
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I couldn't sleep last night cause I wanna finish drawing the pr0n in my head. I was able to get some out...
I think all that's left is ToI's GardleXRicardo doing it.>D

I'm actually too bored to type anything, I wanna get to the arts NOW.
There ARE some worksafe pics in there, but the rest are... ero?8D

This was supposed to be my icon, but I changed my mind when I thought I needed something... ero for my icons.^^;; I can take down that icon I'm using if anyones disturbed, lulz.>.>;;

As usual, my inspiration is still split to WA5 and ToI, it's surprising that I still haven't fallen into a slump!<3

Wild Arms Vth Vanguard
WA5. NOT WORKSAFE. Chuck, DeanXmaid!Chuck, GregXapron!Chuck... )

Tales of Innocence
Me and Aniki really live to disturb.>D
ToI hasn't failed to amuse me, the more disturbing the BETTER!<3
Heck, I even love Barbatos Gardle!XD
I'll probably find more disturbing pairs once I get to play.

Geez, and they even named this game Tales of INNOCENCE.>D Dehyahyahya. *Spada laugh*
ToI. DEFINITELY NOT WORKSAFE. GardleXRicardo, Hypnos and Durandal, RicardoXSpada, 6EldestBelformaXSpada... )

Thanks for looking everyone! I REALLY appreciate it.<3
I might just lock this post if ever I hear anyones causing trouble again.

Still haven't posted new stuff in my dev.x_x;; So much stuff to do...
I haven't even finished replying to comments!Dx

Oh yeah, after seeing the whole RicaSpa Airship skit, I figured out what they were really talking about and edited/fixed the skit gif I made. 8D Spada's translated line and Ricardo's added reply is fixed now. [ profile] sephi_chan21 do tell me where on you plan on using my stuff, haha.XD ALso, I'll get onto translating the skits soon, I might go for the RicaSpa ones, but the ones with Ruca in them... well... Hmm...

Uhhh... our bastard!dad will be buying mine and [ profile] pictoalchemist's Insulin today. I just wonder WHERE he got the money, but I'm still thankful he's the one buying our medicine. There's a big problem though, he MIGHT come over and stay at our place tonight. Aw shi...
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I just translated THAT. Geez, I don't think men should be talking about that...
I don't really mind.8D;; *fangirls* <3<3<3
But if you click it, EVERYTHING else that's GAY in the skit is made up by ME,
Cause [ profile] sephi_chan21 didn't took screenies of the next events,
I can't help but imagine what else is in the convo...

I felt better when I saw a blushing!Ricardo.8D He looks so uke!<3 SpaRica?<3<3<3
ARGH, my brain just went there DAMMIT!!! RicaSpa RicaSpa RicaSpa RicaSpa...

He's the ONLY male chara with the Tere skit pic!O_O *kyun*<3<3<3
Aniki's now teasing me with SpadaXRicardo cause I was so hyper with the blushing Ricardo!XD
I even made his celphone's wallpaper into the blushing Ricardo, yes, it's tiled.XD

Ricardo and Spada are now reversible, but if you add in Hasta or Ruca for a threesome...
It's still RucaXRicardoXSpada or HastaXRicardoXSpada. Spada is still my uber UKE! Haha.

Been drawing more and lining stuff... my pen is running out of ink fast.XD
I got a few sketches I'll be e-mailing to a friend that I won't be posting, cause they're her original.XD
ANYWAYS, random art post with rants, but the majority is ToI, of course.

Wild Arms 5: L23 Pile Bunker. Just a naked Chuck with his ARM. )

Tales of Destiny: Lion, Marian and Chaltier. A special art for Midorikawa Hikaru's Birthday !<3 )

Tales of Innocence: More first sketches of ToI charas, Hasta Ekstermi and a THREESOME?XD )

Planning on drawing Dist and Hasta cause they both look GAY.>.>;;
Well, yeah, Hasta DOES look manlier than Dist, but... geez, Hasta's PINK!XD

I need to finish that original 4-pager comic by May 10, argh.x_x;;
It's angst though, argh...
I wanna line up some more arts, but I began slowing down with my drawing, huh.
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So much for loving Chuck's ARM too much!x_x;; So sorry for double posting, ahehehe...

I got crazy wait, this is my norm and fooled around with some mix of pr0n and guro?^^;;
WA series fans will most likely hate or love me for this.

DEFINITELY NOT WORKSAFE! Unless you guys wanna hate or flame me for ARM X Human pr0n.XDXDXD
WARNINGS for uhhh... sex? masturbation? BLOOD? And the likes, I guess?XD *gets shot*
I'm sure to draw some more once the coast is clear around the house, hehehe.
WA5 PileBunkerXChuck!?!?!? )

I should been angsting about my pr0n actually...
Guess what? Our younger sis who just turned 17 this month draws BETTER pr0n than me! (My twin says so) Drawing yaoi is the only thing I could do best and I'm loosing to my own siblings (who're underage, hahaha). Maybe it really pays off to start young, huh?^^;; Dammit.

Anyways, thanks for looking... if anyone did?XD
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First off, I can't stop drawing PORN lately. Dunno if it's a good ro a bad thing.>.>;;

Secondly, my brain will get it's well deserved rest from reading JP games for the moment!<3 I'll be playing WA5 in english now so my head won't need to translate JP->tagalog->english anymore. And yay for custom controls! I had to fix the circle and X buttons cause I got used to the JP WA5's default... (Circle is confirm, X is for cancel and Dean's jump, haha)

Errr, about the translations I've promised (Novels and other Game stuffs), I'm still up to translating.^^;; I'm just too happy to be playing something english again.>.>;; My last english game was... P3? Which reminds me that I need to continue playing JP P3fes once my brain gets some rest...

Random WA5 rants. I will most likely point out the differences I noticed so far in the JP and US versions. SPOILERS are around, of course. )

I'm already counting how many Liam O'Brien voiced charas I like... First was Akihiko of Persona 3, then Levin of Soul Nomad, then Chuck of WA5.>.>;; Dist of ToA is partly counted cause he's another uke fave of mine, hahaha.XD

Wow, I'm seriously fangirling over VAs now.o_o;;


WA5 AvrilXRebecca!!!
Obligatory Art Post! (Wild Arms 5 and Tales of Innocence)

Bunch of new sketches, and I seriously mean they're a LOT.^^;;

Wild Arms Vth Vanguard first, cause it's partly the reason why I'm excited to post arts.XD<3
A BIT worksafe.8D Just some partly naked ladies for the yuri and partly naked men for the yaoi, hahaha.
WA5 Yuri! AvrilXRebecca!? More solo Chuck and GregXChuck sketches, a DeanXGreg and other WA5 sketches, hahaha. )

I still haven't played ToI, but it's nice that the inspiration still stayed even if WA5 took over most of my inspiration.>.>;; I really love Tales, so it seems it's special.<3

Oookay, I got some more RicardoXSpada sketches and one colored Spada...
And a promised RicardoXSpada for the person who got me into ToI.XD<3
Tales of... not so Innocence?8D RICARDOxSPADA!!! Uhhh... is it just me or I just frightened off a LOT of people in the ToI comm?oo;; )

Thanks again for taking the time to look.<3
I really appreciate it everyone~!<3
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Another post for my arts.^^;;
I've been sketching a lot again, yay! The stock of paper saves my inspiration.<3

Tales centric arts. Tales of Innocence and Tales of Destiny. )

SPOILERS for Fullmetal Alchemist Manga's chapter 82!!!
A missing panel from chapter 82!? )

A~nd Wild Arms Vth Vanguard arts~!8D;;
They're mostly Chuck's, a Dean and a GregXChuck ero.>.>;;
Chibi Sparkles-- err-- Chuck with his chibi Pile Bunker is love!8D )

That's a lot, haha. Thanks for taking the time to look everyone~!<3

Once I finish the original 4 pager comic I'm making I'll post it here as well. Though the story's like started in between cause it's more like an excerpt or something.XD

Uploaded a ToR yonkoma for [ profile] kasumi_blue. I forgot who scanned it argh. So sorry.x_x;;
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Aniki just bought us our stock of drawing paper at last so I'm back to drawing again.<3

Well, I'm fixing up his original comic request in betweens so my mind is partly in another inspiration. It's so angsty wth.ID It's both our original story so it's alright.<3<3<3

Oh yeah, like always, rants first before arts.^^;;
I told you I'l be ranting a LOT cause I wasn't able to post these when I was last online.x_x;;

Tales of Destiny DC - Subquest. Lion searches for the Ice Candy shop and ends up in Lienea! SPOILERS are around, of course. )

Random Tales series rants. Phantasia, Rebirth, and Innocence... )

Wild Arms Vth Vanguard - Fangirling, hahaha. Really useful bugs, beating Ragu o Ragula and ending rants. SPOILERS!!! )

Liam O'Brien as Chuck, hahaha, so uke.XD<3<3<3

Fullmetal Alchemist - Manga's chapter 82! GreedXAl and LingXEd!!! *squee* SPOILERS!!! )

AT POSTS will be in another post casue this is the rant post. It needs to be long, hahaha.

Uhhh, we thankfully borrowed SuikodenV from our cousin, Aniki's already began playing yesterday after finishing JP WAV.8D We're joking that after playing SuikodenV, he'll be playing GradiusV.>.>;; Ahehehe. *random*


Random Real Life rants for now, cause I needed to blow off some steam after what happened a few days ago...
Sorry for the really long uncut post, I don't care if he sees this, geez...
Just ignore this.^^;;

Our bastard!dad went home and talked to us (without mom and our bro)... It sucks really. I hate how I cry easily. And the bastard, of course, points out that Mom had another man in her life-- yeah so what? We know about that, geez! He said he's hurt and their relationship is bad cause the other man is married as well-- yeah, we know that too, stupid.

That's karma, he left with another woman years back and never returned. But he's alone now cause his other woman left him (hahaha). And now he wants to come back in our life and finds out that mom got another man.

Oh the best part I really hate when he talked to us was when he said that men get hurt MORE when their women goes out with other men... WHAT!? There goes his pride! He said we can't understand cause we're girls. What the fuck!? So our own father doesn't think we're equals when it comes to our feelings. Hah! We raised our voice and told him that women and men are equal... he ends the argument with, 'You can't understand cause you're still unmarried...'

Mom's other man is a nice friend and companion (even to us, he's a fun person to be with), but if ever they're into a deeper relationship and if he wanted to be our father-- thats a big NO.Xp

Mom and Dad left and talked afterwards. When they got home, Dad stayed with us for a few more days. it was a bit fun, we had an illusion of a complete family again. I kind of miss him around... but we're in No Japanese handicap.XD our dad KNOWS how to speak japanese so me and my sibs couldn't say seme, uke, yaoi and yuri.x_x;;

In the middle of the night, dad got a call from someone, 'Moshi moshi?' all my sibs look up. Yes, he's talking to someone japanese and we're guessing that it might be her other woman.>.>;; He goes out and comes in a bit later still talking japanese... all of us pretended that we were asleep.
The next day when he was out doing the groceries with mom-- my sibs asked me what he was talking about.XD
"Ah, you guy knew I was listening?XDXDXD" of course they knew I was listening, hahaha.

He was talking in a really respectful tone, but it still seemed that he's talking to a woman. I reminded my sibs that I suck at conversational japanese so I was only able to understand the simple stuff he talked about. First, I pointed out that he uses ORE, and they laughed, they knew I was going to notice that. Anyways, he was saying 'She won't listen...' probably talking about how Mom doesn't want to listen to a word he says, then he informs the person on the phone that he's currently goes home to his Oneechan's place (yeah, he does).

The convos I was able to understand were just the stuff we already know.Xp Can't he remember that mom told him that I can understand jp now?>.>;;

Oh yeah, he noticed Kimi's ToA novels on the table, he looks at tit and was expecting a manga-- he was surprised to find a novel and mom told him that I read them every night, he was really surprised.>.>;; He can only understand JP when talking, he can only read hiragana and katakana. I can only read and translate-- but not speak it.XD

Anyways, he went home yesterday and now we're able to breathe and move freely now.ID
If he wants us to accept him back, he should try lowering his pride and all. Be a real father and stop scaring us...

Whew I feel better now after typing that, thanks everyone...
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So this is just another art post. I was lazying around my current translating for some strange reason and I hate it.DX We'll be going to the JP Embassy probably this week... hoping that there's still available scholarship for someone overage.x_x;; I am too lazy to type, I am obviously drawing MORE lately...

And once I play ToI, I'm surely going to read a LOT of japanese again.XD

Trying to beat Ragu o Ragula in Wild Arms 5's ABYSS.x_x;; Geez, it's as WORSE as Barbatos!Dx Anybody got any idea how to beat that boss?>.>;; (4 Sheriff Stars, 2 for Greg and 1 each for Chuck and Dean)
Tales of Innocence and Wild Arms Vth Vanguard arts. RicardoXSpada and GregXChuck. Yes, Pedo pairings. No spoilers, just some WARNING for the slight kissing *cough*tongue*cough* naked men for WAV, hahaha.XD )

I just found this RicardoXSpada (uke!Spada) site where the art looks familiar... even the fetish and icon making seems familiar... till I realized that that artist once drew ToA uke!Guy and closed off her site a year back! WTH.<3<3<3

Yes, it's the artist of the miniskirt!Spada.XD;;

Why are there more HastaXSpada than RicardoXSpada?oo;; I don't really mind, but ARGH RicaSpa.D8
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First off, the JP Scholarship. I'm out, cause they only accept 17-21 years old. Aw crap.
No worries, I'm off to try auditioning for a different job tomorrow with Aniki.
I won't tell the details of the job yet, but I REALLY want this job.

I want to prove to Mom that my voice doesn't sound terrible
whenever I make impressions when I translate...

I found some time to play my ToDdc Lion's Side game again.8D
I've just been trying to beat the Coliseum's Rank 6 (yes, BOSS RUSH!!!)
Cause we just finished ALL the floors in Lion's Arcana Ruins...
ToDdc Lion's Side SPOILERS. )

Will be posting the Lion's Side sumamry/trans I was able to finish!8D I hope to finish the other parts soon...


Obligatory Art Post!

No Spoilers.8D
The paper I use are random and different, so some of the art quality is weird.>.>;;

Tales of Destiny's Chaltier sketchies and Finrei Doug.
Persona 3's Akihiko and Shinji (and Minato and Junpei)
Wild Arms 5th Vanguard's Chuck and Greg.<3
Yes, terrible inspiration swing. )

Lion's so adorable in the Lucky*Star OP parody~!XDXDXD<3<3<3

Too lazy to post in the P3 comms, but P3 Chara Drama CD's 3rd Cover has my beloved Ken-ken and Fuuka. Yes, I am obviously not pointing someone out.>_>;;

Why is Shinji's name's way on top of the cast list?XD Hmm...

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