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I got to scan some stuff so oh Happy Day!<3 And I'm gonna go cos-tripping with Aniki and Ate Medith (walk around the mall in Ouran HS uniform)

ANYWAYS, about the title, I have drawn another fanart of a certain jp ToA parallel site.ID Ever heard of 'IX' (Nine)? I've ranted about that months ago... He's Jade's best friend and since his maker ABUSED her parallel making powers, Nine can cast Artes and SING the Grand Fonic Hymn!

Random Nine fanart, rants and links to random sites.XD )


A~nd MORE of my parallel and arts

Random scan of my LATEST parallel headache plan and 2 of my new icons--!

I'm not sure if you want to see this Ouji-sama.8D It's the Young!VanXPedo!Guy parallel and Kaizer!Guy icons )

My mind is still swimming in AschXGuy-ness because of [livejournal.com profile] intermixed, I wonder if it's alright if I hunt down both Asch and Guy players? I'm really one of their fans now.<3 Expect me to draw (hopefully) AschXGuy stuffs and MORE DIST's...

I'm already coloring my giftpic for [livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx~!*o*

I think I'm done now, and I should be going or else Aniki's gonna wait long at SM Megamall.^^;;
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'kay, so my D.Gray Man OTP is ReeverXKomui And Lee-sibcest.Xp Is something wrong with that?*o* Hahaha.<3 And no, I don't hate the pairing of KandaXAllen, cause I'm also planning to draw one for our youngest sis who's in love with the pair.XD Cause I wasn't able to draw her a proper RO art last time...

And I might cosplay either Komui or Lenalee... But since my twin bro doesn't want me to get a haircut-- I might just cosplay Lenalee. Argh, miniskirt!?XO

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ruaki for the manga download links.XD I wasted the whole day yesterday reading Volumes 1 to 2 with Foxalollita.XD And read 3 and 4 alone this morning... I'm planning to download the other volumes now~!XD

I think I don't like the anime now. *will just watch it for seiyuu purposes~* *seiyuu freak*


Tales of the Abyss... ERO!?

I can't draw anything right... hahaha *shoots self*

OKAY, [livejournal.com profile] silentside, I don't know how you want it but... I think I have your JadeXDist piccie here.8D

And while I'm at it, I was able to draw VanXGuy and Guy+(x)Asch on the sides on the paper.8D

JUST KISSING. But also kinda NOT WORKSAFE PICS! JadeXDist, VanXGuy, and GuyXAsch~<3 )

And I was bored after reading D.Gray Man manga, so I made a Rokujinshou!Guy icon for fun.8D

Speaking about Rokujinshou!Guy...

In latest japanese Rokujinshou!Guy sites I've been seeing, they're trying to make their own unique Roku!Guys.XD I saw one that has earrings and uses strings as a weapon instead of a Sword (ala Yo-tan-- err-- Yohji Kudou of Weiss Kreuz), then there's a young-Roku!Guy which is really adorable cause he cries a LOT <3 *pedo-mode*, and one that's like a ninja (with a cool ninja!Pere-jiichan as a sidekick too)...

I find the weirdest Rokuijnshou!Guy's, but I think I'm satisfied with mine.=3

Would anyone vote for Asch in the 'Who's the BEST PARTNER for Rokujinshou!Guy' Poll??? He obviously lost to Synch and Luke!XO Grrr... And I wonder why Synch gets the MOST VOTES!? I was expecting it would be Van who'll be at the top! MOST of the votes for Asch came from me, btw, cause I ALWAYS vote here whenever I'm online.

The voting just ended today.ToT


My download reached 269MB today, haha 90% are D.Gray Man manga...o_o;; Not Bad.
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First off, me and Aniki enjoyed Friendster, cause we found our High School freinds there.8D Ehehehe.<3 And also found my HS friendcrush-- and realized he already had a girlfriend. No worries, I have my Dist-san, hahaha.<3

(The KG Main Menu had to wait.x_x;; I still don't have the pics we took so I can figure out where to put the option.XD)

Okay, so I wasn't able to show much new stuff to my Dist-san yesterday when we stayed over at her place... so here's some inspiration rush from last night (and just this morning).

MONOMANIA. DistX(+)Guy. All worksafe tho, hehehe.XD Oh, and some Kaizer!Guy stuff are inside as well.8D )

Ehehe, enjoy.8D


Random ToA Rants

First off, I tried sketching AschXGuy Ero... And gave up.XD
What the hell is that position...? *murders self*

[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, I know you were disturbed when we did that GuyXVan shot in the game. I'm sorry...?^^;; *huggles*

UKE!Van fans would love me for this.8D

Spoilers in the game of course.8D
ToA Game rants. I'm not really into seme!Guy, but his HiOugi really makes him a SUPER-SEME!XO )

I am disturbingly evil? Yes, I know.


Talesring the Abyss and ToS OVA

What do we have here?XD It seems the only broken/weirded out file was the 14th radio show!
15th Radio Show

And there are 2 new corners!8D
Oh yayness!<3<3<3

Tales of Symphonia OVA Trailer
(raw ripped file.=p Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] arivess for the yousendit one!XD)
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Sometimes I find myself fighting our mom over her celphone at night.XD I don't have my own, so whenever she gets home from work I ask her 'Naka-unli na po ba to?' to know if her phone's registered in the SMART unlimited texting.

She usually texts her suitors.XD Ahaha, while me... there's only one person I'm texting and that's my Dearest. (YOU started that, not me.8O)

I need my own celphone, but since Aniki's phone is already going loco cause it's really OLD, I guess I'll have to wait longer for my own. *sigh*


I remember recieving an e-mail from someone who's stalking me in Deviantart.8D I kinda feel happy for it. Hahaha.<3 Which reminds me, the person just sent me a new mail and I haven't replied to it. *feeling guilty* I usually have problems in opening my Y!mail.=p *kicks yahoo!*

Yes, I'll reply to the e-mail now.^^;;


ToA - Asch and Guy Shota, Chibi Replica(?) Arts:

The Asch and Guy shota was... a desperate attempt for an AschXGuy pairing because the Dengeki Maou's said so.>D (Eh?) A sketch of it can be found here.

About the Replica Chibi... It's NOT a new parallel I'm making even if my Aniki wants me to make one.^^;; (It reminds him of the FMA DJ series 'Roy no Mame' =p)

It's just a... chibi.>D YES, a chibi of VANDESDELCA!!!XDXDXD

Asch and Guy Shota. Chibi!Van VS Asch X Guy?8D Chibi!VanXLuke and Chibi!AschXGuy.8D  )


Kaizer!Guy Parallel (His Memories):

It's either I've been drawing lots or typing lots.=p My mood is obviously into typing right now so for the people who're waiting for MORE of my parallels... can you guys wait a bit longer...?^^;; Ahehehe... *scratches head*

Just 'pictures' of Kaizer!Guy parallel stuff under the cut.8D

Kaizer!Guy's table is a mess... )

Another stuff to add on Kaizer!Guy's belt-- a digi-cam.8D So he can make memories. Oh Lorelei, he sounds like Ritsuka. Well it's DIST-SAN's fault for making him watch LOVELESS. Seriously!XD (Our Dist-san IS the one who made us watch Loveless! Hahaha.XD)

Oh yeah. *pokes her Dearest* I want that pic as my layout...?8D Do you think you can make something out of it? If not. It's okay really.XD

And the DistXGuy H will have to wait too.8D Maybe the next time I'm online? *huggles*


BTW, Before I forget...
I'm really sorry I didn't got to draw anything for YGO Jounouchi Katsuya's Birthday...ToT
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Since I won't be online tomorrow and maybe the days following that-- here's my new year sketch.8D

Ahehe, I made Buusagi!Asch breathe fire like Mieu.8D
Uhm... That's Guy, Asch, Bu-sch, Garan, and Fone...

I haven't colored anything right lately obviously...XD

First off-- [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie safe.
Sapphire->Jade sketch )

And while doing the laundry 2 days ago-- my brain cooked up another stupid ToA parallel.x_x;; Geez, and I haven't finished even one of my current plans!!!

WITH SPOILERS, of course.8D
Luke(?)XGuy-- and hinted AschXLuke that's supposed to be AschXGuy. Hmm... )

Onto more stuff that's NOT Kimi-safe.XD
PeonyXJade and... JadeXVan ideas?>D (WHA--T!?!?!?)

PeonyXJade art for a friend in Dev, and-- a hidden JadeXVan ideas WITH SPOILERS (wut?) )

Okay, the last part of my post is-- kinda-R-18!!!XDXDXD
(I suck at rating my stuff...x_x;;)

This is definitely NOT WORKSAFE!!!

Oh, I just scanned a whole bond paper (with japanese and tagalog writings and all)-- the pics above aren't ero(R-18) or anything, but the ones below-- well-- I just wanted to draw something... really...>D>D>D

WORKSAFE, AschXGuy and AschXReplica!Guy. NOT WORKSAFE, DukeFabreXGuy and VanXGuy. Really, I suck at rating.XD )

Okay, I'm disturbingly evil.8D I know.<3




Will be practicing Michael V's 'Hindi ako Bakla' dance (with Aniki and [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis) for a family (reunion) presentation on the 31st.8D

Aniki [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka was the one who got us into this song and-- since we got to rip the Music Video off of youtube-- we've been watching it whenever we have the time.XD Shet, nakakatuwa.<3

Maybe afterwards-- we can borrow our Uncle's Cel that can record vids-- and Me, Aniki and [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis can dance it as Luke, Asch and Guy (in costume!).>D OH CRAP, that would be really fun (and embarassing)...

Oh yeah, the songs title-- 'Hindi ako Bakla'-- in english 'I'm not GAY'. Maybe I can translate the song just for fun...?8D


Viva Tales of RANTS

I've been wanting to type this-- just now-- all are in my memory and hopefully I can still remember them.XD

- Okay, so Jade was able to beat Cless in battle.XD Fun.<3
- And Chester and Arche pointing out that Luke is in the 10th 2nd Tales chara ranking shocked Jade... (Maybe one of the reasons why he got voted in the 3rd now? Out of pity!?XD)
*gets shot by Jade fans*
- Suzu just called Jade an 'Ossan'!8D The kid knows who the Pedo's are.XDXDXD

I sound like an anti-Jade there...o_o

ToD remake:
- I pity Kongman cause he likes Philia...-_-;; (I like Kongman, and I like Batista, and I HATE PHILIA)
- Zelos ran out of money cause he TRIED to treat Rutee!XD
- I hate money talks...x_x;; I didn't enjoy this much...
- I have to praise Jade for being able to trick Lion (so he can thank the fans)!8D As usual, he uses 'Marian's name so-- Lion easily fell for it.X3 It's so cuuute.<3

ToW: Radiant Mythology:
- The lack of ToD1and2 heroes made me sad...ToT
- LloydXZelos.8D Oh yayness. don't mind me
- When Luke was introduced-- I wasn't expecting for him to look for GUY! Geez, I was expecting he'll go 'Van-sensei~!' or something-- but No~!XD They pulled off LukeXGuy! "If Guy doesn't come out-- I'm going HOME!" Luke says.XD Aww, Luke is so cute when he's pissed and bored.<3
- Veigue still amuses me with his random 'CLAIRE!!!'.XDXDXD
- Uhm... Jade just raped Rid...o_o;; Seriously...
(No, I think Jade just did what he did with Dist in the Keterburg Inn.XD ON RID!? OMG! NEW ToF PAIRING TO LOVE!XDXDXD)

What? I love RidXChester.=O I am so happy they pulled off those two back in ToW's opening!>D What else... I like ClessXFrio, LukeXLion (WHAT!?), ThanatosXLion, KlarthXKeel... KlarthXGuy and VeigueXGuy...?8D (Yaoi Drama CD reasons. Hahaha.)

- None yet-- but I can't believe it'll just be Kyle, Reala and JUDAS! What happened to Lo-niichan!?ToT Rawrz.Xp I want Seki Toshihiko~!ToT
Also, the 'Peach Gumi CD' (WTH, Peach Gumi?) had the special 3rd Tales Chara Ranking Seiyuu Presentation in Jump Festa!!! I WANNA SEE!!!XDXDXD
And to think that most of the seiyuu's that I wanted to see weren't present...ToT

Why are Jade and Guy's seiyuu NOT in the presentation!?>D Thinking JadeXGuy moment... *gets SOUGAZAN-ed by Suzuki Chihiro cause he LIKES Matsumoto*
x_x Oh yes, I love pairing seiyuu's...<3
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Since it's VanXGuy-- yes it's loaded with spoilers...?8D
No, just their past identities...?>D

About-- Van's beloved NAKIMUSHI~!<3

I was actually planning to title the comic as Nakimushi.8D
ToA - Endless Tears, VanXGuy comic )

At last, a VanXGuy solo comic...
Now I wanna work on something AschXGuy again...ToT


And I thought her site's not active anymore!!!O_O
(I am obviously still hoping for an AschXGuy from this artist...-_-;;)
Waaaah...ToT Dengeki Maoh: Guy Mini Anthology~!ToT

Abyss Text Search.8D (As in ToA jp fics search engine)

Check out the novel pairing names.XD I just love japanese people whenever they write Guy's name wrong.XD GAY!!!XDXDXD


My tolerance for AschXLuke suddenly went up...O_O;;
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(Another post)

I just realized that I'm making my Guy look like a two-timer.XD I pair him with either Asch or Van! Ahahaha...^^;; I usually make two different versions of drawings with the same theme (an AschXGuy or a VanXGuy)!

And heres two sketchy GIF's under the cut.=D

Kiss!''3 <3<3<3 )

I'm not sure if I'll color them or not... Hmm...

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