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2 weeks I've been online. Wow. I should be proud of myself, but I feel empty as well.x_x;;
I couldn't get online and also can't get DRAW as much as I want.DX I'm DYING.

Also, still not stock of paper.x_x;; ARGH.

My work has been up and down, but I'm sure starting tomorrow it'll get more worse. All my co-agents are depressed with work as well and planned on going to other Call Centers. No one would care on leaving me...

Ah yes, the company is terrible. Seriously.

ANYWAYS. I got random rants. I don't want my post to be too angsty.

Played Fullmetal Alchemist~Dream Carnival. And guess whose my favorite team?XD
Fullmetal Alchemist. Dream Carnival and Manga rants. Possible spoilers for the Manga!!! )

Lulz for Gremio souding like a really respectful Jade. *listened to the 2nd Gensosuikoden Radio* Gremio, Pahn and Ted fighting over who'll protect Tir, it's cuuute.XD<3 But it'll be nice if Tir says, "No, Ted, I will be the one protecting YOU," then everyone goes silent.8D Hehehe.<3

Need to draw Tales need to draw more Tales need to draw Tales PORN or something.
ARGH. There's still not Tales of Vesperia Hentai!!!DX

Don't worry, I think I'll be able to draw once my sched settles down this week.
I'll be able to fix ALL my bribes by then.<3

Please, anyone can update me with ANYTHING new online. (Tales news would be GREAT)

I've read everyones comments. Thank you so very much.ToT<3
And I miss all of you so much.<3<3<3
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Not sure if this can be considered as a summary, or a rant. Wahahaha. OR BOTH.XD

There are SPOILERS under the cut, of course. And some uncleaned lazy sketches, ahehe...
I was in a hurry to type, draw and post this.>.>;;
Tales of Innocence Drama CD Vol. 1 Rants/Summary. SPOILERS. )

Can't wait for the next volume!*o*<3 I'm sure it's gonna be... a bit sad from there though.^^;; And hopefully there would be AsrasXInanna. it really lacked here. There was much more interaction with Durandal, ahehehe...

Anyways, more Durandal is always good.=3<3

No RicaSpa insert art. I need to draw something with THEM in it next time.x_x;; I wasn't able to finish the insert art for Track 10 where Ricardo was teasing Spada.D8


Oh yeah, the mic worked!!!XD Only in blowing off the aluminum dust, but that's better than nothing. WTF.<3<3<3 We can continue our game PW now~!<3


Uwah, [livejournal.com profile] silentside~! Ate Medith~! We're so sorry.T_T I'm gonna tell Yo-tan as soon as I get home...
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I just started with the Western Battlefield... I was going solo with Spada when I encountered the Latio.XD
O SHI. 13 apple gummi's used.>.>;; Ranked E. Wahaha, I still suck at this, sorry Spada...

I need to do that again and this time, no solo Spada until we get back to the base to meet with a certain someone.
Random ToI game rants. Some SPOILERS. I am really slow, wahaha. Well, I only get to play about 30min less per week! What do you expect!?XD )

Hmm... I'm planning on helping Nina out with her female!Ruca parallel...
I might try summarizing/translating some main story stuff that's not in the infinityjam LJ.>.>;;
Is that your only game story translation source?
If it is, you might miss some interesting convo's that'll be fun to change.^^<3

I was reading the jp ToI scripts and was thinking of all the nice possibilities in your story!*o*

*random* Hitman~XD<3<3<3


ToI random stuff

Found some time to procrastinate (cause I ran out of mech pencil lead! ARGH!) I'm gonna type some ToI main story stuff now, Not EVERYTHING, but just some certain scenes I'm able to figure out.
I'm giving 80% accuracy on this, I saw some unfamiliar words and grr... what am I gonna do with those?x_x;;
ToI Main Story. Western Battlefield up to before heading to Naohs Base. )

Did I did ok?x_x;; I am too scared if I get some lines wrong...
I feel so dead again...

Also. RANTING TOV.^^;;


We never knew blowing could be so hard.T_T

Nina~! Were you able to finish the 1st PW games' 5th trial?T_T
If you did, what did you do to blow off the fingerprint dust watchamacallit?DX

Waaah, we are so stuck. *plays in NDS emulator* T_T

Also, the mic doesn't work. Argh.x_x;;
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[livejournal.com profile] solerika~!!! Sorry it took me a LONG time to finish.XD I really apologize for the long wait, I hope you're still in the mood to read this... aaand... I hope my terrible english and translating skills doesn't make your head ache.x_x;;

Thank you so very much for the scans again. *huggles* I really love reading the novel even if it's more on Kearel and Atwight and... Chal was rarely mentioned, ahahaha.^^;;

Tales of Destiny~TenChiSensou. The novel about the Swordians 1000 years ago... Possible spoilers *cough*in my rants*cough* )

The novel is Kearel-centric. You won't hear much from the other Swordians except Atwight cause she's the herione. It was still a nice read.=3<3<3<3

*cough* Anyways, I still prefer ToD2's version of 100 years ago. (Minus Kyle and the gang) And the chara designs are better, ahahaha.XDXDXD
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Tried applying to another callcenter (Teleperformance) yesterday. I was able to pass the test, finished the initial interview (I was seriously confident)-- but I still failed. What went wrong? Crap, I have no idea. Bastards.
Will be going with a few new applying friends this tuesday to apply in other callcenters (IBM Ortigas and Citibank Libis).XD

I really don't want to waste everyones 'good luck' wishes. They're still with me until I get hired. Dunno when that'll be though, I just hope soon.
I want to get my first paycheck and buy new shoes so I could be rid of those terrible slippers I borowed from Ma!XD

ANYWAYS, I couldn't think of a better title for the post!XD
I just had to use that cause it's Ange's revenge for Spada's pervertive-ness.
From AngeXSpada Spada and Ange 2 skit.=p Not gonna translate. Too lazy...
More random ToI skits that's NOT in order. Possible SPOILERS under the cut.
Tales of Innocence skits. SPOILERS. More about Spada and Ricardo...? )

I'd translate other characters' skits. IF anyone bribes me with something good. Hahaha...

Currently writing... RucaSpa (or rather one-sided Durandal liking Asras). I've seriously lightened up with the pairing. I can actually LOOK at some SpaRuca sites now, but NEVER expect me to draw the pairing. I'll only go for RucaSpa, not SpaRuca.


Nina, I badly wanted to share the jp ToI fics I've read ('specially the smut) but I'm not confident with translating japanese smut fics.x_x;; I don't know if you even enjoyed the ToI fic summary post I did way back. Ahehehe...^^;;

I wish there were more english ToI fics...x_x;;
Random thing I noticed while reading...
... seeing Ricardo call Belforma by his first name is such a turn on.XD
*gets shot multiple times and gets Ground Dasher-ed*

So... art post?8D No RicaSpa again, everything's just hinted.
Ruca's been pushing his luck lately, so I'm giving him some chance.
Tales of Innocence. RucaSpa. Then everything else is HypnosXThanatosXHypnos and GardleXRicardo. Wahahaha )

Be glad there's not much art.=p
I didn't have much time to draw, my sibs are usually on the compy, I'm tired and I badly want to find work.
Heck, I wanted to type some fics as well, but I end up staring blankly at the monitor cause I feel lazy to retype my stuff.

Ah, and I need to draw at least something for tomorrow.
I might pull off an all nighter tonight if I'm not in the mood to draw this day.x_x;;

ARGH. Most of the compy shops that has fast internet are closed on Sundays.DX I can't access my LJ, so I can't reply to comments and see my flist.T_T Waaah...
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June 5 (tomorrow) is panic day for me! Wish me luck everyone...
Interviews aren't realy my thing, I hope I can do this...

So my Tales inspiration got bent a bit. Ueda Yuuji's NOT even there!^^;;
I'm quite attached to the anime. I recently found some manga downloads... even if I have NO IDEA of it's manga, I still downloaded the LAST VOLUME (39), just to know what happens in the end...
I was... quite surprised with what happened in GET BACKERS manga ending.XD
Getbackers SPOILERS Under the cut.<3
SPOILERS fo the GET BACKERS manga Last Volume. King of Creation? Why is Ban-chan fighting HIM again? Makube-hakase? Err... another world? WTH is going on!?XD )

Guess what? Me and my twin thought of the same thing.XD
We'll be cosplaying Ban-chan and Ginji in ToyCon (June 14? 15?).
We won't go up on stage, we'll prolly just run around yaoi-ing, wahahaha.


Tales of Destiny ~Lion's side

Played a bit of ToDdc last night...
Took a pic of a certain scene where Lion probably looked uncool in front of a stranger.XD
AGH. Didn't Johnny warned you to be careful when talking to swordians cause you'll look stupid!?XD )

Will be getting the whole script of Lion's Side today so I can continue my trans/summary of Lion's Side.
I'm thankful I found it! I don't need to watch my game while I translate now.ID


Tales of Innocence...
I promised Hasta he can have Spada... right?XD

No Spoilers, but since Hasta's there... expect I made it bloody...^^;;
ToI - Kowarechatta. Random HaSpa comic. )

I'm online to fix/print my resume... I don't have any 1x1 or 2x2 pic, sadly... I wonder if that's alright?x_x;;

Aaand I need to do the mountain of laundry once I get home... argh-ness...
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I'll have to finish he 2nd part of my ToDdc~Lion Side trans/summary soon.>.>;;
And the ToD~Tenchisensou novel's trans/summary as well...

I feel so busy and lazy. I feel like I'm procrastinating and not at the same time. WTH.
I don't know what I'm doing anymore. Err... well... I'll be prioritizing the art for 0609, that's for sure...

GardleXRicardo, RicardoXSpadaXRicardo, HastaXSpada.
OMG, they're so cuuute.<3<3<3

Possible ToI spoilers under the cut. And 1 SpadaXRicardo sketch as well.>D
ToI Skits? SPOILERS? Mostly Spada and Ricardo skits centric and some other skit rants. Wahaha, Hypnos is a GardleXRicardo fan! *gets Grand Dasher-ed by Ricardo* )

BTW, Hasta's the HEAVIEST (88kg) chara in ToI!o_o;; I was expecting it'll be Hogswald (75kg), but Ricardo's (77kg) even heavier than that man! It's so wrong.XD Well, out of ALL the Tales, I think the chara weights in ToI are more believable. *nods* Ah, Hasta's the tallest ToI chara too, ahehehe...

Argh, I'm still jealous that Ricardo calls Hasta by name.x_x;;
Anyways, I just thought of a small HaSpa comic.8D;; Will draw that once I have the time...
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0609's getting close... I wonder what Disturbing Birthday Special I'll be drawing this year~?
Me and my twin's still brainstorming about it...

*pokes [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka* You were mentioning about BarbatosXDimlos back then.
I don't think that's disturbing enough.D8 GardleXRicardo sounds more disturbing than that,
But I've been drawing the pairing so... nevermind... Need to think of something else...
Haha, having the same seiyuu is WIN. Wakamoto Norio~<3<3<3

Any Tales related gift will be happily accepted, btw.<3
Ranting more ToI. Possible SPOILERS under the cut~ )

Oh yeah, [livejournal.com profile] kaizer_guy updates with a little something. I just had to post something after reading the 4th ToA Manga Gaiden. And a little ToA announcement, I don't hate Anise anymore!!! That took me long enough... now the only Tales chara we don't like is ToD's Philia.>.>;;
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Translating/summarizing some ToI skits. Most likely NOT in order cause I don't know what skit/event comes first.XD

For [livejournal.com profile] sephi_chan21. Also, thanks for her screenies.XD

I'll only make some in script form if I can understand a skit as a whole or something like that. If not, it means I suck at whatever they're talking about. Hah.XD

Ignore my disturbing yaoi rants if any het-lover wants to read this.XD
It's just too much RicaSpa!<3
Trust me. It's everywhere...
Tales of Innocence. SPOILERS!!!Shoot me if I did anything wrong. )

I'm a total failure.XD

I'm sorry, but I want these trans to be kept in my LJ only.^^;; Please understand. There are better translators out there that would love to shoot me for this. I'm scared... really really scared...
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Juggling 2 inspirations at once is NOT funny.
I don't know which one to prioritize when I'm hunting for jp fanart sites.
Well, ToI and WA5 has a small jp fanbase and my pairings are quite rare,
so there's not a lot of sites, but still...

A mix of Innocence and ARMs, cause I just want to rant about what I've been up to. Hahaha... )

A little more on Innocence...
[livejournal.com profile] sephi_chan21, I know how badly you want to read ToI fics, but all I can offer are rants of what I've read. If you want details of a certain fic, I might TRY making a better summary, haha. And the good thing is, I can probably make it taglish when it comes to you... but that would be really corny though.XD
Agh, and I know you're not as sick as me when it comes to pairing.x_x;;
Random ToI jp fics rants! WTH, I visited ALL the fic sites and found no RicaSpa smut!? )

And a little more of Wild Arms 5...
Chuck says, 'Adieu~!' in battle only.x_x;; )

Slowed down with drawing.x_x;; I'm not lacking from inspiration, I actually have TOO MUCH and don't know which ones to draw first!XD

ARGH, I can't look at the mirror anymore because I seriously look like Ricardo minus the beard. Even the arts with his hair down... yep, Ricardo really looks pretty, haha. *shoots self*


Sketchies of Innocence and ARMs

I got a few sketchies of ToI and WA5.8D;;

Let's start with WA5 first cause they'reless harmful, hahaha.
WA5. Fic inspired arts and one random comic. DeanXChuck, GregXChuck and DeanXGregXChuck! )

Aaand the ToI ones are next and under the cut!8D
ToI. HaSpa and RicaSpa. And random real life pics related to ToI...? )

Thanks for looking everyone~!<3

I need to TRY post my stuff in deviantart once I have the time.
I'm gonna flood everyone's message box again, wahaha...
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I'm online JUST TO POST THIS!!!XDXDXD Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hhafiz for getting me into ToA mood.>.>;;

Anyways, when I was on Track 8, the last dungeon happenings reminds me too much of SaGa Frontier II's last Dungeon scenes.>.>;;

And it looks like the 5th ToA Drama CD is less angsty than the first ones. Thank Lorelei!
Spoilers for ToA under the cut~! Really crappy summary and AschXGuy fangirling.
And ARGH!GuyXLuke-ness, sorry...
Tales of the Abyss 5th Drama CD and Bonus Track Bastardized Summary/Rants!8D )

I was really happy with the last ToA Drama CD. I really enjoyed it cause the pairings I wanted came out (even LoreleiXVan even for just a moment<3) and 'specially AschXGuy of course.<3

Damn, I miss ToA.>.>;;


ToA and ToI Sketchies!
(And ToI pic spam without cut)

Yes, no ToD! What the hell.>.>;;
No Spoilers, unless I suddenly talk too much.
Just a sketch of Innocence and the Abyss... )

Oh yeah, speaking about Abyss-- in ToDdc's Lion's Side, Lion get's the title 'Fencer of the Abyss' after defeating Arcana Ruins Barbatos!8D Though his 一騎当千 title sounds really cool, cause he gets this title after fighting the Boss-on-parade (Boss Rush) mode and he goes one-on-one with Barbatos! And he's the ONLY ToD chara who can get a title after the Coliseum's Rank 6.<3

So the NDS emulator WORKED in the current computer I rented today.8D
The game will probably work 2X slower in our compy at home, hahaha.XD

Official Ricardo and Spada!!!XDXDXD
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I'll be making my usual bastard-ized summary.8D Things might not be correct cause I'm only doing this by memory and some notes I did while playing...
If anyone finds any lacking sentence, mistakes or the likes, please do correct me.

Oh yeah, my in-between rants/arts are in there as well.^^;;
I wanted to fill this with drawings, but I'm trying to save up on paper.x_x;;
Yes, we still don't have our paper stock...
Lion's Side part 1 of 2. From the Start up to before they leave for Phandaria. Informal Summary/Trans, rants, arts and SPOILERS for the whole ToD game. )

I hope that summary/trans wasn't confusing.^^;; Enjoy everyone.<3
(Hopefully I can type and post the 2nd part soon)

Or I might post The ToD~TenChiSensou Novel Prologue to the end of Chapter 2?>.>;; I stopped in the start of Chapter 3 (last chappie) cause there's too much japanese (yes, it's possible.)
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I wanted to listen to something cheerful... something with Shinji and Akihiko in it.T_T

I just passed the October Full moon... I'm not too happy about what happened.>.>;;
Damn, Akihiko recovered FAST and it got me depressed, I was expecting some more angst.
I need an uber-morbid!Akihiko for my plans. *evil*

I gave up making a summary for the 1st Drama CD cause it's long and nobody listens much to me anyways.XD Well, if anyone wants a more detailed summary of the 1st Drama CD, I might just make one-- just ask.8D

I'm going for the 2nd Drama CD Moonlight, cause it just suits my mood.
Junpei and Akihiko getting LOCKED INSIDE SHINJI'S ROOM is too much!XD
Cut for SPOILERS, cause... they're already talking about the LAST BOSS! WTH!?XD
Persona 3 Drama CD Vol.2 Moonlight (mostly Junpei and Akihiko side ONLY) )

I actually still prefer the 1st Drama CD cause it's a lot HAPPIER. The 2nd one is angsty... the extra summer one was... too Aigis, Mitsuru, and Junpei centric.x_x;; I wanted MORE of Akihiko (and Shinji)...T_T

I miss Midorikawa Hikaru so much...T_T


More P3 rants...

Atlus wins for giving me nightmares!x_x;; Me and my sibs were scaring each other about December 31st...

CUT FOR SPOILERS!!! December 12 (my current game) and the events before that.
(October event...T_T) I'm complaining in most of my rants though... Hahaha. *hits self*
As usual. Really random cause I typed whatever entered my mind.
I'm on December. Even the Trees could feel death drawing near... )

Who's Ryoji? [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis asks, then I reply that 'He's an important person by December,' Uhmmm... Santa Claus?oo;; Minato shouting 'Thanatos' sounded like it.XD WTF.

Akihiko obviously uses his left hand a LOT, but I see him hold his Evoker on his right as well...
Ambidextrose maybe?oo;;

The Calendar and the Moon Phases in P3 is REAL by 2009!!! Scary...


Obligatory P3 Art Post~!

Not much. Still just sketches and some simply colored art. I wanted to make a Christmas/New Year special but it looks like that won't happen since my inspiration is still trying to fit in with P3...

I'll be posting a ToA art soon! I'm just finishing/cleaning it up a bit.x_x;;

Persona 3... with a hint of some of P1 and P2 as well? )

Belated Merry Christmas and an Advanced Happy New year everyone!!!XD
I need to greet now, cause I dunno when I'll be online again.

ARGH. The house is a total mess...

I seriously didn't recieve any gifts.T_T Is it because they think I'm too old for gifts? WTH... *emo*
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Upon reading a few stuff, I just realized that the Short Stories were written by the Scenario Writer of ToA!o_o;; So this makes ALL of them OFFICIAL!!!

I will most likely translate summarize the Short Stories of Guy, Jade and Dist only. But I will give hints on the others SS' so at least everyone has an idea of what's in it.

The only thing that got me depressed with the CharaEpi Bible was... There were NO new information about the characters.DX They're really just in depth character story review.=X I was really expecting at least to learn MORE about the characters but ARGH... There were a FEW, but not that special...

And I obviously went on an AschXGuy hints hunting spree~.8D;; I found some, of course!

Under the cut!!! BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!
SS summaries other CharaEpi rants.^^;;
ToA Character Episode Bible Short Stories. Cut for pics and ToA SPOILERS!!! )

[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, I'm doing Jade and Dist's Short Stories for you!XD As thanks for letting me borrow the book and all.<3


Onto the 3 SS summaries~! I'm sorry if I might get some things wrong, I still suck at figuring out how to properly summarize and translate.x_x;; I give everyone... 60% accuracy, hahaha. (lower than my usual cause the most of the SS had less dialogue...) I hope my summaries make sense...T_T;;

I remind everyone, the Short Stories were written by the Scenario Writer of ToA~!>D

(Art inserts in Guy and Dist's short stories cause I was trying out the new paper Ma bought.<3<3<3) Anyways, the trans/summary is for Jade, Dist and Guy lovers~!XD;; (and to the people who badly wanted me to make this)
ToA CharaEpi Bible: Short Story of Jade )

Guy's next~!<3<3<3 Everything was on Gaillardia's POV...<3
I was planning to make a full translation, but it seems my brain wasn't up to it, Sorry Guy.x_x;; (I kinda did... a bit...)
ToA CharaEpi Bible: Short Story of Guy )

Dist-san is last~
This is also a bit angsty...
ToA CharaEpi Bible: Short Story of Dist )

I hope everyone understood that.T_T;; Also if you find ANY typos, I'm so sorry. I was in a hurry to type in everything.DX


Currently playing... PS2 ToS (I'm so glad it's still working!) still on first playthrough, but... it seems I was able to cheat the game and my first playthrough already had a star on the save... Which means it's like I'm on the 2nd playthrough?o_O;; WTH!? NAMCO!!! Fix this Bug already!DX This happened on my PS ToE and US PS2 ToA, and now in ToS!?XD

Tried to make this glitch work on ToR, but it seems it can't.x_x;;
Speaking about ToR...
Guess what's my current text tone?>D


Somebody help me RIP THIS!!!T_T

The 22nd Tales Ring the Abyss Radio show.T_T;; Yes it's Yasunori Matsumoto's 2nd interview and it seems I can't find my mp3 file of it... [livejournal.com profile] souya might still have hers...?^^;;
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I couldn't update anything cause I'm just online for 15 minutes, so I chose the topic I'm gonna type.x_x;;

I was reading the 3rd official ToA Sara Yajima novel at last cause I just need to fight the last boss and all...>.>;; Yeah, I was depressed before that. But I won't finish my game YET, I want my chara's to get ALL their AD skills before I start a new game.

Anyways here's something official from the novel--
Cut for Tales of the Abyss Spoilers??? )

Oh yeah, me and my twin's been thinking so hard about the Big Bang theory. ARGH!!!DX Jade knows what happened in the ending!!!

ToR News since [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist is playing it... I love my sibs, they thought of Eugene and Mao making 'Halves' when we got Hilda.>D<3<3<3 And [livejournal.com profile] foxalollita actually loves the pair.8D

ARGH! I miss everyone really...ToT *huggles for all* I wish I could stay online longer.
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Asch called Chester Kuzu.8D;; And I don't know if I should be happy with that or not. Then I so wanna shoot Jade for ruining the moment where Asch was supposed to apologize!Dx His timing is always so very BAD!

Should I make a guide/story trans for ToF2? Yes or No?
I know a lot of people who can't read jp needs it.XD
(But I'm sure by the time I get to finish making it,
most of you are done with the game anyways...)

Anyways, ToF2 rants.8D Hey, at least I'm ranting about a new game. Hahaha.<3 )

I need to gain money and get Natalia's costume soon.x_x;; I wanna see the Gakuen Abyss skit~!XD;;


Random ToF2 Mini Guide

As in really random (hopefully) helpful stuff for ToF2.
ToF2 Mini Crappy Guide )

If anyone wants to ask questions about most of the games and stuff please do ask.8D I'll do anythying to search for the jp guide and translate it.


ToA Sketch Dump:

Hmm, really old stuff I got to draw before the PS2 came, also recent stuff I got to draw just a few days ago.^^;;

I was actually online to post up my last entry for the Vanwork-a-thon.8D;; I said I'll make a colored pic, but I ran out of time.x_x;; At least this is a decent sketch now.8D I hope you'll like it [livejournal.com profile] glorious Sensei~<3
Most are AschXGuy. Hahaha.XD )

I'm KINDA back to drawing again?8D Yay?<3

Tales of Destiny Directors Cut and some other Tales!!!
MIDORIKAWA HIKARU!!!XDXDXD (I am just too happy to know they're releasing it in for the PS2!*o*<3)
It seems there's a possible Lion Mode in the game and he's the hero.XD And Midorikawa's wearing glasses!XD<3
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I was talking with [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue about Duke Fabre, Guy, then Josette Cecille...>.>;; So anyways, I read most of the Novel (with the JadeXGuy cover, hahaha) Guy's chapter.

I didn't want to make whole trans YET cause nearlly the whole chapter was the Games' Cecille and Frings sidequest... And I haven't played the game YET. I need to know what happens so I'll have an idea and at least I won't misunderstood some scenes and the likes...

SPOILERS!!! of the game of course, cause I'll be translating MOST of the scenes relating to Guy's past when he was young and maybe Josette and Frings' relationship.=3
If anyone's interested in Guy's past and don't mind spoilers-- go ahead and read.8D I also have 2 insert sketches of mine for fun and WARNING I RANT A LOT!!!
I still think Duke Fabre hits on Guy cause he looks like Josette... And Frings? Some people do FringsXGuy cause he thinks Guy looks like Josette!XD Yay! Uke!Guy!<3<3<3 )

Crappy summary/trans again.ID I hope that made sense...

I hope everyone enjoyed that!8D<3 This is the only thing taking my mind away from angsting a few days ago...


TRANSFORMERS inspires me to draw FontechXGuy!!! I was all giggly in the end And wanted a Jolly Kiddie Meal cause they feature Transformer toys and so OMG MACHINES! Even if I'm not much of a techie stuff... I still think it would be nice to watch the movie in my Guy costume....XD

No Aniki, I don't like Barricade and that boombox cause they nearlly got to hit on the hero. Nope.XD I really don't.<3 Our mother would kill us if she knew what me and my sibs were thinking while watching the movie!XD

Waaah, the Barricade toy was sold out yesterday and Aniki was teasing that I'm evil cause I like that Decepticon cause... Meh.>.>;;


ToA sketch dump!8D

[livejournal.com profile] glorious-sensei~! I said I'll be bribing you for the Anthology scans right?XD
I was able to make a few sketches, but I'm so sorry I couldn't color them cause I don't have much time with our compy at home, ahehe.>.>;; Tell me which ones you want to be put in the Vanwork-a-thon~!XD
Van works. 1 kinda-uke!Van comic, female!Van sketches and one young!Van and Guy.8D Hey, they're ALL worksafe! )
I hope you enjoyed that Sensei~!XD<3

A~nd 2 more random sketchies!
Kaizer!Guy for Dev's Takuko.
Then our new wallpaper at home, AschXGuy!
I've only been sketching.x_x;; I need to color something soon... )

If we get our PS2 back tomorrow, we can exchange it to Kimi's younger bro, Mo's working PS2.>.>;; I BADLY wanted to play so I can finish ToS (I stopped at the last dungeon. I think) and start playing jp ToA (I don't have a US ToA. Will be buying one soon) and... Play ToF2 once [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie gets her copy and burn me one.8D *huggles Kimi*

WE 3 HAVE CAMERA/VIDEO PHONES!!! We could take videos of jp ToA skits and some ToF2 scenes if ever we get to play~!XD<3<3<3 I can't wait for ToF2 and I'm hoping for AschXGuy, DistXGuy, VanXGuy... Uhh... uke!Guy all in all!!!<3<3<3

I am double posting AGAIN.8D And I have really good news...
pic_murasaki: Sanada Yukimura of Sengoku Musou (Default)
OK, [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka got this text message last two days ago.8D From ABS-CBN!

To all COSPLAYERS 4 the KIM & GERALD Movie:
Shooting is on June 22, 2007 at 8am onwards at STUDIO 10 of ABS-CBN. Pls. use Mother Ignacia Gate.
Pls. txtbak wid ur Complete Name n Age, to confirm, Thanks


We just ended up laughing and going HATE HATE HATE mode.=p We seriously hate that pair of Kim and Gerald, well we MIGHT go if it was Piolo Pascual (he's gay 8D) or any other actor/actress that Ma likes (so she can meet with them XD), but NOT these two.Xp Eeew... I'd be glad to know if they're real fans and all, but I haven't seen them in ANY convention.

They're getting cosplayer props.Xp Oh yeah, and we registered the ToA team for that, but we're not going obviously. Hehehe.

ANYWAYS, random AschXGuy-ness under the cut~.8D The cosplay seriously took most of my inspiration with it, and this is worse than a slump, I needed something to boost my drawing inspiration to do SOMETHING-- ANYTHING so I can draw again!
Random MoonGate doujin sample trans and one drawing of mine.8D )

And at last, [livejournal.com profile] kaizer_guy gets an update as well!XD Just an art and some explanations on the weapon change system.>.>;;<3

And anyone wants to see how my Guy figurines doing?8D
Hmmm... What else should I make him? )

My ouji-sama thinks I'm silly...>.>;;


Angel Comes Here by Piochi - Lyrics
The Song in the Luke Labyrinth ToA BL game.8D

What?Dx I badly wanted to play it, but I can't, not yet.>.>;; And NO, it's not because my sibs uses the same compy, they could play the ToA BL game if they want to, I don't care.XD;;

'Angel Comes Here' Full Chorus Lyrics )

I am seriously going to curse the game if I get the GuyXLuke ending first.Xp ARGH.


Guess what cheered me up on the angsty before-cosplay day?8D
Rockman ZX Yaoi!?!?!?

GirouetteXVent, cause I still think Girouette is Zero.>D And Vent is Zero and X's lovechild
Hey, I seriously haven't played the game, I haven't seen spoilers and I only know chapter 1 to 3 of the manga.8D

I've been using RMZX icons a few days ago, didn't you guys notice?XD

This is partly incest if you DO see Girouette as Zero and Vent as Zero and X's lovechild.8D But of course, they're not, we're just crazy. )

Guess what? The seiyuu's made me really happy as well.8D X and the Model X of RMZ series and RMZX's seiyuu is RomeoXJuliet's ROMEO!!! And... The Zero of RMX series seiyuu's Tybalt. Wow. And NO I'm not pairing them.XD I just find it nice that Zero and Xs seiyuu's both there.<3 And I really like Romeo's voice...
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*scratches head furiously* Well, our scanner's kinds out of commission now which means I can't scan any of my works.ToT And I don't know when I'll be able to scan any of my works again.x_x;; This is torture... *bawls*

The Jade Balfour Chapter is actually-- just one chapter.8D I just cut it in 3 parts cause... I get lazy at certain times and I only post what parts I finished typing.^^;;

1st Part
2nd Part

Last part. Nebilim-sensei...ToT )

We badly needed a new japanese dictionary. Ours at home are so outdated, I don't know how to translate certain kanji's now.>.>;;

From the ToF vol.2 Pre order special countdown DVD.8D I still can't help but be happy that KRATOS ALWAYS is in between Asch and Guy.<3<3<3

And Kimi dearest~! I think you'll really want to get ToF vol.2 now~!XD
They just announced DIST (SO GAY!<3), PEONY (Peony is *o* *drools*, damn, his eye color) and Cantabile (the OTHER real Rokujinshou member as I recall?)

I hope you're happy now with this, [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie~.=3<3 *huggles*


I just dreamt of...

I woke up really late-- and from a really nice dream to.=3

Nanay (what we call our grandma) has been gone for years now leaving our Tatay (grandpa) behind... Yeah, and every now and then he sulks and goes emo over her.^^;;

I dreamt of Nanay today.=3 In the dream, I was like hallucinating and saw Nanay in their home's kitchen fixing our Lunch for that day-- Tatay was beside me there too and also watched Nanay as if he knew that she might dissapear soon... She knows we were there, watching her and she talked to us like the normal-- when she was still alive.

More of the dream under here... )

Ma told me to write it down (I'll translate it to tagalog) and show it to Tatay once we get back to Navotas (I can't just tell him about it, his hearing is already bad). Anyways, I was really happy with this dream cause Tatay was all calm and not showing hints of breaking down. It was really nice.<3

I just realized I need rips of the 20th and 21st Talesring the Abyss Radio show~!DX
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I've been wanting to draw PeonyXDist/Saphir for a while now.8D Ouji-sama [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie knows about it. Hahaha.XD

In case anyones looking for the first part.8D

Saphir forgives Jade easily even if he's hurt. He REALLY loves Jade that much. )

I'm not sure if I'll continue with Guy's chapter cause I really need to know what happens in the 'Frings and Cecille' subevent.x_x;;


I'm Back~!

Okay, so I attended a Diabetics 2-day Summer Camp last Saturday to Sunday with [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist. We had fun.8D Stalked a certain new diabetic friend cause he's such a cutie, kind and shy (we took pics of him for our youngest sister, hahaha). We also enjoyed the food.*o* Most were really tasty seafood~!<3

And the games-- there were about 4 teams and we were the 2nd.8D Sadly, we wanted the 1st place prize cause it was Sugar-free cookies.ToT (Our team was called D'Smileys and our color was VIOLET~<3)

That Sunday was also the Ozine Con.8D I got to see Kimi at last, but we didn't have much time to talk longer.ToT Ate Medith and a few more cosplay friends were there.8D I saw [livejournal.com profile] jeneko too, and I hope I called out your name right, ahehehe.^^;; I know that [livejournal.com profile] meru_neko's there but we couldn't go in cause there's an entrance fee and we didn't have enough money.Xp

And Kimi, please don't get me started on The Potential Master Badtouch Cosplayer.-_-;; If he figures out what kind of person Van really is, he might get suspicious. Hahaha, I still hate the man for being such a REAL Master Badtouch.Xp

Oh yeah and the best news I got that weekend-- ALL THE MOUNTAIN OF LAUNDRY WAS DONE!!! Mom hired someone to finish up the laundry and she DID!XD Ahaha, I'll try my best to keep the mountain of Laundry low now... I hope.^^;;

Oh yeah and everyone's having fun with Aniki [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka's 'Dada' devil plushie.8D

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