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The latest TalesRing the Abyss' guest was surprisingly Yasunori Matsumoto-- and this is probably my most faved show cause-- there are AschXGuy hints even in betweens the JadeXGuy.8D

I'll rant about this before I go to my art post, cause I am TOO HAPPY.^_____^

TalesRing the Abyss 041207. Matsumoto mentions JADE a LOT. So I'm hoping for Koyasu's next guesting for him to mention GUY a LOT. )

They announce when the 5th ToA Drama CD will come out, but didn't say who'll be in the cover. Then ToF vol.2 and the different edition's of ToS OVA--

The Exspehere Edition contains an extra with (interviews of?) Konishi Katsuyuki (Lloyd), Mizuki Nana (Colette), and Tachiki Fumuhiko (Kratos). But the one that made me interested was the Collectors Edition.XD It has something titled 'Kratos-sensei's Private Lesson' it sounds so wrong (it sounds like a pr0n title). What the hell is THAT?o_o;;


Oh yay! SCANNER!!!

[livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis got to fix our scanner~. I'm not sure how long it'll stay OK, but I hope it'll be permanent.^^;; So-- I got to scan some sketches.8D I'm still going to color them ALL hopefully.^_____^
(I'm fighting 4 siblings for the only computer at home!XD)

I was planning to post [livejournal.com profile] kaitou_orphen's CHIBI request-- but I haven't finished coloring them.>.>;; Uh huh... My twin thinks it's creepy.XD

- Singpen sketch Dist
- Signpen sketch Kaizer!Guy
(I also TRIED copying Atsuko Nakajima's art)
- Kaizer!Guy novel Cover?o_o;;
- Pretty Peony.XD
- Replica!Van

The only drawing that's NOT parallel there is the Peony one.^^;;

Sketches. None colored. MOST are Parallel/AUs.^^;; )

Now I need to look at a LOT of hentai with really soft looking big boobs so I can draw hentai VanXTear.X3
And I am still hyper with FontechXGuy thoughts.*o*<3

Argh... To everyone, I'm really sorry I can't get online much now.^^;; Ahehehe...


Apr. 14th, 2007 01:24 pm
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I'm trying to catch up with my flist and messages again.8D I'm not sure if I can finish reading them all cause I'm online for just an hour-- again.x_x;;

Happy Birthday
[livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist~!<3<3<3

I was able to ask [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie to scan some of my arts at her place.*o* But I can't always do this y'know.^^;; *scratches head* I got a few new drawings too-- but anyways, these'll keep me busy for the meantime.X3 'specially the FFT style ones.>.>;;

PeonyXSaphir/Dist art, IonXVan sketch, and ToA chara's drawn in FFT style!?8D )

Kimi was my very special guest last Wednesday.<3 She stayed over for a short time only, but I enjoyed the company-- and obviously, my siblings were so happy as well.XD (We still want the stickers.>D)

And about the cookies, I think there're about 8 left at home. Ahahaha...>.>;;

Hmmm... [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist was going PrideXWrath again and again at home after finding out who was Pride in the latest chapter of the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga.XD

[livejournal.com profile] ruaki I wanna know what you did with that Guy in your game!!!XDXDXD I want my Guy (once I get to play ToA) to have that much TP as well! And I do hope that Guy in your game has red eyes (Fonic Vision, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated).>D

So did I miss anything while I wasn't online???XD

and this is just a random cut cause I rant TOO MUCH )
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First of all, my new default icon is AschXGuy-- and it's NOT my drawing, it's [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist's drawing for me.*o* (there's a jealous Buusagi!Asch in the drawing too, but since he won't fit )

And my sibs have been saying I've been finding really weird games lately...

And it seems I found this FFT pairs game in the official site... Since it's official, I'm gonna give the link. I'm not nice to Square anymore DIRECT LINK.
PAIRING! I seriously mean Pairs. Argh. Random stupid pics and the links under the cut. )

And about the ToA UNO game-- I just found the option menu.XD Ahahaha.


Tales Ring the Abyss 19

Since I can't rip it anymore-- I tried directly listening to it cause there's a preview of the 4th Drama CD.

And a young!Asch and Van sparring scene!!!XDXDXD

Also-- Kimi's DistXGuy fic Little Indulgences is done~!XDXDXD And I'm kinda hoping for a continuation?*o* *stupid* And I also linked the fic here for my Dev friends.8D *proud of Kimi*


If anyone saw me online ahile ago-- yeah, Ma locked the main door to our house and we don't have any keys.x_x;; As always, I used Y!M to be able to text them. Hahaha. Well, all is OK now I think. Foxalollita came and told me Ma's already there.8D Argh, damn I'm hungry.>.>;; Bye~! *rushes home*
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(Sadly, I don't have a JadeXGuy icon to support my topic) I was actually gonna do an EMO post today but...

I just listened to the first 30 minutes of Talesring the Abyss and guess what?8D

Koyasu began to mention Yasunori Matsumoto (Guy's seiyuu) and says that 'In the party Guy is the KIND MOTHER and then Jade is the STRICT DAD'

So what can yaoi fans think of THAT!?XD The conversation went on about that and even Suzuki Chihiro began to elaborate. Hmm... Hehehe.>D

After that, they talk about the Peta Peta skit. Even Koyasu and Chihiro didn't know what was the 'Kapu' in the end.XD Koyasu says Jade BITES Guy... But everyone knows that the SFX 'Kapu' is... to bite someone erotically on the ears.XD

So... Does Jade's seiyuu into JadeXGuy? No?XD


Needles and Injections

Okay, so I'm really supposed to post an emo post but...

I hope my ouji-sama [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie's doing ok now.D= Dear, you should get used to it-- to think that I use an injection on myself 2 TIMES A DAY, EVERYDAY, FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

You should get used to seeing injections.XD (and maybe study about diabetes)

Argh... I want Sugar-free sweets...ToT

(Oh, and I am in a drawing mild-slump again.8D)
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Suzuki Chihiro just announced that the 4th Drama CD's cover is Ion and Luke IonXLuke!!!, cause we'll know Ion's fate there... *spoiler rants* Yeah, you guys know what it is I'm sure...^^;; I was panicking when me and Kimi first got to Mt.Zaleho and thought it was gonna happen at that time... Hahaha...

(And I've searched all over for the cover-- but I haven't found it yet...XO)

And he didn't announce if next week we'll have Takehito Koyasu's guesting in TalesRing the Abyss.-_-;; Geez, Koyasu really wanted a surprise grand entrance.XD


VaXLuke and... SOME Guys

VanXLuke for [livejournal.com profile] lightbulby


A random ballpen-ed comic I made featuring
Guy Cecil, Kaizer!Guy and Rokujinshou!Guy.XD
Cause I was... bored...

Sketchies.8D )

I need to work on more stuff... Hahaha...


Went youtube hunting cause PSP ToD2 is already out and found the bonuses.>D

Jade, Zelos... Kyle, Reala and Judas...?

I still need to watch these...8D *haven't seen it* I think the one who made the clips is in the Tales Namco forums... Hmm... Havne't visited there for months.XD


Did I just saw Dist in Tales of Tactics???O_O;;

It's a mobile game and... well... yeah...XDXDXD I saw a random jp blog and saw pics.>D>D>D
REALLY!!!XDXDXD Dist-san~!<3
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I found this lying around in my personal journal at home.8D Hahaha. I was able to fix it a bit and ended up with this...

WARNING: A bit of ANGST, if you know what happened in Luke's Death and Asch's Change.XD And probable SPOILERS for the REAL ToA Game...?

Say Goodbye to your Present,
And Welcome Back your Past...

Original Luke Parallel. Luke's Return...? )

If you're interested to know more about this parallel, just click the 'Original Luke Parallel' tag and you'll find other stuff related to this...8D Hehehe.<3


Talesring the Abyss
I tried to stop myself to post something about this but can't...x_x;;

In the 15th Radio show.
Did Suzuki Chihiro just announced that the 4th ToA Drama CD cover will only have LUKE!? WTH?
I was expecting Tear and Van...ToT Well, it's still unsure.. but yeah...

Also, the current radio show already featured 'Ore, Kawaritai' corner.8D (one of the 2 new corners) and... I just enjoyed how Luke shouts one of the 'Sensei, Arigatou-gozaimashita-aaah!!!' it sounded so wrong... *cough*VanXLuke*cough*


Random notes...

I HATE it when I'm caught off guard with the pairing GxA and find it's a GinjiXAsch and NOT GuyXAsch... But I can honestly say, I kinda like thinking about GinjiXAsch when I don't look at the pair...XD I MIGHT draw some... *suicides*

The DIST ONLY EVENT in Japan is... on April 1?o_O;;
WTF, poor Dist!XD (Still, a nice choice of Event Date! Haha.<3)
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First off, me and Aniki enjoyed Friendster, cause we found our High School freinds there.8D Ehehehe.<3 And also found my HS friendcrush-- and realized he already had a girlfriend. No worries, I have my Dist-san, hahaha.<3

(The KG Main Menu had to wait.x_x;; I still don't have the pics we took so I can figure out where to put the option.XD)

Okay, so I wasn't able to show much new stuff to my Dist-san yesterday when we stayed over at her place... so here's some inspiration rush from last night (and just this morning).

MONOMANIA. DistX(+)Guy. All worksafe tho, hehehe.XD Oh, and some Kaizer!Guy stuff are inside as well.8D )

Ehehe, enjoy.8D


Random ToA Rants

First off, I tried sketching AschXGuy Ero... And gave up.XD
What the hell is that position...? *murders self*

[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, I know you were disturbed when we did that GuyXVan shot in the game. I'm sorry...?^^;; *huggles*

UKE!Van fans would love me for this.8D

Spoilers in the game of course.8D
ToA Game rants. I'm not really into seme!Guy, but his HiOugi really makes him a SUPER-SEME!XO )

I am disturbingly evil? Yes, I know.


Talesring the Abyss and ToS OVA

What do we have here?XD It seems the only broken/weirded out file was the 14th radio show!
15th Radio Show

And there are 2 new corners!8D
Oh yayness!<3<3<3

Tales of Symphonia OVA Trailer
(raw ripped file.=p Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] arivess for the yousendit one!XD)
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In Talesring the Abyss, it'll be Takehito Koyasu's guesting soon!!!XDXDXD
(After the producers guesting that is.=p)

I just hope the file gets fixed or else I might not be able to rip the latest shows.ToT I already had difficulty in ripping the 14th (I can't even listen to it~!ToT). I haven't tried ripping the 15th (latest one) cause I'm online to say something.8D

And I swear Koyasu was the one who wrote his guesting's announcement!XDXDXD

Hahaha! It's the first time I saw them write their title in the announcement.<3
He enjoyed being called Taisa, eh?>D
I know a LOT is waiting for Koyasu's guesting!


Plunging neckline! REALLY plunging neckline!O_O;;
Shet, yung binigay ni Ate Medith na damit... ahaha./////

I'll be seeing [livejournal.com profile] silentside and my Dearest today~!XDXDXD
Oist, Ate Medith, you can date Yo-tan if you don't wanna be left out!8D *gets shot*

Okay, I'm really going now.XD *was just online for 15 minutes to check stuff*
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I am suicidal I know. I a lot of you guys would kill me for this.XDXDXD

Okay, this fic plan started last year in my thoughts. Even earlier than my Kaizer!Guy one. I've posted a pic relating to that parallel, but no one noticed and that's ok.^^;;

This plan started because I already had my tolerance for AschXLuke up, and since I wanted to make an excuse for AschXGuy and AschXLuke at the same time... well... yeah...XD

Tell me if my timing or whatever in the story is off or I need to explain more (thanks to Dev!Disasterously-sweet for checking it though.<3). I didn't want to spoil myself more of ToA's before ending scenes, but I also didn't want to waste this parallel plan...ToT So yeah... *got spoiled more*

WARNING: ANGST, yes, a LOT of them.DX

AschXLukeXAsch? Asch->Guy?... Uhh... DarkWingsXAsch? GinjiXAsch?8D What...? )

I bet some people also found this scene, but this is a few more events afterwards.8D
It's a replacement/parallel to the Asch VS Luke scene in Eldrant.=O
(Highlight it please? Hahah.XD)


For those DLing the TalesRing of the Abyss...

*blink* *blink* The lastest show is 39.9 MB and it's just 23 minutes!?O_O WTF!? I still need to edit (most likely to low quality mp3 format) so I can upload...-_-;; What the hell are they thinking? Did someone caught me uploading these stuff?>D Hahaha.<3
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I was watching a few vids I ripped from youtube.XD And I got to see the events before the battle in Absorb Gate (Absorption Gate...?o_O)...

Vandesdelca Musto Fende can play the Piano!XD Isa talaga syang talentadong tao!<3 (He's such a talented person!<3)
Master Badtouch thoughts... on how he lures more young children to his side.XD IT'S ANIKI'S IDEA, NOT MINE! )

Uhh... Yeah, obviously I still haven't played the game.XD Our PS2 is still with our Uncle and he's still hasn't given it back to us, hahaha. You'll know once I'm playing ToA-- cause I won't be online that much anymore.>D<3

I'll be playing both jp and eng ToA once our PS2 comes home.X3


TalesRing the Abyss 13th show:
No I haven't forgotten.8D

Asch ga Kiru--
Luke always bugged Asch in his judging!XD It's so cuuute!<3 And the last one where Asch tried to throw his sword at Luke-- NICE!XD

(Aww, Asch isn't calling Luke as 'Luke' anymore.D= He went back to calling him 'Kuzu' at certain times)

And guess who's the next guest!?XD THE TALES PRODUCER!!!


Did [livejournal.com profile] ruaki just mentioned she's gonna draw VANXGUY pr0n!?!?!?XDXDXD *cheers*

(Will be adding more stuff once I recall more to rant, hahaha)
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I was so pissed when I woke up this morning.x_x;; I HATE being a girl. Argh.

Such a nice intro.=p *cough* Anyways, I've drawn Female!Gaillardia last-- *checks*-- November 16 and I just finished coloring it yesterday.^^;; I wasn't planning to post it anywhere cause I wanted her to be my personal property, and who would want him female anyways?

But... after what happened yesterday... yeah...

Art under here!=D
I am forcing my colors on my fave ToA chara! )

VanXGuy in a kimono~!ToT


We just finished watching Gankutsuou with our younger siblings a few days ago.XD Foxalollita and [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis (+ me again) were crying at a certain death scene and Foxalollita REALLY HATED Count for that (cause she LIKES that certain pair and-- she draws some).XD

And again [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka and [livejournal.com profile] shawaserenkinju DIDN'T BUDGE!=O *pokes* Come on you two, can't you cry a little...?8D Ehehehe.

Then 2 days ago, we finished watching Gakuen Heaven-- [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis was able to watch the last 2 eps with me and Aniki.XD Ahehehe.

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