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Friday was Payday. I can honestly say I got about 7000php or something. Spent everything on groceries and all. All that's left was 500 at home.>.>;;

We looked everywhere for some matching office-like suits. A Red and Blue one to be axact, for our cosplay, but we couldn't find a pair.T_T Me and Yo-tan were supposed to cosplay Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth yesterdy in Yaoi Con!!!DX

Aaanyways, random crappy pics. Just random people, fangirling and more people.
We just stood around on the sides.^^;; (No cosplay pics WTF!?)
Lights Out -YAOI CON- Rants )

It was jampacked, but I seriously enjoyed it even if I didn't walk around much.*o*<3
We also met a few missed friends so yeah, it was enjoyable.XD<3

I didn't regret spending money for this.


RAWRZ. Need MOAR Tales inspiration.

Still no ToI 2nd Drama CD.x_x;; I want to confirm something from there.
I want more RicaSpa inspiration. BADLY.

What else...?
Ah, listened to ToA 2nd Drama CD Anthology.XD<3<3<3
Not much Asch like the first one and Van-sensei didn't even appear.
Van-sensei getting bald!? Uh oh... Even Luke and Tear were surprised.

BUT there was the slightest hint of Asch and Guy that got me giggling.
(Errr... Yeah, Natalia's still in between, but I don't mind<3)

And a scene in Mushroom Road-- WITHOUT ASCH!?o_o;; It's so wrong.
Anyways, ToA gets their own 'Laughing Mushroom' scene.>D
Remember Tales of Rebirth's Laughing Mushrooms?>.>;;

JadeXDist. MORE JadeXDist. Dist was GAYER, really.o_o;;

The Drama CD version of ABYSSMAN was the best!<3
Red and Silver are brothers (Silver lost his memory-- blah blah), Red was always commenting that HE should be the hero. Then Red calling Silver as Silver-niisan is WIN.XD
Luke calling Asch as 'Niisan'!? Who wouldn't say NO to that?

I wish other charas were there.x_x;; It's centric on the main party.D8 I wan more chara interaction.


Too Lazy to Scan Anything.

Took pics of my new arts instead if scanning.XD Yes, I was really lazy.

1 Tales of the Abyss. The rest are Tales of Vesperia.8D
ToV got some SPOILERS of course.>.>;;
1 Tales of the Abyss. The rest are Tales of Vesperia. )

Slept the rest of the day, I'm sure I'll still feel very tired...

I need all the inspiration help I can get!XD ARGH.
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I'm away for a week? Wow, that's a record...
I've wanted to go online, really. But the last time I was online, I got really depressed when a friend said something that made me loose my drive.
She's the only reason why I'm usually online and now... I don't know.

I feel so tired...
I'm angsting again. Just ignore, please... I just need to get this off my chest. )

Ok, I guess that's it. 360 degree mood change after this.


Good bye PSP~!

We just returned our cousins PSP yesterday. My siblings were saying goodbye to the PSP and not to me!o_o;;

The only games we finished? flOw and ToW:RM.^^;;
PSP for 2 weeks gaming rants. ToW:RM, Irregular Hunter X, FFT, Patapon and Breath of Fire III... Possible spoilers under the cut? Ahehe... )

I am so thankful that ToWRM1 isn't like GBA ToW3! it was really terrible.Xp
it's more like GBA ToW2!<3 I loved that one better.<3<3<3


ToI and ToV sketchies.<3

Hey, I needed some time. I just scanned my new stuff and all.

In ToI, the only icon I was able to finish was Hasta...
Then, some RicaSpa and female!Spada sketchies.
Tales of Innocence. Hasta Icon. RicaSpa and female!Spada. )

In ToV... RavenXEstelle overload!XD Though I did got to draw one Schwann and Flynn.>>;;
So.. Is Schwann's really named like that in the english?^^;;
SPOILERS under the cut. Cause I'll be ranting ToV as well...
And... Naked Estelle's... hey, what's wrong with that?>D
Tales of Vesperia. RavenXEstelle. SchwannXEstelle. Nekkid Estelle. Schwann and Flynn. )

Thanks for staying and looking at my arts. *huggles everyone*
I really appreciate it...

Sheeet! Aaargh! we are running out of paper!DX

Oh yeah.... Tales of the Abyss 2nd Anothlogy Drama CD cover!!! Was released last 0822.^^;;
Can't find a better one yet.>.>;;
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I was caught sleeping while the trainer was discussing in front.>.>;; He talked to me today, and he wasn't really someone I could hate. He's just worried that I might get terminated.x_x;;

I don't know.x_x;; I need to get used to this and TRY not to fall asleep.Dx
Oh yeah, we set up some Modems today. it was COOL.<3 NOT A TECHIE PERSON

To my Beloved American Friends, I'll be handling Verizon DSL.
How bad is this High Speed Internet?XD
I heard it sucks, please tell me the truth.8D;; I'd love to hear from everyone.

ANYWAYS, It's another weekend. Another rest day.8D I need to draw SOMETHING.
Tales of Vesperia. Tales of Innocence. Original. Trying to keep awake... )

I'm playing ToW:RM1. Named my character Estellise (pink hair and all, and she's a healer.<3)
Still having problems on HOW I'm going to apologize to our cousins though.XD;;

So... I am equally amused with YuriXEstelle Anthology and then the RicardoXSpada Anthology. I know one is Het and the other is Yaoi, but hey, I love both pairings.XD<3 I wanna draw for the RicaSpa one but meh... I don't think they'll let a gaijin join.>.>;; The YuriXEstelle one? I'd prefer drawing JUST Estelle. I'm too lazy to draw Yuri.x_x;;

*huggles everyone*<3<3<3
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http://tov.namco-ch.net/top.html The icons I'm talking about from my icon post is in the ToV site. Go to Special then Downloads.>D

So I just watched random videos.>.>;; Can anybody spoiled in ToV link me to ANYTHING with Flynn in it?x_x;; I'm ranting Raven here.XD

Tales of Vesperia. Spoilers. Rants. Arts. )

Uke!Raven. Hah, I knew I know this site.XD<3<3<3
It's the uke!Van-sensei site.>.>;;
WAAAI!!! There's AlexeiXSchwann!!!XDXDXD

I'm kinda angsting below.>.>;; Just ignore me there. I just wanted to let it out. I felt really bad...


Lulz. Me so dead to our cousins. Tales series over FF???

OK, so something went wrong with our cousins memory card.>.>;; The compy says it's NOT FORMATTED. There goes all my cousins games and their save files.. and there goes our FFT game!D8

What happened? We tried to put in ToW:RM.>.>;; Then all hell breaks loose. Techie gadgets really hate me.T_T
Thank god the Memory card wasn't broken, the ToW:RM is there and also flOw...

But their games are lost... I don't know how I could apologize to our cousins.T_T
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So... work is obviously taking my time with drawing AND playing.>.>;; I haven't played anything since I began to go to work training. Badly want PSP.T_T

I passed the first assessment. The next will be after training...
The passing grade was 80, I got 83.x_x;; Wah, danger zone.
I know I could've done better... argh...

A lot suggested for me to draw when it's our free time? I usually talk to my new friends instead.
Why? I'm sleepy and it's effing COLD to draw anything.x_x;; My hand's freezing, ahahaha. *random*

The only time I could properly draw is when I'm at home now... Maybe on my Day offs or something?
Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Innocence icons. What? I was really bored!XD<3 )

BTW, anybody could use the icons I made.8D Just gimme credit!<3
Please, I'd really love to see my stuff used SOMEWHERE.

I'll try and upload these on my Dev. Ahehe, I need to put more colored ToI arts there... and maybe those other ToV stuffs... IF I HAVE TIME. ARGH.x_x;;

Random question!!!
Exactly WHERE in UP is the Yaoi Con?8D

Me and Yo-tan will try to cosplay. I'm so excited!
It's fun that we're both from work by that time too.XD<3<3<3
Too bad we couldn't take our younger sibs.T_T They wanted to go too...


Our relatives visited us yesterday. Gave us a working TV, cause Grandpa will be living with us permanently and he needs a better TV to watch in.^^;; I might start playing some games I've always wanted to play in a clearer/fixed TV (mostly Tales) but...

Our cousin's lent us their PSP for a week~!!!<3<3<3
Well, it's in exchange for a few stuff they borrowed from us.>.>;;
My Persona 3 mini Artbook, FF8 Seifer's Gunblade Hyperion (cosplay prop), and I think Yo-tan gave them those small japanese wooden sandals, cause no ones using them at home anymore (too small).

RANTING. PSP. FFT, Riviera, Tales... )

I want my own PSP badly.T_T<3<3<3

Oh yeah, another kind of a random question...
Who thinks I can draw King of Fighters characters?XD *gets shot*

I've never been paid for my arts... eeeh, I think I can't even ask for any money in exchange for my art.x_x;;
I just wanna draw and impress new friends. They've been really kind to me at work...

I love drawing. I just wanna know how far my inspiration can be bent. It's an effing Fighting game!XD<3
And I secretly love the chara designs in Fighting games eversince...

So much for making an LJ-cut. Thanks for reading everyone.<3<3<3
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I need to listenb to the 2nd ToI Drama CD... BADLY.x_x;;

Uhhh... so I a badly wanted to fight Dhaos in ToV and ani-ja... Uwah.T_T Tales cameo battles...

Linking a Tales of Vesperia site, cause I was bored-- really bored.8D

Definitely R-18. I have no idea what the pairing is, it seems everyones uke.
Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing that uke!Raven art the artist is working on.>D<3
There's Naruto in there too, WTH?

Still searching for RavenXFlynn and KarolXRaven and RepedeXEveryone...>.>;;
I DID found some YuriXFlynn, but that's just too easy.x_x;;

Amarans is drawing ToV too it seems. ARGH! I don't like RavenXYuri, I want YuriXRaven!

Errr... work related?
Assessment exam and Mock calls later. I pray that I can do it.x_x;; I'm nervous. WTH?
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First day of work. First time using Estellise-sama (Fine, I can't remember the spelling of Estelle's real name). It's my... Pink water bottle.>.>;;<3<3<3

I did some sketches while I was bored in the orientation. Chibi!Flynn... Female!Spada and Ricardo... Lulz. won't get to do that once I really start with the call sims.

I just got back.8D I haven't even gone home yet!
I'm online to research an assignment for work.>.>;; It feels so much like school (for now).^^;;
Also, I'm actually online to e-mail a drawing to a friend who'll be celebrating her bday today.^^<3

Nina, my arts aren't for free.>D Bribe me!<3 Karol is fun to draw
Tales of Vesperia. More Sketchies! OT4!? Or... Wait... I forgot to draw Repede to make a OT5. NO SPOILERS )

[livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue, I'm a frustrated ToI cosplayer... and I'm not really fond of looking at cosplay pics of it cause I feel bad. But those two just made my day.XD Did you request that Ricardo and Spada to do that?<3

Can't reply to mesages, but I've read them all, thank you everyone. I'm gonna hang in there... I can this...

... I want a Flynn version of my current icon.Dx I might just make one.

I want ToV hentai... My twin wants anything with Raven in it.>.>;; RavenmXEstelle!?!?!?
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Please let me angst a bit for real here? Thank you...
Angsting me. Skip if you want. Next topic below is better.^^;; )

So the angst ends here. I hope I'll feel better after this... Or maybe after my first month in work? We'll see if things work out...

So uhhh... Nina, I badly need a RavenXFlynn icon. Wahahaha. Made my own for now. It's temporary. I'll remove it once you make a better one that'll suit my taste. Hehe, Good luck.<3


Tales of Vesperia. My OTP gets a bit more love.<3 WITH SPOILERS!!!

*SPOILERS* Ok, so RavenXKarol is canon, after the kid confessed his love for the old man. Lulz. SPOILERS. But Karol got turned down, aww... Been thinking of giving the pairing SOME support, but I don't think anyone can convert me to fully love the pairing.

Like always, I feel intimidated with my OTP. I felt the same way back then with ToA's AschXGuy... It's happening AGAIN.

I got some things right in my fake ToV spoilers from the last last post.>D
And since my pairing got some more love and I hope it'll work out a bit more--
-- I got desperate and drew someone else.>.>;; (WHAT!?D8)

WARNING! ToV Spoilers under the cut.XD
Tales of Vesperia. Rants with spoilers. 2 pics and practice sketches of that spoiler guy and Flynn.<3 )

Uhmmm... I actually finished my first ToV fic last night.>.>;; Not gonna post it cause I'm still figuring out that guy's relationship with Flynn. Hehehe.<3

Another Kousuke Fujishima Tales art (ASCH x GUY), cause I was reading a few doujinshi's that made me miss the pairing too much.T_T<3 They still need love...

I pray I'm worried over nothing... and I hope nobody ruins this day...
Please, don't make me feel guilty. I want to enjoy the last few days of my very long holiday...

Thank you very much, everyone.
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I couldn't sleep right last night.e_e;; Yo-tan said that I must've been excited for work.
Effing yeah, I'm excited and NERVOUS...

Anyways, will be hunting for ToV sopilers soon.>3 I can't wait to know if RavenXFlynn will appear in Tales Fan Navigator yaoi pairings.<3

Been thinking of random ToV stuff last night, this IS supposed to be crack and not to be believed.
(I'd be happy if some of the silliest things written under the cut comes true in ToV)
Tales of Vesperia. I've got SPOILERS for dummies. )

I'm working on another Tales comic that's NOT supposed to be yaoi.
It's not ToI or ToV, but... I can say the pairing is kinda like Ruca's parents?>.>;; *gets Grand Dasher-ed* The update is slow though, since my sinpiration is low on that Tales , but I've been wanting to make the comic...T_T<3<3<3


Tales of Vesperia. The Hero and Heroine.

It's not our birthday, so it's not disturbing.>.>;; (WHAT?) It's gay though.8D;;
ToV art post! I guess you guys can tell WHO you'll find under the cut.
Tales of Vesperia. PINK is definitely Flynn's color.<3 )

Listening to Miyano Mamoru songs. His voice is actually nice and I'm already loving his songs-- but not his other roles.^^;; He's still not one of my OMG fave seiyuu's unlike my other fave Tales charas. Flynn's quite uniqe.^^;;

Still no e-mail from uncle...x_x;; Waaah...
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Ok, so things kinda work like this lately...
The character I like always ends up uke, while the chara my twin likes should be the seme.
I like Flynn, he likes Raven. And we try our best to make them pairable.

Tales of Vesperia. RavenXFlynn comic. Errr... a few rants then the comic.^^;; )

Yo-tan changed his profile name in his celphone from 'Yo Phoenix <3' to 'Yo Raven 8D<3'.
OK, I think he REALLY loves Raven now.o_o;; That was fast...
When it was Ricardo, I had to push a LOT of stuff on him before he liked the old man.>.>;;


Tales of Innocence. Durandal needs more LOVE.<3 Another skit in gif.

I think the skit is kinda SPOILERISH cause you can only get it on your 2nd playthrough?^^;;

The first 6 lines and the last line are true. Everything in between was added by me.>D
Seriously, even jp blogs go OMG WTF did you say, Asras!? when they see the original skit.

Really now, Durandal, your Master Asras meant what he just said.<3
Gaé Bolg needs a skit pic... Ah, and Gardle too... Dammit BanaNamco.T_T

I just finished doing the mountain Mt. Everest of laundry.
I still don't have much time to draw cause I need to fix mom's leaflets for work.
Ack, I wanna go back to drawing my ToI comics soon~!D8

Internet is working seriously slow. I might TRY going online later to fix the English Tales Sort...
pic_murasaki: Sanada Yukimura of Sengoku Musou (ToV I lost...)
Lulz. No matter how many icon-ing tutorials I TRY to read, I can never make an icon that'll make me feel happy with my art (as icons).
WTF? Didn't have much to angst about. So I'm trying to angst about icon-ing. )

Speaking about Guy Cecil...

Non-gynophobic!Guy is nice and CREEPY.XD<3<3<3
Drama CD Anthology ToA vol.1. Just ranting. No summaries yet. )

My new ToA OTP is kind!Asch X non-gynophobic!Guy.XD
Yes, it's still AschXGuy, wahaha.<3<3<3

BTW, *huggles [livejournal.com profile] solerika*<3<3<3 Now all I'm missing now is ToI's 2nd Drama CD.ToT
The only story they didn't skip is Grigori Village and Tenos (which means Albert). ARGH. Ricardo, then Ange main story.Xp I they didn't skip Kelm Volcano.Dx It's Spada centric DAMMIT!D<

My really random ToV RavenXFlynn comic is done.>_>;; Nina, here's a better scan of the panel with the cute Raven on it.^^;; And I also added the rest of his coat/jacket/whatever's design.8D

I might not color it, got too lazy cause ToI inspiration is badly kicking in with 2 more parallels.x_x;; OMG. Both are hetero. One with a female!Spada one with normal Spada...
And the RicaSpa comic I'm making is getting... wahaha, Spada's so lovey dovey.<3

And yes, I'm still having trouble with my paragraph fics... Ashnna's story is getting complicated to write.x_x;;
pic_murasaki: (ToI Female Spada)
This is probably the weirdest comic I've ever done, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!XD
I knew drawing it on my memo pad will give me certain problems...
The panneling is weird as well. Panneling? What panneling?

Anyways, no porn. AsrasXDurandal? RucaXSpada? HINTS only.
Some possible spoilers *cough*Hug event*cough* dark, angsty and the likes...
If anyone could still see the comic as SpadaXRuca, I don't mind,
but I seemed to have made Spada so OOC uke here.XD
Hey, I've always wanted to see him break down.>D

Tales of Innocence. Sweet Dreams, Durandal.<3 )

That was really long...o_o;;


Tales of Vesperia. Practice Sketches~!

No yaoi yet. I'm still trying to figure out their clothes!XD
Though I did draw a half-naked Raven... that I didn't scan!!! WAHAHAHA!!!
Tales of Vesperia. Practice Sketches~! Yuri, Raven and Flynn. )

I think Raven healing ability-- Love and Pleasure Needle-- works like ToDdc Chelsea's Cupid Arrow!8D
Think about it, ARCHERS!XD

Also, I just found a still uncleaned page 5 of the KH comic I did.8D
That's the only page Axel appeared in.>.>;; But I'll surely draw him in my freetalk.^^;;

Gaaah, I wish I could PROPERLY talk and make friends with someone and NOT feel stupid and embarassed in the end.
I always feel so intimidated wether it's a girl or a boy I'm talking with...
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I was scared, really really scared. This will be a Tales I can never really play. I didn't want to get caught in it.
But Nina got me, cause of that GardleXRicardo icon she made for me! ARGH!XD
*uses it* Well, even my Ricardo likes it so yeah...^^<3

So it seems I am not falling for Flynn. It seems I might end up liking someone whose different from the usual charas I like in the Tales series.o_o;; See a pattern here? Chester, Lion, Keel, Judas?, Kratos?, Tytree, Jay, Guy, and Spada... ToW(GBA) might be a bit of an exception cause I like Frio, wahaha. *gets shot*

Ah well, it's still Tales...
Tales of Vesperia. Thoughts about the Opening animation and that guy who always makes me giggle when I see him, Hah! )

It's another Kousuke Fujishima Tales.X_x;; I still feel it's unfair of Namco US for ignoring those wonderful Inomata-sensei Tales. I love them way more.<3<3<3


Never forget ToI~!

Just another sketch of my female!Spada.^^<3
Don't worry, I'm still into ToI and I'm currently tying Ring A Bell onto ToI, WTH...?
Tales of Innocence. More female!Spada~ )

I am still sad about what happened to Ani-ja in the manga...T_T
Uke!Ricardo, GardleXRicardo, ThanatosXHypnos fansites' reaction to Chapter 9? オズバルトは許さん!!! )

I badly need something to read. I just got to access my Y!mail today! Hah, got Kit-chan's story.8D;;
But before I get to read it, I still need to do the laundry at home.x_x;;

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