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Currently trying to look for NDS hentai games. Anybody got an idea?XD
How about good NDS games?>.>;; RPGs maybe?

Ok, these were scanned a few weeks ago, but I didn't have the time to post them. I'm only online to post these.^^<3<3<3

My drawing's been sketchy lately.x-x;; I need my drawing ability back. BADLY.
RicaSpa for Nina, belated Saphir B-day special for [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, and Tytree for [livejournal.com profile] kaiyashe.8D;; SO sorry for the really late stuff.^^;;
ART POST AT LAST!!! ToI - RicaSpa. ToA - Saphir B-day Special, Young!LukeXGuy. ToR - Tytree Crowe )

Currently getting ready for a BIG Tales project.>.>;;
I've been planning it for months, but after ToV and ToH got released/announced, 2 additional fave Tales charas added in.XD Flynn and Hisui.>.>;;

A-anyways... Gotta go~!^^;; *huggles everyone*
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Friday was Payday. I can honestly say I got about 7000php or something. Spent everything on groceries and all. All that's left was 500 at home.>.>;;

We looked everywhere for some matching office-like suits. A Red and Blue one to be axact, for our cosplay, but we couldn't find a pair.T_T Me and Yo-tan were supposed to cosplay Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth yesterdy in Yaoi Con!!!DX

Aaanyways, random crappy pics. Just random people, fangirling and more people.
We just stood around on the sides.^^;; (No cosplay pics WTF!?)
Lights Out -YAOI CON- Rants )

It was jampacked, but I seriously enjoyed it even if I didn't walk around much.*o*<3
We also met a few missed friends so yeah, it was enjoyable.XD<3

I didn't regret spending money for this.


RAWRZ. Need MOAR Tales inspiration.

Still no ToI 2nd Drama CD.x_x;; I want to confirm something from there.
I want more RicaSpa inspiration. BADLY.

What else...?
Ah, listened to ToA 2nd Drama CD Anthology.XD<3<3<3
Not much Asch like the first one and Van-sensei didn't even appear.
Van-sensei getting bald!? Uh oh... Even Luke and Tear were surprised.

BUT there was the slightest hint of Asch and Guy that got me giggling.
(Errr... Yeah, Natalia's still in between, but I don't mind<3)

And a scene in Mushroom Road-- WITHOUT ASCH!?o_o;; It's so wrong.
Anyways, ToA gets their own 'Laughing Mushroom' scene.>D
Remember Tales of Rebirth's Laughing Mushrooms?>.>;;

JadeXDist. MORE JadeXDist. Dist was GAYER, really.o_o;;

The Drama CD version of ABYSSMAN was the best!<3
Red and Silver are brothers (Silver lost his memory-- blah blah), Red was always commenting that HE should be the hero. Then Red calling Silver as Silver-niisan is WIN.XD
Luke calling Asch as 'Niisan'!? Who wouldn't say NO to that?

I wish other charas were there.x_x;; It's centric on the main party.D8 I wan more chara interaction.


Too Lazy to Scan Anything.

Took pics of my new arts instead if scanning.XD Yes, I was really lazy.

1 Tales of the Abyss. The rest are Tales of Vesperia.8D
ToV got some SPOILERS of course.>.>;;
1 Tales of the Abyss. The rest are Tales of Vesperia. )

Slept the rest of the day, I'm sure I'll still feel very tired...

I need all the inspiration help I can get!XD ARGH.
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Lulz. No matter how many icon-ing tutorials I TRY to read, I can never make an icon that'll make me feel happy with my art (as icons).
WTF? Didn't have much to angst about. So I'm trying to angst about icon-ing. )

Speaking about Guy Cecil...

Non-gynophobic!Guy is nice and CREEPY.XD<3<3<3
Drama CD Anthology ToA vol.1. Just ranting. No summaries yet. )

My new ToA OTP is kind!Asch X non-gynophobic!Guy.XD
Yes, it's still AschXGuy, wahaha.<3<3<3

BTW, *huggles [livejournal.com profile] solerika*<3<3<3 Now all I'm missing now is ToI's 2nd Drama CD.ToT
The only story they didn't skip is Grigori Village and Tenos (which means Albert). ARGH. Ricardo, then Ange main story.Xp I they didn't skip Kelm Volcano.Dx It's Spada centric DAMMIT!D<

My really random ToV RavenXFlynn comic is done.>_>;; Nina, here's a better scan of the panel with the cute Raven on it.^^;; And I also added the rest of his coat/jacket/whatever's design.8D

I might not color it, got too lazy cause ToI inspiration is badly kicking in with 2 more parallels.x_x;; OMG. Both are hetero. One with a female!Spada one with normal Spada...
And the RicaSpa comic I'm making is getting... wahaha, Spada's so lovey dovey.<3

And yes, I'm still having trouble with my paragraph fics... Ashnna's story is getting complicated to write.x_x;;
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I'm online JUST TO POST THIS!!!XDXDXD Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hhafiz for getting me into ToA mood.>.>;;

Anyways, when I was on Track 8, the last dungeon happenings reminds me too much of SaGa Frontier II's last Dungeon scenes.>.>;;

And it looks like the 5th ToA Drama CD is less angsty than the first ones. Thank Lorelei!
Spoilers for ToA under the cut~! Really crappy summary and AschXGuy fangirling.
And ARGH!GuyXLuke-ness, sorry...
Tales of the Abyss 5th Drama CD and Bonus Track Bastardized Summary/Rants!8D )

I was really happy with the last ToA Drama CD. I really enjoyed it cause the pairings I wanted came out (even LoreleiXVan even for just a moment<3) and 'specially AschXGuy of course.<3

Damn, I miss ToA.>.>;;


ToA and ToI Sketchies!
(And ToI pic spam without cut)

Yes, no ToD! What the hell.>.>;;
No Spoilers, unless I suddenly talk too much.
Just a sketch of Innocence and the Abyss... )

Oh yeah, speaking about Abyss-- in ToDdc's Lion's Side, Lion get's the title 'Fencer of the Abyss' after defeating Arcana Ruins Barbatos!8D Though his 一騎当千 title sounds really cool, cause he gets this title after fighting the Boss-on-parade (Boss Rush) mode and he goes one-on-one with Barbatos! And he's the ONLY ToD chara who can get a title after the Coliseum's Rank 6.<3

So the NDS emulator WORKED in the current computer I rented today.8D
The game will probably work 2X slower in our compy at home, hahaha.XD

Official Ricardo and Spada!!!XDXDXD
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Lame title. But I've always liked how Mitsuami sounds when you say it. It doesn't give you any hints it only means Braids. Haha.<3

Done at last! I collected all the rough sketches and picked out the best panels and fixed them up. Some were still newly drawn and all. Ah, still, I'm really happy this came out great.<3
For [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated and her beloved.=D <3
ToA - Mitsuami (19yrs!JadeXDist comic). The only SPOILER in this comic is Dist's real name. Hehe. )

I found my inspiration to continue and finish this comic from the closest one I can connect...
Jade was seiyuu'd by Takehito Koyasu (Persona~TrinitySoul's Kanzato Ryou <3) then Dist was VA'd by Liam O'Brien (Persona 3's Akihiko). I warped my RyouXAkihiko pairing back to ToA and got this!8D And I'm happy my inspiration still didn't crash! Hah!

But... I still can't believe I am amused with VA's now!o_o I am seriously thankful I played the US P3 first cause I known Akihiko as Akihiko-- and NOT Midorikawa. This might sound weird, but ah ignore my seiyuu rants, please...
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I made some ToA JeiDisu sketches for [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated~! Hopefully she sees these before she leaves.T_T<3

So... My twin wanted something Yu-Gi-OH for today, so I draw him some KaibaXJounouchi for Jou's birthday today.<3 [livejournal.com profile] aefallen, it seems we really can never get along when it comes to pairings.^^;; JouXYugi(XJou) is ok for me. The pairing I hate in YGO is KaibaXYugi.XD

And Persona 3? Of course there's P3 SOMEWHERE under the cut! *is partly lying*
Wow. I tried to bend my inspiration and thankfully I didn't fall into a slump overnight! GO ME!<3 )

I hope everyone enjoyed the randomness!8D



Just really random rants of stuff I noticed online and in-game. )

I badly want to talk to everyone in IM, but I'm online for a short time only.x_x;; ARGH.

We'll be watching ep 3 of Persona~Trinity Soul once I get home and Aniki wakes up~! Hehe, I can't wait to hear Midorikawa again and try looking for some more RyouX(man on the phone) hints!!!XD But I want more stuff about Jun~.D8 (we're now thinking he has multiple personalities, hehe)

[livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis, thanks for downloading the ep again~!<3
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Ignore my icon.>.>;; I'm posting ToA art...

I hope this makes [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated happy.^^<3
Jade and Saphir )

Speaking about Dist... I just remembered my Dist-san.^^
Remember THESE Gaillardia's that came from [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie???
Back then, I got to press a few of them after they wilted a bit. So I found most of them in between our books. Aniki told me to laminate them. So I did,just today.^^<3 They look ok.<3 I'm still glad to have them...

What else... In NamcoXCapcom, I'm not sure if I read it right, but did the enemies mention that they're going to take Dycroft (ToD last dungeon) to the REAL WORLD!?XD OMG,I hope it's true... (minus Belcrant. Hahaha)

Aniki just finished his GS4 game.>.>;; He LOVES the Lino en Kuldes so much and likes the HeroXLino pairing (HeroXSnowe too, but he likes Lino more)yes, the hero is seme... He was shocked to know that Lino en Kuldes is... well.. spoilers for the night convo between the hero and Lino.XD;;

I'm happy to play P3. My sibs are so amused with Junpei and they want to watch while I play it.XD I really like the attention cause they NEVER like watching the games I play...
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Nobody knows where the hell I picked my ToA inspiration up again (heck, even I don't know where). Anyways, that's good, I think...

Still can't draw more for the Cheegle!Asch comic even if it's in the part I've been wanting to draw! WTH!?

Here's a little special something for [livejournal.com profile] hhafiz, cause she uploaded Yasunori Matsumoto's 2nd TalesRing the Abyss guesting. Cheer up dear. *huggles*

Well then, onto yaoi! Hahaha.<3
I was reading some of [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated's saved ToA posts at home last night and well...
... I guess everyone knows what to expect.<3
Cut for arts of someones GAYNESS and someone elses EVILNESS towards the GAYNESS. I'm not a funny person, really. I'm not qualified to draw gag.D8 )

Oh yeah, which reminds me... The Dist inspiration was partly boosted last night by FMA's Yoki.8D
(They have the same seiyuu dammit!XD) Just read chap 77, and Arakawa-sensei should lessen the blood gore cause I can't take it.x_x;; It's one of the reasons why I can't read/watch her Juushin Enbu!DX

Suikoden 4 still got my time on the PS2.>.>;;;

BoFIV inspiration was trying to fight back as well. I missed drawing Fou-lu.D8 ([livejournal.com profile] raethes' fault for posting the BoFIV manga. now I wanna see more...T_T) I sudenly missed BoFIII's Teepo too...T_T
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My inspiration currently had no direction-- well, most are still ToA sided.>.>;;

Who's still into ToA? Or any Tales mood? Please tell me...D8

How long have I been away? ARGH! I feel like I've missed a lot...T_T

Watch out for really random SPOILERS about random fandoms!!!
Stuff I've been into this past few weeks-- )

Cheer me up today and I'll seriosuly draw you anything you want.^^;; I'm desperate...


Obligatory Really Random ART post:

Even if I got my new Guy icon now, I got another new icon.8D;;
Anybody recognize him?

Arts under the cut~!XD
3 Tales of the Abyss, and 1 special someone from the game I'm atching right now.<3 )

Really random... I need to get my inspiration back on track.
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ARGH!!! I forgot to put my new Guy icon.T_T

[livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist and [livejournal.com profile] foxalollita just began playing their 2nd playthrough in ToR.8D;; But before that-- like the past Tales, we listened to the Voice Test...

Tytree had this victory line where he says, "Choroize!" (translated as "Easy!" or "You're Weak!") which we usually add ToA Guy's "Amaize!" and Jade's "ChoroAma desune". We were surprised when we heard that Mao and Annie said those in the voice tst.o_o;;

So the original people who said the ChoroAma Skit was Tytree, Mao and Annie.Xp And I thought it was a ToA original! Hahaha.XD
I bring everyone-- a full-colored Tales 4-koma!!! )

Will keep on nagging [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist to make the ChoroAma~Jade~ one.>.>;; If she doesn't draw it, I'll do it.8D;;


Tales Gaming Rants~!

I need ToS OVAs in *.avi format so we could watch it in our home compy.ToT Our compy is only running in Windows 98 and I don't think it can handle any new programs.DX

Random Tales POssible SPOILERS!!!
Still playing some... )

Random. I just read a really old AschXGuyXAsch jp comic I got a year ago. Couldn't understand it much back then, but I know it was sad. When I read it again yesterday-- I cried cause I understood the whole thing...T_T;;


Obligatory Tales sketch post:

I seriously mean TALES art post, since my inspiration has been swinging from one fandom to another. And I badly want Tales of Destiny~Director's Cut as a Christmas and New Year present.T_T Even a pirated one would be nice...

2 ToR and 1 Tales of GAYS. Hahaha.XD
I just LOVE the Tales series so much.*o* )

Just got a text from Kimi saying that she got ToW~Radiant Mythology.T_T
[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, when can we sleep over again at your place?8D Hahaha. *gets shot* Sorry I couldn't reply, everyone at home was out of load.XD

Will be visiting the 'person' who works in the art something to get tips for my possible work!!! I need all the luck I can get here, cause I seriously have NO idea on what to do.x_x;; I am so nervous...
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Upon reading a few stuff, I just realized that the Short Stories were written by the Scenario Writer of ToA!o_o;; So this makes ALL of them OFFICIAL!!!

I will most likely translate summarize the Short Stories of Guy, Jade and Dist only. But I will give hints on the others SS' so at least everyone has an idea of what's in it.

The only thing that got me depressed with the CharaEpi Bible was... There were NO new information about the characters.DX They're really just in depth character story review.=X I was really expecting at least to learn MORE about the characters but ARGH... There were a FEW, but not that special...

And I obviously went on an AschXGuy hints hunting spree~.8D;; I found some, of course!

Under the cut!!! BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!
SS summaries other CharaEpi rants.^^;;
ToA Character Episode Bible Short Stories. Cut for pics and ToA SPOILERS!!! )

[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, I'm doing Jade and Dist's Short Stories for you!XD As thanks for letting me borrow the book and all.<3


Onto the 3 SS summaries~! I'm sorry if I might get some things wrong, I still suck at figuring out how to properly summarize and translate.x_x;; I give everyone... 60% accuracy, hahaha. (lower than my usual cause the most of the SS had less dialogue...) I hope my summaries make sense...T_T;;

I remind everyone, the Short Stories were written by the Scenario Writer of ToA~!>D

(Art inserts in Guy and Dist's short stories cause I was trying out the new paper Ma bought.<3<3<3) Anyways, the trans/summary is for Jade, Dist and Guy lovers~!XD;; (and to the people who badly wanted me to make this)
ToA CharaEpi Bible: Short Story of Jade )

Guy's next~!<3<3<3 Everything was on Gaillardia's POV...<3
I was planning to make a full translation, but it seems my brain wasn't up to it, Sorry Guy.x_x;; (I kinda did... a bit...)
ToA CharaEpi Bible: Short Story of Guy )

Dist-san is last~
This is also a bit angsty...
ToA CharaEpi Bible: Short Story of Dist )

I hope everyone understood that.T_T;; Also if you find ANY typos, I'm so sorry. I was in a hurry to type in everything.DX


Currently playing... PS2 ToS (I'm so glad it's still working!) still on first playthrough, but... it seems I was able to cheat the game and my first playthrough already had a star on the save... Which means it's like I'm on the 2nd playthrough?o_O;; WTH!? NAMCO!!! Fix this Bug already!DX This happened on my PS ToE and US PS2 ToA, and now in ToS!?XD

Tried to make this glitch work on ToR, but it seems it can't.x_x;;
Speaking about ToR...
Guess what's my current text tone?>D


Somebody help me RIP THIS!!!T_T

The 22nd Tales Ring the Abyss Radio show.T_T;; Yes it's Yasunori Matsumoto's 2nd interview and it seems I can't find my mp3 file of it... [livejournal.com profile] souya might still have hers...?^^;;
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[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie visited today~!<3 And she brought most of her ToA stuff!!!XD

Guess what she just let me borrow?8D
(After returning 2 out of 5 Sara Yajima novels.>.>;;
I'm still reviewing the others. Sorry.)

I think I don't remember [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue mentioning that the charas had a fic each!
(which reminds me that I need to summarize Jade and Dist's fics for Kimi as well!)

ToA fangirling and the gift I gave her today~! Some pics and ToA spoilers too, hahaha )

Played the JP ToA with Kimi and beat the 3rd and last Sword Dancer (Feres Island) in UNKNOWN mode!!! (Me as Guy, Kimi as Jade and [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis as Luke)

It was fun.<3<3<3 Thank you, Kimi.<3 You just brought my ToA inspiration back up again.^^;;
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Been drawing a LOT lately. Maybe I'm just in the mood? Or I ran out of games to play in the PS2? I just play ToA now whenever the PS2's free...

Actually, I've been fixing a few drawings of mine. Picking the normal-looking ones from the yaoi ones, cause I need to submit a portfolio to a certain anime/comic company my HS classmate recommended.She says they have contacts there so maybe I can try submitting something and MIGHT get hired! She also said they don't look at educational attainment! They're after the talent!XD

This is one of the reasons why I wasn't able to submit anythign for the ToA anniversary special, I'm so sorry [livejournal.com profile] glorious-sensei...DX

Anyways, wish me luck everyone~!
(Argh, nearlly most of my arts are yaoi...)

Oh yeah, [livejournal.com profile] nostalgia_sekai is a journal for my High School friends/classmates. There are really random REAL pictures and some of my original arts posted there. I don't want to link my classmates to THIS LJ cause they don't know I LIKE yaoi, I'm bi, stupid and mention that I had a HS crush!XD WTH!?

You guys don't need to friend that Lj.>.>;; I might just end up talking in tagalog most of the time there anyways.
(But anyone could comment though.<3)


[livejournal.com profile] pic_murasaki just drew

I told [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue I'll draw her one so here it is.8D;;
But of course... expect something really random from me.>.>;;
I like evil!GuyXLuke.D= )

That MIGHT be the first and last time I'll draw GuyXLuke...>.>;;
If [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue isn't online now and I don't get to link this--
Can anybody link this to her once you catch her online? Thanks.<3 *is proud to draw GuyXLuke?*


Obligatory Art Post:

TRYING to enhance my coloring and lining skillz...
To my Artist friends: What does Clean iv-- or whatever means!?
The work I'm trying to apply to needed someone for that and I have no idea what it means!T_T
I'm such a stupid artist *suicides*

I was supposed to post the 'gift' I'll be giving [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie tomorrow, but of course--
I'll probably just make it special and keep them just for her.^^
(she can take a pic of it afterwards and post in on her LJ if she wants)
One kinda ToL art and an Original character )


Onto really random rants--
Tales of Legendia
Fullmetal Alchemist
I can feel... my inspiration crashing soon...

[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie will be coming over tomorrow.
I'll be praying for her safe travel and hope she doesn't get lost along the way.

Anyways, advance Happy Birthday!!!
To [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie and [livejournal.com profile] orphen~!
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Well, ToL obviously got our attention.>.>;; Currently leveling everyone to 99 cause Senel's best throw will be learned there *only found the joy of throwing around Moses' CharaQue*. We just finished Jay's CharaQue today and it's OH SO GAY!8D Senel kinda ruined the MosesXJay mood though. (The 3 MofuMofu's looked like Jay's parents in the cutscene and was saying 'Go on', like Jay's gonna get married or something)

Of course, I need to shut up about spoilers, so I'm gonna cut my ToL rants now. )

Tales of Legendia Hentai Doujin~!
Shabondama Holiday (Bubble Holiday)
Pairing: SvenXNorma
Notes: Of course there are SPOILERS if you don't know who Sven is,
Though he doesn't look much like Sven in the art *shrugs*...

The ONLY ToL hentai doujin I have.^^;; I've had this for nearlly... 2 years, but never knew the charas much at that time.
But I was already a Jay fan at that time and I agree with that artist for liking ShirleyXJay.>.>;;

Sadly I want hentai of the Onii-chan pairing (SenelXShirley) or some Coolidge Pairing (SenelXChloe) for [livejournal.com profile] foxalollita.^^;; Yeah, that's what we call the pairings at home.

If anyone has ANY ToL scans (official manga, anthology, yonkoma, doujin) please link some downloads to me? Please~?^^;;


Tales of the Abyss

Hah! Thought I forgotten about it huh?XD
Just 3 more renamed pics! This is oh so special!<3 )



A mix of ToL and ToA! WTH!?
1 MosesXJay, 1 ToL gag comic and 1 Cheegle!Asch comic teaser~! Haha, MieuXLuke!?<3 )

And some angsting? Ignore this part if I were you.^^;;
I envy my HS classmates cause most of them just graduated while here I am, I haven't finished a thing (cause I'm stupid and lazy) then... how I don't want to make contact with them cause I don't have ANY interesting story to tell them.
But I will be seeing most of them this Saturday (my long time crush will also be there...) I am so scared and excited at the same time...

Will be watching Stardust with them too! It will be the first time I watch a movie with them and I hope I don't sit beside any of my female classmates cause I never did got along with them (except for my close friend who might not be able to come).>.>;; I'm used to hang out with the boys cause they usually treat me as one of them.^^
(One actually began to ask me about PS1 games last night! What to do with FFT and BoF3! Hahaha.<3)

Gaaah... I need to draw my buddies their original charas in my story-- get it colored and printed.ID<3
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Let me just post something big and cute today, ok?^^;;


Persona 3. I have no idea about P3, but when I found out that there are Gemini Twins persona there... I was actually planning to pair the owners. (I have a twin, and my zodiac sign is GEMINI. Do the math!) And the uke is the chara that's voiced by MIDORIKAWA HIKARU of course!!!XDXDXD

Oh Lorelei, Nakai Kazuya...XD;;

*cough* *cough* Will try to draw a lot of other Tales later once I do the groceries, finish cooking food, and finish making guidelines on where to sew the red lines on Asch's tabard!>.>;;

GuyXAsch Anthology!!!XDXDXD
Nice title!<3<3<3 It's so fitting for Guy and Asch.=3
(I know the main artist who started the Anthology.>.>;; She draws MosesXJay! Hahaha.<3)
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I can't find my ToS chara whole body arts at home.DX I need to go to a Tales fansite that has official front-side-back views of the charas. Does anybody know a site?T_T Actually, I need ToR and ToL as well, if something like that exists, that is...x_x;; I'm actually partyle online for that reason.

Anyways, not another one... bur YES, [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis is playing Ace Combat Zero now and I am all too giggly and inspired. Of course, you can expect I have really stupid (ToA parody) reasons again!8D;;

Uhh, SPOILERS for Ace Combat Zero, hahaha.
Abyss Combat Zero. Hey, ToA and Ace Combat were made by Namco, so what's wrong with a little parody?XD )

PixyXPJ.8D;; *gets bombarded by missiles*

I might make more of the ToA and Ace Combat parody, Abyss Combat.<3<3<3
And it will be AschXGuy, of course!


Ran out of Tales to play!T_T

BTW, [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated, you're right about US Jade's Indignation.8D;; I wasn't depressed with his voicing on that one.<3 (my US ToA game got glitched, after showing the end to my sibs and saving it, and still continued on playing the 1st playthrough, I was surprised that the charas could trigger the 2nd playthrough HiOugis.O_O;; The Skit player and The Abyss dungeon was open as well... But Peony-heika was still TOO smart and won't give me the Abyssman costumes, haha)

*Cough* ANYWAYS, [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist is playing the Tales of Rebirth and my twin just began playing the JP Tales of Legendia (we support MosesXJay!!!XDXDXD And I OMG so love Shirley.<3). I am left with playing both the JP and US 2nd playthrough of ToA... There was not Tales left for me...T_T

I'm still going hyper on the AschXGuy pairing so I guess that's ok.>.>;; But my sibs has been asking me to draw stuff for the other Tales as well, like-- EugeneXMao and MosesXJay... Oh yeah, I can't help but feel uneasy when Jay gets called in ToL (I feel like I'm being called, hahaha)


Onto Sketchies~!

No colored arts again and just sketches.^^;;
But I bring some random parody, gag and cuteness!!!XDXDXD
More Abyss Combat, more Asch, Peony and Jade, topless female!Guy and... and original chara.>.>;; ALL SKETCHES!!!
Cut for pics!!!XD )

I just finished doing the mountain of laundry at home and I'm about to start sewing the back design of Asch's tabard!XD Asch's costume's the only one that levels up.>.>;;

What? Lamento? I need to research on that. all I know is it's made by the same people who made Togainu no Chi. Ate Medith~! Pics please?XD

I know I'm missing on a lot of things! I'm so sorry I can't always get online~!ToT And someone should trust her friends more, yeah?>D *pokes*
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Check out the new icon!XD I seriously needed that.<3

Will be online for a few hours today. Why? [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist wants me to get the latest FMA manga chapter. Hahaha.XD

Rawrz. My morning was ruined though cause the first person to texted me today was our Bastard!Dad.x_x;;

Okay, Game stuff first!
Yay for JP ToA renaming!!! 3 ToA pics and 1 ToR. )

Eugene and Mao will make really cute kitties together.8D I can't wait for [livejournal.com profile] foxalollita to draw EugeneXMao!XDXDXD


Abyss Combat 5 (ToA Art)

Some Young!Guy and Original!Luke arts (lulz, AschXGuy)...
And since I'm still at it, ABYSS COMBAT 5!!!XDXDXD

Sketchies under here~! )

ToF2 isn't working. ARGH.T_T;;

I'll be sewing SOMETHING again~.XD And Mom will surely freak out.>.>;;

What else... I might type more once I remember what else to type.^^;;;
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Online for an hour, cause Ma thinks I'm angsting too much at home.>.>;; And my twin says I look like I could cry anytime. Hahaha... ha...

I seriously LOVE the Ace Combat series! Namco really makes games with memorable stories.<3<3<3

Stopped playing ToA for awhile to give way to play Ace Combat 5 after finding out that Jade and Guy's VAs were there.>.>;; Jade was the AWACS Thunderhead so he gives orders and he shouts a LOT!<3 Which makes me VERY happy cause I badly wanted to hear him shout and think of Jade when he scolded Luke after St. Binah's fall.*o*<3

Cut for Ace Combat fangirling... And some ToA in betweens. )

I can't wait for our bro to play Ace Combat Zero!*o* Your wingman's VA is Luke/Asch and Guy's VA is still there-- I might still end up giggling with AschXGuy.>.>;;

Gah, with all these english dubbed games, I might get into English VA's as well!x_x;;


It's that time of the months again, but... It's the 11th of the month and my celphone just reminded that.
ARGH for monthly reminders that hurt.

Tales of the Abyss PeonyXNephry Gaiden inspired art )

I am so thankful that in my US ToA game I just completed the Frings and Cecille Subquest so I know what the dagger-giving meant.=X [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, I remember you gave up on that subquest.^^;; I wonder if you know...?

I badly want that Gaiden...T_T *shoots self*


A~nd I'm not sure if I'll be able to be online on the 14th,
It's a really special day for my beloved Original Charas.=3<3

And a special day for me as well...^^;;

Blessing. Cut for art.<3 )

Will need to look for my past Tales of Symphonia art.x_x;; I seriously already forgot how to draw Lloyd and Kratos. *so random*
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I'll be closing [livejournal.com profile] kaizer_guy. Angsting and all are posted there, if they ever make sense.
Thanks for everything, everyone...

Anyways I'm back and still need some cheering up.
The usual, I'm just online for awhile... Did I miss anything?

Really LONG JP ToA, US ToA, and ToD2 gaming rants. Cut for spoilers, of course. )

Sorry about the long rant, I didn't want to post angst.-_-;;

And I obviously still haven't stopped HATING GuyXLuke.
Even after recieveing a HATE E-MAIL from a GuyXLuke fan who wants to murder me.

Wow, if they take their pairings seriously, I do too. I seriously LOVE AschXGuy.<3


Currently drawing......

Aramis Spring is to LukeXGuyXLuke, then Mushroom Road is to AschXGuyXAsch, huh...

I want Rokujinshou!Luke.ToT I've been looking around Amaransu's site (can't remember the artist's name) and I've been wanting to see more of her Rokujinshou!Luke parallel (Yay for Wild Saber costume!<3). I wanted to know what happened cause Luke and Asch are both in the Rokujinshou and I think there's a side of IonXLuke there too...8D;;

Anyways, I got to color a really special AschXGuy!XD (Will be posting that in my Deviantart once I find the time) And more randomness under the cut~!<3
AschXGuy-ness and 1 JadeXLuke...? )

I hope everyone enjoyed that!

Uhh... just some more random ranting )

Uhh... I might start summarizing ToF2's Jade Arc soon, once the game gets to work, ahehehe.x_x;;

Will be checking my F-list next, I might not be able to drop in a few comments, but most of my online time is 90% to check my f-list!XD Hahaha.<3
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I get to post something, but still... not enough time to check my flooded flist, sorry everyone.x_x;;

I found another glitch in ToA.8D It wasn't harmful, but it was weird and got me and my sibs laughing real hard even if the scene was supposed to be really angsty and all.
Glitch pic inside. This was cut cause it's spoilers for the 2nd Zaleho Volcano scene. )

And more gameplay pics.8D I get to play around with the jp ToA's RENAME again~!
One pic of ToF2 then really random jp ToA stuff... )

And some sketches-- at last!XD<3
Sketches under the cut!<3 Possible spoilers are in there as well.^^;; )


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