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Main characters with their Sacred Beasts!XD
Theyre ALL Inomata-sensei offical art (that I just randomly got somewhere).>D
Id be really glad if these gets spread around... so... maybe some people from abyssalchronicles can put them in the gallery?>.>;; ahehehe... *shoots self*

Aaand... I was actually supposed to post them under a cut. but the compy Im in obviously has a broken apostrophe key.>.>;;



Veigue and Claire
(Which reminds me... I need to take Claires ToW2 request about Veigues Majinken)

Mao and Eugene

Annie and Tytree
(WHY cant it be Hilda?)

Hilda and Agarte

And dont ask if I found a Milhaust.x_x;; There was none...

OMFG!!! A SchwannXFlynn doujin!!!XDXDXD
By my fave artist!!! *runs around crazily*

Will be making a 2nd post about the Ozine fest (saturday).XDXDXD
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Currently trying to look for NDS hentai games. Anybody got an idea?XD
How about good NDS games?>.>;; RPGs maybe?

Ok, these were scanned a few weeks ago, but I didn't have the time to post them. I'm only online to post these.^^<3<3<3

My drawing's been sketchy lately.x-x;; I need my drawing ability back. BADLY.
RicaSpa for Nina, belated Saphir B-day special for [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, and Tytree for [livejournal.com profile] kaiyashe.8D;; SO sorry for the really late stuff.^^;;
ART POST AT LAST!!! ToI - RicaSpa. ToA - Saphir B-day Special, Young!LukeXGuy. ToR - Tytree Crowe )

Currently getting ready for a BIG Tales project.>.>;;
I've been planning it for months, but after ToV and ToH got released/announced, 2 additional fave Tales charas added in.XD Flynn and Hisui.>.>;;

A-anyways... Gotta go~!^^;; *huggles everyone*
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More art post... I'm currently in the compy shop today just to try playing ToI a bit and hear Hypnos say 'Ani-ja'... Currently plotting a HypnosXThanatos and GardleXRicardo story with my twin. It's so fun.XDXDXD<3<3<3 And if Ricardo is uke... SpadaXRicardo ALWAYS ends up after Gardle's... yeah...>.>;;

I got to draw Ricardo and Spada in their Starlight Dress... already scanned at home, but haven't colored.x_x;;
*cough* Also drew RucaXSpada (that kind of looks like SpaRuca instead x_x;;) but I haven't scanned it so you won't see that in the art post, hah!XD
ToI art post. No SPOILERS. ToRXToI cosplay, Ruca sketches, human!Durandal, Hypnos, RucaXDurandal, GardleXRicardoXSpada lovechildren and... just some an anime parody.>.>;; )

I am still procrastinating.XD ARGH!!!

Birthday gift please?8D;; Or find me scans, and I'll be happy...
Wow... comparing Asras' height to Ruca.*o*<3<3<3

And yes... I wanna angst... badly...
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Aniki just bought us our stock of drawing paper at last so I'm back to drawing again.<3

Well, I'm fixing up his original comic request in betweens so my mind is partly in another inspiration. It's so angsty wth.ID It's both our original story so it's alright.<3<3<3

Oh yeah, like always, rants first before arts.^^;;
I told you I'l be ranting a LOT cause I wasn't able to post these when I was last online.x_x;;

Tales of Destiny DC - Subquest. Lion searches for the Ice Candy shop and ends up in Lienea! SPOILERS are around, of course. )

Random Tales series rants. Phantasia, Rebirth, and Innocence... )

Wild Arms Vth Vanguard - Fangirling, hahaha. Really useful bugs, beating Ragu o Ragula and ending rants. SPOILERS!!! )

Liam O'Brien as Chuck, hahaha, so uke.XD<3<3<3

Fullmetal Alchemist - Manga's chapter 82! GreedXAl and LingXEd!!! *squee* SPOILERS!!! )

AT POSTS will be in another post casue this is the rant post. It needs to be long, hahaha.

Uhhh, we thankfully borrowed SuikodenV from our cousin, Aniki's already began playing yesterday after finishing JP WAV.8D We're joking that after playing SuikodenV, he'll be playing GradiusV.>.>;; Ahehehe. *random*


Random Real Life rants for now, cause I needed to blow off some steam after what happened a few days ago...
Sorry for the really long uncut post, I don't care if he sees this, geez...
Just ignore this.^^;;

Our bastard!dad went home and talked to us (without mom and our bro)... It sucks really. I hate how I cry easily. And the bastard, of course, points out that Mom had another man in her life-- yeah so what? We know about that, geez! He said he's hurt and their relationship is bad cause the other man is married as well-- yeah, we know that too, stupid.

That's karma, he left with another woman years back and never returned. But he's alone now cause his other woman left him (hahaha). And now he wants to come back in our life and finds out that mom got another man.

Oh the best part I really hate when he talked to us was when he said that men get hurt MORE when their women goes out with other men... WHAT!? There goes his pride! He said we can't understand cause we're girls. What the fuck!? So our own father doesn't think we're equals when it comes to our feelings. Hah! We raised our voice and told him that women and men are equal... he ends the argument with, 'You can't understand cause you're still unmarried...'

Mom's other man is a nice friend and companion (even to us, he's a fun person to be with), but if ever they're into a deeper relationship and if he wanted to be our father-- thats a big NO.Xp

Mom and Dad left and talked afterwards. When they got home, Dad stayed with us for a few more days. it was a bit fun, we had an illusion of a complete family again. I kind of miss him around... but we're in No Japanese handicap.XD our dad KNOWS how to speak japanese so me and my sibs couldn't say seme, uke, yaoi and yuri.x_x;;

In the middle of the night, dad got a call from someone, 'Moshi moshi?' all my sibs look up. Yes, he's talking to someone japanese and we're guessing that it might be her other woman.>.>;; He goes out and comes in a bit later still talking japanese... all of us pretended that we were asleep.
The next day when he was out doing the groceries with mom-- my sibs asked me what he was talking about.XD
"Ah, you guy knew I was listening?XDXDXD" of course they knew I was listening, hahaha.

He was talking in a really respectful tone, but it still seemed that he's talking to a woman. I reminded my sibs that I suck at conversational japanese so I was only able to understand the simple stuff he talked about. First, I pointed out that he uses ORE, and they laughed, they knew I was going to notice that. Anyways, he was saying 'She won't listen...' probably talking about how Mom doesn't want to listen to a word he says, then he informs the person on the phone that he's currently goes home to his Oneechan's place (yeah, he does).

The convos I was able to understand were just the stuff we already know.Xp Can't he remember that mom told him that I can understand jp now?>.>;;

Oh yeah, he noticed Kimi's ToA novels on the table, he looks at tit and was expecting a manga-- he was surprised to find a novel and mom told him that I read them every night, he was really surprised.>.>;; He can only understand JP when talking, he can only read hiragana and katakana. I can only read and translate-- but not speak it.XD

Anyways, he went home yesterday and now we're able to breathe and move freely now.ID
If he wants us to accept him back, he should try lowering his pride and all. Be a real father and stop scaring us...

Whew I feel better now after typing that, thanks everyone...
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ARGH!!! I forgot to put my new Guy icon.T_T

[livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist and [livejournal.com profile] foxalollita just began playing their 2nd playthrough in ToR.8D;; But before that-- like the past Tales, we listened to the Voice Test...

Tytree had this victory line where he says, "Choroize!" (translated as "Easy!" or "You're Weak!") which we usually add ToA Guy's "Amaize!" and Jade's "ChoroAma desune". We were surprised when we heard that Mao and Annie said those in the voice tst.o_o;;

So the original people who said the ChoroAma Skit was Tytree, Mao and Annie.Xp And I thought it was a ToA original! Hahaha.XD
I bring everyone-- a full-colored Tales 4-koma!!! )

Will keep on nagging [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist to make the ChoroAma~Jade~ one.>.>;; If she doesn't draw it, I'll do it.8D;;


Tales Gaming Rants~!

I need ToS OVAs in *.avi format so we could watch it in our home compy.ToT Our compy is only running in Windows 98 and I don't think it can handle any new programs.DX

Random Tales POssible SPOILERS!!!
Still playing some... )

Random. I just read a really old AschXGuyXAsch jp comic I got a year ago. Couldn't understand it much back then, but I know it was sad. When I read it again yesterday-- I cried cause I understood the whole thing...T_T;;


Obligatory Tales sketch post:

I seriously mean TALES art post, since my inspiration has been swinging from one fandom to another. And I badly want Tales of Destiny~Director's Cut as a Christmas and New Year present.T_T Even a pirated one would be nice...

2 ToR and 1 Tales of GAYS. Hahaha.XD
I just LOVE the Tales series so much.*o* )

Just got a text from Kimi saying that she got ToW~Radiant Mythology.T_T
[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, when can we sleep over again at your place?8D Hahaha. *gets shot* Sorry I couldn't reply, everyone at home was out of load.XD

Will be visiting the 'person' who works in the art something to get tips for my possible work!!! I need all the luck I can get here, cause I seriously have NO idea on what to do.x_x;; I am so nervous...
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Here's my Birthday gift for [livejournal.com profile] orphen cause I won't be online for sure tomorrow (I'll be doing the mountain of laundry with mom~).

My first ToR art (the random chibi Tytree's I've been drawing back then doesn't count)
Veigue Lungberg )

Now I need to figure out how to draw Eugene and Mao for [livejournal.com profile] foxalollita cause she just celebrated her 15th bday last 15. Hahaha.XD


Tales of Legendia Drama CD!?DX

I found interesting stuff when I checked ToL in wikipedia--
- Harold and Zelos calls Senel Sene-sene (Senny) in ToW!?XD;;
(To ToW players, can anyone confirm?oO)
- Curtiss calls Moses as 'Mo-ko' (girly) in the Drama CD!!!
- When Moses saw Jay's real face, he said he's 'cute'.<3
- Moses calls the Pheromone dude as 'Phero-bi' (also girly)
- Though Csaba is older, he's 20, he still calls Moses as Aniki... *shrugs*

I want to hear the Drama CD!!!DX Jay probably gets to show his un-make-upped face and his hair down to everyone-- it's just my guess but still... MosesXJay.T_T

They also mentioned Shin Asuka (Gundam Seed Destiny) having the same lover named Stella(r) as Senel.>.>;;
Uhmmm... Senel and Shin have the same seiyuu (Suzumura Kenichi)?XDXDXD

Why am I so glad Aerith wasn't named Stella?>.>;; (Even my FF inspiration is acting up, sorry)


That Explosion Incident at Glorietta
To my fellow filipinos--
Was anyone near Glorietta when the explosion happened yesterday!?DX I hope everyones ok...
([livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, I know your Subdivision is quite close to Glorietta...)

I hope everyones alright...T_T

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