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Spada sighs in frustration as she readies her red bag full of her things, 'Why did I suddenly had a feeling of deja vu...?' she thought as she closes the bag and shoves it under her bed. She THINKS she's ready to go and free herself from their mansion, be independent then pretend to be a--

Right on cue, someone knocked on her door, "Baby sis, Father's calling for you," it was one of her brothers. She looks up and frowned, 'What do they want now...?'

She hurriedly ran downstairs to find his father and 6 older brothers waiting, "What's up...?" she looks around the reception room and found that they were talking with a man wearing a long black coat. The man looks at her, she could tell there was a hint of confusion in his blue eyes...

"Who's that?" the green-haired princess asked her father and brothers, her eyes not leaving the strange looking man.

"Ah, my dear Spada. This mercenary's name is Ricardo Soldato," her father started, "He will be your bodyguard starting today," there was a moment of silence then Spada's eyes widen when realization came, "B-bodyguard...!?" she repeats and her brothers nods, "I don't need a bodyguard!" she glared and her brothers flinched in fear of their pretty master swordsman.

Spada realized that her dreams of running away will be ruined if this bodyguard gets in her way. They shouldn't have any idea that she WANTS to run away, but from the looks of it-- they got ideas that she's up to something.

... It's like she's done it before...

"Spada..." her father's voice was low and threatening as if he wants the conversation to end there. She quiets down, "Y-yes sir..." she hangs her head low then glances at the bodyguard. "You... What's your name again?" she asks.
pic_murasaki: (ToI Female Spada)
Currently trying to look for NDS hentai games. Anybody got an idea?XD
How about good NDS games?>.>;; RPGs maybe?

Ok, these were scanned a few weeks ago, but I didn't have the time to post them. I'm only online to post these.^^<3<3<3

My drawing's been sketchy lately.x-x;; I need my drawing ability back. BADLY.
RicaSpa for Nina, belated Saphir B-day special for [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, and Tytree for [livejournal.com profile] kaiyashe.8D;; SO sorry for the really late stuff.^^;;
ART POST AT LAST!!! ToI - RicaSpa. ToA - Saphir B-day Special, Young!LukeXGuy. ToR - Tytree Crowe )

Currently getting ready for a BIG Tales project.>.>;;
I've been planning it for months, but after ToV and ToH got released/announced, 2 additional fave Tales charas added in.XD Flynn and Hisui.>.>;;

A-anyways... Gotta go~!^^;; *huggles everyone*
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I'm away for a week? Wow, that's a record...
I've wanted to go online, really. But the last time I was online, I got really depressed when a friend said something that made me loose my drive.
She's the only reason why I'm usually online and now... I don't know.

I feel so tired...
I'm angsting again. Just ignore, please... I just need to get this off my chest. )

Ok, I guess that's it. 360 degree mood change after this.


Good bye PSP~!

We just returned our cousins PSP yesterday. My siblings were saying goodbye to the PSP and not to me!o_o;;

The only games we finished? flOw and ToW:RM.^^;;
PSP for 2 weeks gaming rants. ToW:RM, Irregular Hunter X, FFT, Patapon and Breath of Fire III... Possible spoilers under the cut? Ahehe... )

I am so thankful that ToWRM1 isn't like GBA ToW3! it was really terrible.Xp
it's more like GBA ToW2!<3 I loved that one better.<3<3<3


ToI and ToV sketchies.<3

Hey, I needed some time. I just scanned my new stuff and all.

In ToI, the only icon I was able to finish was Hasta...
Then, some RicaSpa and female!Spada sketchies.
Tales of Innocence. Hasta Icon. RicaSpa and female!Spada. )

In ToV... RavenXEstelle overload!XD Though I did got to draw one Schwann and Flynn.>>;;
So.. Is Schwann's really named like that in the english?^^;;
SPOILERS under the cut. Cause I'll be ranting ToV as well...
And... Naked Estelle's... hey, what's wrong with that?>D
Tales of Vesperia. RavenXEstelle. SchwannXEstelle. Nekkid Estelle. Schwann and Flynn. )

Thanks for staying and looking at my arts. *huggles everyone*
I really appreciate it...

Sheeet! Aaargh! we are running out of paper!DX

Oh yeah.... Tales of the Abyss 2nd Anothlogy Drama CD cover!!! Was released last 0822.^^;;
Can't find a better one yet.>.>;;
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I was scanning my personal journal at home. I just realized I stopped a few more projects when I began training for work.>.>;; (I'm not gonna mention those ToI parallels and all. I know I should still be working on them... on my notebook. Hehe)

Just random rants...  )


Tales of Innocence. More icons!<3<3

Just did all of these this morning.ID Hehehe.<3
I tried to stay away from the PSP just to finish all of these...
[livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist is already ahead of me in ToW:RM1's story!D8

I haven't finished the last few extra charas I'm planning to make.>.>;;
Tales of Innocence. Main Party Icons. )

Since I'm still into ToI mood... Me and my siblings were wondering WHY is Asras in ToW:RM1!?o_o;;
Though he is in human size... he seriously LOOKS like Asras.XD
He's the enemy, I don't know how to translate/mention his name in english.

No ones saying I'm outdated yet?XD I'm still stuck with ToI and a bit of ToV... but still, wahahaha. *runs around crazily*

In ToV... I MIGHT just plan on making a Schwann to pair with my Flynn icon.8D;;
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I was caught sleeping while the trainer was discussing in front.>.>;; He talked to me today, and he wasn't really someone I could hate. He's just worried that I might get terminated.x_x;;

I don't know.x_x;; I need to get used to this and TRY not to fall asleep.Dx
Oh yeah, we set up some Modems today. it was COOL.<3 NOT A TECHIE PERSON

To my Beloved American Friends, I'll be handling Verizon DSL.
How bad is this High Speed Internet?XD
I heard it sucks, please tell me the truth.8D;; I'd love to hear from everyone.

ANYWAYS, It's another weekend. Another rest day.8D I need to draw SOMETHING.
Tales of Vesperia. Tales of Innocence. Original. Trying to keep awake... )

I'm playing ToW:RM1. Named my character Estellise (pink hair and all, and she's a healer.<3)
Still having problems on HOW I'm going to apologize to our cousins though.XD;;

So... I am equally amused with YuriXEstelle Anthology and then the RicardoXSpada Anthology. I know one is Het and the other is Yaoi, but hey, I love both pairings.XD<3 I wanna draw for the RicaSpa one but meh... I don't think they'll let a gaijin join.>.>;; The YuriXEstelle one? I'd prefer drawing JUST Estelle. I'm too lazy to draw Yuri.x_x;;

*huggles everyone*<3<3<3
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So... work is obviously taking my time with drawing AND playing.>.>;; I haven't played anything since I began to go to work training. Badly want PSP.T_T

I passed the first assessment. The next will be after training...
The passing grade was 80, I got 83.x_x;; Wah, danger zone.
I know I could've done better... argh...

A lot suggested for me to draw when it's our free time? I usually talk to my new friends instead.
Why? I'm sleepy and it's effing COLD to draw anything.x_x;; My hand's freezing, ahahaha. *random*

The only time I could properly draw is when I'm at home now... Maybe on my Day offs or something?
Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Innocence icons. What? I was really bored!XD<3 )

BTW, anybody could use the icons I made.8D Just gimme credit!<3
Please, I'd really love to see my stuff used SOMEWHERE.

I'll try and upload these on my Dev. Ahehe, I need to put more colored ToI arts there... and maybe those other ToV stuffs... IF I HAVE TIME. ARGH.x_x;;

Random question!!!
Exactly WHERE in UP is the Yaoi Con?8D

Me and Yo-tan will try to cosplay. I'm so excited!
It's fun that we're both from work by that time too.XD<3<3<3
Too bad we couldn't take our younger sibs.T_T They wanted to go too...


Our relatives visited us yesterday. Gave us a working TV, cause Grandpa will be living with us permanently and he needs a better TV to watch in.^^;; I might start playing some games I've always wanted to play in a clearer/fixed TV (mostly Tales) but...

Our cousin's lent us their PSP for a week~!!!<3<3<3
Well, it's in exchange for a few stuff they borrowed from us.>.>;;
My Persona 3 mini Artbook, FF8 Seifer's Gunblade Hyperion (cosplay prop), and I think Yo-tan gave them those small japanese wooden sandals, cause no ones using them at home anymore (too small).

RANTING. PSP. FFT, Riviera, Tales... )

I want my own PSP badly.T_T<3<3<3

Oh yeah, another kind of a random question...
Who thinks I can draw King of Fighters characters?XD *gets shot*

I've never been paid for my arts... eeeh, I think I can't even ask for any money in exchange for my art.x_x;;
I just wanna draw and impress new friends. They've been really kind to me at work...

I love drawing. I just wanna know how far my inspiration can be bent. It's an effing Fighting game!XD<3
And I secretly love the chara designs in Fighting games eversince...

So much for making an LJ-cut. Thanks for reading everyone.<3<3<3
pic_murasaki: Sanada Yukimura of Sengoku Musou (ToI PINK)

Look Nina! Our dream PSP's together.>.>;;
Planning to name it Extermi, cause it'll drive me crazy!XD<3

The mobile shop in the Supermarket near our Subdivision also sells PSP...
And now they have a Pink and Green PSP in stock!Dx

I want that Pink PSP.T_T The PSP package costs 11,000php (PSP console, crystal case, 4GB mem card, and some other crap) and the console costs 9,500... I think it's 8,500 in Cubao, though we're not sure if it's already modified to play downloaded games.

I'm fired up with working when I see Pink PSPs.<3 My twin is also fired up-- when he sees an NDS.^^;;

I need a PSP badly before December comes.D8 I wanna download ToW:RM2 in jp~!Dx


Tales of Innocence. It still hasn't failed to amuse me.<3

OK, so Ani-ja (Thanatos/Gardle's name wasn't mentioned in the manga!) is HOT.
So what about him?XD My brain's been acting up this morning and I think it wants me to do something impossible... More disturbing maybe?
What? Can't I rant uke!Ani-ja? Kinda Manga-verse with hints of Game-verse with SPOILERS. )

[livejournal.com profile] foxalollita, I bet you'll be really happy once Albert and Himmel appears next ToI chapter.^^;;

My sibs are playing Phantom/Makai Kingdom. And when I checked the seiyuu's... and I found out Zetta was seiyuu'd by Takehito Koyasu and told them... EVERYONE was "Zetta's JADE!?o_o;;" (ok, they can't remember the seiyuu name, but they definitely know his roles).

Yes, I am equally surprised.^^;;

Can't wait for Flonne to appear.8D She's Iria~<3
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Finished my RicardoXSpada comic.XD Err... well, it's actually kinda one-sided.>.>;; *gets shot*
Of course you know I'm only online JUST to post this.>D *Is obviously lying...*

I got lazy with the coloring, so you'll only see violet. Yes, the color violet.XD
Rating it a bit higher than PG-13 cause Spada curses too much. And I enjoy it.<3
Though the comic is AFTER ToI, there're no story related spoilers.
Tales of Innocence. Hopeless Romantic. Ricardo<-Spada comic. )

Uhmm... there's a ToA version of this comic, but Spada was lucky he got the good ending.
The ToA version sadly doesn't. Not gonna say the pairing, wahaha.x_x;;

I'm probably drawing like this cause my inspiration knows I might not be able to draw much once I start working.
It's also fearing for ToV's release, it knows it changes easily.x_x;;

Gah, I need to draw that RavenXFlynn that's bugging my head AGAIN.>.>;;
But I might play ToI and try to meet up with Hartman in Naohs.^^;;
I still haven't continued my game... I wanna get Ange Ricardo in my party soon.
Then fight my beloved Gardle and yeah.<3<3<3
pic_murasaki: (ToI RicaSpa)
I wish I could draw better porn... Yes, even hentai.
I badly want to draw AsrasXInanna or RucaXIria right now.x_x;;
Tales of Innocence. NOT WORKSAFE. RucaXIria naked.^^;; RicardoXSpada on the Airship.XD )

I hope Tales fans would like to help with the Tales Sort I'm making.x_x;;
pic_murasaki: (ToI Female Spada)
This is probably the weirdest comic I've ever done, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!XD
I knew drawing it on my memo pad will give me certain problems...
The panneling is weird as well. Panneling? What panneling?

Anyways, no porn. AsrasXDurandal? RucaXSpada? HINTS only.
Some possible spoilers *cough*Hug event*cough* dark, angsty and the likes...
If anyone could still see the comic as SpadaXRuca, I don't mind,
but I seemed to have made Spada so OOC uke here.XD
Hey, I've always wanted to see him break down.>D

Tales of Innocence. Sweet Dreams, Durandal.<3 )

That was really long...o_o;;


Tales of Vesperia. Practice Sketches~!

No yaoi yet. I'm still trying to figure out their clothes!XD
Though I did draw a half-naked Raven... that I didn't scan!!! WAHAHAHA!!!
Tales of Vesperia. Practice Sketches~! Yuri, Raven and Flynn. )

I think Raven healing ability-- Love and Pleasure Needle-- works like ToDdc Chelsea's Cupid Arrow!8D
Think about it, ARCHERS!XD

Also, I just found a still uncleaned page 5 of the KH comic I did.8D
That's the only page Axel appeared in.>.>;; But I'll surely draw him in my freetalk.^^;;

Gaaah, I wish I could PROPERLY talk and make friends with someone and NOT feel stupid and embarassed in the end.
I always feel so intimidated wether it's a girl or a boy I'm talking with...
pic_murasaki: Sanada Yukimura of Sengoku Musou (ToI teretere Spada)
Pairing: Iria+Spada, RicardoXSpada, hints of RucaXIriaXRuca (HypnosXDurandal???)
Rating: PG-13 =p
Notes: Kind of like a Spada version of Now and Then and also the 2nd part of the fic.^^<3
More on Spada being troubled cause he LIKES Ricardo, wahahaha.XD
Tales of Innocence - Then and Now. )

So nervous... I really should tell the truth right?
ARGH. I don't have any other school credentials, so I'm going to pass what I have.
I hope they'll still accept me in that Call Center Work...T_T;;
pic_murasaki: (ToI RicaSpa)
Poeple just know how to ruin someones day.XD
I'm never gonna go back to that thread. What's wrong with the official jp names anyways?x_x;;
They even chose Gardel over Gardle!? OMG, my beloved Gardle-anija's name got screwed bad.x_x;;
Fine, they're JUST spellings, but playing a game where you're familiar with the names makes it more enjoyable.T_T I don't want cringing whenver I see Ruca or Iria's names like that...
OMG, ani-ja~!!!Dx

Anyways, I think I'm done with my KH comic, so to celebrate and the likes, here are some more KH sketchies.^^;;
Kingdom Hearts 2. Roxas, Naminé and Axel?<3 )

I can write Naminé's name right now!XD See? It's not a normal letter 'e' anymore!!!XD<3<3<3


I bought this small thick memo pad.8D It's so adorable it's VIOLET! and I can draw anything on it. Yes, I only bought it so I can draw on it.>.>;;

So the only way I could show off those arts in there is to take pics of them...
Random stuff and Tales of Innocence! Of course.<3 )

I'm actually making a comic in that memo pad.>.>;;
It's... AsrasXDurandal... no wait... RucaXSpada?
Gaé Bolg makes an appearance as well.8D;;; (Yes that spear, NOT Hasta)
Yes, I am having fun with ééééé~!!!

I'll try getting online again to check something.x_x;;
I'm seriously embarassed for what happened...
I know he was trying to help, but still... I wanna cry...
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Lessee... I just got my SSS today... NBI Clearance, Form 1902, SSS...

Yesterday was the worst day of trying to acquire the requirements for my job.x_x;;

I just wish I never had this sickness.
I need those expensive check-ups and good results (I pray it's good enough).
After all this, I just pray I'll make it.

... Not a lot of people have trouble with their requirements, but I do.
Also... the last requirement I'm lacking are stuff from my last school.

O SHI. Me and my twin might try to do something about it.>.>;;
If all else fails, there's ALWAYS Recto. Let's also pray they have Informatics report cards though.x_x;;

Oist, para sa mga pinoy na nagbabasa nito, wag nyo po akong isumbong, please?T_T


Persona 3 Chara Drama CD 5 - Yes, that ShinjiXAki Drama CD

I got some free time last 2 nights ago. I needed something to cheer me up.x_x;;
Persona 3 Chara Drama CD 5. Random Ranting. I will NOT make sense cause I did this while listening and didn't have time to fix. )

I can make a better summary if anyone wants.XD Ahahaha...
said I won't make any sense, right?


Tales of Innocence. Drawings and rants...

So it seems my inspiration got twisted. The wonders of ToI still hasn't failed to amuse my inspiration.XD
Surprisingly, you won't find ANY Ricardo, Gardle or Hasta. Not even hints.o_o;;
Tales of Innocence. My Original chara in ToI, IRIAXSPADA, male!Iria and female!Spada. )

I still need cheering up btw.x_x;; Please, I hope no one ruins my night...

Oh yeah... My LJ says it's [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue's birthday.8D Happy Birthday!XD *huggles*

So there are hints that ToV's Raven and ToI's Spada might be related?XD
pic_murasaki: Sanada Yukimura of Sengoku Musou (ToI Ring A Bell)
So a certain compy shop upgrades their computers...

And they're insanely fast!o_o;;

Will be playing ToI~!XDXDXD OMG it's working smoothly, I can't cheat the hits anymore.>.>;;
Tales of Innocence. I had to cut it, cause I rant too much.XD )

Wow.o_o;; Playing Tales of Innocence is FUN.<3
I just hope I could play this at home.T_T<3<3<3
pic_murasaki: Sanada Yukimura of Sengoku Musou (KH Namine at Work)
"Uhm... You know what?" it was rare for the gunman to sound... unsure and hesitant, "Inanna was... jealous of Durandal..."

Pairing: Iria+Spada, IriaXRuca<3
Rating: PG-13 (I can't write het pr0n, even if I want to)
Notes: A~h, taking a break from some yaoi (though this was hinted *cough*) and from some other stuff.
I always wanted to write some RucaXIria.<3
Tales of Innocence. Now and Then )

I really don't know which parallel to prioritize next.XD Wahahaha, they're so many.<3


2 pages done! I hope I'm able to finish on or before the 15th.x_x;;
For once I'm trying to use a ruler to do this properly. Ahehehe...
Still having problems with the size once I begin to scan them. I NEVER scanned any of my works OVER 200dpi, and they need... 300dpi?o_o;; OMG, I hope our computer could take it.T_T
I'm also having problems if my mini comic's story would be OK for the Anthology...

[livejournal.com profile] meru_neko, [livejournal.com profile] jeneko, tuloy pa din yung FF7/KH/WEWY Anthology di ba?T_T
I'm still seriously desperate with this, and I still hope I'm welcome?^^;;
I am just so sorry I suck at trying to communicate, ahahaha... *hides from embarassment*

Wheee~! It feels like cramming with school work!XD WTeffing!?
pic_murasaki: Sanada Yukimura of Sengoku Musou (ToI Ring A Bell)
I was scared, really really scared. This will be a Tales I can never really play. I didn't want to get caught in it.
But Nina got me, cause of that GardleXRicardo icon she made for me! ARGH!XD
*uses it* Well, even my Ricardo likes it so yeah...^^<3

So it seems I am not falling for Flynn. It seems I might end up liking someone whose different from the usual charas I like in the Tales series.o_o;; See a pattern here? Chester, Lion, Keel, Judas?, Kratos?, Tytree, Jay, Guy, and Spada... ToW(GBA) might be a bit of an exception cause I like Frio, wahaha. *gets shot*

Ah well, it's still Tales...
Tales of Vesperia. Thoughts about the Opening animation and that guy who always makes me giggle when I see him, Hah! )

It's another Kousuke Fujishima Tales.X_x;; I still feel it's unfair of Namco US for ignoring those wonderful Inomata-sensei Tales. I love them way more.<3<3<3


Never forget ToI~!

Just another sketch of my female!Spada.^^<3
Don't worry, I'm still into ToI and I'm currently tying Ring A Bell onto ToI, WTH...?
Tales of Innocence. More female!Spada~ )

I am still sad about what happened to Ani-ja in the manga...T_T
Uke!Ricardo, GardleXRicardo, ThanatosXHypnos fansites' reaction to Chapter 9? オズバルトは許さん!!! )

I badly need something to read. I just got to access my Y!mail today! Hah, got Kit-chan's story.8D;;
But before I get to read it, I still need to do the laundry at home.x_x;;
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Why am I online? Uhhh... for ToI of course! I need to check if chapter 9 is already up! *cough* No, I need to check my e-mail for the jobstreet callcenter mail.^^;; I still haven't fixed it.>.>;; Uh huh...

Read the first ever english ToI RicardoXSpada fic (that's NOT mine).<3<3<3
I'm all happy and giggly, my siblings said I should wipe the goofy smile off my face.

Ah yes, nothing compares to fics that I can fully understand without looking at a dictionary once in a while.<3
Nina, you should try writing pr0n.>D Hehehe...
Tales of Innocence. Female!Spada fic snippets and more rants, wahahaha... )

Veigue's gonna be in ToW:RM2.XD Wahaha, at long last.^^;; Guy's in it too... Aww, I wish NDS charas make it as well.D8 They're MAJOR Tales too!DX But if TotT didn't make it in the first game... it'll be depressing if ToI doesn't make it to ToW:RM2 as well.T_T Big deal if Guy's there. I'd be more desperate if Asch (and Natalia's) in there with Guy.8D Or Van. Hehehe...

Errr... I don't think Veigue could meet his Woodrow-papa though.D8 He already appeared in the first game right?T_T Too bad...

And... Tales of Heart!<3 I am not depressed with a new Tales coming out in NDS cause I know I'll get to play it.^^<3 Me and my sibs were joking that Inomata-sensei only releases Tales in the NDS cause it's the only latest game console she have.XD *shoots self*

And yes, the hero definitely looks like YGO:GX's hero.o_o;;

And a more random question...
Do you think it's alright if I put in my resume 'Can read and fluently speak MELNICS?' XDXDXD
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Found PW place rips, I planned on making gifs, but knowing that the place changes with every person talking and the file got BIG, I gave up.XD It's not as easy as ToI gifs...

I was supposed to poke fun on Gardle-anija and Manfred von Karma, cause they have this creepy resemblance.<3 But I also gave up on that cause ani-ja doesn't have skit pics.D8
And yes, I like von Karma cause of Gardle...
Tales of Innocence. Turnabout Innocence. What Courtroom drama? The victim's not even dead! )

Wasting time playing PW whenever my twin gets home...
Not good not good... I don't like it when my inspiration drives me around...

It ALWAYS happens.T_T Dammit, I really need to finish the KH comic...
Drafts are done, I just need to... cut out certain scenes I don't need and redraw and stuff...
Uwah, I really wish we had a drawing tablet.T_T


Yes, definitely Procrastinating

I just read a really good PW fic that makes me want to draw art inserts for that fic (it's a multi chaptered smut with a really sick/cool story...). So yeah, I am practicing on drawing Phoenix and Edgie.<3
I read GantXManfred too and it made me very happy.<3

But for now... more Tales!8D 1 ToD LionXMarian and the rest is ToI.^^;;
Tales arts. There are some SPOILERS inside. More genderswitch, boobs, and randomness, cause I feel like it.<3 )

I need more Ricardo and Spada.x_x;;<3<3<3

TotW:RM2 announcement? Guy is there!XD And Veigue.. thankfully.>.>;; But... I wanna pray for ToI charas, but if they didn't include Caius and Rubia of ToT in the first one, ARGH, I ahte BanaNamco for denying NDS charas.T_T
pic_murasaki: (ToI RicaSpa)
Not sure if this can be considered as a summary, or a rant. Wahahaha. OR BOTH.XD

There are SPOILERS under the cut, of course. And some uncleaned lazy sketches, ahehe...
I was in a hurry to type, draw and post this.>.>;;
Tales of Innocence Drama CD Vol. 1 Rants/Summary. SPOILERS. )

Can't wait for the next volume!*o*<3 I'm sure it's gonna be... a bit sad from there though.^^;; And hopefully there would be AsrasXInanna. it really lacked here. There was much more interaction with Durandal, ahehehe...

Anyways, more Durandal is always good.=3<3

No RicaSpa insert art. I need to draw something with THEM in it next time.x_x;; I wasn't able to finish the insert art for Track 10 where Ricardo was teasing Spada.D8


Oh yeah, the mic worked!!!XD Only in blowing off the aluminum dust, but that's better than nothing. WTF.<3<3<3 We can continue our game PW now~!<3


Uwah, [livejournal.com profile] silentside~! Ate Medith~! We're so sorry.T_T I'm gonna tell Yo-tan as soon as I get home...
pic_murasaki: (ToI Female Spada)
I just started with the Western Battlefield... I was going solo with Spada when I encountered the Latio.XD
O SHI. 13 apple gummi's used.>.>;; Ranked E. Wahaha, I still suck at this, sorry Spada...

I need to do that again and this time, no solo Spada until we get back to the base to meet with a certain someone.
Random ToI game rants. Some SPOILERS. I am really slow, wahaha. Well, I only get to play about 30min less per week! What do you expect!?XD )

Hmm... I'm planning on helping Nina out with her female!Ruca parallel...
I might try summarizing/translating some main story stuff that's not in the infinityjam LJ.>.>;;
Is that your only game story translation source?
If it is, you might miss some interesting convo's that'll be fun to change.^^<3

I was reading the jp ToI scripts and was thinking of all the nice possibilities in your story!*o*

*random* Hitman~XD<3<3<3


ToI random stuff

Found some time to procrastinate (cause I ran out of mech pencil lead! ARGH!) I'm gonna type some ToI main story stuff now, Not EVERYTHING, but just some certain scenes I'm able to figure out.
I'm giving 80% accuracy on this, I saw some unfamiliar words and grr... what am I gonna do with those?x_x;;
ToI Main Story. Western Battlefield up to before heading to Naohs Base. )

Did I did ok?x_x;; I am too scared if I get some lines wrong...
I feel so dead again...

Also. RANTING TOV.^^;;


We never knew blowing could be so hard.T_T

Nina~! Were you able to finish the 1st PW games' 5th trial?T_T
If you did, what did you do to blow off the fingerprint dust watchamacallit?DX

Waaah, we are so stuck. *plays in NDS emulator* T_T

Also, the mic doesn't work. Argh.x_x;;

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