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I wasn't expecting that they'll be addinf a few more extras to enjoy gameplay.XD Though I was expecting too much from the illust book... it's good enough I guess...

ToR PSP got more novel illusts.^^;;

Random ToD2 PSP screenies. Oh, and possible SPOILERS under the cut!!! )

Currently on my 2nd playthrough and I'll be taking up the challenge of beating the game within 20 hours for the special game save pics.>.>;;<3<3<3 Will be posting once I'm successful.XD

Understood ToD2's story at last... I just realized how blasphemous it is. Seriously.XD Kinda reminds me of Shin Megami Tensei games-- Tales version.8D

Damn I think I missed a lot.x_x;; Need to try checking stuff... but where to start...? Argh...
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Found PW place rips, I planned on making gifs, but knowing that the place changes with every person talking and the file got BIG, I gave up.XD It's not as easy as ToI gifs...

I was supposed to poke fun on Gardle-anija and Manfred von Karma, cause they have this creepy resemblance.<3 But I also gave up on that cause ani-ja doesn't have skit pics.D8
And yes, I like von Karma cause of Gardle...
Tales of Innocence. Turnabout Innocence. What Courtroom drama? The victim's not even dead! )

Wasting time playing PW whenever my twin gets home...
Not good not good... I don't like it when my inspiration drives me around...

It ALWAYS happens.T_T Dammit, I really need to finish the KH comic...
Drafts are done, I just need to... cut out certain scenes I don't need and redraw and stuff...
Uwah, I really wish we had a drawing tablet.T_T


Yes, definitely Procrastinating

I just read a really good PW fic that makes me want to draw art inserts for that fic (it's a multi chaptered smut with a really sick/cool story...). So yeah, I am practicing on drawing Phoenix and Edgie.<3
I read GantXManfred too and it made me very happy.<3

But for now... more Tales!8D 1 ToD LionXMarian and the rest is ToI.^^;;
Tales arts. There are some SPOILERS inside. More genderswitch, boobs, and randomness, cause I feel like it.<3 )

I need more Ricardo and Spada.x_x;;<3<3<3

TotW:RM2 announcement? Guy is there!XD And Veigue.. thankfully.>.>;; But... I wanna pray for ToI charas, but if they didn't include Caius and Rubia of ToT in the first one, ARGH, I ahte BanaNamco for denying NDS charas.T_T
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I hurried my Lion Side game just for this...
I wanted to try the fast level trick in the Stan SIde.>D

Lion from level 13...

... to level 57 in just 7 minutes!!!XDXDXD
I don't know why Stan-tachi are only level 54.o_o;;

I don't know if this can be considered as cheating...
All you need to do is at least a narikiri Johnny with Maware Rondo and Sonic Rave.
And know where those level 29 something enemies are in the start of the game.>D

Oh yeah... and have LOTS of patience while making hits...^^;;

Just practice sketches or Lion and Stan. And a picture of our pet cat named after a certain ToD swordian... )

I just finished another ToI fic (RicaSpa XD)... I've been writing more lately, huh.
But it's making my head ache too much.x_x;;
I might post it after I finish the insert arts for it...

I'm also playing KH~ChainOfMemories in the GBA (emu),
cause I badly need to see something for the comic I'm planning for the Anthology.Dx
I just hope the story I'm planning is ok... *nervous*
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[livejournal.com profile] solerika~!!! Sorry it took me a LONG time to finish.XD I really apologize for the long wait, I hope you're still in the mood to read this... aaand... I hope my terrible english and translating skills doesn't make your head ache.x_x;;

Thank you so very much for the scans again. *huggles* I really love reading the novel even if it's more on Kearel and Atwight and... Chal was rarely mentioned, ahahaha.^^;;

Tales of Destiny~TenChiSensou. The novel about the Swordians 1000 years ago... Possible spoilers *cough*in my rants*cough* )

The novel is Kearel-centric. You won't hear much from the other Swordians except Atwight cause she's the herione. It was still a nice read.=3<3<3<3

*cough* Anyways, I still prefer ToD2's version of 100 years ago. (Minus Kyle and the gang) And the chara designs are better, ahahaha.XDXDXD
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Happy 23rd to my beloved twin, [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka.<3<3<3
Aaand a Happy Birthday to the Hitachiin Twins and Donald Duck as well, hahaha.XD

Seriously stayed up a bit late just to finish drawing and coloring.XD
It's fun to have my time on the compy at night.<3
Pic under the cut. It might or might not be disturbing...
To my beloved Aniki! Something disturbing isn't always PORN, y'know. Besides, it's disturbingly CUTE. )

Dunno if I can go online tomorrow to post the Gaillardias birthday special in [livejournal.com profile] kaizer_guy.x_x;;
I have to leave early so I can try and apply... I'll probably just say a greeting to those three...

Ma's home, I got the GO signal that I can do the groceries and buy some ingredients to make spaghetti!8D
... But I'm still gonna do the laundry (AND cook the spaghetti). Wahahaha.

I got to check Kit-chan's e-mail!*o*<3 Yahoomail is very kind to me today.<3<3<3
Then... still giggling over Nina's ([livejournal.com profile] sephi_chan21) ToI fic after reading it last night. Even if Ruca's female... I still think she's seme.<3<3<3 Mmm, english ToI fic.ID
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June 5 (tomorrow) is panic day for me! Wish me luck everyone...
Interviews aren't realy my thing, I hope I can do this...

So my Tales inspiration got bent a bit. Ueda Yuuji's NOT even there!^^;;
I'm quite attached to the anime. I recently found some manga downloads... even if I have NO IDEA of it's manga, I still downloaded the LAST VOLUME (39), just to know what happens in the end...
I was... quite surprised with what happened in GET BACKERS manga ending.XD
Getbackers SPOILERS Under the cut.<3
SPOILERS fo the GET BACKERS manga Last Volume. King of Creation? Why is Ban-chan fighting HIM again? Makube-hakase? Err... another world? WTH is going on!?XD )

Guess what? Me and my twin thought of the same thing.XD
We'll be cosplaying Ban-chan and Ginji in ToyCon (June 14? 15?).
We won't go up on stage, we'll prolly just run around yaoi-ing, wahahaha.


Tales of Destiny ~Lion's side

Played a bit of ToDdc last night...
Took a pic of a certain scene where Lion probably looked uncool in front of a stranger.XD
AGH. Didn't Johnny warned you to be careful when talking to swordians cause you'll look stupid!?XD )

Will be getting the whole script of Lion's Side today so I can continue my trans/summary of Lion's Side.
I'm thankful I found it! I don't need to watch my game while I translate now.ID


Tales of Innocence...
I promised Hasta he can have Spada... right?XD

No Spoilers, but since Hasta's there... expect I made it bloody...^^;;
ToI - Kowarechatta. Random HaSpa comic. )

I'm online to fix/print my resume... I don't have any 1x1 or 2x2 pic, sadly... I wonder if that's alright?x_x;;

Aaand I need to do the mountain of laundry once I get home... argh-ness...
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Another post for my arts.^^;;
I've been sketching a lot again, yay! The stock of paper saves my inspiration.<3

Tales centric arts. Tales of Innocence and Tales of Destiny. )

SPOILERS for Fullmetal Alchemist Manga's chapter 82!!!
A missing panel from chapter 82!? )

A~nd Wild Arms Vth Vanguard arts~!8D;;
They're mostly Chuck's, a Dean and a GregXChuck ero.>.>;;
Chibi Sparkles-- err-- Chuck with his chibi Pile Bunker is love!8D )

That's a lot, haha. Thanks for taking the time to look everyone~!<3

Once I finish the original 4 pager comic I'm making I'll post it here as well. Though the story's like started in between cause it's more like an excerpt or something.XD

Uploaded a ToR yonkoma for [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue. I forgot who scanned it argh. So sorry.x_x;;
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Aniki just bought us our stock of drawing paper at last so I'm back to drawing again.<3

Well, I'm fixing up his original comic request in betweens so my mind is partly in another inspiration. It's so angsty wth.ID It's both our original story so it's alright.<3<3<3

Oh yeah, like always, rants first before arts.^^;;
I told you I'l be ranting a LOT cause I wasn't able to post these when I was last online.x_x;;

Tales of Destiny DC - Subquest. Lion searches for the Ice Candy shop and ends up in Lienea! SPOILERS are around, of course. )

Random Tales series rants. Phantasia, Rebirth, and Innocence... )

Wild Arms Vth Vanguard - Fangirling, hahaha. Really useful bugs, beating Ragu o Ragula and ending rants. SPOILERS!!! )

Liam O'Brien as Chuck, hahaha, so uke.XD<3<3<3

Fullmetal Alchemist - Manga's chapter 82! GreedXAl and LingXEd!!! *squee* SPOILERS!!! )

AT POSTS will be in another post casue this is the rant post. It needs to be long, hahaha.

Uhhh, we thankfully borrowed SuikodenV from our cousin, Aniki's already began playing yesterday after finishing JP WAV.8D We're joking that after playing SuikodenV, he'll be playing GradiusV.>.>;; Ahehehe. *random*


Random Real Life rants for now, cause I needed to blow off some steam after what happened a few days ago...
Sorry for the really long uncut post, I don't care if he sees this, geez...
Just ignore this.^^;;

Our bastard!dad went home and talked to us (without mom and our bro)... It sucks really. I hate how I cry easily. And the bastard, of course, points out that Mom had another man in her life-- yeah so what? We know about that, geez! He said he's hurt and their relationship is bad cause the other man is married as well-- yeah, we know that too, stupid.

That's karma, he left with another woman years back and never returned. But he's alone now cause his other woman left him (hahaha). And now he wants to come back in our life and finds out that mom got another man.

Oh the best part I really hate when he talked to us was when he said that men get hurt MORE when their women goes out with other men... WHAT!? There goes his pride! He said we can't understand cause we're girls. What the fuck!? So our own father doesn't think we're equals when it comes to our feelings. Hah! We raised our voice and told him that women and men are equal... he ends the argument with, 'You can't understand cause you're still unmarried...'

Mom's other man is a nice friend and companion (even to us, he's a fun person to be with), but if ever they're into a deeper relationship and if he wanted to be our father-- thats a big NO.Xp

Mom and Dad left and talked afterwards. When they got home, Dad stayed with us for a few more days. it was a bit fun, we had an illusion of a complete family again. I kind of miss him around... but we're in No Japanese handicap.XD our dad KNOWS how to speak japanese so me and my sibs couldn't say seme, uke, yaoi and yuri.x_x;;

In the middle of the night, dad got a call from someone, 'Moshi moshi?' all my sibs look up. Yes, he's talking to someone japanese and we're guessing that it might be her other woman.>.>;; He goes out and comes in a bit later still talking japanese... all of us pretended that we were asleep.
The next day when he was out doing the groceries with mom-- my sibs asked me what he was talking about.XD
"Ah, you guy knew I was listening?XDXDXD" of course they knew I was listening, hahaha.

He was talking in a really respectful tone, but it still seemed that he's talking to a woman. I reminded my sibs that I suck at conversational japanese so I was only able to understand the simple stuff he talked about. First, I pointed out that he uses ORE, and they laughed, they knew I was going to notice that. Anyways, he was saying 'She won't listen...' probably talking about how Mom doesn't want to listen to a word he says, then he informs the person on the phone that he's currently goes home to his Oneechan's place (yeah, he does).

The convos I was able to understand were just the stuff we already know.Xp Can't he remember that mom told him that I can understand jp now?>.>;;

Oh yeah, he noticed Kimi's ToA novels on the table, he looks at tit and was expecting a manga-- he was surprised to find a novel and mom told him that I read them every night, he was really surprised.>.>;; He can only understand JP when talking, he can only read hiragana and katakana. I can only read and translate-- but not speak it.XD

Anyways, he went home yesterday and now we're able to breathe and move freely now.ID
If he wants us to accept him back, he should try lowering his pride and all. Be a real father and stop scaring us...

Whew I feel better now after typing that, thanks everyone...
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I'll be making my usual bastard-ized summary.8D Things might not be correct cause I'm only doing this by memory and some notes I did while playing...
If anyone finds any lacking sentence, mistakes or the likes, please do correct me.

Oh yeah, my in-between rants/arts are in there as well.^^;;
I wanted to fill this with drawings, but I'm trying to save up on paper.x_x;;
Yes, we still don't have our paper stock...
Lion's Side part 1 of 2. From the Start up to before they leave for Phandaria. Informal Summary/Trans, rants, arts and SPOILERS for the whole ToD game. )

I hope that summary/trans wasn't confusing.^^;; Enjoy everyone.<3
(Hopefully I can type and post the 2nd part soon)

Or I might post The ToD~TenChiSensou Novel Prologue to the end of Chapter 2?>.>;; I stopped in the start of Chapter 3 (last chappie) cause there's too much japanese (yes, it's possible.)
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First off, the JP Scholarship. I'm out, cause they only accept 17-21 years old. Aw crap.
No worries, I'm off to try auditioning for a different job tomorrow with Aniki.
I won't tell the details of the job yet, but I REALLY want this job.

I want to prove to Mom that my voice doesn't sound terrible
whenever I make impressions when I translate...

I found some time to play my ToDdc Lion's Side game again.8D
I've just been trying to beat the Coliseum's Rank 6 (yes, BOSS RUSH!!!)
Cause we just finished ALL the floors in Lion's Arcana Ruins...
ToDdc Lion's Side SPOILERS. )

Will be posting the Lion's Side sumamry/trans I was able to finish!8D I hope to finish the other parts soon...


Obligatory Art Post!

No Spoilers.8D
The paper I use are random and different, so some of the art quality is weird.>.>;;

Tales of Destiny's Chaltier sketchies and Finrei Doug.
Persona 3's Akihiko and Shinji (and Minato and Junpei)
Wild Arms 5th Vanguard's Chuck and Greg.<3
Yes, terrible inspiration swing. )

Lion's so adorable in the Lucky*Star OP parody~!XDXDXD<3<3<3

Too lazy to post in the P3 comms, but P3 Chara Drama CD's 3rd Cover has my beloved Ken-ken and Fuuka. Yes, I am obviously not pointing someone out.>_>;;

Why is Shinji's name's way on top of the cast list?XD Hmm...
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More rants and some ToD2 pics I was looking around Ig and Chal's room, hah!
ToDr and ToD2 spoilers under the cut!8D
Or, you can just skip the rants and head over to my art post. I got lots!XD
Switching from ToDr to ToD2~. I enjoy this Tales so much!*o* )

Thinking twice what I'll be playing once I get home...>.>;;
Oh yeah, I need to take pics of the Veggie/food weapons in ToDr too!XD

But I'll be doing the laundry first.Xp ARGH.


Chal! What have I done!?

Sketch post~!8D Well, there's 1 colored art, and I stole Chal's official colors again cause it's fun.XD;;
SPOILERS for anything ToD (ToD, ToDr, and ToD2???) and I mean it!!!XD
ToD Worksafe )

From hereon under the cut is definitely NOT WORKSAFE.
Well, it's a bit OK, I guess, but I was trying out some tentacle themes...
Oh, and I was in the mood to draw 'weird shapes'.8D

Still no paper actually.>.>;; I just got some really nice paper stock hidden somewhere.XD
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OK, I sound like a liar from my post/replies yesterday-- but I've just realized something after thinking a lot about it yesterday (while doing the groceries, hahaha)
I just figured out WHY I can't draw ChalXLion...! )

I'm on my 2nd playthrough of ToDr.8D I just got the Matsutake Mushroom weapon of Lion (given by Hugo-sama) and it just looks WRONG.o_o;; It looks WORSE than the thought of Chelsea's Cucumber.XD Yes, I intended the sentence to be like that...

Haven't even entered Straylize Temple and Lion's already level 34!XD I'm obviously playing in EVIL mode and already fighting level 29+ monsters. Also met Barbatos at one time, but WTH, we can't kill him.XD


Piere de Chaltier-shousa~!

An art post at last!8D

Chibi Chal!^^;; The only colored art I could post, hahaha.^^;;
I obviously stole Chal's official colors.

I got used to drawing ToDr's silver!Chaltier, but I still miss ToD2's gold!Chaltier.D8
Chal, Chal, and more Chaltier's. Lion and Marian's. SPOILERS cause of the KARTRET SIBLINGS. And there's also some Igtenos'!8D )

Pervy Lion!?XD
Another random icon from the manga. Too lazy to draw my own.x_x;; ARGH.
[livejournal.com profile] foxalollita was giggling a lot when I showed her the EmilioXMarian scene in my game.
She was also <3<3<3 when I showed her the manga.XD<3<3<3
Any other LionXMarian fans here?ToT

I'm on page 128 of the TenChiSensou novel!8D I'm in the really good parts, hehehe.<3<3<3
I quote Clemente-rou, "This is Piere de Chaltier, the exaggeratedly named boy."
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So... my mind's been blank for days after reading the ToD~TenChiSensou Novel.
Took a break and tried killing off Excessive(?)Miktran in HARD MODE in my ToDr game...
It took me 5 tries til I beat him and finished ToDr at last...

I did some more missed Subevents in my kind-of finished file-- like Arcana Ruins and...
Barbatos hunting!8D

Meet him in the WORLD MAP!?!?!?
Argh! No AUTO-LEVEL-UP for us in ToDr!!!
(How to find him under the CUT!!!XDXDXD)
More ToDr rants and SPOILERS under the cut. Dycroft till the end. Arcana Ruins, Narikiri, BARBATOS and 999 HITS )

Mmm, dunno if I should seriously start a 2nd playthrough or NOT yet...


Bronze!Chal... Gold!Chal... Silver!Chal...

Been trying to draw some more even if we still lack our stock of paper.x_x;;

Stuff for [livejournal.com profile] solerika and [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated~!<3
Sketchies under the cut!8D
More about Destiny and the Abyss...!? )

Next post will be locked cause I'm putting up really old JP fanart/icons of the ToD~TenChiSensou novel human!Swordian charas.^^;;

Oh yeah! I just found a JP guide on HOW to make the Musical Instrument weapons in ToR!!!XDXDXD
It'll take us a long time to make one though...x_x;; So difficult...
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I haven't been online for a looong time again, so the stuff I'm supposed to post got piled up.XD

I love the character development in the remake, but I still want more Rutee and Lion-centric events.D8 No evil thoughts, no StanXLion (I have enough of that, hahaha)-- I just want MORE about Lion's background.T_T

O SHI. And I missed Rutee's 'Looks like Mom' title or something cause I also missed a title of Mary.x_x;; I need Rutee's title to trigger that certain subevent in Hugo's Mansion...

SPOILERS starting from the start of chapter 2 til before the 'Last Battle'.
There will be lotsa pics under the cuts as well, cause we're still having fun with Aniki's new Digicam.8D
Like always, my rants are random. Ahehehe.^^;;

Woodrow the DOPPLEGANGER subevent. Or rather 'Veigue! What are you doing in ToD!?' subevent<3 )

Stan and Lilith were so adroable.D8 <3<3<3
And how did a 3 year old finds his way in Lienea!?--
-- I mean... The LoLoni suevent.
Stan and Lilith. The 'Peeping Tom' subevent )

And more Tales Series cameos!
ToD2, ToR, ToA and ToS in ToDr!? )

Makulay ang Buhay sa mga armas na GULAY~!8D
WTF!? Johnny's using corn, Mary's using a Sweet Potato, Woodrow's using a Spring Onion and Lilith's a carrot.>.>;; Chelsea gets a cucumber (WHAT!?) and Lion... I'm only gonna get it on my 2nd playthrough.^^;;

OK. Onto most of the story related parts. REALLY LONG and full of SPOILERS.^^;;
The StanXRutee scene in Radislowe made me cry.T_T<3<3<3 )

[livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue, the irritating dungeons in the PS1 ToD weren't that irritating in the remake.8D I actually enjoyed them.<3

Atwight is officially 1026 years old. While Stan guesses Dimlos is about 1028? I wasn't expecting they're older than Kearel and Harold Belserius (23).o_o;;


Whew, I guess I feel better now after posting this.ID<3
More Tales of Destiny (remake?) Sketches!!!

After those loads of pictures, here's some of my arts~!<3
To [livejournal.com profile] lina_magnus and [livejournal.com profile] konrei_sama, I got some arts for you under the cut as well.<3
No Spoilers. More Lion, IgtenosXChaltier, Marian and Lilith!<3 )

No colored arts again.^^;; I'm too busy playing ToDr...?o_o;;
Nah, I'm still too lazy to draw much cause we still don't have paper stock,
I'm just drawing on some random papers I find at home. Ahehehe.<3

I found some really nice IgXChal JP fics and comics the last time I was online!<3
Sadly, some were based on the ToD~TenChiSensou novel.o_o;;

If anyone finds typos-- yes, I was in a hurry when I typed that.XD
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I haven't taken any new game pics yet, but guess what? I'm in Libra IV in the Abandoned Oberon Factory now... I guess everyone knows what THAT means.T_T

ToDr random SPOILER rants under the cut.
Actually, I'll be ranting more about ToD2's 3rd and 4th Drama CD in there.^^;;
The end of Lion's Nightmare, but the start of Stan and his friends' Nightmare...? )

Ba't mukhang supladang bading si Igtenos sa skit pic nya?D8
(How come Igtenos looks like a snobbish gay in his skit pic?D8)

Seriously, he even sounds less... formal here. From PS1 ToD and ToD2's Watashi to Ore!?
Where'd the Father-figure Igtenos went!?o_o;;
He LOOKS married and nobody mention anything about
the pendant with a woman's picture in his and Chal's room!XD


More Lion and Chaltier sketches~!

I need to make some real art soon.XD All I'm finishing are sketches...
No Spoilers under the cut.=D
Oh yeah, and we still don't have any stock of paper.^^;;
Chal gets an earring, Lion and Chal sketches, and an IgtenosXChaltier.8D )

Need paper to draw more...x_x;;

[livejournal.com profile] konrei_sama YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!!XDXDXD
Thank you so very much for the scans.*huggles*<3
Igtenos' hand on Chal's shoulder!!! OMG!!!<3<3<3

Next post will be F-LOCKED cause it's a DOUJINSHI DOWNLOAD!!!XD
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It's Mom's borthday today!8D Happy Birthday Mama.<3

We got him! And he's the loudest chara in the party.8D

I enjoyed the whole Aquaveil events cause They added more of Johnny's background and all.<3 At least everyone knows from the start he's not what he seems to be.>.>;;

Currently in Phandaria. We're off to see Roy Mustang Dalis Vincent!
Tales of Destiny Remake. More random rants and spoilers. )

I'm playing as Lion as always. And spamming Demons Lance casue it's so cool.*o*<3


ToDr: 2 Colored arts!!!

2 Colored arts.8D
Well, they're just colored version of the 2 drawings I posted last time.^^;;
Tales of Destiny arts!<3 )

I got lots more drawings to show, but I haven't scanned them yet.XD
I still need to clean them up and all...

And the person who paid for my account is still not telling me who she is.T_T
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[livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis just started with Sora-tachi in his KH2 team. Me and my sibs were all, "Aww, we Like Roxas more!D8" anyways, I'm back to fangirling Donald Duck.>.>;;
Oh yeah, I'm giggling over AxelXRoxas. Happy now?x_x;;
(I know, it's AschXGuy all over again!T_T)

More ToDr random rants. This one is short cause nothing much has happened yet.XD
ToDr spoilers under the cut!XD )

We're off to Moreau!!! OMG!!! JOHNNY!!!XDXDXD


Lion and Johnny Sketchies!

Two ToD arts!8D I might color them once I find the time.<3
Lion and Ice Candy. Johnny and... Chaltier!? )

Really random today again.^^;;
Anyways, I found KH2 english scripts, so I guess that'll be a big help when checking my translations.ID

My inspiration is going at random, but it seems ToD's is stronger than the other fandoms in my head.
Aw, I really love ToD in all the Tales series!*o*<3<3<3
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More Tales of Destiny Remake random rants!XD

So I took pics of my current game and had fun (I'm just about to head to the continent of Fitzgald)!8D
(I HATE Philia, but I let her in my party cause I pity Clemente.D8)

Renaming WINS!!!
Name explanations under the cut~!
ToDr random rants. Spoilers might follow~!=O )

My twin was now cheering for ChaltierXJohnny~ ChaltierXJohnny~ when I told him about it.>.>;;
I'm still thinking twice if I should post that ficlet I made when Johnny faced Tiberius...
Agh, I haven't written anything for months and my writing skills began to suck again.^^;;


Lion Practice!!!

I'm starting to draw Lion again.=3 I might try giving up on emulating Inomata-sensei's art and get used to drawing Lion with my default style. So yeah... sketches under the cut~!XDXDXD
Lion sketches and some Marian's.<3 )

I might start drawing lots of random fandoms soon.x_x;; I wasn't expecting this, really...
*huggles everyone* Thanks.<3<3<3

O SHI. I wanna talk to someone and I got kicked out of IM!!!Dx *bawls*
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Played more ToDr and look who I found in Darilsheid Castle (after *squee* getting Lion<3)!

Now I know why Lion has the Sougazan (Fang Blade) ability!=O
Actually, I found that Van-sensei look-alike all over the place...
... there's one in Darilsheid Armor shop and in one of Armeida's shops...
... I might look for more Van-sensei's.8D

MORE Tales of Destiny Remake rants under the cut. Spoilers are in here too, of couse.^^;; )

Since renaming charas is available in ToDr, of course I did some renaming, but pics will probably wait once I get more charas. I'm currently going back to Darilsheid to take a ship to Kalviora, but I went level-ing instead... somewhere in between Phandaria and Seingald where enemies are level 29+.>D
(fyi, you're just supposed to be fighting lvl 15 less monsters at this time of the story)
Stan and the others are level 26 while Lion's level 28 now btw.8D
(No favoritism there! He's already 2 levels higher than Stan when I got him!)

Err... Belated Happy Valentines Day everyone.^^;;
Still no art post, cause I'm still in my frustrated guro mood.x_x;;


Someone anonymous paid for my account for 6 months more.o_o;;
ARGH, now I don'r feel right cause I can't thank whoever that is!!!
pic_murasaki: Sanada Yukimura of Sengoku Musou (Default)
I was looking for Street Fighter anime DVDs at UP AME.>.>;; I couldn't buy any cause I don't have money-- and I prefer my twin getting me Romancing SaGa for the PS2.^^;;

Dawn of Mana rants.Xp Possible SPOILERS are around as well. )

Since my brain's been lacking Tales after I finished Xenosaga... Been nagging [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis to play his NamcoXCapcom game... He says he's too lazy to play it, so I ended up playing it.XD
Cut for rants and lots of game pics. SPOILERS for NamcoXCapcom, Tales of Destiny, Tales of Destiny 2 and... Street Fighter?oO;; (and other capcom and namco games?)
Iro iro. KenXRyu and KYAAA!Judas and OMG!Boobs <3 )

OK, enough Game blogging...

Last 112807, I wanna make a post about how I got locked up outside our house for more or less than 5 hours with no place to go.>.>;; Haha. *stupid Saki*

Sorry if that was lame...>.>;; I've been offline for so long so... I don't know how's everyone.x_x;; Who're still into ToA? Did I miss anything? Ahehe...


Somebody please get online. I need someone to talk to right NOW.T_T

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