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zzZZ... Huh? Oh oh yeah...

Current status is VERY SLEEPY.>.>;;

[livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist accidentally overwritten my recent RM2 file.x_x;; so now I'm trying to continue a game that's... 5 something plus hours before my latest game.>.>;; Yeah, a saved file before Spada's intro.XD

I was at starbucks earlier.>.>;; WAS trying to activate the wireless LAN of ToW RM2.Dx I want to get that French Maid outfit by feb 19!
Anybody knows how to get the JUDAS MASK in ToW RM2? I need FLYAWAY SINGLE SERIAL NUMBER please?ToT I also want that ToA Synch mask... How do you get that?

Typing random stuff from memory.
Random ToW RM2 stuff. Yes, there will be spoilers. )

Need ToW RM2 wireless connection...x_x;; me wants goodies...DX ARGH...

The games in PSP!Shirley are... Patapon, P2:Tsumi (my fave of the Persona series), ToW RM 1 eng, ToW RM2 jp, Ace Combat X, FFT, and MGS Portable OPS.
Pic files are... P4 SoujiXYosuke doujin (yes, I have hardcore yaoi in my PSP), ToD StanXLion doujin (ToT<3<3<3), FMA chapter 92 and random Tales pics and my art
Music files are... ToA chara drama cd 2 and Flyaway single.^^;;

If I have yaoi in PSP!Shirley, NDS!Senel got ToA LukeXTear hentai...>.>;;

Will try to type more once I remember more stuff...
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[livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx's GuyXyoung!Asch (the kissing pic, not the ERO one yet!XD) is nearlly done... But our photoshop went haywire and illegaled one me so it needs to rest.x_x;; Argh, was hoping to post it today. Then [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie's request for me to summarize Jade's Novel chapter... Which one, dear?XD The 1st chapter or the Epilogue?XD Damn, the Epilogue made Jade sound like he was the one waiting for Luke in the end. Hahaha!XDXDXD *cough* JadeXLuke...

The next time I'm online.XD I promise!

ANYWAYS, I re-burned our copy of Tales of Fandom vol.1 cause I was scared that our Compy at home might eat it up or something.x_x;; I'm playing it in our PS emulator at home now.=X

Oh yeah, and I took some really cheap screens too.*o*
ToF1 - ToD's 'Lilith Ganbarimasu'! )

I'm online to look for the ingredients of ToE's peskatore...?>.>;;

AND since Kimi said that the site is working last night-- I was supposed to be after the ToA UNO game, but it seems the site is usually up at night (at my place that is).x_x;; WTF!? But I usually visit there at this time...


Also, when [livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx gave me this link
I feel like I wanna rip the host's hair off.>O Yeah it was funny at some parts, but ARGH I SO WANNA KILL THAT BITCH!

Even Aniki aws fuming afterwards.x_x;;


HAHA, ToD and ToA character Towels!XD (I want the Lion and Guy one)

Teehee, they printed that girly pic of Guy too.XD
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Suzuki Chihiro just announced that the 4th Drama CD's cover is Ion and Luke IonXLuke!!!, cause we'll know Ion's fate there... *spoiler rants* Yeah, you guys know what it is I'm sure...^^;; I was panicking when me and Kimi first got to Mt.Zaleho and thought it was gonna happen at that time... Hahaha...

(And I've searched all over for the cover-- but I haven't found it yet...XO)

And he didn't announce if next week we'll have Takehito Koyasu's guesting in TalesRing the Abyss.-_-;; Geez, Koyasu really wanted a surprise grand entrance.XD


VaXLuke and... SOME Guys

VanXLuke for [livejournal.com profile] lightbulby


A random ballpen-ed comic I made featuring
Guy Cecil, Kaizer!Guy and Rokujinshou!Guy.XD
Cause I was... bored...

Sketchies.8D )

I need to work on more stuff... Hahaha...


Went youtube hunting cause PSP ToD2 is already out and found the bonuses.>D

Jade, Zelos... Kyle, Reala and Judas...?

I still need to watch these...8D *haven't seen it* I think the one who made the clips is in the Tales Namco forums... Hmm... Havne't visited there for months.XD


Did I just saw Dist in Tales of Tactics???O_O;;

It's a mobile game and... well... yeah...XDXDXD I saw a random jp blog and saw pics.>D>D>D
REALLY!!!XDXDXD Dist-san~!<3
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ToF volume 2 huh? Having played the 1st volume it was GOOD. But I hope this time, they get ALL the main party characters!XO And maybe I'll have an AschXGuy chance!<3 BanaNamco, don't fail me now!!!XDXDXD

You'll never know, the Rokujinshou might make it as well?>D
Or not... I just visited the site.8D

It's not fair for Inomata Tales fans... (Like me...ToT)
More ToF rants... )

I obviously made that rant a bit long so I could insert MORE AschXGuy-ness. Hehehe.

There's no Destiny, so I'm more in the ToA side...

*just visited the site* WHERE'S ASCH!?!?!?ToTAnd who the hell is the artist!?o_o;; WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!?
Guy's already gay-looking enough in the original art-- now he looks GAYER!XD


Oh yeah, and something about ToA's Lusch...

Haha, cut for spoilers )


Okay, I am obviously NOT in a slump but I am LAZY. Too many projects in mind and I plan on continuing my normal gift giving and parallel schedule once I fix my own sked at home and-- get to draw Foxalollita's Ragnarok Online MonkXSage het request.XD


D.Gray Man

Not a good thing when you get to watch ep 8 FIRST!XD

Yes I get to watch ep 8 first.=p )

I HATE KandaXAllen... I hate usual pairings at random now... But Foxalollita's likes the pairing though.8D Her first ever D.Grayman KandaXAllen comic was so cuuute.<3

I'm just pissed off that BOTH of the seiyuu's I don't wanna hear are BOTH here...x_x;; Sakurai Takahiro and Morikawa Toshiyuki.XD

I am also downloading D.gray man hentai btw...


To [livejournal.com profile] aefallen, we're very glad to meet you too.<3

Hearing your voice on the phone is enough. I'm just really sorry if my reaction is so slow cause I just woke up from a random sleep schedule at that time.^^;; And I was just about to hit the showers, hahaha.
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KIMI~!XD *points to my icon* can I BORROW this pic?XD If you don't want to-- then I'll just delete it.^^;;


I was happy I got to rip the ToF:Gaiden skit from youtube.8D But then I was bored at home (and after having more time listening to it) so I just HAD to translate some of it-- cause I was amused with Judas' terrible melnics (and other reasons)!XD

I won't translate everything word by word, and skip some lines, cause I was lazy.e_e;; 80% or less nearlly accurate!XD Ahahaha! I'm not really confident with my translation. There's also a LOT of side-comments, but anyways, bear with my trans~! *gets shot*

I hope it's not too random...x_x

Original Drama
Who's the Best!?
(8 main heroes blah)

to start off, Harold introduces the special CD, greets everyone and then introduces herself-- Genius Scientist Harold Belserius!XD

She introduces her assistant-- Lion Magnus-- but then Judas comes in and says he's 'Judas', but then Harold just laughs.
Judas: What are you laughing at!? And why do I have to be the assistant--
(It's amusing how they tried to fit in Judas' whole helmet design in the skit-box 8D Ahaha)

Harold let's him explain about their (topic)-- then one more Lion-calling, but then she cuts him off and introduces their first hero, Cless Alvein of ToP.8D

Cless starts off with an introduction of himself, after that he was supposed to make a pun (a really corny one), but Harold summons the swordians to throw him out.XD

(OMG! Swordian skit pics!? They'll surely use those in the ToD remake!!! Yay! Swordian skits!!!<3<3<3)

About the pun that Cless was going to say was 'Boku wo taosu wo DAOSU' (I'll defeat Dhaos). I've heard THAT pun in the LAST Face Chat in the PS ToP...-_-;; And I'm getting tired of it-- err-- actually, it got stuck on my head.o_o;; Ah, I never knew Cless was into corny jokes/whatevers.XD

Judas: *after Cless was thrown off/beaten by the swordians* So cruel...

Continuation of the sucky trans )

Cless is my least fave hero of all of the heroes BTW.^^;; Then, being a Destiny fan, YES, my most favorite hero is still Stan.8D

I hope the trans was helpful.^^;; It's confusing, I know... ahehehe...

I discovered that Cless is corny at pun's. (I like pun's BTW.8D)
Stan's being his TOO VERY NICE self.
Rid as his usual hungry self.
Kyle is... still more mature than his dad. (which makes Stan VERY adorable)
Lloyd and Zelos can't STOP flirting...
Veigue is still going 'Claire Claire Claire' and is still angsty.<3
Senel... is... well... being a cute big brother lover.XD
Luke surprisingly didn't talk about his Van-sensei.o_o

Harold amuses me, but she didn't want to take some hero data?o_o
LION MAGNUS is Love! *cough* *gets shot by Judas* I-I mean-- Judas...<3<3<3
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I was bored and was playing Tales of Eternia a few weeks ago... Then me and [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie were able to talk about Melnics yesterday.=p She was surprised I knew how to speak it.>D

I prefer Melnics than Relares and Fonic, BTW.=p Though I think one of my least favorite Tales is Eternia...^^;; Melnics is FUN to learn-- if you know a bit of japanese katakana knowledge that is...

(Relares uses to much 'e's... Then I somehow like Fonic's writing cause it's beautiful.=D)

I'm a frustrated Meredy cosplayer, but since I'm TALL, I wanted to cosplay Keel instead... ehehehe...

Melnics/NALVOKS lesson's under the cut )

A bit confusing explanation, yes, I know.-_-;; But I promised myself that this'll be the last time I'll teach melnics.Xp

BTW, our favorite NALVOKS words are--
Which are the curse words 'SOB' and 'FU' respectively.^_^;;
Hahaha! It's nice to hear though, cause it doesn't sound like you're cursing someone.=D

Thanks for reading this ToE Melnics guide!^_^ I hope you were able to understand something... ahehehe... *embarassed*

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