Mar. 7th, 2007 10:02 am
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Well, I think I am. I'm also kinda in an angsty mood cause our granpa's confined in the hospital...

I'm also bored at home cause I still need to do a LOT of chores (do the mountain of laundry) and a leak in the ceiling of the living/dining room is bothering me. If I don't do ANY chores this week, mama won't let me and my twin go cosplay (probably) the Hitachiin Twins this Saturday.ToT

And my inspiration is swinging BADLY. Oh yes and I mean BADLY cause my main inspiration is ToA (or rather TALES), but then I've read up to the latest chapter of D.GrayMan's manga (except 89 to 100, cause I still don't have them), I am still playing Riviera (and I wanted to draw something LedahXEcthel for our youngest sib)...

And I just realized that I made a VERY BIG MISTAKE in reading some parts of the 3rd Harry Potter book last night.

Now I want something SiriusXRemus...

If anyone has SiriusXRemus or Uke!Lupin doujins, can anyone upload them?8D (if it's not too much to ask) I promise I won't redistribute! I am just desperate to know if Sirius uses ORE and if Remus uses WATASHI or BOKU.*crazy* And yes, I need some cheering up...-_-;;

If anyone catches me on IM, Im probably just as random as ever. See how I can't angst or go into emo mood? I suck at being depressed as well. What the hell am I?o_O;;


I'm KINDA angsting, so I'm re-up-ing ToA HENTAI?

I can't remember what hentai's I've already put up.8D Lulz. (and reuse the summary stuff I posted)

Pairing: AniseXIon, LukeXTear
Notes: The LukeXTear part-- well-- a VERY GOOD use for Tokunaga: To hold people DOWN.>D Which reminds me of an AniseXGuy doujinshi, hahaha, I won't give THAT away yet, it's special. I don't really like Anise, but I like it when she's such a bitch 'sometimes'.X3

Pairing: AniseXIon
Notes: My first ToA hentai DJ.8D I just noticed that Anise is such a seme whenever she's in a hentai.^^;;

I'm uploading a hentai I haven't uploaded before! OMG!

Replica Lover
Pairing: AniseXGuy, AschXNatalia, LukeXTear
Notes: The first part is YES, Guy is uke to Anise cause Tokunaga is holding him down.XD This is the only part of the doujin I liked cause Natalia's and Tear's sides suck.Xp Natalia's side only shows Asch's face ONCE (but in the end, Luke with a woody is so cute. FREE Pr0n!!!), and... Tear's side scares me.XD

And this ToA comm Hentai downloads Link needs a rest.XD Hahaha.<3 It takes me hours to upload one doujin.x_x;;
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(It is still freezing cold! It's already been 3 days!x_x;;)

It took me 5 days to finish this.x_x;; And surprisingly, I survived without using a ruler, hahaha. *gets shot bt her younger sis' ruler* I usually give up on coloring something whenever it takes 2 days longer... But it seems I was really desperate to finish this...

And yes, I was VERY happy and satisfied with this. Then maybe I can start ot Rokujinshou!Guy's Main menu as well... Hmm...

Under the cut, cause it's image HEAVY.
This is probably my biggest 'art project' that I didn't give up on!XD )

I hope my slump is lifted now.XD I wanna draw AschXGuy and DistXGuy pr0n because of my dearest's conversation last night.8D

Oh yeah, I just want everyone to know that--
I haven't thought of this parallels ENDING yet!8D Seriously, I have NO idea!XD
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Especially when they're GAY!XD

My icon was scanned from the first 'Saru! Get You!' game manual.ID I MIGHT draw some monkeys if the game/anime gets much into me.8D Ehehehe.

Oh yeah, if you got to play Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, if you remember the mini game where you have to catch monkeys (apes?)-- YES, 'Saru! Get you!' (Ape Escape) is the original game where the adorable monkeys came from.XD

Just ignore me, cause I'm just gonna rant about this game/anime )

The collabs of MGS and Saru! Get You! makes us their happy fans.8D


Someone make me anything HAPPY ASCHXGUY, please~!

I know it's a very difficult thing to ask for.XD [ profile] kasumi_blue just wrote a really angsty Asch->Guy(?) and I can't help but want something AschXGuy that's HAPPY. The last pairing I'd really like in ToA is GuyXLuke.Xp

But honestly, I really like Asch torture fics for some strange reason, hahaha. *sadist* The fic was great, but someone should make Asch and Guy happy with each other for once...

Even a small ficbit would be nice or an art or whatever... Or just ignore my angsting, hahaha

A really old pic we took when the gang was saved by Asch (?) in Belkend.


About my slump...

When I mean slump, I can't draw an art and write/type a fic.XD It's BOTH, so it's really difficult.x_x;; I~ think I'll get over it once I finish coloring and fixing the Kaizer!Guy main menu pic.XD Ahahaha.

And... *stares at their really old scanner* Our scanner is dying...ToT Oh noes~!


Tell me something:

Banana's are tasty.<3
It's my favorite fruit.=p And it's NOT the game's fault why I've been eating a lot of banana's lately. I just realized that Banana's help my blood sugar to stay normal even a bit.<3

And no, no green jokes about banana's please.XD I really like them.

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