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Okay, I was obviously bored last night and was looking for ToA Bday Guy fics I made in my journal at home (so I can make a Bday special for Guy, duh). I ended up finding really old Roku!Guy fic plans.8D Since I was feeling random, I posted 2 different scenes...

Oh, and one more thing, since I've been drawing boobs lately, this also inspired me to think more about Roku!Guy cause his partner here is Female Asch.8D WTH.

First bit, Roku!Guy's thoughts about his beloved Rokujinshou Family.<3
Slight hints of the weirdest pairings... What? I can't help if I really like Papa Largo And Van!XD
They're really random.=p )

Even if Roku!Guy is such a bastard, only Dist, Largo and Van knows how KIND that bastard can get.XD Hehehe.

A~nd more of my crappy writing...=p
Female!Asch, Arietta and Synch are all buddy-buddies here-- uhh... KINDA.XD
Hmm... No bastard Roku!Guy here though...>.>;;
Read more... )

[livejournal.com profile] kaizer_guy's been quiet for awhile cause I'm still editing old and new stuff to upload/post.8D Ahehehe... And I still can't wait to see it's possible layout!<3<3<3

I'm working on... Guy's birthday special comic and I'm drawing something that's Non-ToA for [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka for our DISTURBING Birthday special, and I still need to look for arts of the UKE cause I never imagined I'll be drawing him.8D<3<3<3
The Trinity Blood Franches-cake (060905) pictures already gone...o_o;; Will be uploading that one again today... Then the ToA MieuXAsch (060906) is still there so I won't have any problems with that.>D

And after this weekend, I'm back in ToA cosplay panic mode again.x_x;;

To the people I talk to on IM, I'm so sorry I suddenly disappeared.x_x;;
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O_O;; O SHI. My CD-RW ate the notepad where I typed some of my trans of the ToA Novels and left the ToF1 and arts behind.ToT Argh, I'm sorry [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie. I'll be sure to post it next time... I want my own flash drive, grrr...

ANYWAYS, I made random screenshots of ToF vol.1 again.*o* And since I'm such a Lion-fan still-- I took some of his Klamel Lab Scenario mode and the specially made skit for him!XD

(I did this to warm up my brain in reading the ToA novels again, lulz)

MarianXLionXMarian fans beware.=D There's a heavy hint of the pair... KINDA.
Lulz, Lion and his sweet tooth.<3 )

I really love ToD, seriously.X3
It's still my most fave Tales!<3

But no, I don't think this is enough to return my inspiration to ToD.x_x;;
My mind is stil swimming in ToA...

I just needed a little boost cause I owe a lot of ToD arts to [livejournal.com profile] wondermilk


ToA GuyXyoung!Asch art and
More chibis!!!

The GuyXyoung!Asch is for [livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx~!XDXDXD

And the random chibi's are just-- random.^^;;

Rokujinshou!Guy's back.8D *stupid*
How can you make gif edges smooth?ToT

Anyways, pics under the cut!<3
More Asch and Guy stuff please...?XD )

I'll be doing the groceries, cook food, and do the laundry.
Oh fun.-_-;;
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I'm done with the laundry after procrastinating for a few hours with THIS and I got to finish Rokujinshou!Guy's Main menu today.8D

I wasn't in a slump after all, I was just in a coloring mood. Hehehe. Okay, so I was lazying around in the compy and found this in my 'to do folder'.8D The arts are as old as the KG's Main Menu cause I drew them all on one paper.

I'm not sure if I'll seriously include the two other party members in my Rokujinshou!Guy story though.XD

Rokujinshou!Guy! I love you too so you get your own Main Menu-- in ENGLISH!<3 )

I hope my semi-slump is gone now.>.>

[livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka's down with fever since yesterday.-_-;; We might not be able to attend the Con on Staurday cause he needs LOTS of rest. I'll most likely text Kimi or Ate Medith if we can go or not since it'll depend on Yo-tan's condition/mood.ToT
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'kay, so my D.Gray Man OTP is ReeverXKomui And Lee-sibcest.Xp Is something wrong with that?*o* Hahaha.<3 And no, I don't hate the pairing of KandaXAllen, cause I'm also planning to draw one for our youngest sis who's in love with the pair.XD Cause I wasn't able to draw her a proper RO art last time...

And I might cosplay either Komui or Lenalee... But since my twin bro doesn't want me to get a haircut-- I might just cosplay Lenalee. Argh, miniskirt!?XO

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ruaki for the manga download links.XD I wasted the whole day yesterday reading Volumes 1 to 2 with Foxalollita.XD And read 3 and 4 alone this morning... I'm planning to download the other volumes now~!XD

I think I don't like the anime now. *will just watch it for seiyuu purposes~* *seiyuu freak*


Tales of the Abyss... ERO!?

I can't draw anything right... hahaha *shoots self*

OKAY, [livejournal.com profile] silentside, I don't know how you want it but... I think I have your JadeXDist piccie here.8D

And while I'm at it, I was able to draw VanXGuy and Guy+(x)Asch on the sides on the paper.8D

JUST KISSING. But also kinda NOT WORKSAFE PICS! JadeXDist, VanXGuy, and GuyXAsch~<3 )

And I was bored after reading D.Gray Man manga, so I made a Rokujinshou!Guy icon for fun.8D

Speaking about Rokujinshou!Guy...

In latest japanese Rokujinshou!Guy sites I've been seeing, they're trying to make their own unique Roku!Guys.XD I saw one that has earrings and uses strings as a weapon instead of a Sword (ala Yo-tan-- err-- Yohji Kudou of Weiss Kreuz), then there's a young-Roku!Guy which is really adorable cause he cries a LOT <3 *pedo-mode*, and one that's like a ninja (with a cool ninja!Pere-jiichan as a sidekick too)...

I find the weirdest Rokuijnshou!Guy's, but I think I'm satisfied with mine.=3

Would anyone vote for Asch in the 'Who's the BEST PARTNER for Rokujinshou!Guy' Poll??? He obviously lost to Synch and Luke!XO Grrr... And I wonder why Synch gets the MOST VOTES!? I was expecting it would be Van who'll be at the top! MOST of the votes for Asch came from me, btw, cause I ALWAYS vote here whenever I'm online.

The voting just ended today.ToT


My download reached 269MB today, haha 90% are D.Gray Man manga...o_o;; Not Bad.
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I find myself listening to KH's 'Hikari' and 'Simple and Clean' a LOT lately... I don't know why.

Just as this post's title, I want anything AschXGuy...8D

Anyways, I edited my profile.>D (or rather mine and my beloved's profiles...?8D)


Corrected SOME errors... And More random arts...8D
I've been wanting to draw a LOT for for my friends, but I get LAZY. ALWAYS.x_x;; Even lifting a finger... hahaha... *suicides*

Got to fix the error in my Kaizer!Guy Main Menu. It just lacks the other buttons beside the O and X buttons.XD ('Edit Party' and 'Swap Stats Info' buttons.-_-;;) Argh.

And also fixed some 'Sing Kaizer!Guy!' comic errors.^^;; Dist and Guy's at home, so Gaillardia should be calling Dist as 'Saphir-san'. *murders self* it kinda reminds me of a certain time when I was typing a part in a Rokujinshou!Guy scene-- where I usually forget that he's-- GYNOPHOBIC! Geez, how could I forget such!?ToT

More arts... )



Maybe there's hope for Van to appear in ToF 2?>D>D>D

And also... Dist or/and Peony?>D>D>D



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