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I wasn't expecting that they'll be addinf a few more extras to enjoy gameplay.XD Though I was expecting too much from the illust book... it's good enough I guess...

ToR PSP got more novel illusts.^^;;

Random ToD2 PSP screenies. Oh, and possible SPOILERS under the cut!!! )

Currently on my 2nd playthrough and I'll be taking up the challenge of beating the game within 20 hours for the special game save pics.>.>;;<3<3<3 Will be posting once I'm successful.XD

Understood ToD2's story at last... I just realized how blasphemous it is. Seriously.XD Kinda reminds me of Shin Megami Tensei games-- Tales version.8D

Damn I think I missed a lot.x_x;; Need to try checking stuff... but where to start...? Argh...
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zzZZ... Huh? Oh oh yeah...

Current status is VERY SLEEPY.>.>;;

[livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist accidentally overwritten my recent RM2 file.x_x;; so now I'm trying to continue a game that's... 5 something plus hours before my latest game.>.>;; Yeah, a saved file before Spada's intro.XD

I was at starbucks earlier.>.>;; WAS trying to activate the wireless LAN of ToW RM2.Dx I want to get that French Maid outfit by feb 19!
Anybody knows how to get the JUDAS MASK in ToW RM2? I need FLYAWAY SINGLE SERIAL NUMBER please?ToT I also want that ToA Synch mask... How do you get that?

Typing random stuff from memory.
Random ToW RM2 stuff. Yes, there will be spoilers. )

Need ToW RM2 wireless connection...x_x;; me wants goodies...DX ARGH...

The games in PSP!Shirley are... Patapon, P2:Tsumi (my fave of the Persona series), ToW RM 1 eng, ToW RM2 jp, Ace Combat X, FFT, and MGS Portable OPS.
Pic files are... P4 SoujiXYosuke doujin (yes, I have hardcore yaoi in my PSP), ToD StanXLion doujin (ToT<3<3<3), FMA chapter 92 and random Tales pics and my art
Music files are... ToA chara drama cd 2 and Flyaway single.^^;;

If I have yaoi in PSP!Shirley, NDS!Senel got ToA LukeXTear hentai...>.>;;

Will try to type more once I remember more stuff...
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2 weeks I've been online. Wow. I should be proud of myself, but I feel empty as well.x_x;;
I couldn't get online and also can't get DRAW as much as I want.DX I'm DYING.

Also, still not stock of paper.x_x;; ARGH.

My work has been up and down, but I'm sure starting tomorrow it'll get more worse. All my co-agents are depressed with work as well and planned on going to other Call Centers. No one would care on leaving me...

Ah yes, the company is terrible. Seriously.

ANYWAYS. I got random rants. I don't want my post to be too angsty.

Played Fullmetal Alchemist~Dream Carnival. And guess whose my favorite team?XD
Fullmetal Alchemist. Dream Carnival and Manga rants. Possible spoilers for the Manga!!! )

Lulz for Gremio souding like a really respectful Jade. *listened to the 2nd Gensosuikoden Radio* Gremio, Pahn and Ted fighting over who'll protect Tir, it's cuuute.XD<3 But it'll be nice if Tir says, "No, Ted, I will be the one protecting YOU," then everyone goes silent.8D Hehehe.<3

Need to draw Tales need to draw more Tales need to draw Tales PORN or something.
ARGH. There's still not Tales of Vesperia Hentai!!!DX

Don't worry, I think I'll be able to draw once my sched settles down this week.
I'll be able to fix ALL my bribes by then.<3

Please, anyone can update me with ANYTHING new online. (Tales news would be GREAT)

I've read everyones comments. Thank you so very much.ToT<3
And I miss all of you so much.<3<3<3
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I'm away for a week? Wow, that's a record...
I've wanted to go online, really. But the last time I was online, I got really depressed when a friend said something that made me loose my drive.
She's the only reason why I'm usually online and now... I don't know.

I feel so tired...
I'm angsting again. Just ignore, please... I just need to get this off my chest. )

Ok, I guess that's it. 360 degree mood change after this.


Good bye PSP~!

We just returned our cousins PSP yesterday. My siblings were saying goodbye to the PSP and not to me!o_o;;

The only games we finished? flOw and ToW:RM.^^;;
PSP for 2 weeks gaming rants. ToW:RM, Irregular Hunter X, FFT, Patapon and Breath of Fire III... Possible spoilers under the cut? Ahehe... )

I am so thankful that ToWRM1 isn't like GBA ToW3! it was really terrible.Xp
it's more like GBA ToW2!<3 I loved that one better.<3<3<3


ToI and ToV sketchies.<3

Hey, I needed some time. I just scanned my new stuff and all.

In ToI, the only icon I was able to finish was Hasta...
Then, some RicaSpa and female!Spada sketchies.
Tales of Innocence. Hasta Icon. RicaSpa and female!Spada. )

In ToV... RavenXEstelle overload!XD Though I did got to draw one Schwann and Flynn.>>;;
So.. Is Schwann's really named like that in the english?^^;;
SPOILERS under the cut. Cause I'll be ranting ToV as well...
And... Naked Estelle's... hey, what's wrong with that?>D
Tales of Vesperia. RavenXEstelle. SchwannXEstelle. Nekkid Estelle. Schwann and Flynn. )

Thanks for staying and looking at my arts. *huggles everyone*
I really appreciate it...

Sheeet! Aaargh! we are running out of paper!DX

Oh yeah.... Tales of the Abyss 2nd Anothlogy Drama CD cover!!! Was released last 0822.^^;;
Can't find a better one yet.>.>;;
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I was scanning my personal journal at home. I just realized I stopped a few more projects when I began training for work.>.>;; (I'm not gonna mention those ToI parallels and all. I know I should still be working on them... on my notebook. Hehe)

Just random rants...  )


Tales of Innocence. More icons!<3<3

Just did all of these this morning.ID Hehehe.<3
I tried to stay away from the PSP just to finish all of these...
[livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist is already ahead of me in ToW:RM1's story!D8

I haven't finished the last few extra charas I'm planning to make.>.>;;
Tales of Innocence. Main Party Icons. )

Since I'm still into ToI mood... Me and my siblings were wondering WHY is Asras in ToW:RM1!?o_o;;
Though he is in human size... he seriously LOOKS like Asras.XD
He's the enemy, I don't know how to translate/mention his name in english.

No ones saying I'm outdated yet?XD I'm still stuck with ToI and a bit of ToV... but still, wahahaha. *runs around crazily*

In ToV... I MIGHT just plan on making a Schwann to pair with my Flynn icon.8D;;
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I need to listenb to the 2nd ToI Drama CD... BADLY.x_x;;

Uhhh... so I a badly wanted to fight Dhaos in ToV and ani-ja... Uwah.T_T Tales cameo battles...

Linking a Tales of Vesperia site, cause I was bored-- really bored.8D

Definitely R-18. I have no idea what the pairing is, it seems everyones uke.
Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing that uke!Raven art the artist is working on.>D<3
There's Naruto in there too, WTH?

Still searching for RavenXFlynn and KarolXRaven and RepedeXEveryone...>.>;;
I DID found some YuriXFlynn, but that's just too easy.x_x;;

Amarans is drawing ToV too it seems. ARGH! I don't like RavenXYuri, I want YuriXRaven!

Errr... work related?
Assessment exam and Mock calls later. I pray that I can do it.x_x;; I'm nervous. WTH?
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Look Nina! Our dream PSP's together.>.>;;
Planning to name it Extermi, cause it'll drive me crazy!XD<3

The mobile shop in the Supermarket near our Subdivision also sells PSP...
And now they have a Pink and Green PSP in stock!Dx

I want that Pink PSP.T_T The PSP package costs 11,000php (PSP console, crystal case, 4GB mem card, and some other crap) and the console costs 9,500... I think it's 8,500 in Cubao, though we're not sure if it's already modified to play downloaded games.

I'm fired up with working when I see Pink PSPs.<3 My twin is also fired up-- when he sees an NDS.^^;;

I need a PSP badly before December comes.D8 I wanna download ToW:RM2 in jp~!Dx


Tales of Innocence. It still hasn't failed to amuse me.<3

OK, so Ani-ja (Thanatos/Gardle's name wasn't mentioned in the manga!) is HOT.
So what about him?XD My brain's been acting up this morning and I think it wants me to do something impossible... More disturbing maybe?
What? Can't I rant uke!Ani-ja? Kinda Manga-verse with hints of Game-verse with SPOILERS. )

[livejournal.com profile] foxalollita, I bet you'll be really happy once Albert and Himmel appears next ToI chapter.^^;;

My sibs are playing Phantom/Makai Kingdom. And when I checked the seiyuu's... and I found out Zetta was seiyuu'd by Takehito Koyasu and told them... EVERYONE was "Zetta's JADE!?o_o;;" (ok, they can't remember the seiyuu name, but they definitely know his roles).

Yes, I am equally surprised.^^;;

Can't wait for Flonne to appear.8D She's Iria~<3
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Lulz. No matter how many icon-ing tutorials I TRY to read, I can never make an icon that'll make me feel happy with my art (as icons).
WTF? Didn't have much to angst about. So I'm trying to angst about icon-ing. )

Speaking about Guy Cecil...

Non-gynophobic!Guy is nice and CREEPY.XD<3<3<3
Drama CD Anthology ToA vol.1. Just ranting. No summaries yet. )

My new ToA OTP is kind!Asch X non-gynophobic!Guy.XD
Yes, it's still AschXGuy, wahaha.<3<3<3

BTW, *huggles [livejournal.com profile] solerika*<3<3<3 Now all I'm missing now is ToI's 2nd Drama CD.ToT
The only story they didn't skip is Grigori Village and Tenos (which means Albert). ARGH. Ricardo, then Ange main story.Xp I they didn't skip Kelm Volcano.Dx It's Spada centric DAMMIT!D<

My really random ToV RavenXFlynn comic is done.>_>;; Nina, here's a better scan of the panel with the cute Raven on it.^^;; And I also added the rest of his coat/jacket/whatever's design.8D

I might not color it, got too lazy cause ToI inspiration is badly kicking in with 2 more parallels.x_x;; OMG. Both are hetero. One with a female!Spada one with normal Spada...
And the RicaSpa comic I'm making is getting... wahaha, Spada's so lovey dovey.<3

And yes, I'm still having trouble with my paragraph fics... Ashnna's story is getting complicated to write.x_x;;
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So a certain compy shop upgrades their computers...

And they're insanely fast!o_o;;

Will be playing ToI~!XDXDXD OMG it's working smoothly, I can't cheat the hits anymore.>.>;;
Tales of Innocence. I had to cut it, cause I rant too much.XD )

Wow.o_o;; Playing Tales of Innocence is FUN.<3
I just hope I could play this at home.T_T<3<3<3
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I'm talking about THIS thread of mine in the Tales Forums.
Yep, I definitely made the topic worse...
I feel like a Defense Attorney, wahaha. *suicides* Nobody is going to praise me for this... So much for defending someone.x_x;; )
Anyways, once I get to listen to the Drama CD, I hope I get cheered up... I badly need it...

Though the 1st PW games' 4th Trial did cheer me up a bit when we played, ahehe... argh...


I was Destined to play Spada!XD

Enough with the angst... My last ToI save was in the camp in the... Western Battlefield I think? *still sucks with West and East kanji* *cough* which means I already got Spada in my party.8D;;

The first battle-- I hurriedly changed Spada to the 1st player and OMG I felt way comfortable playing him than Ruca!*o*<3 Spada's so light and it's like I know how to play him eversince SERIOUSLY... or my charas are just really like that<3 I have a feel for them.<3 Ruca's heavy, just like the rest of the heroes.^^;; Ahaha...

It's just like moving Lion, Guy, Tytree and Kratos combined!XD Lion and Kratos' skills (Magic+Swordie like Spada), then Tytree and Guy's speed (like Spada too!).<3<3<3

I can't wait to continue my game and make him move again.ID *uber fangirl mode*<3<3<3

Anybody want me to rant about Phoenix Wright? I bet nobody would want to hear me ranting about ManfredXMiles, huh? Too bad... I really love the thought


Drew KH again and ToI genderswitch

I thought I was going into a slump.x_x;; I haven't been drawing these past few days when...

I got to a certain part in my KH CoM game and found what I was looking for,
so I got my mood back and got to draw Namine and... something unrelated to KH!8D;;
KH Namine. Nina's ToI Female!Ruca. )

Thinking twice if I should post that ToI RicaSpa fic or not yet. Cause I haven't finished drawing the art inserts.x_x;;

Oh yeah, just a random trivia when I write fics.
ALL my fics are untitled. They only get title's when I post them online.
Maybe I should stop doing that and leave them untitled?
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June 5 (tomorrow) is panic day for me! Wish me luck everyone...
Interviews aren't realy my thing, I hope I can do this...

So my Tales inspiration got bent a bit. Ueda Yuuji's NOT even there!^^;;
I'm quite attached to the anime. I recently found some manga downloads... even if I have NO IDEA of it's manga, I still downloaded the LAST VOLUME (39), just to know what happens in the end...
I was... quite surprised with what happened in GET BACKERS manga ending.XD
Getbackers SPOILERS Under the cut.<3
SPOILERS fo the GET BACKERS manga Last Volume. King of Creation? Why is Ban-chan fighting HIM again? Makube-hakase? Err... another world? WTH is going on!?XD )

Guess what? Me and my twin thought of the same thing.XD
We'll be cosplaying Ban-chan and Ginji in ToyCon (June 14? 15?).
We won't go up on stage, we'll prolly just run around yaoi-ing, wahahaha.


Tales of Destiny ~Lion's side

Played a bit of ToDdc last night...
Took a pic of a certain scene where Lion probably looked uncool in front of a stranger.XD
AGH. Didn't Johnny warned you to be careful when talking to swordians cause you'll look stupid!?XD )

Will be getting the whole script of Lion's Side today so I can continue my trans/summary of Lion's Side.
I'm thankful I found it! I don't need to watch my game while I translate now.ID


Tales of Innocence...
I promised Hasta he can have Spada... right?XD

No Spoilers, but since Hasta's there... expect I made it bloody...^^;;
ToI - Kowarechatta. Random HaSpa comic. )

I'm online to fix/print my resume... I don't have any 1x1 or 2x2 pic, sadly... I wonder if that's alright?x_x;;

Aaand I need to do the mountain of laundry once I get home... argh-ness...
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I'll have to finish he 2nd part of my ToDdc~Lion Side trans/summary soon.>.>;;
And the ToD~Tenchisensou novel's trans/summary as well...

I feel so busy and lazy. I feel like I'm procrastinating and not at the same time. WTH.
I don't know what I'm doing anymore. Err... well... I'll be prioritizing the art for 0609, that's for sure...

GardleXRicardo, RicardoXSpadaXRicardo, HastaXSpada.
OMG, they're so cuuute.<3<3<3

Possible ToI spoilers under the cut. And 1 SpadaXRicardo sketch as well.>D
ToI Skits? SPOILERS? Mostly Spada and Ricardo skits centric and some other skit rants. Wahaha, Hypnos is a GardleXRicardo fan! *gets Grand Dasher-ed by Ricardo* )

BTW, Hasta's the HEAVIEST (88kg) chara in ToI!o_o;; I was expecting it'll be Hogswald (75kg), but Ricardo's (77kg) even heavier than that man! It's so wrong.XD Well, out of ALL the Tales, I think the chara weights in ToI are more believable. *nods* Ah, Hasta's the tallest ToI chara too, ahehehe...

Argh, I'm still jealous that Ricardo calls Hasta by name.x_x;;
Anyways, I just thought of a small HaSpa comic.8D;; Will draw that once I have the time...
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0609's getting close... I wonder what Disturbing Birthday Special I'll be drawing this year~?
Me and my twin's still brainstorming about it...

*pokes [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka* You were mentioning about BarbatosXDimlos back then.
I don't think that's disturbing enough.D8 GardleXRicardo sounds more disturbing than that,
But I've been drawing the pairing so... nevermind... Need to think of something else...
Haha, having the same seiyuu is WIN. Wakamoto Norio~<3<3<3

Any Tales related gift will be happily accepted, btw.<3
Ranting more ToI. Possible SPOILERS under the cut~ )

Oh yeah, [livejournal.com profile] kaizer_guy updates with a little something. I just had to post something after reading the 4th ToA Manga Gaiden. And a little ToA announcement, I don't hate Anise anymore!!! That took me long enough... now the only Tales chara we don't like is ToD's Philia.>.>;;
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More art post... I'm currently in the compy shop today just to try playing ToI a bit and hear Hypnos say 'Ani-ja'... Currently plotting a HypnosXThanatos and GardleXRicardo story with my twin. It's so fun.XDXDXD<3<3<3 And if Ricardo is uke... SpadaXRicardo ALWAYS ends up after Gardle's... yeah...>.>;;

I got to draw Ricardo and Spada in their Starlight Dress... already scanned at home, but haven't colored.x_x;;
*cough* Also drew RucaXSpada (that kind of looks like SpaRuca instead x_x;;) but I haven't scanned it so you won't see that in the art post, hah!XD
ToI art post. No SPOILERS. ToRXToI cosplay, Ruca sketches, human!Durandal, Hypnos, RucaXDurandal, GardleXRicardoXSpada lovechildren and... just some an anime parody.>.>;; )

I am still procrastinating.XD ARGH!!!

Birthday gift please?8D;; Or find me scans, and I'll be happy...
Wow... comparing Asras' height to Ruca.*o*<3<3<3

And yes... I wanna angst... badly...
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Translating/summarizing some ToI skits. Most likely NOT in order cause I don't know what skit/event comes first.XD

For [livejournal.com profile] sephi_chan21. Also, thanks for her screenies.XD

I'll only make some in script form if I can understand a skit as a whole or something like that. If not, it means I suck at whatever they're talking about. Hah.XD

Ignore my disturbing yaoi rants if any het-lover wants to read this.XD
It's just too much RicaSpa!<3
Trust me. It's everywhere...
Tales of Innocence. SPOILERS!!!Shoot me if I did anything wrong. )

I'm a total failure.XD

I'm sorry, but I want these trans to be kept in my LJ only.^^;; Please understand. There are better translators out there that would love to shoot me for this. I'm scared... really really scared...
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First off, I can't stop drawing PORN lately. Dunno if it's a good ro a bad thing.>.>;;

Secondly, my brain will get it's well deserved rest from reading JP games for the moment!<3 I'll be playing WA5 in english now so my head won't need to translate JP->tagalog->english anymore. And yay for custom controls! I had to fix the circle and X buttons cause I got used to the JP WA5's default... (Circle is confirm, X is for cancel and Dean's jump, haha)

Errr, about the translations I've promised (Novels and other Game stuffs), I'm still up to translating.^^;; I'm just too happy to be playing something english again.>.>;; My last english game was... P3? Which reminds me that I need to continue playing JP P3fes once my brain gets some rest...

Random WA5 rants. I will most likely point out the differences I noticed so far in the JP and US versions. SPOILERS are around, of course. )

I'm already counting how many Liam O'Brien voiced charas I like... First was Akihiko of Persona 3, then Levin of Soul Nomad, then Chuck of WA5.>.>;; Dist of ToA is partly counted cause he's another uke fave of mine, hahaha.XD

Wow, I'm seriously fangirling over VAs now.o_o;;


WA5 AvrilXRebecca!!!
Obligatory Art Post! (Wild Arms 5 and Tales of Innocence)

Bunch of new sketches, and I seriously mean they're a LOT.^^;;

Wild Arms Vth Vanguard first, cause it's partly the reason why I'm excited to post arts.XD<3
A BIT worksafe.8D Just some partly naked ladies for the yuri and partly naked men for the yaoi, hahaha.
WA5 Yuri! AvrilXRebecca!? More solo Chuck and GregXChuck sketches, a DeanXGreg and other WA5 sketches, hahaha. )

I still haven't played ToI, but it's nice that the inspiration still stayed even if WA5 took over most of my inspiration.>.>;; I really love Tales, so it seems it's special.<3

Oookay, I got some more RicardoXSpada sketches and one colored Spada...
And a promised RicardoXSpada for the person who got me into ToI.XD<3
Tales of... not so Innocence?8D RICARDOxSPADA!!! Uhhh... is it just me or I just frightened off a LOT of people in the ToI comm?oo;; )

Thanks again for taking the time to look.<3
I really appreciate it everyone~!<3
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Another post for my arts.^^;;
I've been sketching a lot again, yay! The stock of paper saves my inspiration.<3

Tales centric arts. Tales of Innocence and Tales of Destiny. )

SPOILERS for Fullmetal Alchemist Manga's chapter 82!!!
A missing panel from chapter 82!? )

A~nd Wild Arms Vth Vanguard arts~!8D;;
They're mostly Chuck's, a Dean and a GregXChuck ero.>.>;;
Chibi Sparkles-- err-- Chuck with his chibi Pile Bunker is love!8D )

That's a lot, haha. Thanks for taking the time to look everyone~!<3

Once I finish the original 4 pager comic I'm making I'll post it here as well. Though the story's like started in between cause it's more like an excerpt or something.XD

Uploaded a ToR yonkoma for [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue. I forgot who scanned it argh. So sorry.x_x;;
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Aniki just bought us our stock of drawing paper at last so I'm back to drawing again.<3

Well, I'm fixing up his original comic request in betweens so my mind is partly in another inspiration. It's so angsty wth.ID It's both our original story so it's alright.<3<3<3

Oh yeah, like always, rants first before arts.^^;;
I told you I'l be ranting a LOT cause I wasn't able to post these when I was last online.x_x;;

Tales of Destiny DC - Subquest. Lion searches for the Ice Candy shop and ends up in Lienea! SPOILERS are around, of course. )

Random Tales series rants. Phantasia, Rebirth, and Innocence... )

Wild Arms Vth Vanguard - Fangirling, hahaha. Really useful bugs, beating Ragu o Ragula and ending rants. SPOILERS!!! )

Liam O'Brien as Chuck, hahaha, so uke.XD<3<3<3

Fullmetal Alchemist - Manga's chapter 82! GreedXAl and LingXEd!!! *squee* SPOILERS!!! )

AT POSTS will be in another post casue this is the rant post. It needs to be long, hahaha.

Uhhh, we thankfully borrowed SuikodenV from our cousin, Aniki's already began playing yesterday after finishing JP WAV.8D We're joking that after playing SuikodenV, he'll be playing GradiusV.>.>;; Ahehehe. *random*


Random Real Life rants for now, cause I needed to blow off some steam after what happened a few days ago...
Sorry for the really long uncut post, I don't care if he sees this, geez...
Just ignore this.^^;;

Our bastard!dad went home and talked to us (without mom and our bro)... It sucks really. I hate how I cry easily. And the bastard, of course, points out that Mom had another man in her life-- yeah so what? We know about that, geez! He said he's hurt and their relationship is bad cause the other man is married as well-- yeah, we know that too, stupid.

That's karma, he left with another woman years back and never returned. But he's alone now cause his other woman left him (hahaha). And now he wants to come back in our life and finds out that mom got another man.

Oh the best part I really hate when he talked to us was when he said that men get hurt MORE when their women goes out with other men... WHAT!? There goes his pride! He said we can't understand cause we're girls. What the fuck!? So our own father doesn't think we're equals when it comes to our feelings. Hah! We raised our voice and told him that women and men are equal... he ends the argument with, 'You can't understand cause you're still unmarried...'

Mom's other man is a nice friend and companion (even to us, he's a fun person to be with), but if ever they're into a deeper relationship and if he wanted to be our father-- thats a big NO.Xp

Mom and Dad left and talked afterwards. When they got home, Dad stayed with us for a few more days. it was a bit fun, we had an illusion of a complete family again. I kind of miss him around... but we're in No Japanese handicap.XD our dad KNOWS how to speak japanese so me and my sibs couldn't say seme, uke, yaoi and yuri.x_x;;

In the middle of the night, dad got a call from someone, 'Moshi moshi?' all my sibs look up. Yes, he's talking to someone japanese and we're guessing that it might be her other woman.>.>;; He goes out and comes in a bit later still talking japanese... all of us pretended that we were asleep.
The next day when he was out doing the groceries with mom-- my sibs asked me what he was talking about.XD
"Ah, you guy knew I was listening?XDXDXD" of course they knew I was listening, hahaha.

He was talking in a really respectful tone, but it still seemed that he's talking to a woman. I reminded my sibs that I suck at conversational japanese so I was only able to understand the simple stuff he talked about. First, I pointed out that he uses ORE, and they laughed, they knew I was going to notice that. Anyways, he was saying 'She won't listen...' probably talking about how Mom doesn't want to listen to a word he says, then he informs the person on the phone that he's currently goes home to his Oneechan's place (yeah, he does).

The convos I was able to understand were just the stuff we already know.Xp Can't he remember that mom told him that I can understand jp now?>.>;;

Oh yeah, he noticed Kimi's ToA novels on the table, he looks at tit and was expecting a manga-- he was surprised to find a novel and mom told him that I read them every night, he was really surprised.>.>;; He can only understand JP when talking, he can only read hiragana and katakana. I can only read and translate-- but not speak it.XD

Anyways, he went home yesterday and now we're able to breathe and move freely now.ID
If he wants us to accept him back, he should try lowering his pride and all. Be a real father and stop scaring us...

Whew I feel better now after typing that, thanks everyone...
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I'm online JUST TO POST THIS!!!XDXDXD Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hhafiz for getting me into ToA mood.>.>;;

Anyways, when I was on Track 8, the last dungeon happenings reminds me too much of SaGa Frontier II's last Dungeon scenes.>.>;;

And it looks like the 5th ToA Drama CD is less angsty than the first ones. Thank Lorelei!
Spoilers for ToA under the cut~! Really crappy summary and AschXGuy fangirling.
And ARGH!GuyXLuke-ness, sorry...
Tales of the Abyss 5th Drama CD and Bonus Track Bastardized Summary/Rants!8D )

I was really happy with the last ToA Drama CD. I really enjoyed it cause the pairings I wanted came out (even LoreleiXVan even for just a moment<3) and 'specially AschXGuy of course.<3

Damn, I miss ToA.>.>;;


ToA and ToI Sketchies!
(And ToI pic spam without cut)

Yes, no ToD! What the hell.>.>;;
No Spoilers, unless I suddenly talk too much.
Just a sketch of Innocence and the Abyss... )

Oh yeah, speaking about Abyss-- in ToDdc's Lion's Side, Lion get's the title 'Fencer of the Abyss' after defeating Arcana Ruins Barbatos!8D Though his 一騎当千 title sounds really cool, cause he gets this title after fighting the Boss-on-parade (Boss Rush) mode and he goes one-on-one with Barbatos! And he's the ONLY ToD chara who can get a title after the Coliseum's Rank 6.<3

So the NDS emulator WORKED in the current computer I rented today.8D
The game will probably work 2X slower in our compy at home, hahaha.XD

Official Ricardo and Spada!!!XDXDXD
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First off, the JP Scholarship. I'm out, cause they only accept 17-21 years old. Aw crap.
No worries, I'm off to try auditioning for a different job tomorrow with Aniki.
I won't tell the details of the job yet, but I REALLY want this job.

I want to prove to Mom that my voice doesn't sound terrible
whenever I make impressions when I translate...

I found some time to play my ToDdc Lion's Side game again.8D
I've just been trying to beat the Coliseum's Rank 6 (yes, BOSS RUSH!!!)
Cause we just finished ALL the floors in Lion's Arcana Ruins...
ToDdc Lion's Side SPOILERS. )

Will be posting the Lion's Side sumamry/trans I was able to finish!8D I hope to finish the other parts soon...


Obligatory Art Post!

No Spoilers.8D
The paper I use are random and different, so some of the art quality is weird.>.>;;

Tales of Destiny's Chaltier sketchies and Finrei Doug.
Persona 3's Akihiko and Shinji (and Minato and Junpei)
Wild Arms 5th Vanguard's Chuck and Greg.<3
Yes, terrible inspiration swing. )

Lion's so adorable in the Lucky*Star OP parody~!XDXDXD<3<3<3

Too lazy to post in the P3 comms, but P3 Chara Drama CD's 3rd Cover has my beloved Ken-ken and Fuuka. Yes, I am obviously not pointing someone out.>_>;;

Why is Shinji's name's way on top of the cast list?XD Hmm...

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