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New Danchou pairing icon.8D Asked permission from youngest sis to use her stuff.<3

*cough* Anwyays, random comics and sketches under the cut.
All are worksafem but please keep in mind, they're yaoi as usual.>D
All Ouendan stuff again. Majority are Danchou centric.
More OUENDAAAAN... dan... dan... sketches! )

NON-WORKSAFE OUENDAN STUFF. AsahiXYuuhi Danchou all the way! )

What? You're looking for Leader or Rookie centric? Go to my sibs Dev! They have lotsa those. I'm more on the Danchous side of everything.^^

Ah, I might start drawing something else soon.

Touhou is creeping up on me with yuri and my supplier for Touhou fanstuff is... well... supplying me with everything he got.XD
I'm mainly on Scarlet Devil Mansion residents. Anything Izayoi Sakuya is the best (uber uke would be plus points).

And currently playing KH~Birth by Sleep. TerraXVen all the way!XD
Well... wait until we get to see Lea, let's see what I could cook up with that.
Spamming Ven's Fire Blazer style... cause it reminds me too much of Axel.ToT<3<3<3

Next post! Birthday Special post!!XDXDXD
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So yeah... I got the RucaSpa site, EXTENSION's, password for the Under Page after nicely ASKING the site owner for it. She replied to my e-mail... but even if I told her I can read japanese but have difficulty writing, she still wrote back and shot me a few questions. (btw, I e-mailed her with my terrible japanese, hahaha) She asked if I was really filipino, if I like really ToI and the BEST question of all-- do I LIKE uke!Spada?XD

Wow, she's over-friendly. I'm gonna have trouble answering her.XD;; I do like uke!Spada, but... my main pairing is RicaSpa while she's into RucaSpa... Hmm... I'll probably draw her a RucaSpa sketch just to thank her.8D;;

I'm just happy she's not the usual stuck up japanese who's overproud of her works.XD I've met some... *cough*Masaki-sama*cough* owner of the Asch centric site*cough*

OK, so pr0n makes me really happy.>.>;;
Tales of Innocene. NOT WORKSAFE. RucaSpa...? )

Uwah, I haven't found the time to compy (type) at home. I'm usually tired when I get home after job hunting... As expected, I didn't make it again. Ahahaha... Will try again this Saturday around Ortigas, then after that, me and Aniki will prolly run around MegaMall and visit ToyCon.XD

Aaand... I can't access my yahoomail again cause of the slow internet.x_x;; O shi.

Oh yeah, guess what was [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist's gift to us?XD MGS doujinshi scans~!<3<3<3 They're not all pr0n, there was one with adorable BigBoss-papa with toddler!Solid and toddler!Liquid. Then.. some hinted SnakeXOtacon. Ah yes, they were fun read.<3<3<3

I got this printed as well. Wow, the original sketch is smaller, ahahaha.XDXDXD
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Double posting?XD

ToI telenovela, Nina?XDXDXD *shoots self* OK, that's a joke.x_x;;;
As I've said... I didn't have much confidence in posting this ToI fic...


"You look perfect," one of his brothers spoke, his hand reaching down on Spada's skirt and lifting it up to feel the youngest Belforma's legs, "This complete's our Nightly Rituals, huh?" that's how they call their dirty little secret. Another brother inquires to the others who agreed.

The youngest of the brothers will be the girl who'll take in his brothers' desires.

Pairing: 6BelformaBrothersXSpada, RicardoXSpada
Rating: R
Notes: I tried my best with the smut... I know I'm bad at it.
Brutal (kind-of) gang rape and some more hinted sex.
If you know how sick I am when it comes to my kink and uke's, yes, I am evil, disturbing and masochistic.
It's angst, but I can't help but think of how silly the scenes would look like...
Imagine, all 3 men are wearing their respective colorful Starlight Dresses for fun.8D

Also, NO SPOILERS and completely Un-beta-ed! WTH Yay I am so dead.<3
Tales of Innocence - Starlit Night )

I just love good endings.<3<3<3
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OK, so I'm still thinking twice if I should give up posting in the Namco Tales Forums (and lurk again),
Or give the Spada FC a try... I don't know if a hyper yaoi freak is gonna be accepted though, hahaha.

And again, I can't find my place... *sigh*

So much for trying to angst. I'm actually quite happy that 2 people whom I talk to about ToI are both filipinos.8D Yeah, I can go random tagalog every now and then.<3

I only got online-- hoping for [livejournal.com profile] sephi_chan21 to be online. GET ONLINE! I want to translate the yonkoma's on that site I was finally able to access. OMG, I so wanna share my happiness with you.<3<3<3

I got a few sketchies and colored Tales of Innocence arts again.8D
I've also drew ToA Luke and Van somewhere in the non-worksafe cut~!
Tales of Innocence. Worksafe stuff. Possible SPOILERS in some arts and in my rants.^^;; )

Next up--!
Tales of Innocence. NOT WORKSAFE. Possible SPOILERS in some arts and in my rants.^^;; )

Ahehe, thanks for looking everyone.XD
Yes, I've been feeling too crazy lately...>.>;;


Gae Bolg's younger brother needs some more LOVE.
Actually, Gae Bolg should've had a longer airtime too.D8
Durandal Stuff~!<3

So I said I'd give up translating the other screenies I have here, but when I remembered that [livejournal.com profile] sephi_chan21 also gave me Durandal centric screenies, I just had to figure them out.XD

Gae Bolg and Durandal are the past lives that doesn't have much fanbase. It's sad...
To think I actually love Durandal cause it's like, "OMG, what is this feeling? It must be LOVE?"
And it's like a mature Spada sword that can't put it's feelings in order, hahaha.
Or dather it doesn't know what it's feeling...>.>;;

Dammit Spada. WHY is your name SPADA anyway!? Don't you know how confusing it is when I say your name in tagalog and I mention it with sword!?
Tales of Innocence. 1 with Durandal and Vulcan then 2 with Asras and Durandal. Err, yes there are SPOILERS. )


Anybody know about Midori no Hibi? How does Spada no Hibi sound?>D
What's wrong? Spada's GREEN!XD<3
I actually got a drawing of that, but I haven't scanned...

Which reminds me, I need to look for it's manga.>.>;;
I love the anime so much.<3<3<3

Hmmm, I finished NamcoXCapcom last night and the ending didn't depress me.
NamcoXCapcom rants... )

I was actually supposed to angst... It's driving me cray just thinking about stuff.
Uhmmm... Just let me talk to her personally (err, even online would do) and I'll be happy, that's all I wanted.
A nice long talk...

OK, I'm very happy now. Thank God... I'm so happy...
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I couldn't sleep last night cause I wanna finish drawing the pr0n in my head. I was able to get some out...
I think all that's left is ToI's GardleXRicardo doing it.>D

I'm actually too bored to type anything, I wanna get to the arts NOW.
There ARE some worksafe pics in there, but the rest are... ero?8D

This was supposed to be my icon, but I changed my mind when I thought I needed something... ero for my icons.^^;; I can take down that icon I'm using if anyones disturbed, lulz.>.>;;

As usual, my inspiration is still split to WA5 and ToI, it's surprising that I still haven't fallen into a slump!<3

Wild Arms Vth Vanguard
WA5. NOT WORKSAFE. Chuck, DeanXmaid!Chuck, GregXapron!Chuck... )

Tales of Innocence
Me and Aniki really live to disturb.>D
ToI hasn't failed to amuse me, the more disturbing the BETTER!<3
Heck, I even love Barbatos Gardle!XD
I'll probably find more disturbing pairs once I get to play.

Geez, and they even named this game Tales of INNOCENCE.>D Dehyahyahya. *Spada laugh*
ToI. DEFINITELY NOT WORKSAFE. GardleXRicardo, Hypnos and Durandal, RicardoXSpada, 6EldestBelformaXSpada... )

Thanks for looking everyone! I REALLY appreciate it.<3
I might just lock this post if ever I hear anyones causing trouble again.

Still haven't posted new stuff in my dev.x_x;; So much stuff to do...
I haven't even finished replying to comments!Dx

Oh yeah, after seeing the whole RicaSpa Airship skit, I figured out what they were really talking about and edited/fixed the skit gif I made. 8D Spada's translated line and Ricardo's added reply is fixed now. [livejournal.com profile] sephi_chan21 do tell me where on you plan on using my stuff, haha.XD ALso, I'll get onto translating the skits soon, I might go for the RicaSpa ones, but the ones with Ruca in them... well... Hmm...

Uhhh... our bastard!dad will be buying mine and [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist's Insulin today. I just wonder WHERE he got the money, but I'm still thankful he's the one buying our medicine. There's a big problem though, he MIGHT come over and stay at our place tonight. Aw shi...
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Last night was just terrible. [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis and I got scolded by mom, well, kind of like that. I don't wanna go into details, but the only thing I want to say is...
I seriously want to slap Ma's friend/lover so hard on the face right now.

So my art gets to absorb my anger instead.8D Hah!
Guess who's the lucky guy? Yes, I should thank him cause I'm feeling better now.
Also some random... *giggles* One Piece parody of ToI?XD
1 original art and the rest are Tales of Innocence. I'll be giving out a warning once the arts are gonna get BLOODY. Seriously. )

So I DID scare off the people in the ToI comm?o_o;; Geez, it's just a RicardoXSpada!XD
What do they want? HastaXSpada?*o*<3 I'd post it there if they want more disturbance.

Wah. No WA5 arts today.x_x;; I might start drawing again once I get to play... Still in the Temple of Rejection, cause our younger sibs are hogging the PS2 and playing Mana-Khemia.XD


Scanlation Dillema???

I might say some offending things...
So thinking of joining a scanlation group, but... I'm just giving out my thoughts for awhile... )

Yes, I'm partly angsting about this, hahaha...
I hope I made some sense?

ARGH. Internet is working 10x slower than normal, I hope my arts got uploaded safely.DX My replies to certain comments won't go through as well.T_T Aw shi... I'm going now, before I hit the computer, hahaha. *ignore me*
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So much for loving Chuck's ARM too much!x_x;; So sorry for double posting, ahehehe...

I got crazy wait, this is my norm and fooled around with some mix of pr0n and guro?^^;;
WA series fans will most likely hate or love me for this.

DEFINITELY NOT WORKSAFE! Unless you guys wanna hate or flame me for ARM X Human pr0n.XDXDXD
WARNINGS for uhhh... sex? masturbation? BLOOD? And the likes, I guess?XD *gets shot*
I'm sure to draw some more once the coast is clear around the house, hehehe.
WA5 PileBunkerXChuck!?!?!? )

I should been angsting about my pr0n actually...
Guess what? Our younger sis who just turned 17 this month draws BETTER pr0n than me! (My twin says so) Drawing yaoi is the only thing I could do best and I'm loosing to my own siblings (who're underage, hahaha). Maybe it really pays off to start young, huh?^^;; Dammit.

Anyways, thanks for looking... if anyone did?XD
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Finished P3 again so our younger sibs could watch... Man, they hate Aigis so much now!XD 'Specially with the last scenes. They were all going, "Yukari...T_T"

*cough* I will be trying to fix my Dev if I have time.x_x;; Ahehehe...

Will be ranting more stuff about P-TS cause I watched it 3 times. First by myself (3 days ago), with Aniki, [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist and [livejournal.com profile] foxalollita (2 days ago) and yesterday with [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis.^^;; I can't wait for the next ep! I'm excited to se the afro Junpei!8D

Little P-TS with P3 rants on the side.<3
Jun's Guradian Angel. Random guesses in P-TS!8D )

Can't help but want to listen to Suicides Love Story now.x_x;; I'm sooo addicted to it, I think of ShinjiAki.<3<3<3 I need the Full Chorus version of it soon!Dx It'll be released on... MARCH!? o shi...T_T


I got desperate and went on a P3 JP fic searching spree.8D Mostly ShinjiAki, MinatoXJunpei or uke!Akihiko stuff...
I found an interesting MinatoXJunpei one (it's pr0n too).>3
Err... CUT cause I don't know what I'm typing and I think it's PORN! Hehehe )

This is probably one of the most amusing jp pr0n fics I've ever read!8D It was funny-- if only I could translate better.x_x;; The other fics I enjoyed was a ToA DukeFabreXGuy rape and an evil!AschXGuy fic... they're not humour tho. Ahaha...


I need an uke!Junpei icon.Dx

YAOI P3 pr0n!!!

Here's a special request from my twin bro.XD I made it cause it's a sepcial day for his original chara in my original story. WTH. *shrugs* Anyways... No P3 spoilers!8D
Definitely NOT WORKSAFE!!! RyojiXMinato(Hero)XJunpei threesome sketch!!!XD
OMG. I drew Threesome! OMG. I drew Threesome!! OMG. I drew Threesome!!! )

My twin hasn't seen it-- I hope he likes it.*o*<3

I'm still thinking of what to draw as a Birthday special for Junpei... Hmm...
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pr0n and talking with people saves me from angst. I'm glad [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie was still awake last night.^^;; Ahehe, so sorry you had to stay up late for that...>.>;; *huggles*

I should celebrate Evil Daddy's Day today.>D *shoots self*
Ok, I made that up. Still...

Our Dad SMS and MMSed my phone last night. Yeah, 'Mis u', 'Take care', and 'I love you's as I recall... Ah and he sent me a pic of Dragon Ball Z with all male Super Saiyan mode, hahaha. Ah, if only he knows what we're up to now.>D

Mom probably gave him my number. ARGH. I HATE IT.DX me and my twin BADLY wanted to MMS any ManXMan (yaoi) pr0n art of mine cause he's such a homophobe, but of course I don't want him telling Mom we draw such.^^;;

I know he wants to fix things, but I have completely lost my trust in him. That bastard. What will he think of his children who says YAOI, YURI, and HENTAI at random daily? (He speaks fluent and perfect japanese, btw) If he wants to fix things up he should be the one to cope up with what we do and what WE are now. Yeah, and my relationship with Kimi, he should accept that, but I don't think he will...

I was planning to draw pr0n to cheer me up, but I ended up just staring at my old arts. And then ended up looking at really old ToA pr0n.8D DukeFabreXGuy and... Evil!LukeXGuy?8D Hey, I might redraw some just for the heck of it. At least now I know people won't get mad at me anymore when I try to draw Evil!LukeXGuy.<3

Scanned a few of the DukeFabreXGuy's for FUN. All were made LAST YEAR before US ToA's release! Cool.8D
NOT WORKSAFE!!! DukeFabreXGuy with hints of Young!AschXGuy(?) in betweens )

I hope you guys enjoyed that...?^^;;
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Yeah, and I obviously still haven't started making gift pics cause I'm still raising my drawing inspiration... Well, it seems it's doing ok so I guess I'll start soon.=3 Argh, I hate myself for being so lazy when it comes to drawing as well.Xp Sorry.

Let me blow some brains for awhile.8D I don't know if I should f-lock this post or what because of the contents... Hmmm...

It's NOT WORKSAFE. It's not THAT much pr0n. It's just the thought that's evil, pr0n and disturbing?>.>;; Oh yeah, SPOILERS might be found as well.
It's a really short fic, they're just talking cause I'm too lazy to add descriptions of what's happening-- then 2 sketches under the cut as well.^^;;
Duke Fabre + Young!Luke X Guy. Yes, definitely NOT WORKSAFE cause Duke Fabre's there.8D )

Oh, don't ask about my new icon.8D He's the Romeo of my RomeoXJuliet ToA parody.<3 Uhm... I'm not yet done with it, so I'm not releasing the whole art yet. Haha, lazily done icon...>.>;;

2 Desdelca sketches-- err-- I mean drawings with Van in it!8D
The young!Van and Guy is for [livejournal.com profile] akai_kitsune, while the other one...
I'm not sure if it'll work for Sensei [livejournal.com profile] glorious' Vanwork-a-Thon.>.>;;
One pic is WORKSAFE the other is NOT WORKSAFE. Hehehe.
I seriously think Van likes BOTH the GARDIOS SIBLINGS. WAIT! Van hentai!?XD )

2 More sketches!8D This time, from my [livejournal.com profile] kaizer_guy parallel, but since I'm too lazy to log into that Lj, i'm just gonna post it here. Ahehehe.^^;;
They're completely WORKSAFE, and just Kaizer!Guy's and... Dist's beloved sofa.XD
Kaizer!Guy Parallel, K!Guy's fanservice?8D *shoots self* )

I can't wait to play Luke Labyrinth!*o*<3 I badly want to get the LukeXLuke ending, but since our compy can't read jp fonts, I might not be able to understand the game, which dooms me to randomly choosing stuff and ending with... stuff. *thinks* Maybe I'll just try and evade Guy the best Luke can? Hahaha. O SHI! I tried here on the compy shops' compy and the fonts are IMAGE! That means I CAN READ IT!!!XDXDXD YAY!!!<3<3<3

[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie said she got PeonyXLuke. Hahaha.XD

I hate how slow the post office is here. ARGH!DX
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I'll be putting [livejournal.com profile] kaizer_guy's mood icons.^^; They're temporary cause I haven't made the real Kaizer!Guy ones that's skit-like, but anyways, I think these'll do for now.8D (from past Kaizer!Guy arts obviously *lazy*)

I'll be fixing the K!G Parallel Character List (hopefully) soon~!XDXDXD Though they're the same ToA chara's-- Guy Cecil is just changed to 'Guy Neis' (hahaha), Dist's party are the main (protagonist), and the JADE GANG are the antagonist... kinda...>.>;;

The main pairs are DistXGuy, AschXGuy, VanXGuy, AriettaXGuy... *looks back at list* Meh, AllXUke!Guy.XD

For [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie~! I hope you cheer up after seeing this...ToT
DistXGuy, DistXGuy, DistXGuy... Err... NOT WORKSAFE...? )

*huggles Kimi*
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Nobody take the title seriously.^^;;
I hate RPers.XD They use BIG/DEEP ENGLISH WORDS at random.8D I envy them, hahaha.

That's why I'm still uneasy with the idea of RPing.>.>;; My descriptive english sucks.

Oh yeah, and I've drawn Guy pr0n!8D Why? Because I read soemthing interesting that made me happy with ASCHXGUY yesterday...>.>;; (The one who told me about that RP comm is to blame. *stares at [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue*)

My title just leveled-up a few days ago. I'm now an Oyabaka-Hime to [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie.^^;;

I care too much-- cause she skips meals and lazies around in making homework, hahaha. I usually spam her with texts.8D Teeheehee.<3

And hopefully you did eat lunch today. And since I trust and like you so very much-- here's your request from last night.=3 )

I'm still thinking about that DistXGuy pr0n, hehe.<3

*sigh* Back to stalking RP comms~!8D I'm currently stalking the Asch and Guy's of [livejournal.com profile] intermixed and [livejournal.com profile] bridgehigh, then watching [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie's Jade in [livejournal.com profile] rhythmonhigh. Hehehe.<3

And... I just posted this first.XD I'll be replying to everyones past comments next~!XD
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My icon is-- from the 2nd Sara Yajima ToA Novel.>.>;; I can't help but stare at that Asch whenever I turn to that page.XD 'Asch-sama, Kareini Sanjou' is actually Guy's 'Enter the Amazing Guy!' line in jp, hahaha.<3<3<3

First art post section-- ToA Kaizer!Guy parallel arts.8D
It should have a special treatment cause so far it's another big project I've finished after the KG and RG's mock Main menus.X3

And I wasn't lazy on coloring this one, cause I've been TOO inspired with this parallel for some strange reasons... *smiles innocently*
Saphir's happy family.8D Saphir Wyone Neis is the Mommy, Tarlow (Barrelow) X is the big bro, Kaizer Dist is the big sis, Guy Neis is the youngest son...? Plus Asch as a random extended family member.8D )

Everytime I see Kaizer Dist and Tarlow X now, I can't help but be happy.>.>;; It's as if I've fallen in love with them as well because of this parallel, hahaha.<3 Meh, no, I only LOVE them as my siblings.=3


Normal ToA Art Post...

Cheer up everyone~!=3

Okay, before I go to my normal ToA art post, there's one thing I've always wanted to ask Ion-sama.

Yeah, I know in some arts (skit) those stuff are flat, but in MOST arts, they're really fluffy-- like Cheegle ears.XD OMG.

Speaking about Cheegles-- I have something under the lj-cut for [livejournal.com profile] aefallen.8D It's a THANK YOU for finding the time to scan the Ion and Arietta Gaiden.^_^

And YES, I have a -kinda- colored art here too!8D
I think I have slight pr0n scattered here somewhere...>.>;; ANYWAYS-- Dhaos, IonXVan, Guy in uniform, Ero Guy, AschXGuy in the rain, and Mieu-ness! )

And don't ask about the other arts I posted awhile back-- I'm still planning to colo most of them.<3

Thank you for looking~!=3


Apr. 14th, 2007 01:24 pm
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I'm trying to catch up with my flist and messages again.8D I'm not sure if I can finish reading them all cause I'm online for just an hour-- again.x_x;;

Happy Birthday
[livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist~!<3<3<3

I was able to ask [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie to scan some of my arts at her place.*o* But I can't always do this y'know.^^;; *scratches head* I got a few new drawings too-- but anyways, these'll keep me busy for the meantime.X3 'specially the FFT style ones.>.>;;

PeonyXSaphir/Dist art, IonXVan sketch, and ToA chara's drawn in FFT style!?8D )

Kimi was my very special guest last Wednesday.<3 She stayed over for a short time only, but I enjoyed the company-- and obviously, my siblings were so happy as well.XD (We still want the stickers.>D)

And about the cookies, I think there're about 8 left at home. Ahahaha...>.>;;

Hmmm... [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist was going PrideXWrath again and again at home after finding out who was Pride in the latest chapter of the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga.XD

[livejournal.com profile] ruaki I wanna know what you did with that Guy in your game!!!XDXDXD I want my Guy (once I get to play ToA) to have that much TP as well! And I do hope that Guy in your game has red eyes (Fonic Vision, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated).>D

So did I miss anything while I wasn't online???XD

and this is just a random cut cause I rant TOO MUCH )
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That's probably the stupidest title I could ever think or, but I really needed some cheering up even if I act so happy and all.8D I feel that my insides aren't happy.>.>;; I'm sorry with the very weird andf long post. It's so random today.

Can anybody get me ToA gag or something?-_-;;

Anyways, [livejournal.com profile] helpyoufly 008 entry random comic part.>.>;; Cause I was really feeling morbid last night...
Lulz, more VanXLuke... )

What CAN disturb me? I really don't know. A friend gave me a link to guro, as in 'Grotesque', (lulz, I didn't know there's something MORE under than R18 Under Pages.XD) Only one person knows what really creepy stuff I saw yesterday-- and I explained a bit to my younger sibs and they were just grossed out.>.>;;

[livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka still doesn't know what I saw yet cause even we don't get to talk much lately...-_-;; And he's NOT amused and enjoys Necrophilia theme as much as I did. *shoots self*

ANYWAYS, instead of getting creeped out with guro, I was actually amused with looking at it.8D<3 And I was inspired to draw slight bodnage with Guy-- NOT guro!DX
NOT WORKSAFE. I can't imagine myself drawing guro stuff though, so my mind went to pr0n stuff instead... )

I'll probably start on gift arts soon, once my mind is off of the random drawing mood.x_x;; You know why I feel oh so depressed? It's like everyone I want to talk to is avoiding me... Or they're just too tired and too frustrated, and my talk timing is VERY BAD.

I need to set my priorities.x_x;; That's what I'm bad at. ARGH. *shoots self*


Read [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue's fic and ended up crying a little near the end. I really like how Peony is so understanding.XD And Duke Fabre has always been such a bastard.DX

Eeee! And Guy and Asch are both Count's now?*o* They can have a secret meeting now together and-- *shoots self*-- They need to kiss and make up with each other first.x_x;; *very frustrated*

Someone get me a happy AschXGuy or anything GAG with them.>.>;;

Oh yeah, the owner of the Internet Cafe I'm in was downloading anime earlier-- and he gave me a link to free hentai anime downloads! OMG!<3 I'm kinda happy now.ID


Melon ni Melon Melon
Tales of the Abyss Hentai Doujin
Pairing: LukeXTear
Notes: It's Hentai! And it had the MOST ADORABLE ART I'VE EVER SEEN!!!XDXDXD And The whole gang appears in it too.*o* And Guy's OMG so cuteness.<3 *shuts up now*
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Okay, my Dist inspiration was up a bit a few days ago after I transummarized the Jade Balfour chapter of the ToA novel, so I planned on abusing it and drew something for our other Dist, [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated.

3 colored and I still put a sketch of one of them.8D All arts

Okay, here's my bribe! If you're still not happy with it-- I don't know what else to draw/give you!XDXDXD All arts under this cut are yours to keep. )

After all that, I'm back to drawing--
AschXGuy (Asch and Guy rp-er's faults in the [livejournal.com profile] intermixed, yes I'm rereading the posts, obviously)
*instant stalker fan*

VanXGuy ([livejournal.com profile] kaitou_orphen and [livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx's fault) Hehehe.XD


Want some more Dist's of mine?

Remember the DistXGuy hostage taking sketch? Well-- I've been done coloring it for nearlly a month now, but never got along to fixing it.x_x;; But yeah, I just BADLY wanted to post it after [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie finished writing her DistXGuy fic 'Little Indulgences'.8D

And I also finished coloring the complete Kaizer!Guy parallel chibi's pic~.<3

More randomness WITH DIST from me.8D )


Kimi, my Saphir wants to meet/see your Jade

Ma bought a new folder-- it was supposed to be hers but since it's color violet (we both like the same color), I used it instead and instantly named it Saphir.^^;; I won't ignore Konzen, my first ever folder...

Yeah, my Saphir!folder needed a Jade and I just remembered that my dearest Kimi has a Jade!compy.X3 Lame excuse to want to meet Kimi.^^;;

And a random rants--
I find myself listening to Bump of Chicken's Lost Man again.>.>;; I might just try to continue to write or draw the 'Original!Luke Parallel'. It's my inspiration music for that ToA parallel.X3 ('Kaizer!Guy Parallel' gets Title of Mine)

I just found and mp3 one of the Sentai songs I've always wanted to hear-- 'Kokoro wa Tamago' of Jetman.XD I couldn't understand jp when I LIKED the song-- but n ow... Argh, WTH? Hahaha.

Anyways, I'm still looking for these songs--
The OP song of Grandoll, OP song of Goldran, and OP song of Ayatsuri Sakon
ToT Can anybody help???


Mar. 7th, 2007 10:02 am
pic_murasaki: Sanada Yukimura of Sengoku Musou (AXGXA TLfA)
Well, I think I am. I'm also kinda in an angsty mood cause our granpa's confined in the hospital...

I'm also bored at home cause I still need to do a LOT of chores (do the mountain of laundry) and a leak in the ceiling of the living/dining room is bothering me. If I don't do ANY chores this week, mama won't let me and my twin go cosplay (probably) the Hitachiin Twins this Saturday.ToT

And my inspiration is swinging BADLY. Oh yes and I mean BADLY cause my main inspiration is ToA (or rather TALES), but then I've read up to the latest chapter of D.GrayMan's manga (except 89 to 100, cause I still don't have them), I am still playing Riviera (and I wanted to draw something LedahXEcthel for our youngest sib)...

And I just realized that I made a VERY BIG MISTAKE in reading some parts of the 3rd Harry Potter book last night.

Now I want something SiriusXRemus...

If anyone has SiriusXRemus or Uke!Lupin doujins, can anyone upload them?8D (if it's not too much to ask) I promise I won't redistribute! I am just desperate to know if Sirius uses ORE and if Remus uses WATASHI or BOKU.*crazy* And yes, I need some cheering up...-_-;;

If anyone catches me on IM, Im probably just as random as ever. See how I can't angst or go into emo mood? I suck at being depressed as well. What the hell am I?o_O;;


I'm KINDA angsting, so I'm re-up-ing ToA HENTAI?

I can't remember what hentai's I've already put up.8D Lulz. (and reuse the summary stuff I posted)

Pairing: AniseXIon, LukeXTear
Notes: The LukeXTear part-- well-- a VERY GOOD use for Tokunaga: To hold people DOWN.>D Which reminds me of an AniseXGuy doujinshi, hahaha, I won't give THAT away yet, it's special. I don't really like Anise, but I like it when she's such a bitch 'sometimes'.X3

Pairing: AniseXIon
Notes: My first ToA hentai DJ.8D I just noticed that Anise is such a seme whenever she's in a hentai.^^;;

I'm uploading a hentai I haven't uploaded before! OMG!

Replica Lover
Pairing: AniseXGuy, AschXNatalia, LukeXTear
Notes: The first part is YES, Guy is uke to Anise cause Tokunaga is holding him down.XD This is the only part of the doujin I liked cause Natalia's and Tear's sides suck.Xp Natalia's side only shows Asch's face ONCE (but in the end, Luke with a woody is so cute. FREE Pr0n!!!), and... Tear's side scares me.XD

And this ToA comm Hentai downloads Link needs a rest.XD Hahaha.<3 It takes me hours to upload one doujin.x_x;;
pic_murasaki: Sanada Yukimura of Sengoku Musou (RokuGai Fugan)
'kay, so my D.Gray Man OTP is ReeverXKomui And Lee-sibcest.Xp Is something wrong with that?*o* Hahaha.<3 And no, I don't hate the pairing of KandaXAllen, cause I'm also planning to draw one for our youngest sis who's in love with the pair.XD Cause I wasn't able to draw her a proper RO art last time...

And I might cosplay either Komui or Lenalee... But since my twin bro doesn't want me to get a haircut-- I might just cosplay Lenalee. Argh, miniskirt!?XO

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ruaki for the manga download links.XD I wasted the whole day yesterday reading Volumes 1 to 2 with Foxalollita.XD And read 3 and 4 alone this morning... I'm planning to download the other volumes now~!XD

I think I don't like the anime now. *will just watch it for seiyuu purposes~* *seiyuu freak*


Tales of the Abyss... ERO!?

I can't draw anything right... hahaha *shoots self*

OKAY, [livejournal.com profile] silentside, I don't know how you want it but... I think I have your JadeXDist piccie here.8D

And while I'm at it, I was able to draw VanXGuy and Guy+(x)Asch on the sides on the paper.8D

JUST KISSING. But also kinda NOT WORKSAFE PICS! JadeXDist, VanXGuy, and GuyXAsch~<3 )

And I was bored after reading D.Gray Man manga, so I made a Rokujinshou!Guy icon for fun.8D

Speaking about Rokujinshou!Guy...

In latest japanese Rokujinshou!Guy sites I've been seeing, they're trying to make their own unique Roku!Guys.XD I saw one that has earrings and uses strings as a weapon instead of a Sword (ala Yo-tan-- err-- Yohji Kudou of Weiss Kreuz), then there's a young-Roku!Guy which is really adorable cause he cries a LOT <3 *pedo-mode*, and one that's like a ninja (with a cool ninja!Pere-jiichan as a sidekick too)...

I find the weirdest Rokuijnshou!Guy's, but I think I'm satisfied with mine.=3

Would anyone vote for Asch in the 'Who's the BEST PARTNER for Rokujinshou!Guy' Poll??? He obviously lost to Synch and Luke!XO Grrr... And I wonder why Synch gets the MOST VOTES!? I was expecting it would be Van who'll be at the top! MOST of the votes for Asch came from me, btw, cause I ALWAYS vote here whenever I'm online.

The voting just ended today.ToT


My download reached 269MB today, haha 90% are D.Gray Man manga...o_o;; Not Bad.
pic_murasaki: Sanada Yukimura of Sengoku Musou (Default)
I rarely talk about my real life, but yeah.XD Lotsa nice things happened.<3 (I wasn't online for a long time.o_o;;)

[livejournal.com profile] meru_neko saw my drawing folder (Name: Konzen).=O Now you know how messy my stuff are~!

Meeting meru_neko in person and then seeing silentside again!8D )

Yeah, fun weekend.8D

And guess what? I'll be doing the laundry today! (Arghness) Th neighbors are karaoke-ing and it makes my head hurt.x_x;; On second thuoght, I'll do it tomorrow...


Some REAL Tales art at last!
The parallel ones will be next, hahaha!

I made 2 new icons, cause I needed new ones.8D I had a hard time picking the ones to remove though.=O (There's another icon... but the file crashed, argh)

[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie~!XDXDXD I'll win the COOKIES!!!XDXDXD I told you, I DIDN'T draw any DISTurbing pics with Mieu in it.=O Just A-mieu-sing cuteness~!

- [livejournal.com profile] wondermilk's StanXLion piccie (which I might still color).8D
- An art of Mieu and a certain SPOILER someone for [livejournal.com profile] aefallen
- And more Mieu's...?8D

StanXLion, Mieu and...?, Cheegle Mimi )

- And something for [livejournal.com profile] kaitou_orphen cause she asked me for an AschXGuy Bondage.8D
(Cause I wanna thank her for the doujinshi's she's posting...<3)

AschXGuy Bondage? NOT WORKSAFE!!!XD )

Okay, I'm a very happy AschXGuy fan now.8D


Kaizer!Guy Art
(Outfit, stuff and status pic...?8D)

Yeah, just as the title says.8D Some helpful arts in the Kaizer!Guy Parallel~.

Guy's outfit, his stuff, his Dist plushie (!?) and a game status pic.8D )

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie for uploading the scene in the Meggiora Sephiroth!XD It really inspired me to make more Kaizer!Guy stuff!!!

I only got to read that scene in scripts-- so I was really happy to see it in game!<3

(And the Mech Doll!D= It was so cuuute...<3)


I really love this Uke!Guy site... her main pairings are AschXGuy and VanXGuy.ToT
(Also, this is the VERY FIRST ToA site I've been to!XD And yes, it's partly her fault why I'm into AschXGuy and VanXGuy...)

And she's having another AschXGuy doujin!!!ToT Argh...

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