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Got time to sit down and STOP PLAYING PERSONA 3 PORTABLE started scanning and posting.8D

Ah, I know I've drawn THIS JADExDIST a year back for [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated,
but was never able to post it. It suits the current season.^^;; *shoots self*
I found it while I was searching for my memories...

ANYWAYS really random arts. Dated from January 22, 2009 until latest ToG practice art.
Don't expect my inspiration to STAY in one fandom, I obviously had a lot of swings in between.

Simply posted fan art. My originals were not scanned... might post them at a later time. Haha.<3
Also, ignore the notes on the paper.>.>;; I draw these at the office while waiting for calls.
They're not much... just picked out a few that's post worthy cause some are... not...

Sketchies post at last~! One Piece, Final Fantasy series, Hetalia, Persona3Portable and Tales of Series )

Done? Done? Done?
Yeah That's it.XD Thank you very much for looking I really appreciate it.
Haven't posted sketchies for awhile so yeah... I missed drawing so very much.<3

Need to go to sleep now. Still need to go to work later.XD Night night everyone~!<3
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Lessee... I just got my SSS today... NBI Clearance, Form 1902, SSS...

Yesterday was the worst day of trying to acquire the requirements for my job.x_x;;

I just wish I never had this sickness.
I need those expensive check-ups and good results (I pray it's good enough).
After all this, I just pray I'll make it.

... Not a lot of people have trouble with their requirements, but I do.
Also... the last requirement I'm lacking are stuff from my last school.

O SHI. Me and my twin might try to do something about it.>.>;;
If all else fails, there's ALWAYS Recto. Let's also pray they have Informatics report cards though.x_x;;

Oist, para sa mga pinoy na nagbabasa nito, wag nyo po akong isumbong, please?T_T


Persona 3 Chara Drama CD 5 - Yes, that ShinjiXAki Drama CD

I got some free time last 2 nights ago. I needed something to cheer me up.x_x;;
Persona 3 Chara Drama CD 5. Random Ranting. I will NOT make sense cause I did this while listening and didn't have time to fix. )

I can make a better summary if anyone wants.XD Ahahaha...
said I won't make any sense, right?


Tales of Innocence. Drawings and rants...

So it seems my inspiration got twisted. The wonders of ToI still hasn't failed to amuse my inspiration.XD
Surprisingly, you won't find ANY Ricardo, Gardle or Hasta. Not even hints.o_o;;
Tales of Innocence. My Original chara in ToI, IRIAXSPADA, male!Iria and female!Spada. )

I still need cheering up btw.x_x;; Please, I hope no one ruins my night...

Oh yeah... My LJ says it's [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue's birthday.8D Happy Birthday!XD *huggles*

So there are hints that ToV's Raven and ToI's Spada might be related?XD
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I found a few more RMX sites! They're not found in the Rockman Search Engine and you can just find them by links of other RMX sites.x_x;; WTH. Uhhh... the Maid!Vava is stolen from somewhere-- I can't remember what site, but I'll try searching for it cause I wanna know WHO started the Maid!Vava.
OMG. I'm so in love~<3 Maids aren't even my kink!

I bring 4 arts today! 2 Persona3/TrinitySoul and 2 RMX!
The RMX ones are 100% helmet-less, cause I'm too lazy and just wanna draw them again.ID
The Persona ones have possible spoilers.=p )

No deliveries on weekends.x_x;; Still waiting for [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated's package. I hope it finds its way here soon cause I wanna get my Midorikawa-high!XD Ah, and an art from Ashi as well~!*o*<3 My first ever gift art overseas! Hehehe.<3
Argh. I hope it won't take a month.x_x;;

RMZX Manga

Feb. 6th, 2008 08:53 am
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Uhhh... my paid account is nearing it's expiration date sounds like food, hahaha. I don't really mind, but I'll miss using lotsa icons... And I don't know what will happen to the layout [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie made fore me.D8 Can anybody make me a new layout for an unpaid account, please?XD wth

So [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue is very contagious.>.>;; A part of my inspiration is back into the Rockman Series... Argh. The last thing I want to happen is for me to play RMX7 If I'm feeling masochistic, sure, I'm actually thinking twice about it already.x_x;;

Oh yeah, I dunno if you already checked it out, but Axl uses Boku not Oira. Does Model A use Oira?oO;;
RMZX manga Chapter 1-3. I Like Van-- err-- Vent a LOT, I squee over Girouette-senpai and I THINK I like to pair them. wth )

I was looking at the RMX Compendium and... haha! X is the 'Peace Loving Irregular Hunter'!XD And I'm not sure if I just read 'Pacifist' (Ambassador of Peace?oo;;) in his profile somewhere. I might just be seeing things. *shrugs* I'm just too amazed with the english Dr. Light wrote about X.>.>;;


Obligatory Art Post:

Been drawing lots again.=3

Uhhh... 1 Original and 2 Persona3.
The P3 has SPOILERS for the October Full Moon.
I feel so evil.T_T What IF Akihiko DIES instead of...? )

I was playing a JP P3 Novel Game titled Search for Aki!. You play as Shinji-- fight Shin and Takaya and save Akihiko. Wow, I didn't expect to get the Happy End on my first game.oo;;

I THINK I'm ok now...^^;; Ahaha... I'm so sorry about the depressed posts awhile back. You won't see those now.
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Aniki should stop teasing me to Ryou. YES, I like Ryou now and he's seiyuu'd by Takehito Koyasu, dammit.x_x;; What's wrong with THAT!? I honestly HATE the RyouXShin pairing now cause my inner Jun/Yuki gets jealous.XD I pair Ryou with wither Akihiko or Jun, btw.<3

He was asking me if I'll like ToA's Jade-- and I said "Hell NO!!!XDXDXD" wth

I've also drawn what I'm up to in P3.>.>;; No spoilers!8D
I bring 2 kind-of Persona3 sketches and a Trinty Soul colored art!!!<3 )

Some other Fandom arts might follow once I get to finish drawing them (RockmanX, ToA, ToL).XD Original Characters Cain and Leo as well for Kit-chan.=3<3

If P-TS gets dubbed-- I want Kirk Thornton to voice Ryou Kanzato.D8 Then I'll pair him with the man on the phone...>.>;; OMG! That's US JadeXDist VA's all over again!XD *random*

Wish me luck everyone!!! I have... a job interview tomorrow morning!T_T And since I know I really suck at interviews, I really need all the prayers I need...
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I made some ToA JeiDisu sketches for [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated~! Hopefully she sees these before she leaves.T_T<3

So... My twin wanted something Yu-Gi-OH for today, so I draw him some KaibaXJounouchi for Jou's birthday today.<3 [livejournal.com profile] aefallen, it seems we really can never get along when it comes to pairings.^^;; JouXYugi(XJou) is ok for me. The pairing I hate in YGO is KaibaXYugi.XD

And Persona 3? Of course there's P3 SOMEWHERE under the cut! *is partly lying*
Wow. I tried to bend my inspiration and thankfully I didn't fall into a slump overnight! GO ME!<3 )

I hope everyone enjoyed the randomness!8D



Just really random rants of stuff I noticed online and in-game. )

I badly want to talk to everyone in IM, but I'm online for a short time only.x_x;; ARGH.

We'll be watching ep 3 of Persona~Trinity Soul once I get home and Aniki wakes up~! Hehe, I can't wait to hear Midorikawa again and try looking for some more RyouX(man on the phone) hints!!!XD But I want more stuff about Jun~.D8 (we're now thinking he has multiple personalities, hehe)

[livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis, thanks for downloading the ep again~!<3
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I need to ask my twin about Junpei's formal costume and all, so I can continue the MinatoXJunpei comic/fic/whatever.x_x;; Geez, I suck so much when drawing original clothes!XD;;

I tried playing ToL a bit, Fire Monument, geez.x_x;; I'm using the all gay male party like always and I end up giggling too much when Moses makes his victory skits. NO, I don't see Shinji dancing around like that!XD *liar* Shinji's going to axe me for sure.>.>;;

I bring P3 fanart!8D No Spoilers-- just sketches with rants, like always.^^;;
Oh, I've also inserted some of my P3 Parallel stuff in the end.^^<3
(ARGH! The other stuff I need to post dissapeared from my CD-RW!!!Dx)
I need to get some more colored art done soon... No wait, I still need to finish some ToA stuff!o_o;; )

About my new 'Trigger Happy Akihiko' icon...
From all of SEES charas, it seems Akihiko's the one who enjoys shooting his head a lot. Ahaha, he's a bad example to the others.XD If anyone wants to borrow, just tell me~!<3 Get that thing away from him! He's addicted to it!

I wrote a RyouXAkihiko->Shinji ficlet. WTH. I MIGHT post all my ficlet's soon once I get to transfer them from my twins' celphone to the compy.

EDIT: NOT WORKSAFE! SHADOWxUKE!AKIHIKO DOUJIN!!! *saves ALL the pics* Now THIS is a very rare find. I never expected to even find one!XD (I found ShadowXJunpei back then...)
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Well... I said I'm planning to wait if ever someone makes a translation, but it seems I can't help but make arts and all about the Akihiko Figurine Mini Drama CD now.XD I was able to understand most of the scenes so yay.<3

OMG, Shinji and AKihiko were so gay!<3
Midorikawa didn't lie that it's about Shinji and Akihiko's Love Story!
Haha, Koromaru's there too.<3 Anyways, random art and summary under the cut~!
Akihiko Side: Episode Rain )

My confidence in translating will lower if someone releases a word by word trans-- and I find something wrong in how I understood the Drama CD (minus the yaoi hints I wanted to insert, hahaha). But I'm still looking forward to the trans, I didn't go to too much detail in my summary anyways.XD Honestly, I never had formal JP studies... I'm proudly self-studied and It'll really hurt if I get something really WRONG.

Angsting sucks, really. Hahaha.XD<3 *shoots self* I never did know what to say...x_x;;
Thanks everyone...
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P3 pinoy players might be the only one who could understand this...
Watch out for the Iwatodai Dorm-mates, the Big Bro Igor and their resident GHOST.
Eviction occurs every FULL MOON. WTH.

I obviously finished Shinji's Hi-Ougi cut-in.8D
Then... I've also taken a pic of a drawing of the 'Mysterious Man' in the Persona anime.>D
Well, it's just a guess of how he looks like...
Cut for... PICS. No spoilers maybe...? )

Talking to an old friend. I lost her e-mail when Y!mail deleted EVERYTHING a year back. I am OMG so glad she e-mailed me and wasn't mad at me.*o*<3

OMG. I got a NakaiKazuyaXMidorikawaHikaru BL Drama CD! Someone answered my request in the BLdrama CD comm!!! WTF!!! (It's a SHINJIXAKI YAOI!!! AAAH!!!) Need to calm down... I am just too happy today.
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Happy Birthday Junpei!8D

Most likely set in a parallel-- or maybe not? OOC-hyper!Minato? Why is a certain someone still alive? Why is Chidori a yaoi fangirl? Anyways, this is how our MinatoXJunpei pairing works...

Art and... well, explanation (fic?) of the scenes under the cut~!<3
MinatoXJunpei pt.1 (still untitled, sadly) )

Why am I making THIS instead of something ShinjiXAkihiko? My Gemini story is sooo angsty. I'm still writing it down before posting it. While this MinatoXJunpei is already finished-- well, the whole story draft is done, but the arts isn't. Hehehe...

Argh. HOPEFULLY I could finish this!XD
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Finished P3 again so our younger sibs could watch... Man, they hate Aigis so much now!XD 'Specially with the last scenes. They were all going, "Yukari...T_T"

*cough* I will be trying to fix my Dev if I have time.x_x;; Ahehehe...

Will be ranting more stuff about P-TS cause I watched it 3 times. First by myself (3 days ago), with Aniki, [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist and [livejournal.com profile] foxalollita (2 days ago) and yesterday with [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis.^^;; I can't wait for the next ep! I'm excited to se the afro Junpei!8D

Little P-TS with P3 rants on the side.<3
Jun's Guradian Angel. Random guesses in P-TS!8D )

Can't help but want to listen to Suicides Love Story now.x_x;; I'm sooo addicted to it, I think of ShinjiAki.<3<3<3 I need the Full Chorus version of it soon!Dx It'll be released on... MARCH!? o shi...T_T


I got desperate and went on a P3 JP fic searching spree.8D Mostly ShinjiAki, MinatoXJunpei or uke!Akihiko stuff...
I found an interesting MinatoXJunpei one (it's pr0n too).>3
Err... CUT cause I don't know what I'm typing and I think it's PORN! Hehehe )

This is probably one of the most amusing jp pr0n fics I've ever read!8D It was funny-- if only I could translate better.x_x;; The other fics I enjoyed was a ToA DukeFabreXGuy rape and an evil!AschXGuy fic... they're not humour tho. Ahaha...


I need an uke!Junpei icon.Dx

YAOI P3 pr0n!!!

Here's a special request from my twin bro.XD I made it cause it's a sepcial day for his original chara in my original story. WTH. *shrugs* Anyways... No P3 spoilers!8D
Definitely NOT WORKSAFE!!! RyojiXMinato(Hero)XJunpei threesome sketch!!!XD
OMG. I drew Threesome! OMG. I drew Threesome!! OMG. I drew Threesome!!! )

My twin hasn't seen it-- I hope he likes it.*o*<3

I'm still thinking of what to draw as a Birthday special for Junpei... Hmm...
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Yes! Finished P3 and we hated Aigis more in the end. Don't get me wrong, I respect the people who hates Yukari with a passion.^^;; So please let us hate Aigis freely. I know there's a lot of Aigis fans-- I don't want to get another death threat e-mail from a fan. I still feel slightly traumatized when I got one from a GuyXLuke fan...

I still hate ToA's GuyXLuke, btw. But our hate for Aigis is MORE. Geez, I like GuyXLuke when Guy is being sadistic to Luke and all (pwp is the best!<3)... ARGH!Aigis...
Why am I comparing ToA and P3?o_o;; Oh yeah, I like KOS-MOS of Xenosaga cause she's the REAL heroine of the story, unlike Aigis who's a FORCED heroine. I like Yukari as the heroine a lot.*o*<3 I miss PINK heroines! Hahaha... *cough*Tales of Vesperia*cough*T_T

The ending song was AigisXMinato, but I think I can mentally convert it as ShinjiXAkihiko or Junpei thinking of Minato (and Ryoji) in the end.=X
Before I spoil anyone, lemme cut this now. P3 ENDING SPOILERS UNDER THE CUT!!! And more ARGH!AIGIS rants.>D )

I can't wait to see the anime NOW.8D;;

Random Aigis thought...
If I liked Aigis, I probably make a MinatoXAigis pairing Chobits parody. Y'know, how to turn her ON.>D But we HATE Aigis so let's just forget about that... Oh, there's also a friend who LIKES a teacher. wth

Metis is a HIEROPHANT!?O_O NO WAY! NOT FAIR! There's a LOT of other arcanas, but they still gave her the HIEROPHANT!?Dx It's like she's replacing the Hierophant of your party.T_T ARGH. HATE.

Back to playing NamcoXCapcom. OMG. Street Fighter's Ken and Ryu is so GAY.XD
(I'm a Ryu-fan eversince. Wheee~! KenXRyu KenXRyu KenXRyu~!) *gets shot*


P3 Sketches. And more of those lazy chibis.

A LOT of sketches under the cut!8D The other were the ones I wasn't able to post last time I was online... Sorry they piled up like this.x_x;;

And as always, my rants are never-ending...^^;;

There's a colored art of Akihiko (ToA HiOugi!!!). And there will be SPOILERS!!!
The first cut doesn't have Spoilers in it.8D
Persona 3. I got to draw someone BALD and his CAP is making things difficult for me.DX )

SPOILERS!!! October Full Moon
It's a comic! A GAG COMIC!o_o;;
SPOILERS!!! October Full Moon. )

SPOILERS!!! 1st December Full Moon (and a day after)...
Well, there are 2 full moons on December, btw.8D
SPOILERS!!! 1st December Full Moon (and a day after)... )

SPOILERS!!! Ending?^^;;
Angst?>.>;; It's kinda like my 'Yay I finished P3' art thing.
SPOILERS!!! Ending?^^;; )

I hope everyone enjoyed that?8D
Thanks for taking the time to look.<3
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We just got a 2008 Calendar...>.>;;
And I was staring at the back of it which had Year 2009...
Should I encircle the special events in that year?8D;;

*Shoots self*

OK, no special stuff today.^^;; Just some random sketchies cause I was busy the whole day yesterday. Did the groceries, cooked and some laundry (more laundry tomorrow!). Well, I played P3 a bit, but still no story progress.XD So be glad no long rants today. Hahaha.

Listening to a newly downloaded 'Yume no Sukoshi Ato' song (BoFIV ED song) and it got me sketching of Fou-lu.<3 Then more P3 laziness!XD
Cut! 2 arts under the cut! Breath of Fire IV Fou-lu and more P3 laziness! (WTH) )

Advanced Happy New Year to everyone again!8D I won't be online for sure tomorrow cause We'll be meeting with the "Appriser" the whole family and our relatives will have a New Years party!8D Me so excited.<3

I need to hurry my P3 game so I can reach the date today.>.>;; Hehehe...
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I wanted to listen to something cheerful... something with Shinji and Akihiko in it.T_T

I just passed the October Full moon... I'm not too happy about what happened.>.>;;
Damn, Akihiko recovered FAST and it got me depressed, I was expecting some more angst.
I need an uber-morbid!Akihiko for my plans. *evil*

I gave up making a summary for the 1st Drama CD cause it's long and nobody listens much to me anyways.XD Well, if anyone wants a more detailed summary of the 1st Drama CD, I might just make one-- just ask.8D

I'm going for the 2nd Drama CD Moonlight, cause it just suits my mood.
Junpei and Akihiko getting LOCKED INSIDE SHINJI'S ROOM is too much!XD
Cut for SPOILERS, cause... they're already talking about the LAST BOSS! WTH!?XD
Persona 3 Drama CD Vol.2 Moonlight (mostly Junpei and Akihiko side ONLY) )

I actually still prefer the 1st Drama CD cause it's a lot HAPPIER. The 2nd one is angsty... the extra summer one was... too Aigis, Mitsuru, and Junpei centric.x_x;; I wanted MORE of Akihiko (and Shinji)...T_T

I miss Midorikawa Hikaru so much...T_T


More P3 rants...

Atlus wins for giving me nightmares!x_x;; Me and my sibs were scaring each other about December 31st...

CUT FOR SPOILERS!!! December 12 (my current game) and the events before that.
(October event...T_T) I'm complaining in most of my rants though... Hahaha. *hits self*
As usual. Really random cause I typed whatever entered my mind.
I'm on December. Even the Trees could feel death drawing near... )

Who's Ryoji? [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis asks, then I reply that 'He's an important person by December,' Uhmmm... Santa Claus?oo;; Minato shouting 'Thanatos' sounded like it.XD WTF.

Akihiko obviously uses his left hand a LOT, but I see him hold his Evoker on his right as well...
Ambidextrose maybe?oo;;

The Calendar and the Moon Phases in P3 is REAL by 2009!!! Scary...


Obligatory P3 Art Post~!

Not much. Still just sketches and some simply colored art. I wanted to make a Christmas/New Year special but it looks like that won't happen since my inspiration is still trying to fit in with P3...

I'll be posting a ToA art soon! I'm just finishing/cleaning it up a bit.x_x;;

Persona 3... with a hint of some of P1 and P2 as well? )

Belated Merry Christmas and an Advanced Happy New year everyone!!!XD
I need to greet now, cause I dunno when I'll be online again.

ARGH. The house is a total mess...

I seriously didn't recieve any gifts.T_T Is it because they think I'm too old for gifts? WTH... *emo*
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Guess what? I think you can actually DATE Junpei, Ken-ken, Akihiko or Shinji in FES!o_o;; I just read a few FES yonkoma's and... What's with Minato going to the movies with one of them?XD

There's also this GAY adorable colored art of Bebe in the yonkoma.*o*<3

Yeah, I was able to sleep with a smile on my face last night cause of the Yonkoma. No bad thoughts entered my mind before sleeping thankfully.ID
More random P3 rants. )

Yeah, I'm still taking September slowly and all...



More P3 sketches under the cut!8D
I didn't know what was called a BEANIE!o_o;; )

Enjoy everyone!8D

Akihiko, why did you have to be left handed!?x_x;; ARGH.

Aigis is 10 levels lower than everyone!oo;; WTH, it's not that I hate her or anything... I'm not fond of her but not HATE.x_x;;
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My mind is partly STILL ToA hyper because of AschXGuy doujins.XD But... I don't have much time to look at them and translate. (I've been planning to make scanlation-like stuffs!<3)

For now, let's go for Persona 3.^^;;
SPOILERS under the CUT! I'm still in September...
but I might give out spoilers about upcoming events.x_x;;
CUT FOR SPOILERS!!! Cause I talk too much... )

Oh yeah, I just got ShinjiAki fanarts from a DistXGuy site I like, hahaha.>.>;;<3

And my HS friend/crush had the same Birthday as Junpei!8D January 16! OMG.
(No ones interested to know that of course)

I'm getting MORE P3 hentai. Mainly Fuuka centric ones.8D;; I want ShinjiXFuuka! ARGH, BLAME THE DRAMA CD!!!DX My Shinji is so gonna kill me.x_x;; Don't expect me to upload ones with Aigis in it.Xp

O SHI. AkihikoXMitsuru hentai...o_o;; NOOO!!!Dx


A kind-of Summary of...
... Persona3 Drama CD vol.1 Daylight

Guess what? The 1st Drama CD was in between September, a few days after the Sept full moon.
I got to listen to the Drama CD before I was able to finish the Sept Full moon...^^;;

Well, I finished it yesterday.>.>;; So yeah, I think I know what I'm gonna talk about now!
I haven't listened to it again, so all of what I type here will be from memory. Ahehehe.^^;;
I WILL add more once I get to listen to it again.x_x;; I know I was laughing a LOT when I listened...

CUT FOR SPOILERS and I made one sketchy fanart.^^;;
Persona3 Drama CD vol.1 Daylight and thoughts about vol.2 Moonlight )

The DAYLIGHT drama CD lacks a track 4.T_T Can anybody upload it for me if I do lack it???

I typed this in a hurry.. AGAIN.XDXDXD

Random doodle post with sibs--

Akihiko (P3) and Tytree (ToR) - Drawn by me
Ice Cube Veigue (ToR) - younger sis [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist
Mao's head (ToR) - youngest sis [livejournal.com profile] foxalollita

pic_murasaki: (Emo Saru)
ShinjiroXAkihiko is just like AschXGuy-with-mushroom-on-top all over again.T_T
(Please ignore me, I was double-heartbroken to see spoilers...)

Persona 3. Cut for possible SPOILERS, cause I talk too much.XD
P3 rants under the cut. I'm not sure how much spoilers I already know.x_x;; )

Dude, i've been nagging my twin to cosplay Shinji for me.XD I wanna costrip Akihiko even if my complexion is too dark for him.^^;;
(twins cosplaying as Shinji and Aki.<3<3<3)


Practice makes...
Aki's hair perfect...?o_o;;

Been sketching P3 now.
So far, the only ones I could draw are Akihiko and Shinji's heads!XD
I'll be practicing Minato and Junpei after I perfect my Gemini pairing.<3
What the hell are they wearing...? )

I might start mixing my drawing inspiration.
Argh, I don't want to let go of ToA yet!!!DX

Need... P3 icons...

Slow internet connection is killing me.x_x;;
I wanna download missed ToA doujins...T_T

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