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Inspiration has been on and off. I though KH-Birth by Sleep would boost up my KH isnpiration a bit, I love TerraVen so much.D8 Waited for the game for so long and it ended so fast. I was expecting a LOT more from it sadly.

I think I would love to see XemnasXRoxas now cause of BBS.>.>;;

I got Radiant Mythoogy 2 back on PSP!Shirley and will be getting ToP-NarikiriDungeonX later. Too excited to see much of Chester and Dhaos.XD Waiting for more RM3 announcements. I hope Shirley seriously makes it and some other characters.*o*<3<3<3

Hmm, what else have I been doing...? Reading Sherlock Holmes CANON, I'm just on chap3 of the first part and I'm already excited to read the rest. Haha.

Onto some arts... Might post some on dev as well.
Sketching Agent J of EBA, and more Ouendan-danchous. )

BTW, would be joining a company contest. I don't need to force my inspiration in drawing something I can't. I can draw all the aniem I want for it. But... knowing that the other artists stuff would be real art (painting, real life sketches and like that) I guess this is suicide. It's alright, I love suicide projects.=3 Got a little more encouragement from my Team Supervisor...

I would really like my drawing to reach somewhere even if I'm out of practice. It would be Center wide first, regional then international levels... Hey, international level wouldn't be that bad. I know I showed my Passion (uhhh, yeah the theme is 'Show your Passion', hahaha)

Good Luck to me.<3

Thanks for looking everyone! *huggles*
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Happy 25th Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to me and my twin, and a couple of other people who will be celebrating their Birthday today. Ouran's Hitachiin twins and my fave Disney chara Donald Duck included.XD

Filed a 2-day leave from work just to draw this. So I had time to color as well!

And just like always... a special Bday sketch.8D
I don't think it's THAT disturbing... is it?
Or maybe it's just me. I find them TOO adorable on those.XD
OUENDAAAN!!! And then they come barging in cheering Happy Birthday... What? )

Despite my inspiration and drawing going on and off, I'm so glad I got to finish this...

I still have it right? The ability to draw?
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New Danchou pairing icon.8D Asked permission from youngest sis to use her stuff.<3

*cough* Anwyays, random comics and sketches under the cut.
All are worksafem but please keep in mind, they're yaoi as usual.>D
All Ouendan stuff again. Majority are Danchou centric.
More OUENDAAAAN... dan... dan... sketches! )

NON-WORKSAFE OUENDAN STUFF. AsahiXYuuhi Danchou all the way! )

What? You're looking for Leader or Rookie centric? Go to my sibs Dev! They have lotsa those. I'm more on the Danchous side of everything.^^

Ah, I might start drawing something else soon.

Touhou is creeping up on me with yuri and my supplier for Touhou fanstuff is... well... supplying me with everything he got.XD
I'm mainly on Scarlet Devil Mansion residents. Anything Izayoi Sakuya is the best (uber uke would be plus points).

And currently playing KH~Birth by Sleep. TerraXVen all the way!XD
Well... wait until we get to see Lea, let's see what I could cook up with that.
Spamming Ven's Fire Blazer style... cause it reminds me too much of Axel.ToT<3<3<3

Next post! Birthday Special post!!XDXDXD
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Trying to get the BA-1 OT3 story fixed.>.>;; Doumeki, Kiryuuin and Chieftain when they were younger and the 2 Danchou's were still Agents. Yes, really random, but I think it's a nice idea.

Dunno when I could get around typing or drawing more of it though.XD

Glamorous Days, Glorious Days, Glamorous Sky. 2 Ouendan sketchies under the cut! )

Will be enjoying the long holiday. My Rest Day is Thur-Fri and I'm on Vacation Leave till Monday. Oh yay, more time to draw something. I'll also probably try to color something...

Ah, and also do some collab stuff with Tanaka-kun and Kikuchi-kun at home.XD
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Doumeki Kai Doumeki Kai Doumeki Kai...
I don't realy know what to call them. Yeeesh. Japanese names and all...

We call them by their first names at home, but I usually use their last names when typing fics. Same with those japanese Ouendan fics I read.<3<3<3

Re-playing Oeundan1, I just got to finish Doumeki-danchou's Ready Steady Go stage, damn that was fun.8D I still think Countdown is a killer... since I haven't finished that one ever.

Ugh, I just pray EBA2 or Oeundan3 will be a surprise when I get online.

ANYWAYS, KiryuuinXDoumeki and KikuchiXTanakaXKikuchi post, well, there's a bit of the Leaders there as well...

Fixed everything. Kind of hid 1 non-worksafe pic.=3
Posted my comics now as well. I was lazy posting those up before.
Moero Nekettsu! Rythm Damashii...! Or was that Tamashii? )

Can't get my mind off of Saionji singing Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.x_x;; *random*

BTW, if other Ouendan fans finds my stuff, it'll be nice if you could visit my younger sibs Devs.8D Foxalolita had already posted a LOT of her Ouendan stuff, majority is TanakaXKikuchi. Then Pictoalchemist might go online tomorrow... might post her TanakaXKikuchi and uke!Tanaka stuff as well. Love her DoumekiXTanaka arts!<3
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Seriously got time to sit down and draw something. At long last.

Though I don't think anyone would benefit from this fandom I'm into right now.>.>;;

What seemed to be a small joke, that I could use the fandom for our Disturbing Birthday special by June, turned out to be my current major inspiration.

The most disturbing pairing also turned out to be my OTP.^^;;

Lots of sketches under the cut. ALL GUYS. I'm picky with the Cheergirls...
DISTURBING and really random NON-WORKSAFE stuff in there so please take care.XD
Art post! OSU! TATAKAE!! OUENDAN!!! )

I haven't drawn for awhile, so I really feel accomplished for this. It's not even an RPG!

About the Cheergirls, I'm quite picky wwith them. Though me and my sibs actually support Ryuuta and the main Cheergirl from Asahi.=3 Don't ask.>.>;;
I might start drawing EBA as well. I think I'm liking the thought of CommanderXJ.<3<3<3

My sibs have the same inspiration. Trust me.XD

Thanks for looking!<3
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5th Tales chara poll.XD Linking this for my sibs.<3

So us 5 sibs got hooked with playing a certain rythm game.>.>;;
I'm NEVER really good at them but this one is... special.

[livejournal.com profile] foxalollita's friend introduced Elite Beat Agents. It was fun for them, but I wasn't that impressed (I had fun watching them play, sure). Until [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis got the original jp version which is Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan...

I knew the game. Been listening to Sukima Switch's 'Zenryoku no Shonen' and found out it was in a NDS game-- when I saw the pics, I... wasn't really amused with it and thought I would never like the game. Thought it was some sports game or something...

Tried playing a bit of it for inspiration for June 9 (mine and my twins B-day) And been joking that I wanted a boyfriend like one of THEM at least.XD
And guess what? I actually fell for the creepiest guy in the game!XD The Cheer Squad boss!<3<3<3

Bald guy with cap chibi drawn by [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist
Blonde pretty boy chibi drawn by [livejournal.com profile] foxalollita
Guy in the BG chibi drawn by me.XD

We actually have our own charas (and pairings) by now.8D;;
I just wish the game gets a 3rd sequel.T_T I wanted more...
Game is old. Dammit...

Kinda embarassing when I play though... I had to practice a stage multiple times to get the beat.x_x;; Not really talented with such. Just desperate, inspired and loving.XD WTH?

Sketching (kind of) yaoi in the office is dangerous. Specially when once in a while, some co-workers tends to look at my sketch pad once in a while.XD

I prefer ENxOuendan.>.>;;<3<3<3
(As if someone know what I'm talking about, hahaha)

Not much with chara interaction, but hey, that leaves great imaginations to cook up stuff!8D;;<3<3<3

Been happy with life lately cause of this game. I'd really recommend playing it.
Had more time talking with my sibs cause of this and... the sad songs from my playlist was completely replaced with the happy songs of the game.

Will get around posting the rest of the PSP!ToD2 pics once I get them all.XD I only need the 3rd playthrough ending pic that would be Harold and Judas.=3 Uhhh... playing Ouendan actually took most of my time though.XD Hah!

My StanXLion celphone wallpaper actually got replaced by the Ouendan Danchou. Hahaha.XD

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