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Ignore my icon.>.>;; I'm posting ToA art...

I hope this makes [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated happy.^^<3
Jade and Saphir )

Speaking about Dist... I just remembered my Dist-san.^^
Remember THESE Gaillardia's that came from [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie???
Back then, I got to press a few of them after they wilted a bit. So I found most of them in between our books. Aniki told me to laminate them. So I did,just today.^^<3 They look ok.<3 I'm still glad to have them...

What else... In NamcoXCapcom, I'm not sure if I read it right, but did the enemies mention that they're going to take Dycroft (ToD last dungeon) to the REAL WORLD!?XD OMG,I hope it's true... (minus Belcrant. Hahaha)

Aniki just finished his GS4 game.>.>;; He LOVES the Lino en Kuldes so much and likes the HeroXLino pairing (HeroXSnowe too, but he likes Lino more)yes, the hero is seme... He was shocked to know that Lino en Kuldes is... well.. spoilers for the night convo between the hero and Lino.XD;;

I'm happy to play P3. My sibs are so amused with Junpei and they want to watch while I play it.XD I really like the attention cause they NEVER like watching the games I play...
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pr0n and talking with people saves me from angst. I'm glad [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie was still awake last night.^^;; Ahehe, so sorry you had to stay up late for that...>.>;; *huggles*

I should celebrate Evil Daddy's Day today.>D *shoots self*
Ok, I made that up. Still...

Our Dad SMS and MMSed my phone last night. Yeah, 'Mis u', 'Take care', and 'I love you's as I recall... Ah and he sent me a pic of Dragon Ball Z with all male Super Saiyan mode, hahaha. Ah, if only he knows what we're up to now.>D

Mom probably gave him my number. ARGH. I HATE IT.DX me and my twin BADLY wanted to MMS any ManXMan (yaoi) pr0n art of mine cause he's such a homophobe, but of course I don't want him telling Mom we draw such.^^;;

I know he wants to fix things, but I have completely lost my trust in him. That bastard. What will he think of his children who says YAOI, YURI, and HENTAI at random daily? (He speaks fluent and perfect japanese, btw) If he wants to fix things up he should be the one to cope up with what we do and what WE are now. Yeah, and my relationship with Kimi, he should accept that, but I don't think he will...

I was planning to draw pr0n to cheer me up, but I ended up just staring at my old arts. And then ended up looking at really old ToA pr0n.8D DukeFabreXGuy and... Evil!LukeXGuy?8D Hey, I might redraw some just for the heck of it. At least now I know people won't get mad at me anymore when I try to draw Evil!LukeXGuy.<3

Scanned a few of the DukeFabreXGuy's for FUN. All were made LAST YEAR before US ToA's release! Cool.8D
NOT WORKSAFE!!! DukeFabreXGuy with hints of Young!AschXGuy(?) in betweens )

I hope you guys enjoyed that...?^^;;
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The latest TalesRing the Abyss' guest was surprisingly Yasunori Matsumoto-- and this is probably my most faved show cause-- there are AschXGuy hints even in betweens the JadeXGuy.8D

I'll rant about this before I go to my art post, cause I am TOO HAPPY.^_____^

TalesRing the Abyss 041207. Matsumoto mentions JADE a LOT. So I'm hoping for Koyasu's next guesting for him to mention GUY a LOT. )

They announce when the 5th ToA Drama CD will come out, but didn't say who'll be in the cover. Then ToF vol.2 and the different edition's of ToS OVA--

The Exspehere Edition contains an extra with (interviews of?) Konishi Katsuyuki (Lloyd), Mizuki Nana (Colette), and Tachiki Fumuhiko (Kratos). But the one that made me interested was the Collectors Edition.XD It has something titled 'Kratos-sensei's Private Lesson' it sounds so wrong (it sounds like a pr0n title). What the hell is THAT?o_o;;


Oh yay! SCANNER!!!

[livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis got to fix our scanner~. I'm not sure how long it'll stay OK, but I hope it'll be permanent.^^;; So-- I got to scan some sketches.8D I'm still going to color them ALL hopefully.^_____^
(I'm fighting 4 siblings for the only computer at home!XD)

I was planning to post [livejournal.com profile] kaitou_orphen's CHIBI request-- but I haven't finished coloring them.>.>;; Uh huh... My twin thinks it's creepy.XD

- Singpen sketch Dist
- Signpen sketch Kaizer!Guy
(I also TRIED copying Atsuko Nakajima's art)
- Kaizer!Guy novel Cover?o_o;;
- Pretty Peony.XD
- Replica!Van

The only drawing that's NOT parallel there is the Peony one.^^;;

Sketches. None colored. MOST are Parallel/AUs.^^;; )

Now I need to look at a LOT of hentai with really soft looking big boobs so I can draw hentai VanXTear.X3
And I am still hyper with FontechXGuy thoughts.*o*<3

Argh... To everyone, I'm really sorry I can't get online much now.^^;; Ahehehe...
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Don't tell me the Tales of the Abyss Fandom is crashing because of Art Thieves! I haven't even played the game for real.ToT
I actually couldn't sleep last night because I can't help but think that my flist is mixed with them. I understand how my artists friends feel because I am also an artist and I respect even japanese artists works. And all I ask is for people to give the same respect to great artists you admire and at least ask their permission before you use their works.DX Or just don't use them at all.

Okay that's the only angsting I could do.

I obviously forced my writing inspiration to WRITE something out of frustration yesterday. I don't even know if I'll continue this.o_o Guy's POV and I'm not even sure if I got certain descriptions right.Xp As usual, LACKING.

What the hell did I just write!?DX BAD ENDING!? It's really random, hahaha. )

I have a bunch of unscanned sketches at home, so expect for me to make an art spam soon and...

Now where is that Novel...? Hmm... I think I left 4 more pages.^^;; Adult Jade and Peony's conversation, and the last 2 pages where the gang leaves Eldrant and we get another JadeXLuke thoughts from Jade. Ahahaha.
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First off... Cause [livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx wanted Natalia... Chibi Natalia!

That's the only colored art I have, but I have a lot of random parallel sketches today cause I needed my sketch session back. Hahaha.<3 I hope my inspiration don't crash.x_x;;

And surprisingly, there's NO AschXGuy under the cut.
The stuff you'll see here are--
- VanXLuxanne (For [livejournal.com profile] lightbulby)
- Gaillardias (Kaizer!Guy and Dist.<3)
- Lulz, Dist Costume 'Rose Knight'
- Special NEW Rokujinshou Character

The Dist related ones are obviously for my Dist, [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie.*o*

I suggest everyone to see the last sketch I made.8D It's so special.<3 (but with ToA spoilers)
I'm an AU/Parallel dork. SORRY~!XDXDXD )

I'll be finishing the summary of Jade's novel chapter soon, once I'm more confident to put it up here.^^;;
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This post gets my pouty Asch icon cause of the Asch abuse.DX

Okay, about the 4th ToA Drama CD-- Did I just heard AschXGuy?*o* *gets depressed after listening* I think NOT.-_-;;

First crappy summary I did... of the 1st ToA Drama CD. I don't think I'll make the 2nd and 3rd tho, but if I feel like listening to them again, sure.

Really sucky rants/summary of the 4th Drama CD.8D If anyone finds something WRONG, please be kind an correct me.^^;; My lack of english makes it difficult to pick the right english words for this.x_x;;

SPOILERS for the ToA Game are here as well.^^;; I know there're better people who summarize thse stuff-- but heck, I don't have any of them summarizing in my flist, hahaha!8D

Oh yeah, the last track of the 4th Drama CD is the BEST twist that's out of the GAME!!!
Lulz. Lot's of really random pairs appeared-- but NO ASCHXGUY!!!ToT )

Oh yeah, Kaizer Dist is FEMALE!!!DX Argh, so my Kaizer!Guy should call her 'Aneki' instead of 'Aniki'.x_x;;

Arietta only had 2 VERY SHORT appearances all in all in ALL the Drama CD too.DX WAAAH!!!


Gardios and Cecille Frings Comic

Surprisingly I have made a VERY NORMAL COMIC (xcept for the LAST page).>.>;;

Well, you can think. ZOMG! Aslan Frings got Josette Cecille preggy before he-- *spoilers*!
Yeah that.XD

A really random thought that bugged me for days.x_x;; I don't know if I'll continue or not...?

SPOILERS about the ToA game as well.XDXDXD
What ToA ending is THIS!?o_o )

Enjoy.8D Random thoughts about the comic are appreciated.XD
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I got to scan some stuff so oh Happy Day!<3 And I'm gonna go cos-tripping with Aniki and Ate Medith (walk around the mall in Ouran HS uniform)

ANYWAYS, about the title, I have drawn another fanart of a certain jp ToA parallel site.ID Ever heard of 'IX' (Nine)? I've ranted about that months ago... He's Jade's best friend and since his maker ABUSED her parallel making powers, Nine can cast Artes and SING the Grand Fonic Hymn!

Random Nine fanart, rants and links to random sites.XD )


A~nd MORE of my parallel and arts

Random scan of my LATEST parallel headache plan and 2 of my new icons--!

I'm not sure if you want to see this Ouji-sama.8D It's the Young!VanXPedo!Guy parallel and Kaizer!Guy icons )

My mind is still swimming in AschXGuy-ness because of [livejournal.com profile] intermixed, I wonder if it's alright if I hunt down both Asch and Guy players? I'm really one of their fans now.<3 Expect me to draw (hopefully) AschXGuy stuffs and MORE DIST's...

I'm already coloring my giftpic for [livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx~!*o*

I think I'm done now, and I should be going or else Aniki's gonna wait long at SM Megamall.^^;;
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Suzuki Chihiro just announced that the 4th Drama CD's cover is Ion and Luke IonXLuke!!!, cause we'll know Ion's fate there... *spoiler rants* Yeah, you guys know what it is I'm sure...^^;; I was panicking when me and Kimi first got to Mt.Zaleho and thought it was gonna happen at that time... Hahaha...

(And I've searched all over for the cover-- but I haven't found it yet...XO)

And he didn't announce if next week we'll have Takehito Koyasu's guesting in TalesRing the Abyss.-_-;; Geez, Koyasu really wanted a surprise grand entrance.XD


VaXLuke and... SOME Guys

VanXLuke for [livejournal.com profile] lightbulby


A random ballpen-ed comic I made featuring
Guy Cecil, Kaizer!Guy and Rokujinshou!Guy.XD
Cause I was... bored...

Sketchies.8D )

I need to work on more stuff... Hahaha...


Went youtube hunting cause PSP ToD2 is already out and found the bonuses.>D

Jade, Zelos... Kyle, Reala and Judas...?

I still need to watch these...8D *haven't seen it* I think the one who made the clips is in the Tales Namco forums... Hmm... Havne't visited there for months.XD


Did I just saw Dist in Tales of Tactics???O_O;;

It's a mobile game and... well... yeah...XDXDXD I saw a random jp blog and saw pics.>D>D>D
REALLY!!!XDXDXD Dist-san~!<3
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Okay, so I was playing ToA with [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie and realized that the Kaizer!guy Main Menu Pic I made had an error.XD Arghness... The options lacked 'Equip' (I think in the jp it's 'Soubi', hmm...) cause the pic Kimi gave me was THIS, so I have no idea on what were the other options are! Hahaha.<3

I'm gonna fix that once I get home...8D (And yes, I;m not gonna use a ruler again, hahaha) Oh yeah, I'm currently at [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie's place.8D Got to play ToA a bit (aww, I wasn't able to HiOugi Arietta in the Mt. Roneal Boss Battle...D= *wants GuyXArietta action BADLY*)

And the JadeXLuke talk in Keterburg.<3<3<3 And the 親馬鹿!Guy+Luke scene.<3 Aww...<3<3<3
I really can't see GuyXLuke pairing anymore. I see Guy as Luke's daddy... or mommy XDXDXD

I am really spoiling myself TOO MUCH!8D

On a random note--
I like DistXGuy more than JadeXGuy.=p Oh, and my Dist REALLY REALLY HATES Peony.XD

I got to see a REAL doujinshi at last! Kimi got this really angsty Jade centric after-ToA DJ, and it was... weird...ID And then another that's a PeonyXNephry.<3 Nice.<3


IX->Luke<-Jade Parallel

I found this really interesting ToA parallel in a jp site.8D And yes, I also got into it and to think that Guy doesn't even have a role in it! It's hero is a guy named 'IX (Nine)' and... well... it was really interesting! (and the friggin dude can HEAL!<3)

Oh yeah right, think of the ONLY person who had a NINE in his name!XD

I really like parallels, obviously...


Since Kimi wanted me to take it... The Seme/Uke quiz~!

My result? Interesting.>D )

Uhm... right...XDXDXD NOT GOOD. Ahahaha... *sweat*
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(Okay, so I got used to calling AUs as 'Parallels' since that's what I see in jp sites whenever I read jp fics. Hahaha. Hey, I'm asian.8D Is that a good excuse?)

I had to finish typing and drawing this by 4 am today cause the ideas won't let me sleep!x_x;; Yes, I was able to draw stuff in between scenes as well.XD Even if not a lot of people are reading this, I enjoy typing this parallel... see how inspired I am!?O_O;;

Oh, and Guy also calls the good guys as 'Jade Gang' cause he believes in whatever Dist says!. I guess you'll get the idea on what part of the game this is.X3

- Curse Slot
- Meeting Jade
- KaizerDist+Guy VS Jade Gang
- Guy's jealousy...?8D

Kaizer!Guy Parallel. Dist-><-Guy?, JadeXDist?... KaizerDistXGuy...?8D )

Since Guy is on Dist's side, he gets the benefit of loosing to the good guys, hehehe.XD

I had to check a few quote lists and needed to recheck a few lines from the game, but since I only have jp scripts with me, all I could do is try to translate stuff I can recall.>D I really didn't want to put the exact eng convo's in the game-- I wanted it to be somehow different-- but at the same time, the idea is still there.=3

If there needs more explanation/questions, I'll gladly answer them.XD Well, I MIGHT answer if it won't spoil the future parts of this parallel.

Jade Gang side. After the battle conversation.8D
EveryoneXKaizer!Guy...?o_O;; )

Luke is thinking too much and misinterprets Guy's want for attention before and in battle. While Jade-- is simply jealous cause Dist gave away his surname to a random person.8D Hehehe.=3

Anise was mentioned, but I won't let her talk.=p So, does anybody notice the HINTS of the people who're interested in Guy now?XDXDXD


Other AUs:

Since I love making parallels, I also love reading others' ideas.<3 So anybody else have parallel/AU thoughts my mind can host?XD

Here's a sketch of [livejournal.com profile] meimi's Asch Curtiss from her 'Sacred Flame of Malkuth' AU.8D
And this just made me realize how I hate drawing Jade's uniform...XD and I suck at poses.ToT

I'm still having problems with my 'Original Luke' parallel...x_x;; Will I continue or not?

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