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I found this lying around in my personal journal at home.8D Hahaha. I was able to fix it a bit and ended up with this...

WARNING: A bit of ANGST, if you know what happened in Luke's Death and Asch's Change.XD And probable SPOILERS for the REAL ToA Game...?

Say Goodbye to your Present,
And Welcome Back your Past...

Original Luke Parallel. Luke's Return...? )

If you're interested to know more about this parallel, just click the 'Original Luke Parallel' tag and you'll find other stuff related to this...8D Hehehe.<3


Talesring the Abyss
I tried to stop myself to post something about this but can't...x_x;;

In the 15th Radio show.
Did Suzuki Chihiro just announced that the 4th ToA Drama CD cover will only have LUKE!? WTH?
I was expecting Tear and Van...ToT Well, it's still unsure.. but yeah...

Also, the current radio show already featured 'Ore, Kawaritai' corner.8D (one of the 2 new corners) and... I just enjoyed how Luke shouts one of the 'Sensei, Arigatou-gozaimashita-aaah!!!' it sounded so wrong... *cough*VanXLuke*cough*


Random notes...

I HATE it when I'm caught off guard with the pairing GxA and find it's a GinjiXAsch and NOT GuyXAsch... But I can honestly say, I kinda like thinking about GinjiXAsch when I don't look at the pair...XD I MIGHT draw some... *suicides*

The DIST ONLY EVENT in Japan is... on April 1?o_O;;
WTF, poor Dist!XD (Still, a nice choice of Event Date! Haha.<3)
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I am suicidal I know. I a lot of you guys would kill me for this.XDXDXD

Okay, this fic plan started last year in my thoughts. Even earlier than my Kaizer!Guy one. I've posted a pic relating to that parallel, but no one noticed and that's ok.^^;;

This plan started because I already had my tolerance for AschXLuke up, and since I wanted to make an excuse for AschXGuy and AschXLuke at the same time... well... yeah...XD

Tell me if my timing or whatever in the story is off or I need to explain more (thanks to Dev!Disasterously-sweet for checking it though.<3). I didn't want to spoil myself more of ToA's before ending scenes, but I also didn't want to waste this parallel plan...ToT So yeah... *got spoiled more*

WARNING: ANGST, yes, a LOT of them.DX

AschXLukeXAsch? Asch->Guy?... Uhh... DarkWingsXAsch? GinjiXAsch?8D What...? )

I bet some people also found this scene, but this is a few more events afterwards.8D
It's a replacement/parallel to the Asch VS Luke scene in Eldrant.=O
(Highlight it please? Hahah.XD)


For those DLing the TalesRing of the Abyss...

*blink* *blink* The lastest show is 39.9 MB and it's just 23 minutes!?O_O WTF!? I still need to edit (most likely to low quality mp3 format) so I can upload...-_-;; What the hell are they thinking? Did someone caught me uploading these stuff?>D Hahaha.<3
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Laundry... and you know what that means.>D

AschXGuy(?) comic:

Cause I love Pere-jiichan and he needed some action.8D But still... I promise to draw him more soon.XDXDXD As usual, lazy coloring.8D

Forgive the OOCness?8D
Asch VS the Left Shield of Gardios comic (1) )

I really need to thank [livejournal.com profile] meimi for the tern 'tabard'.8D Hehehe.<3

Argh... lotsa stuff I wanna do but my hands are too slow to draw.x_x;;
- [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie's JadeXDistXJade stuff... I hope you remember what they are.>D
- [livejournal.com profile] meimi's Spear weilding Asch (AU)... I also wanted Asch Curtiss to wear the uniform. Hahaha, oh yes, and the pacman belt.XD
- [livejournal.com profile] kaitou_orphen's AschXGuy bondage.8D
- [livejournal.com profile] aefallen... anything with Mieu... I already know what to draw.>D
- [livejournal.com profile] whitehaiku chibi's of his chara's.=D
- [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated... anything with Dist?8D
- [livejournal.com profile] wondermilk StanXLion?8D

Okay, tell me if I missed anyone.-_-;; (Yes, even the ones in Dev)


Using drugs in AU/Parallels:

I know my Rokujinshou!Guy is a drug addict.8D Yeah, he injects random stuff in him seventh fonon *gets shot* 2 times a day. Morning and Night...

And I wonder where I got THAT inspiration?XD *points to self* I'm a drug addict myself.8D If you can call it that anyways...=p

That explains why his eyes turns red...

The Kaizer!Guy... I don't think he'll be interested in using drugs... Hmm... *rethinks*

It's all Van's fault!XO


'Original Luke' AU/Parallel...

Yeah, I asked around if I can kill Luke before heading off to Eldrant.XD (and I still ended up with my own random thoughts, hahaha)

Okay, I can't believe I'm skipping everything else in this parallel plan and putting up the BEST PART (o rly?).8D I'm not the best fic writer there is so... forgive my lack of explanations in betweens.XD I'm an artist, not a writer, hahaha. *bad excuse*

This part's been in my personal journal for days now, btw... This might be confusing.>D
It's the supporting fic of the smiling Rokujinshou!Luke PIC, btw.=p
Original Luke ficbit: Eldrant's Replica Luke... AschXGuy? LukeXGuy? VanXLuke? Uhh... AschXLukeXAsch? What? No idea. )

I just realized that I won't be able to finish this without the games last stage knowledge.ToT Argh, we need our PS2 back and fixed, badly...

I might stop making parallels if my taste in music changes.8D My normal ToA ones are all stacking up and ready to fall on me for revenge.XDXDXD


Kaizer!Guy Parallel pimping, again...

No updates, I just wanted to post randomness...8D
The ficbits are only hinted DistXGuy and some AschXGuy...
And maybe VanXGuy soon once Kaizer!Guy meets up with him!XD

Before Kaizer Dist (in game) boss battle? My first draft of the AU:

Arts relating to Kaizer!Guy:

More ficbits.8D
- History of the half-done 'Light of Gardios'
- The Earpiece and the invisible Tracer?8D
- Choral Castle. When he Guy was 15...
- Continuation of the events at Choral Castle.

A few years later after Guy let's Luke escape...


I love this site... it makes a really nice!VanXLuke+Asch...<3
(sometimes evil!Van too... hehehe) It's also one of the sites I was able to draw a REAL 11-year old looking Van.8D
And now they're into VanXGuy, and THAT makes me happier.<3

(Really confusing to navigate around cause it's like a blog.=p)

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