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I was caught sleeping while the trainer was discussing in front.>.>;; He talked to me today, and he wasn't really someone I could hate. He's just worried that I might get terminated.x_x;;

I don't know.x_x;; I need to get used to this and TRY not to fall asleep.Dx
Oh yeah, we set up some Modems today. it was COOL.<3 NOT A TECHIE PERSON

To my Beloved American Friends, I'll be handling Verizon DSL.
How bad is this High Speed Internet?XD
I heard it sucks, please tell me the truth.8D;; I'd love to hear from everyone.

ANYWAYS, It's another weekend. Another rest day.8D I need to draw SOMETHING.
Tales of Vesperia. Tales of Innocence. Original. Trying to keep awake... )

I'm playing ToW:RM1. Named my character Estellise (pink hair and all, and she's a healer.<3)
Still having problems on HOW I'm going to apologize to our cousins though.XD;;

So... I am equally amused with YuriXEstelle Anthology and then the RicardoXSpada Anthology. I know one is Het and the other is Yaoi, but hey, I love both pairings.XD<3 I wanna draw for the RicaSpa one but meh... I don't think they'll let a gaijin join.>.>;; The YuriXEstelle one? I'd prefer drawing JUST Estelle. I'm too lazy to draw Yuri.x_x;;

*huggles everyone*<3<3<3

May 10...

May. 10th, 2008 10:48 am
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It's may 10 again, I need to post something related to that seiyuu... I wonder if anyones gonna post anything for him in the [livejournal.com profile] seiyuu comm?>.>;;

Not gonna explain anything else. I'm posting this for my twin.<3
ORIGINAL. Burial. After the suicide of the brothers' father... )

So, onto usual schedule~!XD

WA5's inspiration is weakening a bit... NOT GOOD.DX
Wild Arms Vth Vanguard. Solo Chuck.. with goggles? And GregXChuck. )

In ToI. I have 1 that's NOT WORKSAFE in the end. And it's GardleXRicardo.<3
I love the pairing.<3<3<3
Tales of Innocence. Spada and Ricardo sketchies. More RicaSpa. One random comic about Spada's Hi-Ougi and lastly... GardleXRicardo!!! )

So should I post ALL my ToI yaoi in the ToI comm in one go?XD I wanna blow up some brains...
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Last night was just terrible. [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis and I got scolded by mom, well, kind of like that. I don't wanna go into details, but the only thing I want to say is...
I seriously want to slap Ma's friend/lover so hard on the face right now.

So my art gets to absorb my anger instead.8D Hah!
Guess who's the lucky guy? Yes, I should thank him cause I'm feeling better now.
Also some random... *giggles* One Piece parody of ToI?XD
1 original art and the rest are Tales of Innocence. I'll be giving out a warning once the arts are gonna get BLOODY. Seriously. )

So I DID scare off the people in the ToI comm?o_o;; Geez, it's just a RicardoXSpada!XD
What do they want? HastaXSpada?*o*<3 I'd post it there if they want more disturbance.

Wah. No WA5 arts today.x_x;; I might start drawing again once I get to play... Still in the Temple of Rejection, cause our younger sibs are hogging the PS2 and playing Mana-Khemia.XD


Scanlation Dillema???

I might say some offending things...
So thinking of joining a scanlation group, but... I'm just giving out my thoughts for awhile... )

Yes, I'm partly angsting about this, hahaha...
I hope I made some sense?

ARGH. Internet is working 10x slower than normal, I hope my arts got uploaded safely.DX My replies to certain comments won't go through as well.T_T Aw shi... I'm going now, before I hit the computer, hahaha. *ignore me*
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Been drawing a LOT lately. Maybe I'm just in the mood? Or I ran out of games to play in the PS2? I just play ToA now whenever the PS2's free...

Actually, I've been fixing a few drawings of mine. Picking the normal-looking ones from the yaoi ones, cause I need to submit a portfolio to a certain anime/comic company my HS classmate recommended.She says they have contacts there so maybe I can try submitting something and MIGHT get hired! She also said they don't look at educational attainment! They're after the talent!XD

This is one of the reasons why I wasn't able to submit anythign for the ToA anniversary special, I'm so sorry [livejournal.com profile] glorious-sensei...DX

Anyways, wish me luck everyone~!
(Argh, nearlly most of my arts are yaoi...)

Oh yeah, [livejournal.com profile] nostalgia_sekai is a journal for my High School friends/classmates. There are really random REAL pictures and some of my original arts posted there. I don't want to link my classmates to THIS LJ cause they don't know I LIKE yaoi, I'm bi, stupid and mention that I had a HS crush!XD WTH!?

You guys don't need to friend that Lj.>.>;; I might just end up talking in tagalog most of the time there anyways.
(But anyone could comment though.<3)


[livejournal.com profile] pic_murasaki just drew

I told [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue I'll draw her one so here it is.8D;;
But of course... expect something really random from me.>.>;;
I like evil!GuyXLuke.D= )

That MIGHT be the first and last time I'll draw GuyXLuke...>.>;;
If [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue isn't online now and I don't get to link this--
Can anybody link this to her once you catch her online? Thanks.<3 *is proud to draw GuyXLuke?*


Obligatory Art Post:

TRYING to enhance my coloring and lining skillz...
To my Artist friends: What does Clean iv-- or whatever means!?
The work I'm trying to apply to needed someone for that and I have no idea what it means!T_T
I'm such a stupid artist *suicides*

I was supposed to post the 'gift' I'll be giving [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie tomorrow, but of course--
I'll probably just make it special and keep them just for her.^^
(she can take a pic of it afterwards and post in on her LJ if she wants)
One kinda ToL art and an Original character )


Onto really random rants--
Tales of Legendia
Fullmetal Alchemist
I can feel... my inspiration crashing soon...

[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie will be coming over tomorrow.
I'll be praying for her safe travel and hope she doesn't get lost along the way.

Anyways, advance Happy Birthday!!!
To [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie and [livejournal.com profile] orphen~!
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Me and my date met up at Glorietta.8D I told Ma that he's gonna give Yo-tan cake (bribe!!!) so she let's me go and-- hehe-- she doesn't know that I'm going out on a date.XD (Our younger sibs doesn't know too... I'm dead if they see this post.8D)

What I ate at the date.8D Really cute Pasta!XDXDXD

Just ranting... really...XD )

I had fun.8D Really.<3 *huggles* And... How's your back?8O Feeling better or worse?^^;;

Our family's supposed to have a 'date' today but Ma's schedule completely ruined it.-_-;; So now we're just home to-- do house chores.=p Yeah like do the laundry and cook ocne I get home.x_x;;


ToA - Sigmund Style and-- Zigmund (Zygmunt?) Bazan Gardios

Spoilers for the House Gardios.8D I just realized/noticed something (and thought how stupid I was for not seeing it sooner.x_x;;)
OH! So that's why they spelled it 'Zygmunt' in the english ToA!XD )

So there.XD I'll probably finish my 'Asch VS Pere-jii' comics first before making the Hod family arts.8D (I just realized that Pere-jiichan is really fun to draw.<3)


January 12 greeting. Happy Birthday Necromancer Mephist-aniki~!XDXDXD

Mephist Caliber (or 'Mepisto Kalibre' in the Forlorn Language) is a character from my original stories.8D So you can just ignore this. Hahaha.<3

Happy XXXXXth Birthday!!! )

(I'll be double posting~!XDXDXD)
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I did something really random when I was online last time... Sent a really weird e-mail to a certain e-mail addy and hopefully it will make it.>D Will tell everyone what it is once I get a reply which I think I won't...^^;;
(I'm still hopeful though, being too addicted about it lately... ahehehe...)

Oh, and...
I'm really sorry to all my LJ friends.
I promise I won't post multiple pics out of the LJ-cut anymore.^^;; I'll just do it 1 preview pic then everything under the LJ-cut. Ahehehe... (at least I don't post HUGE pic files) No, no one got mad at me about it, I'm just feeling rather hyper with my arts lately since I've been drawing a LOT.
*smacks herself*

[livejournal.com profile] sephi_chan21, Happy Birthday!8D It's Friday the 13th!XDXDXD

Then-- the 69th pic on my LJ's gallery!!!XDXDXD
Click to go to Picmurasaki's Deviantart!=D
Asch is feeding pork to pork!XD OMG!
He's offering BACON to Guy's Asch(Buusagi).=D

Of course, that's Cannibalism...o_o;;

Plus, I have (kinda)AschXGuy on my Dev!=D (See my icon?) Click on the pic to go there!

Argh, I've been making a lot of new icons again.-_-;;



Youngest Sister, Lisette's, Birthday Gift!

This is something for October 15!!!XDXDXD

2-pager comic of her Original Manga, Blezigorion!=D I'll try to get this printed today... and hopefully none of my siblings will see it posted here today.XD

If anyone's interested to take peek-- no, that's NOT Guy Cecil of ToA.^^;; (He's my original chara there, but he's based off on Guy.<3 *gets shot*)

Alstroe and Veren, FIRST DISASTER )

Aww... I'll be cooking Curry today so I won't be putting ANY tofu or mushrooms...ToT

Yo-tan reminds me--
[livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka: You're gonna cook curry... Don't cut the potatoes TOO small and NEVER EVER put ANY tofu or mushrooms there!>O


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