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[livejournal.com profile] solerika~!!! Sorry it took me a LONG time to finish.XD I really apologize for the long wait, I hope you're still in the mood to read this... aaand... I hope my terrible english and translating skills doesn't make your head ache.x_x;;

Thank you so very much for the scans again. *huggles* I really love reading the novel even if it's more on Kearel and Atwight and... Chal was rarely mentioned, ahahaha.^^;;

Tales of Destiny~TenChiSensou. The novel about the Swordians 1000 years ago... Possible spoilers *cough*in my rants*cough* )

The novel is Kearel-centric. You won't hear much from the other Swordians except Atwight cause she's the herione. It was still a nice read.=3<3<3<3

*cough* Anyways, I still prefer ToD2's version of 100 years ago. (Minus Kyle and the gang) And the chara designs are better, ahahaha.XDXDXD
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Upon reading a few stuff, I just realized that the Short Stories were written by the Scenario Writer of ToA!o_o;; So this makes ALL of them OFFICIAL!!!

I will most likely translate summarize the Short Stories of Guy, Jade and Dist only. But I will give hints on the others SS' so at least everyone has an idea of what's in it.

The only thing that got me depressed with the CharaEpi Bible was... There were NO new information about the characters.DX They're really just in depth character story review.=X I was really expecting at least to learn MORE about the characters but ARGH... There were a FEW, but not that special...

And I obviously went on an AschXGuy hints hunting spree~.8D;; I found some, of course!

Under the cut!!! BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!
SS summaries other CharaEpi rants.^^;;
ToA Character Episode Bible Short Stories. Cut for pics and ToA SPOILERS!!! )

[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, I'm doing Jade and Dist's Short Stories for you!XD As thanks for letting me borrow the book and all.<3


Onto the 3 SS summaries~! I'm sorry if I might get some things wrong, I still suck at figuring out how to properly summarize and translate.x_x;; I give everyone... 60% accuracy, hahaha. (lower than my usual cause the most of the SS had less dialogue...) I hope my summaries make sense...T_T;;

I remind everyone, the Short Stories were written by the Scenario Writer of ToA~!>D

(Art inserts in Guy and Dist's short stories cause I was trying out the new paper Ma bought.<3<3<3) Anyways, the trans/summary is for Jade, Dist and Guy lovers~!XD;; (and to the people who badly wanted me to make this)
ToA CharaEpi Bible: Short Story of Jade )

Guy's next~!<3<3<3 Everything was on Gaillardia's POV...<3
I was planning to make a full translation, but it seems my brain wasn't up to it, Sorry Guy.x_x;; (I kinda did... a bit...)
ToA CharaEpi Bible: Short Story of Guy )

Dist-san is last~
This is also a bit angsty...
ToA CharaEpi Bible: Short Story of Dist )

I hope everyone understood that.T_T;; Also if you find ANY typos, I'm so sorry. I was in a hurry to type in everything.DX


Currently playing... PS2 ToS (I'm so glad it's still working!) still on first playthrough, but... it seems I was able to cheat the game and my first playthrough already had a star on the save... Which means it's like I'm on the 2nd playthrough?o_O;; WTH!? NAMCO!!! Fix this Bug already!DX This happened on my PS ToE and US PS2 ToA, and now in ToS!?XD

Tried to make this glitch work on ToR, but it seems it can't.x_x;;
Speaking about ToR...
Guess what's my current text tone?>D


Somebody help me RIP THIS!!!T_T

The 22nd Tales Ring the Abyss Radio show.T_T;; Yes it's Yasunori Matsumoto's 2nd interview and it seems I can't find my mp3 file of it... [livejournal.com profile] souya might still have hers...?^^;;
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I was talking with [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue about Duke Fabre, Guy, then Josette Cecille...>.>;; So anyways, I read most of the Novel (with the JadeXGuy cover, hahaha) Guy's chapter.

I didn't want to make whole trans YET cause nearlly the whole chapter was the Games' Cecille and Frings sidequest... And I haven't played the game YET. I need to know what happens so I'll have an idea and at least I won't misunderstood some scenes and the likes...

SPOILERS!!! of the game of course, cause I'll be translating MOST of the scenes relating to Guy's past when he was young and maybe Josette and Frings' relationship.=3
If anyone's interested in Guy's past and don't mind spoilers-- go ahead and read.8D I also have 2 insert sketches of mine for fun and WARNING I RANT A LOT!!!
I still think Duke Fabre hits on Guy cause he looks like Josette... And Frings? Some people do FringsXGuy cause he thinks Guy looks like Josette!XD Yay! Uke!Guy!<3<3<3 )

Crappy summary/trans again.ID I hope that made sense...

I hope everyone enjoyed that!8D<3 This is the only thing taking my mind away from angsting a few days ago...


TRANSFORMERS inspires me to draw FontechXGuy!!! I was all giggly in the end And wanted a Jolly Kiddie Meal cause they feature Transformer toys and so OMG MACHINES! Even if I'm not much of a techie stuff... I still think it would be nice to watch the movie in my Guy costume....XD

No Aniki, I don't like Barricade and that boombox cause they nearlly got to hit on the hero. Nope.XD I really don't.<3 Our mother would kill us if she knew what me and my sibs were thinking while watching the movie!XD

Waaah, the Barricade toy was sold out yesterday and Aniki was teasing that I'm evil cause I like that Decepticon cause... Meh.>.>;;


ToA sketch dump!8D

[livejournal.com profile] glorious-sensei~! I said I'll be bribing you for the Anthology scans right?XD
I was able to make a few sketches, but I'm so sorry I couldn't color them cause I don't have much time with our compy at home, ahehe.>.>;; Tell me which ones you want to be put in the Vanwork-a-thon~!XD
Van works. 1 kinda-uke!Van comic, female!Van sketches and one young!Van and Guy.8D Hey, they're ALL worksafe! )
I hope you enjoyed that Sensei~!XD<3

A~nd 2 more random sketchies!
Kaizer!Guy for Dev's Takuko.
Then our new wallpaper at home, AschXGuy!
I've only been sketching.x_x;; I need to color something soon... )

If we get our PS2 back tomorrow, we can exchange it to Kimi's younger bro, Mo's working PS2.>.>;; I BADLY wanted to play so I can finish ToS (I stopped at the last dungeon. I think) and start playing jp ToA (I don't have a US ToA. Will be buying one soon) and... Play ToF2 once [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie gets her copy and burn me one.8D *huggles Kimi*

WE 3 HAVE CAMERA/VIDEO PHONES!!! We could take videos of jp ToA skits and some ToF2 scenes if ever we get to play~!XD<3<3<3 I can't wait for ToF2 and I'm hoping for AschXGuy, DistXGuy, VanXGuy... Uhh... uke!Guy all in all!!!<3<3<3

I am double posting AGAIN.8D And I have really good news...
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*scratches head furiously* Well, our scanner's kinds out of commission now which means I can't scan any of my works.ToT And I don't know when I'll be able to scan any of my works again.x_x;; This is torture... *bawls*

The Jade Balfour Chapter is actually-- just one chapter.8D I just cut it in 3 parts cause... I get lazy at certain times and I only post what parts I finished typing.^^;;

1st Part
2nd Part

Last part. Nebilim-sensei...ToT )

We badly needed a new japanese dictionary. Ours at home are so outdated, I don't know how to translate certain kanji's now.>.>;;

From the ToF vol.2 Pre order special countdown DVD.8D I still can't help but be happy that KRATOS ALWAYS is in between Asch and Guy.<3<3<3

And Kimi dearest~! I think you'll really want to get ToF vol.2 now~!XD
They just announced DIST (SO GAY!<3), PEONY (Peony is *o* *drools*, damn, his eye color) and Cantabile (the OTHER real Rokujinshou member as I recall?)

I hope you're happy now with this, [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie~.=3<3 *huggles*


I just dreamt of...

I woke up really late-- and from a really nice dream to.=3

Nanay (what we call our grandma) has been gone for years now leaving our Tatay (grandpa) behind... Yeah, and every now and then he sulks and goes emo over her.^^;;

I dreamt of Nanay today.=3 In the dream, I was like hallucinating and saw Nanay in their home's kitchen fixing our Lunch for that day-- Tatay was beside me there too and also watched Nanay as if he knew that she might dissapear soon... She knows we were there, watching her and she talked to us like the normal-- when she was still alive.

More of the dream under here... )

Ma told me to write it down (I'll translate it to tagalog) and show it to Tatay once we get back to Navotas (I can't just tell him about it, his hearing is already bad). Anyways, I was really happy with this dream cause Tatay was all calm and not showing hints of breaking down. It was really nice.<3

I just realized I need rips of the 20th and 21st Talesring the Abyss Radio show~!DX
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I've been wanting to draw PeonyXDist/Saphir for a while now.8D Ouji-sama [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie knows about it. Hahaha.XD

In case anyones looking for the first part.8D

Saphir forgives Jade easily even if he's hurt. He REALLY loves Jade that much. )

I'm not sure if I'll continue with Guy's chapter cause I really need to know what happens in the 'Frings and Cecille' subevent.x_x;;


I'm Back~!

Okay, so I attended a Diabetics 2-day Summer Camp last Saturday to Sunday with [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist. We had fun.8D Stalked a certain new diabetic friend cause he's such a cutie, kind and shy (we took pics of him for our youngest sister, hahaha). We also enjoyed the food.*o* Most were really tasty seafood~!<3

And the games-- there were about 4 teams and we were the 2nd.8D Sadly, we wanted the 1st place prize cause it was Sugar-free cookies.ToT (Our team was called D'Smileys and our color was VIOLET~<3)

That Sunday was also the Ozine Con.8D I got to see Kimi at last, but we didn't have much time to talk longer.ToT Ate Medith and a few more cosplay friends were there.8D I saw [livejournal.com profile] jeneko too, and I hope I called out your name right, ahehehe.^^;; I know that [livejournal.com profile] meru_neko's there but we couldn't go in cause there's an entrance fee and we didn't have enough money.Xp

And Kimi, please don't get me started on The Potential Master Badtouch Cosplayer.-_-;; If he figures out what kind of person Van really is, he might get suspicious. Hahaha, I still hate the man for being such a REAL Master Badtouch.Xp

Oh yeah and the best news I got that weekend-- ALL THE MOUNTAIN OF LAUNDRY WAS DONE!!! Mom hired someone to finish up the laundry and she DID!XD Ahaha, I'll try my best to keep the mountain of Laundry low now... I hope.^^;;

Oh yeah and everyone's having fun with Aniki [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka's 'Dada' devil plushie.8D
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I haven't released anything about these novels cause I wanted to draw some scenes, but since I am lazy in drawing random stuff lately (and my AschXGuy and chibi inspiration is TOO high) I'm doing this cause my dearest [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie asked me to.XD

I'm seeing JadeXLuke in betweens.<3 But just like me with the GuyXLuke pairing, anyone can see it as a fatherly love And Guy (or Dist) is the Mother!!! Oh yeah, did I mention that this novel with the Jade and Guy cover? And I can't help but STARE at Guy's crotch again!!!

Here's something for my Dist-san and the other Dist ([livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated).8D Cause they made me LOVE the Keterburgers more.<3

Under this are ToA SPOILER full.XDXDXD
I'm sorry, but Saphir is just TOO GAY for Jade. Jade could rape the poor boy and he'll still be happy 'cause it's Jade...'. )

Short, huh?>.>;; I'm still rereading the next scenes cause they're at school and yeah, it's nice that Saphir gets a rival in school named Franz-- err-- Peony.XD And Peony asks the two to come to his place and do SOMETHING GOOD >D... ... ... Okay, that's NOT TRUE.

And a random art--

Want an Arietta?8D

Speaking about Arietta--
Does anyone have scans of the Ion and Arietta Gaiden!?ToT
I really love IonXArietta and I wanted to know more about them.
I can wait for scans... Please? Anybody?^^;;


Lulz. Garlic Peeler.

Ma bought this Cook Book (magazine) for me and I saw this really cute garlic peeler of 'Silicone Zone' that's shaped like garlic.<3 I instantly BADLY wanted it (I'm not sure if a color violet one is available...) and since I'm the one doing all the cooking at home-- ma was desperate to find me one--

Until she did find the place where they sold those-- but didn't got one cause they're out of stock-- and it's expensive.ToT 695php!?!?!? ($14 maybe???)

What the hell...?x_x;; Ah well, there goes my first ever want for SOMETHING for our kitchen...
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(I need to make a DistXGuy icon.=O)

I found myself listening to the last bit of Track 4 of the 1st ToA Drama CD again and again.=p Go figure. *cough*vanxguyarghclandestinemeeting*cough* I still want a Lastboss!Guy.ToT Rawrz.<3

Guy: Answer me Vandesdelca!


I wanted to do a summary of the 2nd and 3rd Drama CD, but I am obviously lazy (and don't want to go morbid mode cause it's so angsty) Lots to do lots to do. I also need to write some stuff about the ToA Novels and... well... draw and type more ToA parallales/AUs, cause I'm crazily hyper.8D

And I've been reading the uke!Guy rape jp fics again too... Hmm...


Asch VS Guy in the interviews?ToT

Random ranting about the interviews that's posted in the talesoftheabyss community--

Cut, cause it's spoiler-full and a bit long.=p
BaMco is really against my pairing, huh? Or they just interviewed the WRONG person?>D SOMEONE SHOULD INTERVIEW THE STAFF WHO DID THE MUSHROOM ROAD SCENE!!!XOXOXO *gets shot* )

*rolls around* I am still fighting for the right of my AschXGuy pairing~!XO The Mushroom Road staff and Sara Yajima (Novel author) are my comrades.

Also, I can't help but reminisce a certain scene in the novel where Tear thinks of the Selenia flowers as her brother.XD Ahaha. O-hana-chan Vandesdelca.<3


Shiro no Ashita 2: Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear side

Okay, since Foxalollita, our beloved Natalia-sama requested that I read Natalia's novel side-- here are some interesting stuff about Natalia-sama.8D

Oh yeah, the colored page IS Natalia and Largo, btw.=3

Really interesting... 'Largo' was supposed to be the name of Meryl's--!!! )


ToA Art dump. No AschXGuy... EH!?

Yes, no AschXGuy (but there's hinted 8D).

Van, Tear and Guy... Suicide?XD VanXLuke Aka no Senritsu page; and Rokujinshou!Guy and Kaizer!Guy art )


More on Kaizer!Guy parallel/AU

About the Kaizer!Guy--
It's not a BIG Fontech Machine like Kaizer Dist.^^;; It's Guy's title-- the side of Guy that likes fontech machines.=O Okay? Got it?XD

My first post about it is HERE (near the end).

Kaizer!Guy's special weapon and thoughts on changing random Dist related scenes )

Will the pairing of Kaizer!Guy stay as DistXGuy? Or I'm gonna give in to more random uke!Guy pairings?XDXDXD


[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie posted scans of the ToA Illust book.8D
I remember when we were staring at Guy's sketch-- Guy's crotch-- YES, Guy is female.XDXDXD
Whoa! the downloads finished!8D (and the online gamers in the compy shop were LAGGING while I was DLing it!!!XDXDXD) Thank you Kimi~!XDXDXD *huggles* Also, go ahead and use that layout.XD The pic IS for you and me, hahaha.XD

The ToA B-day site updated--
I haven't checked it since I don't know when and just realized that they tried to convert/guess Asch and Tear's birthday.=p So... who's interested in celebrating their birthdays in 3 different months?XDXDXD Hahaha.<3

I was supposed to type more about my lab test here but yesh, nevermind.Xp Though Me, Aniki and Sanse got to play Time Crisis 4 in the arcade in SM North and thought of how yaoi it was.8D Hahaha.<3 (We've been calling Sanse as 'Captain Rush' since she gives us the coins/credits.XDXDXD)
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Ahahaha, I haven't even written stuff about the 1st one and now I'm giving off a few stuff I noticed in the 2nd Shiro no Ashita Novel. (It's the novel with the Ion and Anise cover)

The colored picture of Largo and Natalia (or is that Sylvia?)-- it was sooo nice...ToT

About the Greens (Ion, Synch, Florian)... I badly wanted to kick Van's balls for brainwashing everyone in the Rokujinshou, 'specially the kids (Asch, Ariatta and Synch).ToT (BUT I STILL LOVE VAN!!!XD)

I'll read more of the novel-- so far, I just scanned a few scenes and all...

SPOILER LOADED, of course.>D VanXSynch, SynchXArietta(?), VanXDist (8D?), IonXArietta, SynchXIonXSynch, and the list goes on and on-- really long...x_x;;
Van's a 24/7 pedo, cause I can't believe he finds the time to train Luke-- train Asch-- then train Synch-- then have a clandestine meeting with Guy-- then brainwash Arietta with Hod+Score stuff-- more brainwashing and the likes...
More about the GREENS. I haven't read any of Natalia's except a few of the start... )

The last Synch pic-- the one where he's 'dying'... Atsuko Nakajima drew the WRONG Synch costume...ID Ahehehe...

I'll be writing more about Jade and Guy's Shiro no Ashita once I get to finish drawing some scenes I liked.8D That Shiro no Ashita is special (cause Guy's there) so I wanted to make a good summary of it...

Sadly, I don't have much knowledge about the Frings and Cecille subquest to fully summarize Guy's part.x_x;;

The Aka no Senritsu's-- well-- I'll probably figure out the whole story once I get to play the game.8D Hehehe... (We're hoping to get the PS2 probably this week)



Oh yes, I bet this is so screwed up.ID<3

Chara's in card games is so right.8D )

At least in ToA the chara's roles in the cards are right.8D IN ToD2, did anyone notice that Judas is a QUEEN and Loni is KING?XD


Final Fantasy Tactics Remake for the PSP:

Aniki was oogling on Kimi's laptop screen when he saw the FFT remake game.XD I heard the news in a random ToA fansite's blog and-- yeah-- uber-cool.8D

I'll be checking if the game has voices... And I hope they get KNOWN SEIYUU'S! Knowing SquarEnix, they usually get really NEW/RANDOM seiyuu's-- and I HATE IT! They're wasting precious roles on newbies.x_x;; (In FF7-- I hate Tifa's seiyuu! She's terrible!)

(I want Delita's seiyuu to be Koyasu~!ToT Ramza voiced by Hiro Yuuki, *checks really old made-up FFT seiyuu list* Mustadio voiced by Seki Tomokazu, Orlandu voiced by Ebara Masashi... blah. There's a LOT.XDXDXD)

I just checked-- no voices, so it reminds me of Vagrant Story.8D But it's all OK! But... I'm sure the one who did the narration in the trailer was Wakamoto Norio.8D

Aniki's badly looking forward to it and he's giving SquarEnix their last chance. If they ruin FFT's story/reputation, we're gonna murder them.>O

(Oh, if they translate it for the US release-- Oh yayness! I hope there's no more TYPOS!!!XDXDXD)


Lab Test:

Yesterday, me and Aniki went to the place called 'Intercon' after leaving [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie's place. It's kinda like a diabetic facility and all... Cause they needed my BLOOD SAMPLE.o_o;;

It's the first time I'm gonna get my blood extracted, and from what Sanse said, she said it HURTS!ToT SO I'm creeped out...

Blood Extracting.8D )

We'll be going to Juvenile Diabetics Foundation tomorrow to know the results.=p


Menu for Today:

I'll be cooking Torta today!8D Ma wants Tortang Talong tho... eew...Xp
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See how evil yaoi is...? I seriously recommend ignoring this post.XDXDXD
(well, not if you're as evil as me...?)

I have found a bunch of new Uke!Guy japanese fanfics (novels) online again.8D I was hoping to read something GOOD this time-- and well-- yeah, I am so happy to find a bunch of Uke!Guy rape fics...?o_o;; I was desperate and found interesting rape fics... Hahaha. *evil* Hey, I needed the inspiration.XD (Uhh... WHAT!?)

There's 3 of them actually... The first one I read was VanXGuy, then DukeFabreXGuy, then lastly-- the one I really LOVED (even if it was short) AschXGuy.XD

You don't want to hear me ranting brutally about this. Seriously. *sadist* I'm just gonna talk about those 3 ficcies a bit more... Just for FUN?>D )

I'm not sure if anyone's interested in reading these kinda jp fics.o_o;; Am I the only one trying my best on this?XD I'll be really glad if someone says they know (and reads from) the site with these fics.XD

And one more fic from that site that's NOT R-18, but I really enjoyed reading it even if the ending was... really sad. Hey, it's suggestive AschXGuy.<3 Anyone interested in REPLICA!GUY!?XDXDXD )


Guess what my twin wants for Christmas? He just asked our aunts to buy him a '120 days of Sodom' book (by de Sade). Ehehehe.XD If ever he does get one, I'll be reading with him~.<3

I hope our aunts won't murder us for that.
(Why am I locking this?o_O)
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Aniki got all except Natalia's cotume yesterday!XDXDXD They're all looking good (except one of Jade's buttons is misplaced, but it's OK, hahaha) We've made [livejournal.com profile] shawaserenkinju wear her Jade costume (which also fits me) and we were teasing her COCKROACH!!!XDXDXD

And before all that, I was wearing my nearlly complete Guy costume while cooking and doing some House chores.XDXDXD Nyahahaha.<3 (I only lack the choker's pendant, Gloves, Shoes, Belt-- Jewel of Gardios.8D)

If only we could take pics... Argh, we don't have any camera's!ToT

And we still need to fix a LOT of stuff on the costumes.x_x;;


[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie JUST MADE ME MY VERY VERY FIRST LJ LAYOUT!!!XDXDXD
Go see my LJ! NOW!!!XDXDXD *runs around happily hyper*
(And it's my AschXGuy art too.<3)

THANK YOU!!!XDXDXD *huggles Kimi tight*


More additional 'Aka no Senritsu' art
(Arts by me, that is.XD)

Okay, I've sketched some more stuff cause I was... bored last night before sleeping.8D Sadly, I didn't dream of any ToA Novels today.^^;; Ehehe.

I seriously mean they're sketches, pencil and paper all the way!XD
(except for the computerized title, hahaha)

Spoilers under the cuts of course.>D
Aka no Senritsu 1 pg 40 and 86 )

The only time in the game where I hate Guy is when he's evil to Asch.XO

Next, I scanned/read the 2nd Aka no Senritsu last night as well and ended up finding a few additional scenes that wasn't in the game (as I recall).

Luke and Mieu cuteness and LukeXJade-ness!?8D Ahehehe.<3
Aka no Senritsu 2 pg 73 and 85 )

I wish these scenes appeared in the game!ToT They're too adorable!XDXDXD
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Since I'm reading the official ToA Sarah Yajima Novels, I just planned on drawing SOME parts of it.X3

Pure pencil sketch!8D (Kinda repetitive, cause I just copy-pasted this from my Deviantart)

I really can't draw Asch facing to the right, huh?x_x )

I was also planning to draw something from page 86 cause that's a VERY jealous Asch.XDXDXD But maybe next time...

Oh also, some from Luke's flashbacks on the first chappie!
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Oh yes, I'm talking about THE ToA Sarah Yajima Novels.XDXDXD All four of them! HAHAHA!!! (I just borrowed them from [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie. Ehehehe)
Thanks Kimi, be thankful I didn't cry when I got them at [livejournal.com profile] silentside's place.^^;;

Even our younger siblings can't believe that the novels were that small.^^;;

I'm kinda afraid to put up translations here cause I might get something really wrong. I know that a lot of people tried to translate some and... I'm not confident with my japanese -> english skills on this.x_x;;
(I can do japanese -> tagalog, but who would benefit on that?=p)

All I ask of everyone is-- to be kind and-- if anyone finds errors in my summary of a certain scene, do tell me.^^;; SPOILERS are available everywhere after this paragraph, of course.8D

Oh yeah, and I'm currenty murdering myself with ToA OSTs Motoo Fujiwara's 'Promise'.x_x;; It's so beautiful, I can't believe that this music is played on THAT CERTAIN DEATH SCENE... *bawls*

First Impression/rants... )

English typos!XD Luke fone FABURE and Jade GURTISS.XD Ahehehe. English typos are easy to let go, BUT obvious japanese typos are a NO NO NO. And I DID found one so far.>D

So here's a scan of that certain 'typo'-- uhmm-- well, if you can really call it a typo.=p
Aka no Senritsu 2 page 242. Of all the NAMES--!!!ToT )

I've made crappy Novels scans with our beloved crappy scanner!8D
Forgive the terrible quality of the scans.=O If anyone wants to use... well... Just tell me and go.^^;; No, I can't scan them better, I am afraid to bend the spine.>.<

Okay, I'm not sure if anyone has briefed Atsuko Nakajima about Guy but... in the 4th Novel cover, it seems Guy isn't what he should be.XD

Under the cut are rants about human anatomy... Plus pic.
Oh yes, I have been staring at Guy's crotch as usual.
He's to pretty to be a GUY, and look at that-- and that--! )

Okay, so Guy really is a woman.>D (And to think I've been thinking of TOO MUCH Female!Guy's before I got these novels)

Onto Aka no Senritsu 1 stuff...

Aka no Senritsu 1 - Mieu and start desuno~! )

I don't expect VanXGuy really.8D Just AschXGuyXAsch.<3

Aka no Senritsu 1 - In the Tartarus, Asch's real first meeting with Guy! )

I suck at sumamries.T^T

Aka no Senritsu 1 - Always expect VanXGuy. *nods* )

Aka no Senritsu 1 - Akzeriuth. Asch, stop the mindf*ck! )

I'm not planning to continue over to the next novel until I finish all my drawing plans. I wanted to draw certain scenes from the novel, but-- the 2nd novel is the one I'm really after. *can't help it*

I just scanned through the 2nd novel a bit, promise! I'll try rereading the first novel and the 2nd novel afterwards.XD My siblings still can't believe I am reading novels! Ehehe.

Aka no Senritsu 2 - AschXGuyXAsch scene... )

Okay, Van and Tear childhood moment... This flashback was in the battlefield where your party splits up into 2 groups, either to Jade's route of Natalia's route (Ehehehe?). The party was Jade, Luke and Tear...

Aka no Senritsu 2 - Vandesdelca Musto Fende plays with plushies and is now really labeled as an O-hana-chan as well like his Gailalrdia-sama!<3 )

Okay, now I figured out the mystery why some people were calling Van O-hana-chan as well like Gaillarida (and Dist).8D Tear see's him as a Selenia flower. So I guess Vandesdelca's really just a made up name, huh? Hey, I really love ToA's VERY LONG REAL NAMES!XD

I'm supposed to write more, but... heck, I wanna draw something.ID I am in ToA overload and-- I can't help but think of random thoughts at random.XDXDXD

I'll probably post more about the novels soon once my headache is gone. Or maybe after we finish fixing our costumes! Oh yes, I'll delete the costume disaster post cause I've seen the costumes with my own two eyes and they were all OK! 'Specially Luke.X3 *hearts*

I think Aniki [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka's serious on using a 5 peso coin for my choker opendant.O_O;;

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