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Well... Me and my twin were watching this hentai (I can't recall the title, but there's something about a SLEAZY TRAIN) and we're having fun cause the MAIN man was seiyuu'd by Hiyama Noboyuki (Veigue's seiyuu). There's credits-- but I'm sure they're using random names again.>.>;; It's usual with hentais.x_x;;

I know seiyuu's voices so I can tell who's who 'specially when their voices are easy to figure out.XD

ANYWAYS, we also got to watch a hentai with Miki Shin-ichiro (Milhaust's seiyuu) in it (Cool Devices 5), and one with Yamaguchi Kappei (Tytree's seiyuu)... I can't remember what else but I'm sure it's them.XD

See? Nearlly all male seiyuu's are found in hentais...

Don't ask about Ishizuka Unsyoh...>.>;; I just hope we find one with HIM in it. Hahaha.XD



DX Everyones gone and I don't have anyone to talk with on IM. *bawls*

O SHI, [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka would LOVE this site.XD LukeXYoung!Asch.<3 Aniki had always loved the thought that Luke came back in the end and-- there's a young!Asch somewhere...>.>;; Hahaha. And Gunslinging Luke, Asch and Guy AU/Parallel?O_O WTH!? *hearts* This wins for the randomest ToA parallel, and Guy is a sniper! OMG!<3 MORE LOVE! *is a sniper at heart*

I like the idea how Masaki-sama Placed the Asch and Guy bookmark beside each other.*o* *really random*

Guy Normal Coupling Anthology. The icons amused me!!!XDXDXD Poor Guy.
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I got to scan some stuff so oh Happy Day!<3 And I'm gonna go cos-tripping with Aniki and Ate Medith (walk around the mall in Ouran HS uniform)

ANYWAYS, about the title, I have drawn another fanart of a certain jp ToA parallel site.ID Ever heard of 'IX' (Nine)? I've ranted about that months ago... He's Jade's best friend and since his maker ABUSED her parallel making powers, Nine can cast Artes and SING the Grand Fonic Hymn!

Random Nine fanart, rants and links to random sites.XD )


A~nd MORE of my parallel and arts

Random scan of my LATEST parallel headache plan and 2 of my new icons--!

I'm not sure if you want to see this Ouji-sama.8D It's the Young!VanXPedo!Guy parallel and Kaizer!Guy icons )

My mind is still swimming in AschXGuy-ness because of [livejournal.com profile] intermixed, I wonder if it's alright if I hunt down both Asch and Guy players? I'm really one of their fans now.<3 Expect me to draw (hopefully) AschXGuy stuffs and MORE DIST's...

I'm already coloring my giftpic for [livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx~!*o*

I think I'm done now, and I should be going or else Aniki's gonna wait long at SM Megamall.^^;;
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I'm probably the happiest AschXGuy fan now.8D
Are there others???

Well, rereading [livejournal.com profile] ranchelle and [livejournal.com profile] aefallen's fics made me really happy-- and also made me feel angsty at the same time.XD Hey, it's AschXGuy!<3
If only I could write a really nice AschXGuy fic... I kinda hate myself for being so terrible at describing things... Bah, enough angsting! )

Expressing my happiness is limited and I hate myself for that.XD I don't know what to say, but I was really cheered up with these people's AschXGuy ficcies. And I still wanna see more~!ToT


ToA AschXGuy ficcies random art.8D

I don't have a tablet and I only go back and forth from a Computer Rental Shop so I can't draw stuff right then and there even if I want to.XD So here's a really late art dump for the people who wrote AschXGuy...<3

This is all I could do-- sketches.^^;; )

[livejournal.com profile] aefallen, have you seen my '?????+Mieu giftpic' scan?8D If not-- just wait til you meet with [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, I asked her to give the original sketchy paper copy to you.<3

I found GuyXAsch sites-- now this?8D Ahaha.<3 I'm really so happy with my favorite pairing now~! (Sadly, it sounds like the pairing inspiration didn't start from me... What...?ToT I'm so unpopular... hahaha...)


Of course there's a separate side for my special DistXGuy...

I'm just ranting.8D Well... I just found the perfect theme song for my 'Kaizer!Guy Parallel' or simply my DistXGuy pairing.*big grin* It's a Bump of Chicken song and I've been listening to it over and over again.<3

And no, it's not 'Ever Lasting Lie' even if I know my siblings hear me listening to it every now and then... That song is for my AschXGuy 'Cursed Promise'.XD

The song is... well... weird...XD (Aren't all their songs weird?)

Kimi if you're not busy tonight, can you burn me ALL of your Bump of Chicken songs again?XD I mean ALL of them this time (even the stuff you know we already have) cause some weren't working cause the title was in jp characters and our compy can't read them.ToT Sorry for being such a bother...


Does anyone know where to download GBA ROMS for the GBA emulators!? Please do tell me, I need to play something different.ToT
I'm currently playing in GBA and in PSone... )

Oh and I updated my icons.8D I just uploaded really old icons for fun and-- it's okay IF anyone wants to ask for one... Just ask me and go ahead and take it.XD
The only people who don't need to ask for my permission to use ALL my stuff (drawings/scans and icons) are [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka, [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie and [livejournal.com profile] silentside.>D>D>D

(HTML Game! Luke wants to make Van-sensei a Vday gift.XD Eeewm why ask Ramdas for help?>p)

VanXLuke<3 site where that came from.XD
And it seems this artist is gonna make a molested-young!Van comic/doujin soon.>D *checks blog* Hopefully.>D (JadeXyoung!Van or randomD.O.MXyoung!Van~!XDXDXD)
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I posted a teaser of this one.>D

And again, I realized who imbalanced the Kaizer!Guy party is... so they needed a healer from the start. And there are rare hero-healer's ne?>D

I really like to hear Guy sing the Hymns.ToT So I'll just abuse my parallel making powers a bit and do THIS with my parallel. Still, POSSIBLE SPOILERS for the REAL ToA.XD
Kaizer!Guy Parallel - Sing Kaizer!Guy~! (+ HiOugi talk) )

I haven't been writing any fics lately cause it seems my writing self needs it's rest... I might pull off uncolored comics of this parallel soon tho.>D

Like... Some omake's and a relevant event-- Original!Ion's death?


I am one happy GuyXAsch fan--
GuyXAsch Anthology~!

Though it's seme!GuyXUke!Asch, hey, it's still Asch and Guy.<3

Neutral just drew another Jade-- and this time it's just JADE THAT LOOKS REALLY LIKE TAKEHITO KOYASU!!!

*huggles [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie*
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As I've said, I'll continue this even if no ones reading it that much.>D

Meeting Rokujinshou's Arietta and... )

(I need to get off my laziness and try tagging again...x_x;;)

Kaizer!GuyParallel List
Cause I am crazy... )

I so love this parallel.8D *hearts*
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Laundry... and you know what that means.>D

AschXGuy(?) comic:

Cause I love Pere-jiichan and he needed some action.8D But still... I promise to draw him more soon.XDXDXD As usual, lazy coloring.8D

Forgive the OOCness?8D
Asch VS the Left Shield of Gardios comic (1) )

I really need to thank [livejournal.com profile] meimi for the tern 'tabard'.8D Hehehe.<3

Argh... lotsa stuff I wanna do but my hands are too slow to draw.x_x;;
- [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie's JadeXDistXJade stuff... I hope you remember what they are.>D
- [livejournal.com profile] meimi's Spear weilding Asch (AU)... I also wanted Asch Curtiss to wear the uniform. Hahaha, oh yes, and the pacman belt.XD
- [livejournal.com profile] kaitou_orphen's AschXGuy bondage.8D
- [livejournal.com profile] aefallen... anything with Mieu... I already know what to draw.>D
- [livejournal.com profile] whitehaiku chibi's of his chara's.=D
- [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated... anything with Dist?8D
- [livejournal.com profile] wondermilk StanXLion?8D

Okay, tell me if I missed anyone.-_-;; (Yes, even the ones in Dev)


Using drugs in AU/Parallels:

I know my Rokujinshou!Guy is a drug addict.8D Yeah, he injects random stuff in him seventh fonon *gets shot* 2 times a day. Morning and Night...

And I wonder where I got THAT inspiration?XD *points to self* I'm a drug addict myself.8D If you can call it that anyways...=p

That explains why his eyes turns red...

The Kaizer!Guy... I don't think he'll be interested in using drugs... Hmm... *rethinks*

It's all Van's fault!XO


'Original Luke' AU/Parallel...

Yeah, I asked around if I can kill Luke before heading off to Eldrant.XD (and I still ended up with my own random thoughts, hahaha)

Okay, I can't believe I'm skipping everything else in this parallel plan and putting up the BEST PART (o rly?).8D I'm not the best fic writer there is so... forgive my lack of explanations in betweens.XD I'm an artist, not a writer, hahaha. *bad excuse*

This part's been in my personal journal for days now, btw... This might be confusing.>D
It's the supporting fic of the smiling Rokujinshou!Luke PIC, btw.=p
Original Luke ficbit: Eldrant's Replica Luke... AschXGuy? LukeXGuy? VanXLuke? Uhh... AschXLukeXAsch? What? No idea. )

I just realized that I won't be able to finish this without the games last stage knowledge.ToT Argh, we need our PS2 back and fixed, badly...

I might stop making parallels if my taste in music changes.8D My normal ToA ones are all stacking up and ready to fall on me for revenge.XDXDXD


Kaizer!Guy Parallel pimping, again...

No updates, I just wanted to post randomness...8D
The ficbits are only hinted DistXGuy and some AschXGuy...
And maybe VanXGuy soon once Kaizer!Guy meets up with him!XD

Before Kaizer Dist (in game) boss battle? My first draft of the AU:

Arts relating to Kaizer!Guy:

More ficbits.8D
- History of the half-done 'Light of Gardios'
- The Earpiece and the invisible Tracer?8D
- Choral Castle. When he Guy was 15...
- Continuation of the events at Choral Castle.

A few years later after Guy let's Luke escape...


I love this site... it makes a really nice!VanXLuke+Asch...<3
(sometimes evil!Van too... hehehe) It's also one of the sites I was able to draw a REAL 11-year old looking Van.8D
And now they're into VanXGuy, and THAT makes me happier.<3

(Really confusing to navigate around cause it's like a blog.=p)
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(I hate it when I try to type 'Kaizer!Guy', my mind usually registers 'Kaizer Dist'-- forgive me if you notice something uhh-- wrong in my sentences.XD)

[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie's layout is new AGAIN.XD PEDO SHOTA DISTXGUY!!!XDXDXD *nudge nudge* Really, no one would understand why...XD And I just realized... that I really need to make a DistXGuy icon.o_o;;

I'm not sure if this parallel can be considered as DistXGuy, cause sometimes, I think Dist just acts too motherly around Guy... *nods nods*

Under the Cut:
- History of the half-done 'Light of Gardios'
- The Earpiece and the invisible Tracer?8D
- Choral Castle. When he Guy was 15...

Random ficbits, no arts since I was lazy on scanning stuff today.=p Again, I'm not really good with my fic-writing so please forgive me.^^;; (my english still sucks, obviously.XD)
There are still spoilers for Guy in this parallel.^^;; )

(Maybe) Next time I'm gonna fool around with the random Dist-centered scenes in the game.XD

Other Kaizer!Guy related posts--
(Most all are below the other topics.XD)
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Collab art of my younger sibs--
Asch (and Buusagi's?) - [livejournal.com profile] harlot_devastch
Guy - Lisette (youngest sis)

Guy's such an adorable kitty~!X3 And Asch looks so seme.o_o Oist, [livejournal.com profile] harlot_devastch, you really draw seme's good, ne?>D Ahaha!<3


There's also the wallpaper at the start of our compy-- it's really nice too!


I woke up hypo (being a diabetic, it's-- LOW blood sugar), and went downstairs to HAPPILY stuff myself with anything SUGAR LOADED>XD

So after this... I need to do some groceries... then go home and do the laundry.o_o;;


YAY! I have found the LukeXJade site I've been searching for!!!XDXDXD

And.. more cheering up with LukeXLuke(XLuke!?O_O)

I can't believe I can really look at Seme!GuyXshort-haired!Luke!XD
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Tambayan para sa mga Guy-lovers.ID Ahahaha... Tagalog-topak~!XD


Asch Search.8D Then I put in-- ガイ in the search box.XD Ahahaha!<3

Okay... I'm surfing around LukeXJadeXLuke sites again...o_o
(Ah well, after I've checked JadeXDist and Uke!Guy sites that is...>D)

I got most of the LJL's here.XD Ahahaha!<3


Ouch... I'll be burning about... 400MB>x_x;;
(I downloaded ALL the Disgaea anime eps from youtube.8D Ahahaha!)
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Cause I was bored...x_x ALso... The Guy Search has just added a new Uke!Guy pairing-- DistXGuy!<3<3<3

Okay, they're NOT all Uke!Guy's...^^;;

This one amuses me... 'specially the VanXGuy's!<3XDXDXD

Also draws FMA.o_o Uhmmm... Havoc and Guy...? Ahehehe...


Makes Parallel JadeXGuy that I really like-- 15 years later-- poor Danna is already-- dead???


Usually does some GuyXLuke...^^;; But the top makes me VERY HAPPY!XDXDXD VanXGuy~!<3<3<3



GuyXAsch angst.XDXDXD

Mostly Asch-centric.XD





Same here...XD


Birthday comic...T_T


Anybody here playing SIMS???
Ahehehe...^^;; Sim Abyss!!!O_O

No, I don't play it.=p
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Me and my twins B-day would be--
If I lived in Tales of the Abyss World.>D

Check it out here! Cause I was desperate to search for it.>D
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(I was actually supposed to write how bad my day went today... Ah well. I don't know if this made my day, though)
Okay, We were able to pay back the money we got from that stupid activity!XDXDXD Yayness!XDXDXD
(Actually, I was planning to keep the money, but I earned 20Php from selling a US State a drawing of mine.>D Sayang, 100Php pa naman yun!)
Sadly, it was my SenelXShirley un-colored sketch.T_T

Anyways, KH2 seiyuu's:
I haven't played, but I was interested to know who'll seiyuu the FF extra chara's.>D
And THIS will break Yo-tan's heart.

*giggles* Yo-tan's going to kill Koyasu for this.>D


セッツァー - 置鮎龍太郎
Setzer Gabianni of FFVI is Okiayu Ryoutarou!
Lock is also there, but I don't know who his seiyuu is!T_T

Iago of Aladdin is Ohkawa Tohru! Haha!

サイファー - 子安武人
Seifer Almasy of FFVIII's seiyuu is--!

I was just planning to mention that Prince Eric's (Little Mermaid) japanese seiyuu is Kazuhiko Inoue.
Sadly, it seems the guy IS in KH2!!! (Uh, yeah, we have a japanese Little Mermaid Lazer Disc at home!)


TALES Novel Covers!
Yep! I hit the jackpot!
(They got the artist of ToA wrong! Hahaha!)

I missed a lot didn't I?
http://dash.shueisha.co.jp/-tos/ (XDXDXD)
http://dash.shueisha.co.jp/-tota/index.html (GUY!!!<3)
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Hetero Incest pair!<3

Oh yes.XD And I've been drawing a LOT of this pair too.X3
What? Ahehehe, and I haven't played the game YET!
THAT's my pair in ToL...

(I don't suggest ANYONE looking at these.XD Ahehehe *embarassed*)
Stuff to check LATER:
http://homupi.jp/rinngoame/200611.html (SeneSha novel)
(I can't read or understand these novels yet, cause I don't know the story yet.XD Ahehehe.)
http://www.cherryblossom-garden.com/1/doasinfinity7.html#tao (Tao lyrics, Kuya asked for it.=D)

(Looking at YAOI while in school!? OMG! Even chacking other sites isn't allowed!XDXDXD)

In ToA---


Luke: On my BED. NOW!
Guy: Yes Master Luke!
(I can't get this scene off my head.XDXDXD)

XDXDXD I've been seeing Uke!Luke, but I think I prefer Guy as uke.=/ I've been also drawing this pair a lot.X3 Though I haven't posted even one in my Dev.^^;;

BTW, Jade has a Pac-man buckle.XDXDXD
And Tear's boobs look SO soft.XDXDXD

I'd be willing to cut my hair THAT short, IF I'll cosplay Guy!X3

(I don't suggest ANYONE looking at these.XD Ahehehe *embarassed*)
Stuff to check LATER:
http://kekegc.okitsune.com/ (LukeXGuy site?)
http://zerokai.kill.jp/ (GuyXLuke... actually, I got this for the LloydXKratos/ZelosXKratos.>D)
http://www.cherryblossom-garden.com/1/bumpofchicken5.html#karma (Karma lyrics.=D)
http://kouyokukoen.hmc6.net/ (Hey! There're also LoniJu here!XD Wait... this site looks familiar.)

(AGAIN. I haven't played Tales of Legendia and Tales of the Abyss YET)


http://www.cherryblossom-garden.com/3/maria1.html#chisana (3rd OP of Yakitate. YuuichiXAzuma love!<3)
http://happydays.chips.jp/ (I can't believe FMA still follows me around!x_X I'm only after the Tales!)
http://yugcrit.sakura.ne.jp/ (Kratos!uke novel site)

Alright, enough surfing around Tales of Search.XD I'm gonna get killed for this...

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