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I'm online JUST TO POST THIS!!!XDXDXD Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hhafiz for getting me into ToA mood.>.>;;

Anyways, when I was on Track 8, the last dungeon happenings reminds me too much of SaGa Frontier II's last Dungeon scenes.>.>;;

And it looks like the 5th ToA Drama CD is less angsty than the first ones. Thank Lorelei!
Spoilers for ToA under the cut~! Really crappy summary and AschXGuy fangirling.
And ARGH!GuyXLuke-ness, sorry...
Tales of the Abyss 5th Drama CD and Bonus Track Bastardized Summary/Rants!8D )

I was really happy with the last ToA Drama CD. I really enjoyed it cause the pairings I wanted came out (even LoreleiXVan even for just a moment<3) and 'specially AschXGuy of course.<3

Damn, I miss ToA.>.>;;


ToA and ToI Sketchies!
(And ToI pic spam without cut)

Yes, no ToD! What the hell.>.>;;
No Spoilers, unless I suddenly talk too much.
Just a sketch of Innocence and the Abyss... )

Oh yeah, speaking about Abyss-- in ToDdc's Lion's Side, Lion get's the title 'Fencer of the Abyss' after defeating Arcana Ruins Barbatos!8D Though his 一騎当千 title sounds really cool, cause he gets this title after fighting the Boss-on-parade (Boss Rush) mode and he goes one-on-one with Barbatos! And he's the ONLY ToD chara who can get a title after the Coliseum's Rank 6.<3

So the NDS emulator WORKED in the current computer I rented today.8D
The game will probably work 2X slower in our compy at home, hahaha.XD

Official Ricardo and Spada!!!XDXDXD
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I get to post something, but still... not enough time to check my flooded flist, sorry everyone.x_x;;

I found another glitch in ToA.8D It wasn't harmful, but it was weird and got me and my sibs laughing real hard even if the scene was supposed to be really angsty and all.
Glitch pic inside. This was cut cause it's spoilers for the 2nd Zaleho Volcano scene. )

And more gameplay pics.8D I get to play around with the jp ToA's RENAME again~!
One pic of ToF2 then really random jp ToA stuff... )

And some sketches-- at last!XD<3
Sketches under the cut!<3 Possible spoilers are in there as well.^^;; )

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Yeah, and I obviously still haven't started making gift pics cause I'm still raising my drawing inspiration... Well, it seems it's doing ok so I guess I'll start soon.=3 Argh, I hate myself for being so lazy when it comes to drawing as well.Xp Sorry.

Let me blow some brains for awhile.8D I don't know if I should f-lock this post or what because of the contents... Hmmm...

It's NOT WORKSAFE. It's not THAT much pr0n. It's just the thought that's evil, pr0n and disturbing?>.>;; Oh yeah, SPOILERS might be found as well.
It's a really short fic, they're just talking cause I'm too lazy to add descriptions of what's happening-- then 2 sketches under the cut as well.^^;;
Duke Fabre + Young!Luke X Guy. Yes, definitely NOT WORKSAFE cause Duke Fabre's there.8D )

Oh, don't ask about my new icon.8D He's the Romeo of my RomeoXJuliet ToA parody.<3 Uhm... I'm not yet done with it, so I'm not releasing the whole art yet. Haha, lazily done icon...>.>;;

2 Desdelca sketches-- err-- I mean drawings with Van in it!8D
The young!Van and Guy is for [livejournal.com profile] akai_kitsune, while the other one...
I'm not sure if it'll work for Sensei [livejournal.com profile] glorious' Vanwork-a-Thon.>.>;;
One pic is WORKSAFE the other is NOT WORKSAFE. Hehehe.
I seriously think Van likes BOTH the GARDIOS SIBLINGS. WAIT! Van hentai!?XD )

2 More sketches!8D This time, from my [livejournal.com profile] kaizer_guy parallel, but since I'm too lazy to log into that Lj, i'm just gonna post it here. Ahehehe.^^;;
They're completely WORKSAFE, and just Kaizer!Guy's and... Dist's beloved sofa.XD
Kaizer!Guy Parallel, K!Guy's fanservice?8D *shoots self* )

I can't wait to play Luke Labyrinth!*o*<3 I badly want to get the LukeXLuke ending, but since our compy can't read jp fonts, I might not be able to understand the game, which dooms me to randomly choosing stuff and ending with... stuff. *thinks* Maybe I'll just try and evade Guy the best Luke can? Hahaha. O SHI! I tried here on the compy shops' compy and the fonts are IMAGE! That means I CAN READ IT!!!XDXDXD YAY!!!<3<3<3

[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie said she got PeonyXLuke. Hahaha.XD

I hate how slow the post office is here. ARGH!DX
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I am too busy with things that's why all I could post are really random pics.XD

I'm stupid and in a random mood. Hehehe. M&Ms, my twins current OTP, and if I get a car-- I want a plate number like THAT! )

And why can't I make art posts lately?
Cause I am too busy making these!!! )



FFT Hentai Doujin~

FFT Hentai Doujin - Congratulations
Pairing - Futanari!OveliaXAgrias, sugarhigh!RamzaXAgrias
Notes - Uhmm... I seriously thought it was AgriasXOvelia.XD
So... does that mean OveliaXDelita in the future too...?>.>;;
It's a bit disturbing, but the art is TOO ADORBLE!!!XDXDXD
For [livejournal.com profile] meimi wanted the scans-- and I wanted to upload it anyways.XD Hehehe.<3
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Lulz. My Celphone's txt message ring tone.8D It's Asch shouting 'Detekuruna Kuzuga!' ('Don't come out, Dreck!' or something like that) Uhh... It's not that I don't want text's, I just find Asch cute there.^^;; I can't find a better voice clip of Guy's 'Guy-sama, Kareini Sanjou' cause I want that or any other Guy voice (Yasunori Matsumoto) instead.DX Oh yeah, the clip was taken from one of the funniest 'Asch ga Kiru' corners in TalesRing the Abyss.<3

I need to find a better celphone ringtone. Everytime I recieve texts, my siblings (or even me) shouts back 'Ah, Shaddap!'.XD Poor Asshu...

*cough* *cough* ONTO ART POSTS.

I just got to draw these two sketches this morning.<3

Asch and Guy, for [livejournal.com profile] boooon and [livejournal.com profile] glompable.
Then DistXGuy (K!G Parallel), for my [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie Ouji-sama~!8D
And some rants regarding the Kaizer!Guy Parallel~
Sketchies and rants under this cut. Meh, Parallel Dork.<3 )

OMG SQUEE~! Kimi's playing Van-sensei now too~!XDXDXD

Argh, I was supposed to angst in this post because of a HS friend I was texting last night-- but again, I got frustrated and thought it'll be useless to post such here, so there.=p You guys already have enough problems and I don't want to ruin anyones happy mood.=3
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My icon is-- from the 2nd Sara Yajima ToA Novel.>.>;; I can't help but stare at that Asch whenever I turn to that page.XD 'Asch-sama, Kareini Sanjou' is actually Guy's 'Enter the Amazing Guy!' line in jp, hahaha.<3<3<3

First art post section-- ToA Kaizer!Guy parallel arts.8D
It should have a special treatment cause so far it's another big project I've finished after the KG and RG's mock Main menus.X3

And I wasn't lazy on coloring this one, cause I've been TOO inspired with this parallel for some strange reasons... *smiles innocently*
Saphir's happy family.8D Saphir Wyone Neis is the Mommy, Tarlow (Barrelow) X is the big bro, Kaizer Dist is the big sis, Guy Neis is the youngest son...? Plus Asch as a random extended family member.8D )

Everytime I see Kaizer Dist and Tarlow X now, I can't help but be happy.>.>;; It's as if I've fallen in love with them as well because of this parallel, hahaha.<3 Meh, no, I only LOVE them as my siblings.=3


Normal ToA Art Post...

Cheer up everyone~!=3

Okay, before I go to my normal ToA art post, there's one thing I've always wanted to ask Ion-sama.

Yeah, I know in some arts (skit) those stuff are flat, but in MOST arts, they're really fluffy-- like Cheegle ears.XD OMG.

Speaking about Cheegles-- I have something under the lj-cut for [livejournal.com profile] aefallen.8D It's a THANK YOU for finding the time to scan the Ion and Arietta Gaiden.^_^

And YES, I have a -kinda- colored art here too!8D
I think I have slight pr0n scattered here somewhere...>.>;; ANYWAYS-- Dhaos, IonXVan, Guy in uniform, Ero Guy, AschXGuy in the rain, and Mieu-ness! )

And don't ask about the other arts I posted awhile back-- I'm still planning to colo most of them.<3

Thank you for looking~!=3
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The latest TalesRing the Abyss' guest was surprisingly Yasunori Matsumoto-- and this is probably my most faved show cause-- there are AschXGuy hints even in betweens the JadeXGuy.8D

I'll rant about this before I go to my art post, cause I am TOO HAPPY.^_____^

TalesRing the Abyss 041207. Matsumoto mentions JADE a LOT. So I'm hoping for Koyasu's next guesting for him to mention GUY a LOT. )

They announce when the 5th ToA Drama CD will come out, but didn't say who'll be in the cover. Then ToF vol.2 and the different edition's of ToS OVA--

The Exspehere Edition contains an extra with (interviews of?) Konishi Katsuyuki (Lloyd), Mizuki Nana (Colette), and Tachiki Fumuhiko (Kratos). But the one that made me interested was the Collectors Edition.XD It has something titled 'Kratos-sensei's Private Lesson' it sounds so wrong (it sounds like a pr0n title). What the hell is THAT?o_o;;


Oh yay! SCANNER!!!

[livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis got to fix our scanner~. I'm not sure how long it'll stay OK, but I hope it'll be permanent.^^;; So-- I got to scan some sketches.8D I'm still going to color them ALL hopefully.^_____^
(I'm fighting 4 siblings for the only computer at home!XD)

I was planning to post [livejournal.com profile] kaitou_orphen's CHIBI request-- but I haven't finished coloring them.>.>;; Uh huh... My twin thinks it's creepy.XD

- Singpen sketch Dist
- Signpen sketch Kaizer!Guy
(I also TRIED copying Atsuko Nakajima's art)
- Kaizer!Guy novel Cover?o_o;;
- Pretty Peony.XD
- Replica!Van

The only drawing that's NOT parallel there is the Peony one.^^;;

Sketches. None colored. MOST are Parallel/AUs.^^;; )

Now I need to look at a LOT of hentai with really soft looking big boobs so I can draw hentai VanXTear.X3
And I am still hyper with FontechXGuy thoughts.*o*<3

Argh... To everyone, I'm really sorry I can't get online much now.^^;; Ahehehe...
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First off... Cause [livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx wanted Natalia... Chibi Natalia!

That's the only colored art I have, but I have a lot of random parallel sketches today cause I needed my sketch session back. Hahaha.<3 I hope my inspiration don't crash.x_x;;

And surprisingly, there's NO AschXGuy under the cut.
The stuff you'll see here are--
- VanXLuxanne (For [livejournal.com profile] lightbulby)
- Gaillardias (Kaizer!Guy and Dist.<3)
- Lulz, Dist Costume 'Rose Knight'
- Special NEW Rokujinshou Character

The Dist related ones are obviously for my Dist, [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie.*o*

I suggest everyone to see the last sketch I made.8D It's so special.<3 (but with ToA spoilers)
I'm an AU/Parallel dork. SORRY~!XDXDXD )

I'll be finishing the summary of Jade's novel chapter soon, once I'm more confident to put it up here.^^;;
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Okay, my Dist inspiration was up a bit a few days ago after I transummarized the Jade Balfour chapter of the ToA novel, so I planned on abusing it and drew something for our other Dist, [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated.

3 colored and I still put a sketch of one of them.8D All arts

Okay, here's my bribe! If you're still not happy with it-- I don't know what else to draw/give you!XDXDXD All arts under this cut are yours to keep. )

After all that, I'm back to drawing--
AschXGuy (Asch and Guy rp-er's faults in the [livejournal.com profile] intermixed, yes I'm rereading the posts, obviously)
*instant stalker fan*

VanXGuy ([livejournal.com profile] kaitou_orphen and [livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx's fault) Hehehe.XD


Want some more Dist's of mine?

Remember the DistXGuy hostage taking sketch? Well-- I've been done coloring it for nearlly a month now, but never got along to fixing it.x_x;; But yeah, I just BADLY wanted to post it after [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie finished writing her DistXGuy fic 'Little Indulgences'.8D

And I also finished coloring the complete Kaizer!Guy parallel chibi's pic~.<3

More randomness WITH DIST from me.8D )


Kimi, my Saphir wants to meet/see your Jade

Ma bought a new folder-- it was supposed to be hers but since it's color violet (we both like the same color), I used it instead and instantly named it Saphir.^^;; I won't ignore Konzen, my first ever folder...

Yeah, my Saphir!folder needed a Jade and I just remembered that my dearest Kimi has a Jade!compy.X3 Lame excuse to want to meet Kimi.^^;;

And a random rants--
I find myself listening to Bump of Chicken's Lost Man again.>.>;; I might just try to continue to write or draw the 'Original!Luke Parallel'. It's my inspiration music for that ToA parallel.X3 ('Kaizer!Guy Parallel' gets Title of Mine)

I just found and mp3 one of the Sentai songs I've always wanted to hear-- 'Kokoro wa Tamago' of Jetman.XD I couldn't understand jp when I LIKED the song-- but n ow... Argh, WTH? Hahaha.

Anyways, I'm still looking for these songs--
The OP song of Grandoll, OP song of Goldran, and OP song of Ayatsuri Sakon
ToT Can anybody help???
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I got to scan some stuff so oh Happy Day!<3 And I'm gonna go cos-tripping with Aniki and Ate Medith (walk around the mall in Ouran HS uniform)

ANYWAYS, about the title, I have drawn another fanart of a certain jp ToA parallel site.ID Ever heard of 'IX' (Nine)? I've ranted about that months ago... He's Jade's best friend and since his maker ABUSED her parallel making powers, Nine can cast Artes and SING the Grand Fonic Hymn!

Random Nine fanart, rants and links to random sites.XD )


A~nd MORE of my parallel and arts

Random scan of my LATEST parallel headache plan and 2 of my new icons--!

I'm not sure if you want to see this Ouji-sama.8D It's the Young!VanXPedo!Guy parallel and Kaizer!Guy icons )

My mind is still swimming in AschXGuy-ness because of [livejournal.com profile] intermixed, I wonder if it's alright if I hunt down both Asch and Guy players? I'm really one of their fans now.<3 Expect me to draw (hopefully) AschXGuy stuffs and MORE DIST's...

I'm already coloring my giftpic for [livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx~!*o*

I think I'm done now, and I should be going or else Aniki's gonna wait long at SM Megamall.^^;;
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With Dist-san's Super Ultra High Grade Gorgeous abilities he was able to take home FLOWERS from Singapore to the Philippines! You can never do THAT cause it's not allowed! But she was able to pull it off.<3 OMG.<3

And they're not just ANY normal flowers for Guy-- they're Gaillardias!!!XDXDXD

Guy's just been taking care of Mom and Asch's Euphorbias and these pretty violet nameless flowers...

I'm not really confident with the camera... But I have confidence in my photographer ([livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka).XD Kinda IMAGE HEAVY!*o*
So ANYWAYS Gaillardias!!! (and really low quality pics) )


Random ToA Ballpen Drawings...

I am LAZY, that's why I just draw with a ballpen... a violet ballpen.<3 )


Random Tales and OMG LukeXMieu!?

ToD2. I just watched the LAST 'Viva Tales of...' and I can't help but laugh at Barbatos! Wakamoto Norio is probably really playful huh?8D And BanaNamco just proved that BARBATOS IS GAY! (And also a PEDO cause he's a fan of Van's seiyuu, hahaha)

And these just made me think of more Tales of Fandom pairings like JadeXZelos, JadeXJudas, and the likes...XD

ToA. I saw screenshots of Tales of Tactics (Abyss), and there's a part Long-hairedSeme!Luke said Oresama no Butazaru ('MY Thing' if you translate in english).8D<3
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I find myself listening to KH's 'Hikari' and 'Simple and Clean' a LOT lately... I don't know why.

Just as this post's title, I want anything AschXGuy...8D

Anyways, I edited my profile.>D (or rather mine and my beloved's profiles...?8D)


Corrected SOME errors... And More random arts...8D
I've been wanting to draw a LOT for for my friends, but I get LAZY. ALWAYS.x_x;; Even lifting a finger... hahaha... *suicides*

Got to fix the error in my Kaizer!Guy Main Menu. It just lacks the other buttons beside the O and X buttons.XD ('Edit Party' and 'Swap Stats Info' buttons.-_-;;) Argh.

And also fixed some 'Sing Kaizer!Guy!' comic errors.^^;; Dist and Guy's at home, so Gaillardia should be calling Dist as 'Saphir-san'. *murders self* it kinda reminds me of a certain time when I was typing a part in a Rokujinshou!Guy scene-- where I usually forget that he's-- GYNOPHOBIC! Geez, how could I forget such!?ToT

More arts... )



Maybe there's hope for Van to appear in ToF 2?>D>D>D

And also... Dist or/and Peony?>D>D>D


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I posted a teaser of this one.>D

And again, I realized who imbalanced the Kaizer!Guy party is... so they needed a healer from the start. And there are rare hero-healer's ne?>D

I really like to hear Guy sing the Hymns.ToT So I'll just abuse my parallel making powers a bit and do THIS with my parallel. Still, POSSIBLE SPOILERS for the REAL ToA.XD
Kaizer!Guy Parallel - Sing Kaizer!Guy~! (+ HiOugi talk) )

I haven't been writing any fics lately cause it seems my writing self needs it's rest... I might pull off uncolored comics of this parallel soon tho.>D

Like... Some omake's and a relevant event-- Original!Ion's death?


I am one happy GuyXAsch fan--
GuyXAsch Anthology~!

Though it's seme!GuyXUke!Asch, hey, it's still Asch and Guy.<3

Neutral just drew another Jade-- and this time it's just JADE THAT LOOKS REALLY LIKE TAKEHITO KOYASU!!!

*huggles [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie*
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I'm greeting everyone now cause I might not be online tomorrow. Hahaha.<3
(I'm not really a mushy person as well, hahaha, I just wanted to pull this off so I think I can celebrate White Day?8D *stupid*)

Oh and *huggles [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie* Sorry I wasn't able to text you last night. Ma was using her phone for business stuff (as usual).^^;;

And some ToA Hetero art...?8D I did something for Dev!ToA club's Valentine's Day special, and I needed to draw Arietta.=3 I was hoping she would be cooperative cause I needed to draw a whole body... but I was oh so wrong.XD I really suck at whole bods.x_x;;
What? Expecting yaoi? )

And while I'm at it, I did a random comic... For the Kaizer!Guy Parallel.8D
AriettaXKaizer!Guy )

I'm in a hurry so argh, what the hell!?XDXDXD
I'm only online to submit THAT Arietta, btw.
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A really random omake for a certain someone.=p

Oh yeah, and guess who bothered our phone convo last night!? Our homophobic stupid dad.=p Our Ma's really hiding that she's meeting with him again... I don't really mind but it gets in my nerves whenever she goes out of the house in the middle of the night and comes home in the afternoon. Xp

I'm not sure if anyone would get the idea but... I said this is RANDOM!!!
HINTS. Okay, I'm really gonna hide away from embarassment now.XDXDXD )

I wonder if she's online in IM?o_O;; And I was kinda expecting that she's gonna post something in her LJ.8D


*shoots self*

Is answering in IM considered official?8D Hahaha.<3 And I'm talking to a LOT fo people in IM! Hahaha.XDXDXD
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I remember watching Kannadzuki no Miko a few weeks ago and I just got the mood to write stuff about it.ID
Oh yes, I watched it cause of the seiyuu's...>D )


TalesRing the Abyss:

Here's a clip from the 15th show, where me and my siblings can't help but think of VanXLuke thoughts.8D Luke/SuzukiChihiro going, "Sensei, Arigatougozaimashita--- aaah!!!"

16th show.8D Well... I can't rip it... argh...

ToA One Coin Figurines

Did I just read that the SECRET is ION!?

O SHI. NO!!!ToT I want it to be Asch!!! Argh.XO


Parallel Help ideas, please?8D

No, I'm not asking anyone for another Parallel idea story (I have a lot of them, thank you.XD) I just wanted everyone to know that I'm open if anyone wants to suggest or add a little something to my current on going parallels.=D

Yes, and that means I'm talking about the very random Kaizer!Guy Parallel and the angtsy Original Luke Parallel. Of course, I can choose what suggestion to ignore tho, but you know I'm bad at that, hahaha

I just needed some outside ideas so I can make the read more fun or something.8D
(You might be lucky, I might turn that idea into a comic instead)

I'm also trying my best to fix everything...

Also, I've seen 2 jp sites who had an ongoing 'early dying Luke' thing.o_o;; I'm not sure if they'll continue like mine though... *is scared now*


Undone K!Guy Comic:

I'm planning to finish this of course.8D The coloring is just so slow... )

And I'm still fixing the Kaizer!Guy main menu.=O
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First off, me and Aniki enjoyed Friendster, cause we found our High School freinds there.8D Ehehehe.<3 And also found my HS friendcrush-- and realized he already had a girlfriend. No worries, I have my Dist-san, hahaha.<3

(The KG Main Menu had to wait.x_x;; I still don't have the pics we took so I can figure out where to put the option.XD)

Okay, so I wasn't able to show much new stuff to my Dist-san yesterday when we stayed over at her place... so here's some inspiration rush from last night (and just this morning).

MONOMANIA. DistX(+)Guy. All worksafe tho, hehehe.XD Oh, and some Kaizer!Guy stuff are inside as well.8D )

Ehehe, enjoy.8D


Random ToA Rants

First off, I tried sketching AschXGuy Ero... And gave up.XD
What the hell is that position...? *murders self*

[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, I know you were disturbed when we did that GuyXVan shot in the game. I'm sorry...?^^;; *huggles*

UKE!Van fans would love me for this.8D

Spoilers in the game of course.8D
ToA Game rants. I'm not really into seme!Guy, but his HiOugi really makes him a SUPER-SEME!XO )

I am disturbingly evil? Yes, I know.


Talesring the Abyss and ToS OVA

What do we have here?XD It seems the only broken/weirded out file was the 14th radio show!
15th Radio Show

And there are 2 new corners!8D
Oh yayness!<3<3<3

Tales of Symphonia OVA Trailer
(raw ripped file.=p Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] arivess for the yousendit one!XD)
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Okay, so I was playing ToA with [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie and realized that the Kaizer!guy Main Menu Pic I made had an error.XD Arghness... The options lacked 'Equip' (I think in the jp it's 'Soubi', hmm...) cause the pic Kimi gave me was THIS, so I have no idea on what were the other options are! Hahaha.<3

I'm gonna fix that once I get home...8D (And yes, I;m not gonna use a ruler again, hahaha) Oh yeah, I'm currently at [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie's place.8D Got to play ToA a bit (aww, I wasn't able to HiOugi Arietta in the Mt. Roneal Boss Battle...D= *wants GuyXArietta action BADLY*)

And the JadeXLuke talk in Keterburg.<3<3<3 And the 親馬鹿!Guy+Luke scene.<3 Aww...<3<3<3
I really can't see GuyXLuke pairing anymore. I see Guy as Luke's daddy... or mommy XDXDXD

I am really spoiling myself TOO MUCH!8D

On a random note--
I like DistXGuy more than JadeXGuy.=p Oh, and my Dist REALLY REALLY HATES Peony.XD

I got to see a REAL doujinshi at last! Kimi got this really angsty Jade centric after-ToA DJ, and it was... weird...ID And then another that's a PeonyXNephry.<3 Nice.<3


IX->Luke<-Jade Parallel

I found this really interesting ToA parallel in a jp site.8D And yes, I also got into it and to think that Guy doesn't even have a role in it! It's hero is a guy named 'IX (Nine)' and... well... it was really interesting! (and the friggin dude can HEAL!<3)

Oh yeah right, think of the ONLY person who had a NINE in his name!XD

I really like parallels, obviously...


Since Kimi wanted me to take it... The Seme/Uke quiz~!

My result? Interesting.>D )

Uhm... right...XDXDXD NOT GOOD. Ahahaha... *sweat*
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(It is still freezing cold! It's already been 3 days!x_x;;)

It took me 5 days to finish this.x_x;; And surprisingly, I survived without using a ruler, hahaha. *gets shot bt her younger sis' ruler* I usually give up on coloring something whenever it takes 2 days longer... But it seems I was really desperate to finish this...

And yes, I was VERY happy and satisfied with this. Then maybe I can start ot Rokujinshou!Guy's Main menu as well... Hmm...

Under the cut, cause it's image HEAVY.
This is probably my biggest 'art project' that I didn't give up on!XD )

I hope my slump is lifted now.XD I wanna draw AschXGuy and DistXGuy pr0n because of my dearest's conversation last night.8D

Oh yeah, I just want everyone to know that--
I haven't thought of this parallels ENDING yet!8D Seriously, I have NO idea!XD

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