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I'm away for a week? Wow, that's a record...
I've wanted to go online, really. But the last time I was online, I got really depressed when a friend said something that made me loose my drive.
She's the only reason why I'm usually online and now... I don't know.

I feel so tired...
I'm angsting again. Just ignore, please... I just need to get this off my chest. )

Ok, I guess that's it. 360 degree mood change after this.


Good bye PSP~!

We just returned our cousins PSP yesterday. My siblings were saying goodbye to the PSP and not to me!o_o;;

The only games we finished? flOw and ToW:RM.^^;;
PSP for 2 weeks gaming rants. ToW:RM, Irregular Hunter X, FFT, Patapon and Breath of Fire III... Possible spoilers under the cut? Ahehe... )

I am so thankful that ToWRM1 isn't like GBA ToW3! it was really terrible.Xp
it's more like GBA ToW2!<3 I loved that one better.<3<3<3


ToI and ToV sketchies.<3

Hey, I needed some time. I just scanned my new stuff and all.

In ToI, the only icon I was able to finish was Hasta...
Then, some RicaSpa and female!Spada sketchies.
Tales of Innocence. Hasta Icon. RicaSpa and female!Spada. )

In ToV... RavenXEstelle overload!XD Though I did got to draw one Schwann and Flynn.>>;;
So.. Is Schwann's really named like that in the english?^^;;
SPOILERS under the cut. Cause I'll be ranting ToV as well...
And... Naked Estelle's... hey, what's wrong with that?>D
Tales of Vesperia. RavenXEstelle. SchwannXEstelle. Nekkid Estelle. Schwann and Flynn. )

Thanks for staying and looking at my arts. *huggles everyone*
I really appreciate it...

Sheeet! Aaargh! we are running out of paper!DX

Oh yeah.... Tales of the Abyss 2nd Anothlogy Drama CD cover!!! Was released last 0822.^^;;
Can't find a better one yet.>.>;;
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I was scanning my personal journal at home. I just realized I stopped a few more projects when I began training for work.>.>;; (I'm not gonna mention those ToI parallels and all. I know I should still be working on them... on my notebook. Hehe)

Just random rants...  )


Tales of Innocence. More icons!<3<3

Just did all of these this morning.ID Hehehe.<3
I tried to stay away from the PSP just to finish all of these...
[livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist is already ahead of me in ToW:RM1's story!D8

I haven't finished the last few extra charas I'm planning to make.>.>;;
Tales of Innocence. Main Party Icons. )

Since I'm still into ToI mood... Me and my siblings were wondering WHY is Asras in ToW:RM1!?o_o;;
Though he is in human size... he seriously LOOKS like Asras.XD
He's the enemy, I don't know how to translate/mention his name in english.

No ones saying I'm outdated yet?XD I'm still stuck with ToI and a bit of ToV... but still, wahahaha. *runs around crazily*

In ToV... I MIGHT just plan on making a Schwann to pair with my Flynn icon.8D;;
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So... work is obviously taking my time with drawing AND playing.>.>;; I haven't played anything since I began to go to work training. Badly want PSP.T_T

I passed the first assessment. The next will be after training...
The passing grade was 80, I got 83.x_x;; Wah, danger zone.
I know I could've done better... argh...

A lot suggested for me to draw when it's our free time? I usually talk to my new friends instead.
Why? I'm sleepy and it's effing COLD to draw anything.x_x;; My hand's freezing, ahahaha. *random*

The only time I could properly draw is when I'm at home now... Maybe on my Day offs or something?
Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Innocence icons. What? I was really bored!XD<3 )

BTW, anybody could use the icons I made.8D Just gimme credit!<3
Please, I'd really love to see my stuff used SOMEWHERE.

I'll try and upload these on my Dev. Ahehe, I need to put more colored ToI arts there... and maybe those other ToV stuffs... IF I HAVE TIME. ARGH.x_x;;

Random question!!!
Exactly WHERE in UP is the Yaoi Con?8D

Me and Yo-tan will try to cosplay. I'm so excited!
It's fun that we're both from work by that time too.XD<3<3<3
Too bad we couldn't take our younger sibs.T_T They wanted to go too...


Our relatives visited us yesterday. Gave us a working TV, cause Grandpa will be living with us permanently and he needs a better TV to watch in.^^;; I might start playing some games I've always wanted to play in a clearer/fixed TV (mostly Tales) but...

Our cousin's lent us their PSP for a week~!!!<3<3<3
Well, it's in exchange for a few stuff they borrowed from us.>.>;;
My Persona 3 mini Artbook, FF8 Seifer's Gunblade Hyperion (cosplay prop), and I think Yo-tan gave them those small japanese wooden sandals, cause no ones using them at home anymore (too small).

RANTING. PSP. FFT, Riviera, Tales... )

I want my own PSP badly.T_T<3<3<3

Oh yeah, another kind of a random question...
Who thinks I can draw King of Fighters characters?XD *gets shot*

I've never been paid for my arts... eeeh, I think I can't even ask for any money in exchange for my art.x_x;;
I just wanna draw and impress new friends. They've been really kind to me at work...

I love drawing. I just wanna know how far my inspiration can be bent. It's an effing Fighting game!XD<3
And I secretly love the chara designs in Fighting games eversince...

So much for making an LJ-cut. Thanks for reading everyone.<3<3<3

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