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Ok, so things kinda work like this lately...
The character I like always ends up uke, while the chara my twin likes should be the seme.
I like Flynn, he likes Raven. And we try our best to make them pairable.

Tales of Vesperia. RavenXFlynn comic. Errr... a few rants then the comic.^^;; )

Yo-tan changed his profile name in his celphone from 'Yo Phoenix <3' to 'Yo Raven 8D<3'.
OK, I think he REALLY loves Raven now.o_o;; That was fast...
When it was Ricardo, I had to push a LOT of stuff on him before he liked the old man.>.>;;


Tales of Innocence. Durandal needs more LOVE.<3 Another skit in gif.

I think the skit is kinda SPOILERISH cause you can only get it on your 2nd playthrough?^^;;

The first 6 lines and the last line are true. Everything in between was added by me.>D
Seriously, even jp blogs go OMG WTF did you say, Asras!? when they see the original skit.

Really now, Durandal, your Master Asras meant what he just said.<3
Gaé Bolg needs a skit pic... Ah, and Gardle too... Dammit BanaNamco.T_T

I just finished doing the mountain Mt. Everest of laundry.
I still don't have much time to draw cause I need to fix mom's leaflets for work.
Ack, I wanna go back to drawing my ToI comics soon~!D8

Internet is working seriously slow. I might TRY going online later to fix the English Tales Sort...
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Argh. Need to change my last fics' ani-ja to BROTHER.XDXDXD Oops, that editing slipped, ahehe... I'm trying to lessen the japanese inserts in my fics cause I find it nicer when they call siblings as brother or sister (in english).=3<3 I was able to pull off Spada's Brother, but Ani-ja just got stuck in my head.x_x;; There's really no equal english (formal) term for ani-ja except Brother.D8

More typo... Wahahaha. Fixed some... I think...XD
Procrastinating... I really need to stop drawing some ToI for awhile... or not...?x_x;; )

Drawing more KH2.>.>;; I can't draw Axel right-- he always ends up chibi only.
While Namine is easy to draw and then Roxas looks like ToD2's Kyle Dunamis...
I draw Roxas TOO CUTE!XDXDXD<3<3<3
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I just translated THAT. Geez, I don't think men should be talking about that...
I don't really mind.8D;; *fangirls* <3<3<3
But if you click it, EVERYTHING else that's GAY in the skit is made up by ME,
Cause [livejournal.com profile] sephi_chan21 didn't took screenies of the next events,
I can't help but imagine what else is in the convo...

I felt better when I saw a blushing!Ricardo.8D He looks so uke!<3 SpaRica?<3<3<3
ARGH, my brain just went there DAMMIT!!! RicaSpa RicaSpa RicaSpa RicaSpa...

He's the ONLY male chara with the Tere skit pic!O_O *kyun*<3<3<3
Aniki's now teasing me with SpadaXRicardo cause I was so hyper with the blushing Ricardo!XD
I even made his celphone's wallpaper into the blushing Ricardo, yes, it's tiled.XD

Ricardo and Spada are now reversible, but if you add in Hasta or Ruca for a threesome...
It's still RucaXRicardoXSpada or HastaXRicardoXSpada. Spada is still my uber UKE! Haha.

Been drawing more and lining stuff... my pen is running out of ink fast.XD
I got a few sketches I'll be e-mailing to a friend that I won't be posting, cause they're her original.XD
ANYWAYS, random art post with rants, but the majority is ToI, of course.

Wild Arms 5: L23 Pile Bunker. Just a naked Chuck with his ARM. )

Tales of Destiny: Lion, Marian and Chaltier. A special art for Midorikawa Hikaru's Birthday !<3 )

Tales of Innocence: More first sketches of ToI charas, Hasta Ekstermi and a THREESOME?XD )

Planning on drawing Dist and Hasta cause they both look GAY.>.>;;
Well, yeah, Hasta DOES look manlier than Dist, but... geez, Hasta's PINK!XD

I need to finish that original 4-pager comic by May 10, argh.x_x;;
It's angst though, argh...
I wanna line up some more arts, but I began slowing down with my drawing, huh.
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First off... Cause [livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx wanted Natalia... Chibi Natalia!

That's the only colored art I have, but I have a lot of random parallel sketches today cause I needed my sketch session back. Hahaha.<3 I hope my inspiration don't crash.x_x;;

And surprisingly, there's NO AschXGuy under the cut.
The stuff you'll see here are--
- VanXLuxanne (For [livejournal.com profile] lightbulby)
- Gaillardias (Kaizer!Guy and Dist.<3)
- Lulz, Dist Costume 'Rose Knight'
- Special NEW Rokujinshou Character

The Dist related ones are obviously for my Dist, [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie.*o*

I suggest everyone to see the last sketch I made.8D It's so special.<3 (but with ToA spoilers)
I'm an AU/Parallel dork. SORRY~!XDXDXD )

I'll be finishing the summary of Jade's novel chapter soon, once I'm more confident to put it up here.^^;;
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Something for [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue!!!XDXDXD

Guy is fixing Asch's viscount uniform's sleeves.>.>;;
Asch isn't even wearing his shoes yet.
Err... Kinda like that. Hahaha.XD

And I think ALL chibis should be gifs.>.>;; Hahaha.

Nearlly half naked chibis is so wrong.x_x;; But I enjoyed the thought that he's stil waiting for Guy to get his uniform fixed.XD Lazy Asch!<3 Yeah... I'm sorry if I didn't got it right...x_x;;

And do you think it'll end there? It seems I got a little more time before our younger sibs asked me to let go of our compy at home so--
Here's an OMAKE for you.XD )



[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie *huggles*.
Can I ask you, if it's not too much, to take a pic of the plate number in one of your cars?>3 You know what I'm talking about Ouji-sama. The one that [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka noticed?<3

And this person is so far, my most favorite anonymous person in my LJ.8D

I'm really going home now cause I need to EAT cause I'm going HYPO... But whatever you may read in wikipedia-- it's NOT as BAD as THAT!XD Hahaha. I'll explain more about Diabetes' HYPO and HYPER once I find more time to explain.
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How long have I tried to finish JUST THIS SCENE!?x_x;;

I've began making this last... November 21 last year and just finished last night, but it's still incomplete.

A random scene in the ToA OP, but some change of roles.>D>D>D I'm planning to continue some more of the scenes, but I NEED to figure out how to lower a GIFs size and all those crap.x_x;; Cause this scene was already too big!

Of course, expect this is Asch and Guy and--

BEWARE! Behind the cut is a 600+kb (and another 200+kb one) GIF anime!XD
At times like this, I wish we have a tablet so I can make a low quality version of this WITH MUSIC in Flash.x_x;; )

Oh yeah, I need inspiration.=p I've been wanting to draw a LOT of stuff (for my sibs, my friends and for myself) but I don't know where I'll start.

I'm sorry if I'm taking too long with certain requests and gifts.^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


ToS: Tales of Seaside

It's a Tales of Symphonia hentai titled--

Tales of Seaside
Pairing: LloydXRefill, LloydXColette, LloydXShihna, and LloydXGenius
Notes: I have to apologize to Colette fans cause I really don't like her, and this file's been with us for years! The Colette side of the story has been deleted, and I can't find the original save of it, ahehehe.^^;;
Anyways, one of the hentais that never got to leave our HD, cause Aniki [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka looks at it once in a while even if he likes Zelos so much and he doesn't appear in that doujin.>.>;;

The art is REALLY GOOD! Seriously!XD

I have ToP, ToD, and some other hentais I might upload soon. Hehehe.<3


*STARES* I shouldn't be doing this really, but the previews. ARGH. I'm a masochist like this.8D I just look, I seriously can't buy... And since all of them don't ship outside of jp, I know Kimi can't buy them so that's good.>.>;;

I'm JUST staring, no buying, cause I can't buy anyways, hahaha )
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I got to scan some stuff so oh Happy Day!<3 And I'm gonna go cos-tripping with Aniki and Ate Medith (walk around the mall in Ouran HS uniform)

ANYWAYS, about the title, I have drawn another fanart of a certain jp ToA parallel site.ID Ever heard of 'IX' (Nine)? I've ranted about that months ago... He's Jade's best friend and since his maker ABUSED her parallel making powers, Nine can cast Artes and SING the Grand Fonic Hymn!

Random Nine fanart, rants and links to random sites.XD )


A~nd MORE of my parallel and arts

Random scan of my LATEST parallel headache plan and 2 of my new icons--!

I'm not sure if you want to see this Ouji-sama.8D It's the Young!VanXPedo!Guy parallel and Kaizer!Guy icons )

My mind is still swimming in AschXGuy-ness because of [livejournal.com profile] intermixed, I wonder if it's alright if I hunt down both Asch and Guy players? I'm really one of their fans now.<3 Expect me to draw (hopefully) AschXGuy stuffs and MORE DIST's...

I'm already coloring my giftpic for [livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx~!*o*

I think I'm done now, and I should be going or else Aniki's gonna wait long at SM Megamall.^^;;
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I rarely talk about my real life, but yeah.XD Lotsa nice things happened.<3 (I wasn't online for a long time.o_o;;)

[livejournal.com profile] meru_neko saw my drawing folder (Name: Konzen).=O Now you know how messy my stuff are~!

Meeting meru_neko in person and then seeing silentside again!8D )

Yeah, fun weekend.8D

And guess what? I'll be doing the laundry today! (Arghness) Th neighbors are karaoke-ing and it makes my head hurt.x_x;; On second thuoght, I'll do it tomorrow...


Some REAL Tales art at last!
The parallel ones will be next, hahaha!

I made 2 new icons, cause I needed new ones.8D I had a hard time picking the ones to remove though.=O (There's another icon... but the file crashed, argh)

[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie~!XDXDXD I'll win the COOKIES!!!XDXDXD I told you, I DIDN'T draw any DISTurbing pics with Mieu in it.=O Just A-mieu-sing cuteness~!

- [livejournal.com profile] wondermilk's StanXLion piccie (which I might still color).8D
- An art of Mieu and a certain SPOILER someone for [livejournal.com profile] aefallen
- And more Mieu's...?8D

StanXLion, Mieu and...?, Cheegle Mimi )

- And something for [livejournal.com profile] kaitou_orphen cause she asked me for an AschXGuy Bondage.8D
(Cause I wanna thank her for the doujinshi's she's posting...<3)

AschXGuy Bondage? NOT WORKSAFE!!!XD )

Okay, I'm a very happy AschXGuy fan now.8D


Kaizer!Guy Art
(Outfit, stuff and status pic...?8D)

Yeah, just as the title says.8D Some helpful arts in the Kaizer!Guy Parallel~.

Guy's outfit, his stuff, his Dist plushie (!?) and a game status pic.8D )

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie for uploading the scene in the Meggiora Sephiroth!XD It really inspired me to make more Kaizer!Guy stuff!!!

I only got to read that scene in scripts-- so I was really happy to see it in game!<3

(And the Mech Doll!D= It was so cuuute...<3)


I really love this Uke!Guy site... her main pairings are AschXGuy and VanXGuy.ToT
(Also, this is the VERY FIRST ToA site I've been to!XD And yes, it's partly her fault why I'm into AschXGuy and VanXGuy...)

And she's having another AschXGuy doujin!!!ToT Argh...
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Forgive me, I was supposed to upload some of my new JadeXDist arts, but that pair's inspiration suddenly went down when we watched Gankutsuou-- and my mind automatically shipped VanXLuke.8D

I remembered how [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie so wanted to murder me when we were playing ToA and we were watching the VanXLuke events.XD She BADLY wanted to skip it, but I didn't wanna.<3<3<3

No, AschXGuyXAsch is still my favorite ToA pair.o_o;;
*Uses a fixed version of the AXG icon to prove it*


A VanXLuke and an AschXGuy (Gaillardias!) art under here!<3 )

At since trip kong mag-pasaway sa Tales Namco Forums >D>D>D--
And since I want to be a bit evil in the Tales Namco Forums >D>D>D--
*Not really the direct trans, since I don't know the perfect english word for it*

My new (AschXGuy) banner
And a random Chibi AschXGuy->??? gif comic
Under the cut!
AschXGuy PASAWAY Banner )

I sound like a very hyper AXGXA fan here--

Langya, kainis talaga.-_-;; Ang daming mahilig sa AschXLukeXAsch at GuyXLuke...
*Balak ikalat ang AschXGuyXAsch sa buong MUNDO Pilipinas*

- [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka, I know you're into GuyXAsch. *nudges Aniki's sleeping LJ*
- [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis, At least convince some ToA yaoista's about the pair?8D You're LUKE! You're an AschXGuy-fanboy!XD *Get's SONIC THRUST-ed (SHUNJINKEN) by Qu-Ya* *is being an evil!bigsis*
- [livejournal.com profile] shawaserenkinju, I just noticed... You like VanXAsch don't you!?O_O Now where is that VanXGuy art you're planning to give me?>D I already gave you a LOT of FMA DJ's! Hehehe...
- Lisette, Draw me VanXGuy or AschXGuy?8D Argh... *points* She's an AschXNatalia and JadeXNatalia fan.^^;;
- [livejournal.com profile] silentside, You're happy with just watching us play ToA?o_O;; Buy one and play it if you wanted to see Jade that badly!XDXDXD *pokes* You like JadeXDist, ne?8D
- [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, *pokes* I need AschXGuy moral support from the Novels...ID Ehehehe... It's not fair that in the Novel you bought-- the part about Guy isn't really about Guy-- but it's about his cousin.-_-;; Argh... Anyways, I've heard that there's PeonyXJadeXDist there?8D

In the Next Sarah Yajima Novel--
If the next one has something about Jade again-- I hope it's by the time when he's 19 years old!!! HOD WAR!!!XDXDXD So we'll expect Van and the Gardios family there as well... And maybe... JadeXVan? JadeXGuy?>D>D>D *get's SPLASH-ed by [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie*

Fine fine fine, I'll be drawing (PeonyX)JadeXDist next time I'm online...x_x;;
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TALES OF THE ABYSS is selling better then FF12 in the Philippines
(Actually, I think only in Malolos, Bulacan-- our area.XD Ahahaha)

The Supermarket that's a 5 min walk away from our Subdivision sells a LOT of ToA copies.>D I guess I don't have to worry that the stock will run out! Hehehe.

I haven't listened to it but--
The 102606 radio show!!!
I'm only online JUST FOR THIS! It's longer than Tear's show-- hehehe.

Van~!<3 *hearts* I'll see what I can figure out on this show next time I'm online! Hehehe. I'm expecting YAOI!!! VANXLUKE!!!XDXDXD


Tales of the Abyss ala Ragnarok Online!

While Yo-tan was playing our personal RO server, he passed by this place and I thought of ToA's Kinoko Road.8D

I always loved ROs OMG emoticon.XD

Another pic with Asch and Guy in ROs Kinoko Road )

Sprites taken from here:


I have just uploaded a solo Van pic in my Dev! Its coloring turned out really cool, so please do check it out!XD

Also, I won't be posting these in Dev-- *points below* so far, I only have the short-haired!Asch, Long-haired!Guy and Buusagi!Asch.=D They're charas from the parallel Abyss I was planning (where Van was able to succeed in making his Replica World or something... Game Over? Ahahaha...) I'm not sure if I'll be releasing it online though. I'm still thinking about it since I completely murdered ToAs story.^^;;

The Long-haired!Guy is-- *points to new icon* Ehehehe...

Random ToA parallel skit-like gifs.=D )

Charas that I'm still planning to make are-- other charas in the main team, Van, Synch, Arietta... Replica-kid!Asch, Garan and Fende (VanXGuy kids ^^;; Ahehehe. *gets killed for the mpreg theme*). See? It's stupid, I know.=p


Since it's my Siblings' Sem-Break, we were able to finish cleaning the MOUNTAIN OF LAUNDRY!XD They helped me do all the laundry so-- All thats left are the comforters and blankets.o_o Argh...

I just finished cooking 'Adobong Sitaw' (WITH TOKWA/TOFU!!!) then tomorrow I'll be cooking 'Giniling in Soy Sauce'.XD Ahahaha...



Argh, no Guy... but still, our youngest sib would wanna see this.XD *is an evil big sis*


*pokes* Ate Medith.XD Laro ka rin ng Tales of the Abyss~!XDXDXD
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(Another post)

I just realized that I'm making my Guy look like a two-timer.XD I pair him with either Asch or Van! Ahahaha...^^;; I usually make two different versions of drawings with the same theme (an AschXGuy or a VanXGuy)!

And heres two sketchy GIF's under the cut.=D

Kiss!''3 <3<3<3 )

I'm not sure if I'll color them or not... Hmm...

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