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Got time to sit down and STOP PLAYING PERSONA 3 PORTABLE started scanning and posting.8D

Ah, I know I've drawn THIS JADExDIST a year back for [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated,
but was never able to post it. It suits the current season.^^;; *shoots self*
I found it while I was searching for my memories...

ANYWAYS really random arts. Dated from January 22, 2009 until latest ToG practice art.
Don't expect my inspiration to STAY in one fandom, I obviously had a lot of swings in between.

Simply posted fan art. My originals were not scanned... might post them at a later time. Haha.<3
Also, ignore the notes on the paper.>.>;; I draw these at the office while waiting for calls.
They're not much... just picked out a few that's post worthy cause some are... not...

Sketchies post at last~! One Piece, Final Fantasy series, Hetalia, Persona3Portable and Tales of Series )

Done? Done? Done?
Yeah That's it.XD Thank you very much for looking I really appreciate it.
Haven't posted sketchies for awhile so yeah... I missed drawing so very much.<3

Need to go to sleep now. Still need to go to work later.XD Night night everyone~!<3
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Will be cross-posting this to ffchaoticcosmos... and I obviously forgot how to make that a link.>.>;;

[livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue~!XD I drew (kind of) 8x5!!!8D
It's not much... I haven't practiced their clothes so expect more face shots. I'm trying to focus on our Dissidia Gakuen more.x_x;; I prefer casual/school uniforms than their normal Dissidia clothes.

DFF - I wish I could Read Minds... )

Uhh... Speaking about Dissidia Gakuen, not sure if I can keep my FF inspiration up.^^;; Tomorrow is ToVS day.8D Can't wait to make a party of DhaosXChester VS AschXLion.*o*<3<3<3

Also... WILL try to get PS2 fixed.x_x;; Playing Dissidia again makes me want to smack Gabranth AGAIN for being an angry-bastard.T_T;; And makes me want to play FF12 more and see him and Balflear.<3<3<3

Not much 8x5 in pixiv.D8 WHAT? Maybe I'm not looking hard enough?x_x;;
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Happy 24th! to [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka...
... and of course, to me, [livejournal.com profile] pic_murasaki<3

Been brainstorming this since last week since my inspiration was in a VERY random mood.e_e And NO, Ate Medith, it's NOT WolverineXSabretooth.XD I haven't even watched origins...ToT

Hint. Wakamoto Norio gets 2 points for being disturbing.XD He was also our special feature last year-- and surprisingly, he's BACK!8D Just pencil sketch tho.D8 Can't color. It already took time to scan these...>.>;;

Traditional Disturbing Birthday art!XD And yes, it is Final Fantasy Related! Worksafe, cause that's what I think. )

Thanks for looking and till next year, everyone~!XD<3
(Can't get online tomorrow for a ToA Guy Birthday special though.T_T)

To Kit-chan, yes please do e-mail me.^^ But... I can't guarantee I can get to reply.x_x;; *huggles tight*
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So it seems FF got me drawing again, but my inspiration turned to a game I can never ever play.>.>;; Damn, I badly want to read the novel.T_T

Hey, at least I think I'm drawing again.XD
Spoilers for FF4TA under the cut.>.>;; Well, you guys can go ahead and just look.^^;; Ahehe...
Some rants and celphone quality pic under the cut. Spoilers for FF4TA. )

And... while reading about FF4TA, I just realize how FF4TA's story reminds me of ToD 2.>.>;; Cecil doesn't get killed by a Barbatos figure though...

Need new compy... argh... there goes my life...

Thanks for looking anyways.^^<3 It's been a long time since I last posted some drawings...

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