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Spada sighs in frustration as she readies her red bag full of her things, 'Why did I suddenly had a feeling of deja vu...?' she thought as she closes the bag and shoves it under her bed. She THINKS she's ready to go and free herself from their mansion, be independent then pretend to be a--

Right on cue, someone knocked on her door, "Baby sis, Father's calling for you," it was one of her brothers. She looks up and frowned, 'What do they want now...?'

She hurriedly ran downstairs to find his father and 6 older brothers waiting, "What's up...?" she looks around the reception room and found that they were talking with a man wearing a long black coat. The man looks at her, she could tell there was a hint of confusion in his blue eyes...

"Who's that?" the green-haired princess asked her father and brothers, her eyes not leaving the strange looking man.

"Ah, my dear Spada. This mercenary's name is Ricardo Soldato," her father started, "He will be your bodyguard starting today," there was a moment of silence then Spada's eyes widen when realization came, "B-bodyguard...!?" she repeats and her brothers nods, "I don't need a bodyguard!" she glared and her brothers flinched in fear of their pretty master swordsman.

Spada realized that her dreams of running away will be ruined if this bodyguard gets in her way. They shouldn't have any idea that she WANTS to run away, but from the looks of it-- they got ideas that she's up to something.

... It's like she's done it before...

"Spada..." her father's voice was low and threatening as if he wants the conversation to end there. She quiets down, "Y-yes sir..." she hangs her head low then glances at the bodyguard. "You... What's your name again?" she asks.
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Ok, so things kinda work like this lately...
The character I like always ends up uke, while the chara my twin likes should be the seme.
I like Flynn, he likes Raven. And we try our best to make them pairable.

Tales of Vesperia. RavenXFlynn comic. Errr... a few rants then the comic.^^;; )

Yo-tan changed his profile name in his celphone from 'Yo Phoenix <3' to 'Yo Raven 8D<3'.
OK, I think he REALLY loves Raven now.o_o;; That was fast...
When it was Ricardo, I had to push a LOT of stuff on him before he liked the old man.>.>;;


Tales of Innocence. Durandal needs more LOVE.<3 Another skit in gif.

I think the skit is kinda SPOILERISH cause you can only get it on your 2nd playthrough?^^;;

The first 6 lines and the last line are true. Everything in between was added by me.>D
Seriously, even jp blogs go OMG WTF did you say, Asras!? when they see the original skit.

Really now, Durandal, your Master Asras meant what he just said.<3
Gaé Bolg needs a skit pic... Ah, and Gardle too... Dammit BanaNamco.T_T

I just finished doing the mountain Mt. Everest of laundry.
I still don't have much time to draw cause I need to fix mom's leaflets for work.
Ack, I wanna go back to drawing my ToI comics soon~!D8

Internet is working seriously slow. I might TRY going online later to fix the English Tales Sort...
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Pairing: Iria+Spada, RicardoXSpada, hints of RucaXIriaXRuca (HypnosXDurandal???)
Rating: PG-13 =p
Notes: Kind of like a Spada version of Now and Then and also the 2nd part of the fic.^^<3
More on Spada being troubled cause he LIKES Ricardo, wahahaha.XD
Tales of Innocence - Then and Now. )

So nervous... I really should tell the truth right?
ARGH. I don't have any other school credentials, so I'm going to pass what I have.
I hope they'll still accept me in that Call Center Work...T_T;;
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"Uhm... You know what?" it was rare for the gunman to sound... unsure and hesitant, "Inanna was... jealous of Durandal..."

Pairing: Iria+Spada, IriaXRuca<3
Rating: PG-13 (I can't write het pr0n, even if I want to)
Notes: A~h, taking a break from some yaoi (though this was hinted *cough*) and from some other stuff.
I always wanted to write some RucaXIria.<3
Tales of Innocence. Now and Then )

I really don't know which parallel to prioritize next.XD Wahahaha, they're so many.<3


2 pages done! I hope I'm able to finish on or before the 15th.x_x;;
For once I'm trying to use a ruler to do this properly. Ahehehe...
Still having problems with the size once I begin to scan them. I NEVER scanned any of my works OVER 200dpi, and they need... 300dpi?o_o;; OMG, I hope our computer could take it.T_T
I'm also having problems if my mini comic's story would be OK for the Anthology...

[livejournal.com profile] meru_neko, [livejournal.com profile] jeneko, tuloy pa din yung FF7/KH/WEWY Anthology di ba?T_T
I'm still seriously desperate with this, and I still hope I'm welcome?^^;;
I am just so sorry I suck at trying to communicate, ahahaha... *hides from embarassment*

Wheee~! It feels like cramming with school work!XD WTeffing!?
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Why am I online? Uhhh... for ToI of course! I need to check if chapter 9 is already up! *cough* No, I need to check my e-mail for the jobstreet callcenter mail.^^;; I still haven't fixed it.>.>;; Uh huh...

Read the first ever english ToI RicardoXSpada fic (that's NOT mine).<3<3<3
I'm all happy and giggly, my siblings said I should wipe the goofy smile off my face.

Ah yes, nothing compares to fics that I can fully understand without looking at a dictionary once in a while.<3
Nina, you should try writing pr0n.>D Hehehe...
Tales of Innocence. Female!Spada fic snippets and more rants, wahahaha... )

Veigue's gonna be in ToW:RM2.XD Wahaha, at long last.^^;; Guy's in it too... Aww, I wish NDS charas make it as well.D8 They're MAJOR Tales too!DX But if TotT didn't make it in the first game... it'll be depressing if ToI doesn't make it to ToW:RM2 as well.T_T Big deal if Guy's there. I'd be more desperate if Asch (and Natalia's) in there with Guy.8D Or Van. Hehehe...

Errr... I don't think Veigue could meet his Woodrow-papa though.D8 He already appeared in the first game right?T_T Too bad...

And... Tales of Heart!<3 I am not depressed with a new Tales coming out in NDS cause I know I'll get to play it.^^<3 Me and my sibs were joking that Inomata-sensei only releases Tales in the NDS cause it's the only latest game console she have.XD *shoots self*

And yes, the hero definitely looks like YGO:GX's hero.o_o;;

And a more random question...
Do you think it's alright if I put in my resume 'Can read and fluently speak MELNICS?' XDXDXD
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Leaving this untitled, cause I really can't think of a title.XD
Agh, I really should just leave my fics untitled if they're really untitled...


Pairing: RicardoXSpada (hints of GardleXRicardo<3)
Rating: PG-13
Notes: SPOILERS about Gardle and some events in the game (Regnum port event *cough*).
Spada's feelings for what Ricardo did and stuff...
Uhh... Also, like the rest of my fics, they're unbeta-ed.
ToI - RicardoXSpada untitled fic )

Is it just me, or my unfinished (probably chaptered) ToI fics are stacking up?XD Lessee... I don't know... some seemed like I can just leave them alone.8D Wahahaha...*evil*

Currently getting praised by my sibs for pairing RavenXFlynn. Wahahaha.XD It'll surely be my OTP. And yes, it seems I am lightening up to ToV and Flynn is my fave... cause he looks like Guy. I'll be able to draw him easy.

Calling my Ricardo as Phoenix-papa and him calling me Miles-mama (of Mikuni/Trucy).XD He actually gets too possessive when I mention GumshoeXEdgeworth and ManfredXMiles. WTH.XD
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I am procrastinating. Wahahaha... too much.x_x;; I hate myself.

Here's a ToI gif skit for Nina~!>D Clicky please~!
I suck at humour. I hope this is good enough.x_x;;
I seriously need to lighten up...

Huh, there are NO surprised expressions in the ToI skit pics.D8
This ones way better than the last one I made. More expressions and stuffs.XD
ARGH. Spada's intro and exit are the only trouble in that skit.XD
Making the gif was... fun...^^;;

Don't you just wish english ToI was true?x_x;;<3<3<3


ToI parallel - The Blacksmith's Children

Kinda like my... [livejournal.com profile] kaizer_guy ToA parallel.8D ToI style.<3
So... expect I'm gonna twist certain scenes in game like I did in Kaizer!Guy.>D
Should I give Spada the benefit of loosing? I'm thinking twice about that...

Pairing: Uke!Spada. HaSpa? RucaSpa? RicaSpa? GaeBolgXDurandal.>D
Rating: R-13...?=p Hasta means SOME blood gore.XD
Notes: First off, yes definitely there are ToI SPOILERS.
A few people recalls their Memories of Heaven way earlier (than Spada XD).
It's my only way to make this fic work out.x_x;; It IS a parallel anyways.>D
I love Gae Bolg and Durandal, they seriously need more fans.D8
ToI parallel - The Blacksmith's Children )

Trying to find work and apply online. I MIGHT be online in YM or AIM, but I might not be able to reply fast to messages.^^;;
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Now that he knows how it feels to be human-- Spada realized there might have been a mistake in his reincarnation...

Pairing: AsrasXDurandal, AsrasXInanna, RucaXSpada? And lulz, Ricardo->Spada hint?
Rating: PG-13
Notes: As I was plotting this-- I can't help but remember KOB Jing's pet/weapon, Kir.<3
ANYWAYS, Spada's random thoughts about his reincarnation.^^;;
Uhmm... people can see it as SpaRuca, really. Uhhh... I won't mind...?x_x;;
ToI SPOILERS for the past lives and the likes.XDXDXD
Tales of Innocecne. Still out of Reach )

The fics was supposed to be SHORT. Seriously. But things went out of hand, I just HAD to add more.x_x;;
Ruca wanted the airtime, ahahaha, he WASN'T even supposed to appear!


Friday the 13th!!!XDXDXD<3<3<3
I hope I'll be lucky today, ahehehe.<3

OBJECTION! Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is life changing.
OK, that's not really true... but everyone at home was shouting OBJECTION since we began to play...
It'll be worse if we get the mic working...

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Rants... )

Thinking twice if I should play the JP... I wanted to know about those really corny puns and all.
Naruhodo was already WIN.<3<3<3


Back to ToI. I got lots of art again!x_x;;

I ALWAYS feel bad for the chara I don't get to draw. This time, it's my beloved ani-ja.T_T

What have I drawn...? Lessee...
RucaXSpada, lots of RicardoXSpada, and a HastaXSpada.8D
Oh, I've also drawn some boobs!!!XD *very happy* She's flat chested though.
Lulz, uke!Spada post. RicaSpa, RucaSpa, HaSpa. And some genderswitch, hehehe. )

Forgive the really big post.XD I'm... thinking twice if I should cut them all up, and make 3 consecutive posts...
I don't know which ones worse...x_x;;

Anyways, I'll be making another post! OMG, I've finished translating/summarizing a whole jp novel!*o*
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Double posting?XD

ToI telenovela, Nina?XDXDXD *shoots self* OK, that's a joke.x_x;;;
As I've said... I didn't have much confidence in posting this ToI fic...


"You look perfect," one of his brothers spoke, his hand reaching down on Spada's skirt and lifting it up to feel the youngest Belforma's legs, "This complete's our Nightly Rituals, huh?" that's how they call their dirty little secret. Another brother inquires to the others who agreed.

The youngest of the brothers will be the girl who'll take in his brothers' desires.

Pairing: 6BelformaBrothersXSpada, RicardoXSpada
Rating: R
Notes: I tried my best with the smut... I know I'm bad at it.
Brutal (kind-of) gang rape and some more hinted sex.
If you know how sick I am when it comes to my kink and uke's, yes, I am evil, disturbing and masochistic.
It's angst, but I can't help but think of how silly the scenes would look like...
Imagine, all 3 men are wearing their respective colorful Starlight Dresses for fun.8D

Also, NO SPOILERS and completely Un-beta-ed! WTH Yay I am so dead.<3
Tales of Innocence - Starlit Night )

I just love good endings.<3<3<3
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Really really random.XD

More talk, less description. I was never able to work on that when writing my fics.x_x;; Anyways, it came out ok. So random, but fun.XD

I haven't written a fic for awhile and haven't posted ANY fic. So... yeah... I still feel like I suck.XD I wrote this up just today, I was really feeling bad for being so stupid earlier.
I was blowing off some steam... Argh...

Pairing: RicardoXSpada, HypnosXDurandal?
Rating: PG-13 =p
Notes: Nobody should ask me what happened and what's going on,
I was really desperate.>.>;;
ToI - A Different Awakening )

I am weird, I know...
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Happy Birthday Junpei!8D

Most likely set in a parallel-- or maybe not? OOC-hyper!Minato? Why is a certain someone still alive? Why is Chidori a yaoi fangirl? Anyways, this is how our MinatoXJunpei pairing works...

Art and... well, explanation (fic?) of the scenes under the cut~!<3
MinatoXJunpei pt.1 (still untitled, sadly) )

Why am I making THIS instead of something ShinjiXAkihiko? My Gemini story is sooo angsty. I'm still writing it down before posting it. While this MinatoXJunpei is already finished-- well, the whole story draft is done, but the arts isn't. Hehehe...

Argh. HOPEFULLY I could finish this!XD
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Okay, I was obviously bored last night and was looking for ToA Bday Guy fics I made in my journal at home (so I can make a Bday special for Guy, duh). I ended up finding really old Roku!Guy fic plans.8D Since I was feeling random, I posted 2 different scenes...

Oh, and one more thing, since I've been drawing boobs lately, this also inspired me to think more about Roku!Guy cause his partner here is Female Asch.8D WTH.

First bit, Roku!Guy's thoughts about his beloved Rokujinshou Family.<3
Slight hints of the weirdest pairings... What? I can't help if I really like Papa Largo And Van!XD
They're really random.=p )

Even if Roku!Guy is such a bastard, only Dist, Largo and Van knows how KIND that bastard can get.XD Hehehe.

A~nd more of my crappy writing...=p
Female!Asch, Arietta and Synch are all buddy-buddies here-- uhh... KINDA.XD
Hmm... No bastard Roku!Guy here though...>.>;;
Read more... )

[livejournal.com profile] kaizer_guy's been quiet for awhile cause I'm still editing old and new stuff to upload/post.8D Ahehehe... And I still can't wait to see it's possible layout!<3<3<3

I'm working on... Guy's birthday special comic and I'm drawing something that's Non-ToA for [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka for our DISTURBING Birthday special, and I still need to look for arts of the UKE cause I never imagined I'll be drawing him.8D<3<3<3
The Trinity Blood Franches-cake (060905) pictures already gone...o_o;; Will be uploading that one again today... Then the ToA MieuXAsch (060906) is still there so I won't have any problems with that.>D

And after this weekend, I'm back in ToA cosplay panic mode again.x_x;;

To the people I talk to on IM, I'm so sorry I suddenly disappeared.x_x;;
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Don't tell me the Tales of the Abyss Fandom is crashing because of Art Thieves! I haven't even played the game for real.ToT
I actually couldn't sleep last night because I can't help but think that my flist is mixed with them. I understand how my artists friends feel because I am also an artist and I respect even japanese artists works. And all I ask is for people to give the same respect to great artists you admire and at least ask their permission before you use their works.DX Or just don't use them at all.

Okay that's the only angsting I could do.

I obviously forced my writing inspiration to WRITE something out of frustration yesterday. I don't even know if I'll continue this.o_o Guy's POV and I'm not even sure if I got certain descriptions right.Xp As usual, LACKING.

What the hell did I just write!?DX BAD ENDING!? It's really random, hahaha. )

I have a bunch of unscanned sketches at home, so expect for me to make an art spam soon and...

Now where is that Novel...? Hmm... I think I left 4 more pages.^^;; Adult Jade and Peony's conversation, and the last 2 pages where the gang leaves Eldrant and we get another JadeXLuke thoughts from Jade. Ahahaha.
pic_murasaki: Sanada Yukimura of Sengoku Musou (Ero AXG)
I'm probably the happiest AschXGuy fan now.8D
Are there others???

Well, rereading [livejournal.com profile] ranchelle and [livejournal.com profile] aefallen's fics made me really happy-- and also made me feel angsty at the same time.XD Hey, it's AschXGuy!<3
If only I could write a really nice AschXGuy fic... I kinda hate myself for being so terrible at describing things... Bah, enough angsting! )

Expressing my happiness is limited and I hate myself for that.XD I don't know what to say, but I was really cheered up with these people's AschXGuy ficcies. And I still wanna see more~!ToT


ToA AschXGuy ficcies random art.8D

I don't have a tablet and I only go back and forth from a Computer Rental Shop so I can't draw stuff right then and there even if I want to.XD So here's a really late art dump for the people who wrote AschXGuy...<3

This is all I could do-- sketches.^^;; )

[livejournal.com profile] aefallen, have you seen my '?????+Mieu giftpic' scan?8D If not-- just wait til you meet with [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, I asked her to give the original sketchy paper copy to you.<3

I found GuyXAsch sites-- now this?8D Ahaha.<3 I'm really so happy with my favorite pairing now~! (Sadly, it sounds like the pairing inspiration didn't start from me... What...?ToT I'm so unpopular... hahaha...)


Of course there's a separate side for my special DistXGuy...

I'm just ranting.8D Well... I just found the perfect theme song for my 'Kaizer!Guy Parallel' or simply my DistXGuy pairing.*big grin* It's a Bump of Chicken song and I've been listening to it over and over again.<3

And no, it's not 'Ever Lasting Lie' even if I know my siblings hear me listening to it every now and then... That song is for my AschXGuy 'Cursed Promise'.XD

The song is... well... weird...XD (Aren't all their songs weird?)

Kimi if you're not busy tonight, can you burn me ALL of your Bump of Chicken songs again?XD I mean ALL of them this time (even the stuff you know we already have) cause some weren't working cause the title was in jp characters and our compy can't read them.ToT Sorry for being such a bother...


Does anyone know where to download GBA ROMS for the GBA emulators!? Please do tell me, I need to play something different.ToT
I'm currently playing in GBA and in PSone... )

Oh and I updated my icons.8D I just uploaded really old icons for fun and-- it's okay IF anyone wants to ask for one... Just ask me and go ahead and take it.XD
The only people who don't need to ask for my permission to use ALL my stuff (drawings/scans and icons) are [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka, [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie and [livejournal.com profile] silentside.>D>D>D

(HTML Game! Luke wants to make Van-sensei a Vday gift.XD Eeewm why ask Ramdas for help?>p)

VanXLuke<3 site where that came from.XD
And it seems this artist is gonna make a molested-young!Van comic/doujin soon.>D *checks blog* Hopefully.>D (JadeXyoung!Van or randomD.O.MXyoung!Van~!XDXDXD)
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I found this lying around in my personal journal at home.8D Hahaha. I was able to fix it a bit and ended up with this...

WARNING: A bit of ANGST, if you know what happened in Luke's Death and Asch's Change.XD And probable SPOILERS for the REAL ToA Game...?

Say Goodbye to your Present,
And Welcome Back your Past...

Original Luke Parallel. Luke's Return...? )

If you're interested to know more about this parallel, just click the 'Original Luke Parallel' tag and you'll find other stuff related to this...8D Hehehe.<3


Talesring the Abyss
I tried to stop myself to post something about this but can't...x_x;;

In the 15th Radio show.
Did Suzuki Chihiro just announced that the 4th ToA Drama CD cover will only have LUKE!? WTH?
I was expecting Tear and Van...ToT Well, it's still unsure.. but yeah...

Also, the current radio show already featured 'Ore, Kawaritai' corner.8D (one of the 2 new corners) and... I just enjoyed how Luke shouts one of the 'Sensei, Arigatou-gozaimashita-aaah!!!' it sounded so wrong... *cough*VanXLuke*cough*


Random notes...

I HATE it when I'm caught off guard with the pairing GxA and find it's a GinjiXAsch and NOT GuyXAsch... But I can honestly say, I kinda like thinking about GinjiXAsch when I don't look at the pair...XD I MIGHT draw some... *suicides*

The DIST ONLY EVENT in Japan is... on April 1?o_O;;
WTF, poor Dist!XD (Still, a nice choice of Event Date! Haha.<3)
pic_murasaki: (Gaillardia)
Really old fic... And it's NOT a parallel!XD And I just noticed it's not even June 10 today!8D Argh... TOO Early for Guy's birthday...=p


It was the first time Guy didn't push him away, just because of a flower…

Pairing: Young!Luke and Guy...?
Rating: PG-13
Notes: A bit of cuteness, but knowing what's my favorite pairing-- yeah.XD
I'm sorry to be using japanese suffixes, I got used to it cause I've been writing ToA fics even before the English was released.
WARNING: Possible spoilers about THE Young!Luke (10) and Guy's past, if you can find the hidden spoilers that is.

ToA fic - Flower Language )

I am still thinking twice if I should pull off my VanXGuy fics.XD *is still searching for them somewhere in her personal journal at home*



Thanks for reading!

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I am suicidal I know. I a lot of you guys would kill me for this.XDXDXD

Okay, this fic plan started last year in my thoughts. Even earlier than my Kaizer!Guy one. I've posted a pic relating to that parallel, but no one noticed and that's ok.^^;;

This plan started because I already had my tolerance for AschXLuke up, and since I wanted to make an excuse for AschXGuy and AschXLuke at the same time... well... yeah...XD

Tell me if my timing or whatever in the story is off or I need to explain more (thanks to Dev!Disasterously-sweet for checking it though.<3). I didn't want to spoil myself more of ToA's before ending scenes, but I also didn't want to waste this parallel plan...ToT So yeah... *got spoiled more*

WARNING: ANGST, yes, a LOT of them.DX

AschXLukeXAsch? Asch->Guy?... Uhh... DarkWingsXAsch? GinjiXAsch?8D What...? )

I bet some people also found this scene, but this is a few more events afterwards.8D
It's a replacement/parallel to the Asch VS Luke scene in Eldrant.=O
(Highlight it please? Hahah.XD)


For those DLing the TalesRing of the Abyss...

*blink* *blink* The lastest show is 39.9 MB and it's just 23 minutes!?O_O WTF!? I still need to edit (most likely to low quality mp3 format) so I can upload...-_-;; What the hell are they thinking? Did someone caught me uploading these stuff?>D Hahaha.<3
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As I've said, I'll continue this even if no ones reading it that much.>D

Meeting Rokujinshou's Arietta and... )

(I need to get off my laziness and try tagging again...x_x;;)

Kaizer!GuyParallel List
Cause I am crazy... )

I so love this parallel.8D *hearts*
pic_murasaki: Sanada Yukimura of Sengoku Musou (Default)
(Okay, so I got used to calling AUs as 'Parallels' since that's what I see in jp sites whenever I read jp fics. Hahaha. Hey, I'm asian.8D Is that a good excuse?)

I had to finish typing and drawing this by 4 am today cause the ideas won't let me sleep!x_x;; Yes, I was able to draw stuff in between scenes as well.XD Even if not a lot of people are reading this, I enjoy typing this parallel... see how inspired I am!?O_O;;

Oh, and Guy also calls the good guys as 'Jade Gang' cause he believes in whatever Dist says!. I guess you'll get the idea on what part of the game this is.X3

- Curse Slot
- Meeting Jade
- KaizerDist+Guy VS Jade Gang
- Guy's jealousy...?8D

Kaizer!Guy Parallel. Dist-><-Guy?, JadeXDist?... KaizerDistXGuy...?8D )

Since Guy is on Dist's side, he gets the benefit of loosing to the good guys, hehehe.XD

I had to check a few quote lists and needed to recheck a few lines from the game, but since I only have jp scripts with me, all I could do is try to translate stuff I can recall.>D I really didn't want to put the exact eng convo's in the game-- I wanted it to be somehow different-- but at the same time, the idea is still there.=3

If there needs more explanation/questions, I'll gladly answer them.XD Well, I MIGHT answer if it won't spoil the future parts of this parallel.

Jade Gang side. After the battle conversation.8D
EveryoneXKaizer!Guy...?o_O;; )

Luke is thinking too much and misinterprets Guy's want for attention before and in battle. While Jade-- is simply jealous cause Dist gave away his surname to a random person.8D Hehehe.=3

Anise was mentioned, but I won't let her talk.=p So, does anybody notice the HINTS of the people who're interested in Guy now?XDXDXD


Other AUs:

Since I love making parallels, I also love reading others' ideas.<3 So anybody else have parallel/AU thoughts my mind can host?XD

Here's a sketch of [livejournal.com profile] meimi's Asch Curtiss from her 'Sacred Flame of Malkuth' AU.8D
And this just made me realize how I hate drawing Jade's uniform...XD and I suck at poses.ToT

I'm still having problems with my 'Original Luke' parallel...x_x;; Will I continue or not?
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I'm still angry at myself for forgetting to burn the AschXGuy comic...x_x;;

This is such an uke!Guy... I'm so sorry...?XDXDXD

About 5 years later after Luke and Kaizer!Guy's parting? )

A bit of Dist's gayness has rubbed on Guy?8D

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