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I am too busy with things that's why all I could post are really random pics.XD

I'm stupid and in a random mood. Hehehe. M&Ms, my twins current OTP, and if I get a car-- I want a plate number like THAT! )

And why can't I make art posts lately?
Cause I am too busy making these!!! )



FFT Hentai Doujin~

FFT Hentai Doujin - Congratulations
Pairing - Futanari!OveliaXAgrias, sugarhigh!RamzaXAgrias
Notes - Uhmm... I seriously thought it was AgriasXOvelia.XD
So... does that mean OveliaXDelita in the future too...?>.>;;
It's a bit disturbing, but the art is TOO ADORBLE!!!XDXDXD
For [livejournal.com profile] meimi wanted the scans-- and I wanted to upload it anyways.XD Hehehe.<3
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I was planning to make a translation of the song 'Angel Comes Here' (ToA BL game 'Luke Labyrinth' OP song) cause I feel stupid, but I procrastinated and played something instead--

My ToA inspiration is being quiet.>.>;; (But I've been sketching Kaizer!Guy parallel arts...) I need inspiration booster or something.XD Anybody kind enough to scan some ToA gag anthologies? Hehehe... *shoots self*
WTF? )

I hope people in my flist cheers up.ToT Everybody's going emo mode again... *gives huggles to everyone*

I promise to post (parallel/AU) art next time I'm online~!^^;; I'll be doing the groceries then do the laundry once I get home.x_x;; Oh fun.
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It takes me about an hour to get our scanner working, and it's frustrating.DX I wanna post arts~!ToT

ANYWAYS, I'm just online for a bit cause I needed to check Ma's e-mail and all. And [livejournal.com profile] silentside gave a link to someone trying to hire some Comic Book artists-- and I might just try and apply for that-- IF they can allow and respect a yaoi artist in their team.-_- (and an undergrad too...) Wish me luck.<3

Kimi's not online~!ToT Argh, I don't wanna bother you really.*huggles* Just... try to enjoy your stay there, ahahaha...^^;; *scratches head* Argh, I can't scan through my whole flist AGAIN.x_x;; This'll be a murder on Saturday. (all compy shops are closed tomorrow for the Holy Week) Oh yeah, and I'll be printing some of my chibi arts cause my Saphir!Folder needs some front cute pics.8D<3<3<3

Really Random...

And PSP FFT's Package Design~!<3 OMG, Mustadio~!<3
Is that Algus near Delita!?DX Eew... *shoots Algus*

(We obviously consider Agrius as a male.>.>;;)
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First of all, my new default icon is AschXGuy-- and it's NOT my drawing, it's [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist's drawing for me.*o* (there's a jealous Buusagi!Asch in the drawing too, but since he won't fit )

And my sibs have been saying I've been finding really weird games lately...

And it seems I found this FFT pairs game in the official site... Since it's official, I'm gonna give the link. I'm not nice to Square anymore DIRECT LINK.
PAIRING! I seriously mean Pairs. Argh. Random stupid pics and the links under the cut. )

And about the ToA UNO game-- I just found the option menu.XD Ahahaha.


Tales Ring the Abyss 19

Since I can't rip it anymore-- I tried directly listening to it cause there's a preview of the 4th Drama CD.

And a young!Asch and Van sparring scene!!!XDXDXD

Also-- Kimi's DistXGuy fic Little Indulgences is done~!XDXDXD And I'm kinda hoping for a continuation?*o* *stupid* And I also linked the fic here for my Dev friends.8D *proud of Kimi*


If anyone saw me online ahile ago-- yeah, Ma locked the main door to our house and we don't have any keys.x_x;; As always, I used Y!M to be able to text them. Hahaha. Well, all is OK now I think. Foxalollita came and told me Ma's already there.8D Argh, damn I'm hungry.>.>;; Bye~! *rushes home*
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It's our youngest sisters' Birthday! *throws confettis* (And she's the only REAL girl next to mom. Me? I dunno...XD)

Then some additional randomness, another Birthday celebrant for October 15--

MUSTADIO BUNANZA of Final Fantasy Tactics!!!
He's my fave chara in FFT and his Bday is also today! (I'm not sure in the japanese version though, cause the dates there are completely different/jumbled up!)

He looks like a lovechild of Van and Guy of ToA Sorry, I just think he looks like Van cause my art is in default ToA mood.XD Ahehehe.<3

Yayness for RamzaXMustadio!XD (I also suppport RamzaXDelita, y'know)

AschXGuy art update! Since I got my Asch's (Aniki [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka) approval of drawing a Taller!Asch.8D Cause he's also intimidated by his height and mine.^^;; (We're twins, he's the guy but I'm TALLER than him) Yeah, just like Asch who's very conscious about his height...<3


We'll be picking up Lisette's cake today, and that means we're going to Monumento... Do you think there's ToA now?>D

Also-- I'll be using Pere now for Pear-jiichan's name.8D But I'll MURDER BANDAINAMCO if they don't name Guy as 'Gaillardia'!!!ToT Ang baho na ngang pakinggan ang GARDIOS eh... (Gardios stinks!)


BTW, [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, do you it's possible to order the ToA novels in the singapore shop you go to?8D (so they'll have some in stock once you go there? Hehehe...) *gets murdered*

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