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Took me an hour to finish uploading this...

Tales of Symphonia ~Knight of Ratatosk doujinshi

Only for You
Pairing: EmilXMarta...?
Rating: R-18
Notes: It's HENTAI. It has SPOILERS.

Now let's just wait for Tales of Vesperia hentais, hmm?XDXDXD

Cosplaymania and art post after this. Yes, I'm already warning everyone, I'm gonna make 3 posts.>D
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Wow, I wasn't expecting to be away for a long time.x_x;; I'm just out cause I need to do the groceries.^^;;;; Anybody missed me?

(ALL pics were taken using a camera phone so they're crappy.)

First off, random ToA in-game stuff I took...^^;;
ToA SPOILERS ahead and stupid AschXGuy-ness under the cut!!!
7 really random pics...8D;; )

Off to Theor Forest and the Cursed Slut~! Hehehe.8D;;;


Beloved Kimi-ouji-sama~!<3

Beloved [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie came over last Saturday.ID She forgot to bring the cookies she made to bribe [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka too, hahaha.XD

We were all *o* when she showed us the original ToF2 game she got and she gave me my copy of the US ToA and ToF2 (which takes about 15 minutes to make the game work).XD;; Then she gave me this package... inside was a plastic folder all wrapped up in that hard to open packaging tape...o_o when I opened it-- and as soon as I saw what's inside, I just had to cry and embrace Kimi.<3 I seriously wasn't expecting to get such a doujin... And yes, I was a bit angry cause she bought something expensive off of Y!japan. Still... *huggles tight* as she expected, I cried, got angry and happy.

Played more PS2 with her.XD She showed me how Mushroom Road looks like in the overworld-- damn it looks nice (AschXGuy~ID)!*o* Then I showed her the jp events before the first battle with Kaizer Dist.=3 So she got to hear how GAY Dist is.XD<3

OK, more pics (doujinshis!).8D I obviously haven't drawn much lately...>.>;;
Hey, I DRAW while playing ToA!XD
Wow. 2 doujinshis...*o*<3 I really wasn't expecting this... )

I've been playing ToF2, mostly Donjara.>.>;; Sadly, there's no pairing of AschXGuy, VanXGuy or DistXGuy.DX There's JadeXGuy and PeonyXGuy tho.Xp

And I told you guys~! ZelosXKratos is a very possible pairing~!XDXDXD

OK, I think I'm done ranting now.=X
I might post more crappy game pics next time again--
and hopefully some art.^^;;

Oh yeah, I'm playing ToF2, jp and US ToA.8D
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I am too busy with things that's why all I could post are really random pics.XD

I'm stupid and in a random mood. Hehehe. M&Ms, my twins current OTP, and if I get a car-- I want a plate number like THAT! )

And why can't I make art posts lately?
Cause I am too busy making these!!! )



FFT Hentai Doujin~

FFT Hentai Doujin - Congratulations
Pairing - Futanari!OveliaXAgrias, sugarhigh!RamzaXAgrias
Notes - Uhmm... I seriously thought it was AgriasXOvelia.XD
So... does that mean OveliaXDelita in the future too...?>.>;;
It's a bit disturbing, but the art is TOO ADORBLE!!!XDXDXD
For [livejournal.com profile] meimi wanted the scans-- and I wanted to upload it anyways.XD Hehehe.<3
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How long have I tried to finish JUST THIS SCENE!?x_x;;

I've began making this last... November 21 last year and just finished last night, but it's still incomplete.

A random scene in the ToA OP, but some change of roles.>D>D>D I'm planning to continue some more of the scenes, but I NEED to figure out how to lower a GIFs size and all those crap.x_x;; Cause this scene was already too big!

Of course, expect this is Asch and Guy and--

BEWARE! Behind the cut is a 600+kb (and another 200+kb one) GIF anime!XD
At times like this, I wish we have a tablet so I can make a low quality version of this WITH MUSIC in Flash.x_x;; )

Oh yeah, I need inspiration.=p I've been wanting to draw a LOT of stuff (for my sibs, my friends and for myself) but I don't know where I'll start.

I'm sorry if I'm taking too long with certain requests and gifts.^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


ToS: Tales of Seaside

It's a Tales of Symphonia hentai titled--

Tales of Seaside
Pairing: LloydXRefill, LloydXColette, LloydXShihna, and LloydXGenius
Notes: I have to apologize to Colette fans cause I really don't like her, and this file's been with us for years! The Colette side of the story has been deleted, and I can't find the original save of it, ahehehe.^^;;
Anyways, one of the hentais that never got to leave our HD, cause Aniki [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka looks at it once in a while even if he likes Zelos so much and he doesn't appear in that doujin.>.>;;

The art is REALLY GOOD! Seriously!XD

I have ToP, ToD, and some other hentais I might upload soon. Hehehe.<3


*STARES* I shouldn't be doing this really, but the previews. ARGH. I'm a masochist like this.8D I just look, I seriously can't buy... And since all of them don't ship outside of jp, I know Kimi can't buy them so that's good.>.>;;

I'm JUST staring, no buying, cause I can't buy anyways, hahaha )


Mar. 7th, 2007 10:02 am
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Well, I think I am. I'm also kinda in an angsty mood cause our granpa's confined in the hospital...

I'm also bored at home cause I still need to do a LOT of chores (do the mountain of laundry) and a leak in the ceiling of the living/dining room is bothering me. If I don't do ANY chores this week, mama won't let me and my twin go cosplay (probably) the Hitachiin Twins this Saturday.ToT

And my inspiration is swinging BADLY. Oh yes and I mean BADLY cause my main inspiration is ToA (or rather TALES), but then I've read up to the latest chapter of D.GrayMan's manga (except 89 to 100, cause I still don't have them), I am still playing Riviera (and I wanted to draw something LedahXEcthel for our youngest sib)...

And I just realized that I made a VERY BIG MISTAKE in reading some parts of the 3rd Harry Potter book last night.

Now I want something SiriusXRemus...

If anyone has SiriusXRemus or Uke!Lupin doujins, can anyone upload them?8D (if it's not too much to ask) I promise I won't redistribute! I am just desperate to know if Sirius uses ORE and if Remus uses WATASHI or BOKU.*crazy* And yes, I need some cheering up...-_-;;

If anyone catches me on IM, Im probably just as random as ever. See how I can't angst or go into emo mood? I suck at being depressed as well. What the hell am I?o_O;;


I'm KINDA angsting, so I'm re-up-ing ToA HENTAI?

I can't remember what hentai's I've already put up.8D Lulz. (and reuse the summary stuff I posted)

Pairing: AniseXIon, LukeXTear
Notes: The LukeXTear part-- well-- a VERY GOOD use for Tokunaga: To hold people DOWN.>D Which reminds me of an AniseXGuy doujinshi, hahaha, I won't give THAT away yet, it's special. I don't really like Anise, but I like it when she's such a bitch 'sometimes'.X3

Pairing: AniseXIon
Notes: My first ToA hentai DJ.8D I just noticed that Anise is such a seme whenever she's in a hentai.^^;;

I'm uploading a hentai I haven't uploaded before! OMG!

Replica Lover
Pairing: AniseXGuy, AschXNatalia, LukeXTear
Notes: The first part is YES, Guy is uke to Anise cause Tokunaga is holding him down.XD This is the only part of the doujin I liked cause Natalia's and Tear's sides suck.Xp Natalia's side only shows Asch's face ONCE (but in the end, Luke with a woody is so cute. FREE Pr0n!!!), and... Tear's side scares me.XD

And this ToA comm Hentai downloads Link needs a rest.XD Hahaha.<3 It takes me hours to upload one doujin.x_x;;
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I am not supposed to be online today.e_e I am just chaperoning my younger sibs. Hahaha.

[livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist and Foxalollita gave me the latest (cheap) Tamagotchi and said that it'll keep me company whenever I'm alone at home. (That's EVERY WEEKDAY)

The newest Tamagotchi is touch screen, has random genders and you can even give it a name (3 letters only)!XD Mines named 'ASH' (Asch ot ToA) right now and is... female... Much to my twin bro's delight.x_x;; He LIKES female!Asch too much...

And he buddies are... [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist's ROY (Roy Mustang, Fullmetal Alchemist) and Foxalollita's ALN (Allen, D.Gray Man).

Hmm, Female!Asch, Female!Allen and Male!Roy... Not a good combination!XD

It has Infrared, so you can be FRIENDS with other Tamagotchi of it's kind... And I also think they could mate that's why they have genders. Uhh... Hmm... NOT Really a good combination of characters.XD



This took me HOURS to upload.x_x;; Argh. Ahehe...? I was desperate to get something up...

Pairing: AschXNatalia
Notes: Uhm... It's hentai. Seriously.XD A really CUTE hentai.8D
And it's after Guy left Asch's party so he's not there...ToT *still thinking of AschXGuy*
Summary: Natalia TRIES to cook something.8D And guess what? They came ALIVE!XD (Well, most of it) Too bad you won't see Live!SpaghettiXIon tentacle hentai cause Anise saved him.DX And Asch tries some, but ends up out cold cause of Natalia's cooking... And then... Yeah...XD


Jade!Koyasu's guesting is longer than Guy's show~!XO

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