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I've been wanting to draw PeonyXDist/Saphir for a while now.8D Ouji-sama [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie knows about it. Hahaha.XD

In case anyones looking for the first part.8D

Saphir forgives Jade easily even if he's hurt. He REALLY loves Jade that much. )

I'm not sure if I'll continue with Guy's chapter cause I really need to know what happens in the 'Frings and Cecille' subevent.x_x;;


I'm Back~!

Okay, so I attended a Diabetics 2-day Summer Camp last Saturday to Sunday with [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist. We had fun.8D Stalked a certain new diabetic friend cause he's such a cutie, kind and shy (we took pics of him for our youngest sister, hahaha). We also enjoyed the food.*o* Most were really tasty seafood~!<3

And the games-- there were about 4 teams and we were the 2nd.8D Sadly, we wanted the 1st place prize cause it was Sugar-free cookies.ToT (Our team was called D'Smileys and our color was VIOLET~<3)

That Sunday was also the Ozine Con.8D I got to see Kimi at last, but we didn't have much time to talk longer.ToT Ate Medith and a few more cosplay friends were there.8D I saw [livejournal.com profile] jeneko too, and I hope I called out your name right, ahehehe.^^;; I know that [livejournal.com profile] meru_neko's there but we couldn't go in cause there's an entrance fee and we didn't have enough money.Xp

And Kimi, please don't get me started on The Potential Master Badtouch Cosplayer.-_-;; If he figures out what kind of person Van really is, he might get suspicious. Hahaha, I still hate the man for being such a REAL Master Badtouch.Xp

Oh yeah and the best news I got that weekend-- ALL THE MOUNTAIN OF LAUNDRY WAS DONE!!! Mom hired someone to finish up the laundry and she DID!XD Ahaha, I'll try my best to keep the mountain of Laundry low now... I hope.^^;;

Oh yeah and everyone's having fun with Aniki [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka's 'Dada' devil plushie.8D
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My Rokujinshou!Guy is my ToA drug addict. Hahaha. He also needs to inject stuff, inspiration from me of course. *crazy*

I'm just ranting about my Diabetics/Hypertension therapy )

Okay so Aniki and Kimi will be seeing each other on the 31st-- AND I CAN'T GO AND SEE KIMI AGAIN!!!ToT I'll be attending a JDF 2-day Diabetics seminar. *bawls*

Lulz, no ToA site updates yet.XD Just ToP.

Wait, did I just download an 11MB doujin in less than a minute?o_o;; *tries it again* OMG.O_O;; How fast did the owner upgraded their internet!?!?!?


Mar. 7th, 2007 10:02 am
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Well, I think I am. I'm also kinda in an angsty mood cause our granpa's confined in the hospital...

I'm also bored at home cause I still need to do a LOT of chores (do the mountain of laundry) and a leak in the ceiling of the living/dining room is bothering me. If I don't do ANY chores this week, mama won't let me and my twin go cosplay (probably) the Hitachiin Twins this Saturday.ToT

And my inspiration is swinging BADLY. Oh yes and I mean BADLY cause my main inspiration is ToA (or rather TALES), but then I've read up to the latest chapter of D.GrayMan's manga (except 89 to 100, cause I still don't have them), I am still playing Riviera (and I wanted to draw something LedahXEcthel for our youngest sib)...

And I just realized that I made a VERY BIG MISTAKE in reading some parts of the 3rd Harry Potter book last night.

Now I want something SiriusXRemus...

If anyone has SiriusXRemus or Uke!Lupin doujins, can anyone upload them?8D (if it's not too much to ask) I promise I won't redistribute! I am just desperate to know if Sirius uses ORE and if Remus uses WATASHI or BOKU.*crazy* And yes, I need some cheering up...-_-;;

If anyone catches me on IM, Im probably just as random as ever. See how I can't angst or go into emo mood? I suck at being depressed as well. What the hell am I?o_O;;


I'm KINDA angsting, so I'm re-up-ing ToA HENTAI?

I can't remember what hentai's I've already put up.8D Lulz. (and reuse the summary stuff I posted)

Pairing: AniseXIon, LukeXTear
Notes: The LukeXTear part-- well-- a VERY GOOD use for Tokunaga: To hold people DOWN.>D Which reminds me of an AniseXGuy doujinshi, hahaha, I won't give THAT away yet, it's special. I don't really like Anise, but I like it when she's such a bitch 'sometimes'.X3

Pairing: AniseXIon
Notes: My first ToA hentai DJ.8D I just noticed that Anise is such a seme whenever she's in a hentai.^^;;

I'm uploading a hentai I haven't uploaded before! OMG!

Replica Lover
Pairing: AniseXGuy, AschXNatalia, LukeXTear
Notes: The first part is YES, Guy is uke to Anise cause Tokunaga is holding him down.XD This is the only part of the doujin I liked cause Natalia's and Tear's sides suck.Xp Natalia's side only shows Asch's face ONCE (but in the end, Luke with a woody is so cute. FREE Pr0n!!!), and... Tear's side scares me.XD

And this ToA comm Hentai downloads Link needs a rest.XD Hahaha.<3 It takes me hours to upload one doujin.x_x;;
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(Sadly, I don't have a JadeXGuy icon to support my topic) I was actually gonna do an EMO post today but...

I just listened to the first 30 minutes of Talesring the Abyss and guess what?8D

Koyasu began to mention Yasunori Matsumoto (Guy's seiyuu) and says that 'In the party Guy is the KIND MOTHER and then Jade is the STRICT DAD'

So what can yaoi fans think of THAT!?XD The conversation went on about that and even Suzuki Chihiro began to elaborate. Hmm... Hehehe.>D

After that, they talk about the Peta Peta skit. Even Koyasu and Chihiro didn't know what was the 'Kapu' in the end.XD Koyasu says Jade BITES Guy... But everyone knows that the SFX 'Kapu' is... to bite someone erotically on the ears.XD

So... Does Jade's seiyuu into JadeXGuy? No?XD


Needles and Injections

Okay, so I'm really supposed to post an emo post but...

I hope my ouji-sama [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie's doing ok now.D= Dear, you should get used to it-- to think that I use an injection on myself 2 TIMES A DAY, EVERYDAY, FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

You should get used to seeing injections.XD (and maybe study about diabetes)

Argh... I want Sugar-free sweets...ToT

(Oh, and I am in a drawing mild-slump again.8D)
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Since last night when me and [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist got home from our weekly diabetes check up... It was friggin cold!O_O Actually up until this morning, it's still freezing cold...

I didn't have to turn on the electric fan too.8D Fun.<3 (We don't have aircon at home)

Then... A few days ago I was doing the groceries in our local supermarket when I found... TIKOY!8D (Sorry, I forgot it's english name. Help please?XD) It's nearing Chinese New Year so it's expected.XD

I'd really want some... since [livejournal.com profile] silentside's sugar-free sugar would be used for it.XD

I've been wanting sweets lately too...*o* But I need to keep my sugar in check because of the insulin study I'm in.x_x;; I want sugar free cookies~! But my dearest's home made cookies would be OK.XDXDXD Hehehe. Of course, I have to eat just once a day...^^;;


ToE Melnics/NALVOKS and ToA Fonic fonts


Cause I feel really kind today.8D And also... The fonic font is spacey, so you have to edit it once you type it or something...XD Ahahaha.<3


Oh yeah, I'm obviously In a slump AGAIN, for some unknown reasons...o_o;; Anybody willing to SHARE something to boost my inspiration?
Don't worry, it'll be back soon I guess...ID

Kaizer!Guy parallel Main Menu teaser~.XD

I asked [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie to get me a ToA Main Menu pic.^^;; She searched everywhere and ended up finding it in the official ToA site.o_o;; Ahehehe...

Anyways... Dist's main menu area.XDXDXD
Just a teaser~!XD I'm still not done with the whole thing~! )

I'm also planning to make one for my Rokujinshou!Guy party.8D


Tell me something:

Uhh... Hmm... Just some random stuff I want everyone to know.8D
(More like a trivia corner, cause I was bored)

Diabetics aren't allowed to wear high-heels, stilletos or the likes.
Seriously, they're afraid that we might trip and fall or something.XD
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The numbers in this post's title is my medication.XD

Yesterday, me and [livejournal.com profile] shawaserenkinju (younger sis who's also a diabetic) went to our doctor to have our usual check-up cause we're using a different insulin... From a morning insulin of 30 and night 20, it got raised to 40 and 22.x_x;; I'm getting worse am I? *scratches head* But I didn't even got to each that much cake...ToT

*shoots self* Hahaha, I'll shut it now.XD

Aniki nearly went into 'System Id' mode blew his stack when we ate at KFC afterwards, cause our orders got delayed for a looong time.8D It was cute, hahaha.<3

And [livejournal.com profile] shawaserenkinju did her first ever Slurpee refill, hehehe.<3 (I don't drink softdrinks =p)


Bump of Chicken and ToA parallels:

I've been hunting down some songs of Bump of Chicken that would inspire me to write more of my ToA parallels.8D Yes, I am obviously crazy.<3

(ToS LloydXKratos got Tentai Kansoku for themselves, hahaha.<3)

I've just heard Lost Man and realized that it fits my other ToA parallel.o_o;; (I'll be posting a question AGAIN in the ToA comm if that parallel is POSSIBLE before I continue writing it) And NO, Honey, I won't use Supernova for the Kaizer!Dist even if I know it was YOUR inspiration in making the layout you have now.XDXDD

Oh yeah, Lost Man's the ONLY song in my playlist right now.o_o;; It might take a while before I return my usual playlist back, hahaha.XD

Argh, I need to go back to ToA's normal world. Haha, I've been thinking of too much parallels (a new one gets cooked up whenever I do the laundry at home ALONE.^^;;)


AschXGuy(?) comic:
Stupid Saki... forgot to burn the comic.x_x;;
And I was looking forward to showing everyone Asch VS Pere-jiichan.ToT


More Tales weirdness pairings and... parallel sketches:

Cause I was able to sketch randomness...=p I've been into ToA parallels since... I don't know why.XD (Blame the mountain of laundry, it makes me think of weird parallels. ALWAYS.)
Kaizer!Guy, One paper: PeonyXLuke(<3)/ DistXGuy/ Rokujinshou!Guy/ AschXGaillardia/ Rokujinshou!Luke/ RandomChibiHeads, 'Original Luke' parallel Promotional Poster (?), 'Original Luke' random scene...XD )

I'm really going crazy over this am I?o_O;; Someone needs to inspire me back...ID
*rolls around* It's expensive to get our PS2 fixed... I'd really appreciate any help with this certain parallel that's bugging me...

And I don't think I'd be confident enough to post the 'Original Luke' parallel outside of my LJ.x_x;; Heck, since when did I post my parallels out of my LJ anyways?XD


To my Date...

Ma said... 'If that person INSPIRES you and all, it's okay...'

O_O;; Yeah right... Our ma says the weirdest things.XD Yes, that person does inspire me... *cough*DistXGuy*cough**cough*

Ahahaha.XD We were laughing cause she reminded us that... she has 2 younger bro's who are... GAY.XD *huggles Ma*

I'll ask the question I asked you yesterday again--
Will you be able to face our Mom if ever she comes with US in the next cosplay!?XD Hopefully UGG so we can do all the... uhh... nevermind...

Btw, remember the pics we took at your house (the time we brought our costumes?)... I think there were DistXGuyXDist scenes there as well...
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Ahahaha, I haven't even written stuff about the 1st one and now I'm giving off a few stuff I noticed in the 2nd Shiro no Ashita Novel. (It's the novel with the Ion and Anise cover)

The colored picture of Largo and Natalia (or is that Sylvia?)-- it was sooo nice...ToT

About the Greens (Ion, Synch, Florian)... I badly wanted to kick Van's balls for brainwashing everyone in the Rokujinshou, 'specially the kids (Asch, Ariatta and Synch).ToT (BUT I STILL LOVE VAN!!!XD)

I'll read more of the novel-- so far, I just scanned a few scenes and all...

SPOILER LOADED, of course.>D VanXSynch, SynchXArietta(?), VanXDist (8D?), IonXArietta, SynchXIonXSynch, and the list goes on and on-- really long...x_x;;
Van's a 24/7 pedo, cause I can't believe he finds the time to train Luke-- train Asch-- then train Synch-- then have a clandestine meeting with Guy-- then brainwash Arietta with Hod+Score stuff-- more brainwashing and the likes...
More about the GREENS. I haven't read any of Natalia's except a few of the start... )

The last Synch pic-- the one where he's 'dying'... Atsuko Nakajima drew the WRONG Synch costume...ID Ahehehe...

I'll be writing more about Jade and Guy's Shiro no Ashita once I get to finish drawing some scenes I liked.8D That Shiro no Ashita is special (cause Guy's there) so I wanted to make a good summary of it...

Sadly, I don't have much knowledge about the Frings and Cecille subquest to fully summarize Guy's part.x_x;;

The Aka no Senritsu's-- well-- I'll probably figure out the whole story once I get to play the game.8D Hehehe... (We're hoping to get the PS2 probably this week)



Oh yes, I bet this is so screwed up.ID<3

Chara's in card games is so right.8D )

At least in ToA the chara's roles in the cards are right.8D IN ToD2, did anyone notice that Judas is a QUEEN and Loni is KING?XD


Final Fantasy Tactics Remake for the PSP:

Aniki was oogling on Kimi's laptop screen when he saw the FFT remake game.XD I heard the news in a random ToA fansite's blog and-- yeah-- uber-cool.8D

I'll be checking if the game has voices... And I hope they get KNOWN SEIYUU'S! Knowing SquarEnix, they usually get really NEW/RANDOM seiyuu's-- and I HATE IT! They're wasting precious roles on newbies.x_x;; (In FF7-- I hate Tifa's seiyuu! She's terrible!)

(I want Delita's seiyuu to be Koyasu~!ToT Ramza voiced by Hiro Yuuki, *checks really old made-up FFT seiyuu list* Mustadio voiced by Seki Tomokazu, Orlandu voiced by Ebara Masashi... blah. There's a LOT.XDXDXD)

I just checked-- no voices, so it reminds me of Vagrant Story.8D But it's all OK! But... I'm sure the one who did the narration in the trailer was Wakamoto Norio.8D

Aniki's badly looking forward to it and he's giving SquarEnix their last chance. If they ruin FFT's story/reputation, we're gonna murder them.>O

(Oh, if they translate it for the US release-- Oh yayness! I hope there's no more TYPOS!!!XDXDXD)


Lab Test:

Yesterday, me and Aniki went to the place called 'Intercon' after leaving [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie's place. It's kinda like a diabetic facility and all... Cause they needed my BLOOD SAMPLE.o_o;;

It's the first time I'm gonna get my blood extracted, and from what Sanse said, she said it HURTS!ToT SO I'm creeped out...

Blood Extracting.8D )

We'll be going to Juvenile Diabetics Foundation tomorrow to know the results.=p


Menu for Today:

I'll be cooking Torta today!8D Ma wants Tortang Talong tho... eew...Xp
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Will be heading to the Juvenile Diabetics Foundation to get a blood testing something for free insulin.Xp They're gonna turn us into guinea pigs for an experiment.x_x;;

On a random note--
The internet connection is slow.8D So I'll try to reply on everyone's comments once I get more time in a faster internet.XDXDXD Hyahahaha.<3 *huggles Kimi*
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Collab art of my younger sibs--
Asch (and Buusagi's?) - [livejournal.com profile] harlot_devastch
Guy - Lisette (youngest sis)

Guy's such an adorable kitty~!X3 And Asch looks so seme.o_o Oist, [livejournal.com profile] harlot_devastch, you really draw seme's good, ne?>D Ahaha!<3


There's also the wallpaper at the start of our compy-- it's really nice too!


I woke up hypo (being a diabetic, it's-- LOW blood sugar), and went downstairs to HAPPILY stuff myself with anything SUGAR LOADED>XD

So after this... I need to do some groceries... then go home and do the laundry.o_o;;


YAY! I have found the LukeXJade site I've been searching for!!!XDXDXD

And.. more cheering up with LukeXLuke(XLuke!?O_O)

I can't believe I can really look at Seme!GuyXshort-haired!Luke!XD

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