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So me and my twin, Yo-tan, cosplayed Kotetsu and Barnaby of Tiger&Bunny yesterday at SM Megamall (ToyCon's 2nd day).
Thanks to my beloved younger siblings for doing all the work! I know I only did most of the necktie only. I'll Help out next cosplay!

A few people recognized us, so we don't have much pics, but maybe we'll cosplay again after a few months to see if more people will know who we are.XD

But just being Kotetsu and Bunny at the event made me happy.8D You'll never know, we might cosplay the Hero suits next time.

Just the T&B Cosplay under the cut. Plus random story while I was typing stuff...
So T&B ep5 ended without the gang giving Bunny his Birthday present. Take 2 on Father's Day!? )

Now, back to drawing.
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... or rather just pics.>.>;;

Cosplayed Phoenix and Edgeworth. I was supposed to upload the pics on monday so I could gret a friend for her bday but I was too tired and I still have work that night.x_x;;

BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] sephi_chan21!!!
My gift for you is on the next post.XD For now, this post is for real life stuff.

Anyways... really late late late stuff...
Not much cosplayers actually (most are pics of US) so many people.x_x;;;

Image heavy. OUr compy at home is dead and we can't resize them.^^;; Wahaha...
Wow, I still know how to make an lj-cut! )

Duno what else to type.x_x;; Wahaha.
Ate Medith, paki-link na lang kay Dycee?8D Wahaha. *sabog*
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Friday was Payday. I can honestly say I got about 7000php or something. Spent everything on groceries and all. All that's left was 500 at home.>.>;;

We looked everywhere for some matching office-like suits. A Red and Blue one to be axact, for our cosplay, but we couldn't find a pair.T_T Me and Yo-tan were supposed to cosplay Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth yesterdy in Yaoi Con!!!DX

Aaanyways, random crappy pics. Just random people, fangirling and more people.
We just stood around on the sides.^^;; (No cosplay pics WTF!?)
Lights Out -YAOI CON- Rants )

It was jampacked, but I seriously enjoyed it even if I didn't walk around much.*o*<3
We also met a few missed friends so yeah, it was enjoyable.XD<3

I didn't regret spending money for this.


RAWRZ. Need MOAR Tales inspiration.

Still no ToI 2nd Drama CD.x_x;; I want to confirm something from there.
I want more RicaSpa inspiration. BADLY.

What else...?
Ah, listened to ToA 2nd Drama CD Anthology.XD<3<3<3
Not much Asch like the first one and Van-sensei didn't even appear.
Van-sensei getting bald!? Uh oh... Even Luke and Tear were surprised.

BUT there was the slightest hint of Asch and Guy that got me giggling.
(Errr... Yeah, Natalia's still in between, but I don't mind<3)

And a scene in Mushroom Road-- WITHOUT ASCH!?o_o;; It's so wrong.
Anyways, ToA gets their own 'Laughing Mushroom' scene.>D
Remember Tales of Rebirth's Laughing Mushrooms?>.>;;

JadeXDist. MORE JadeXDist. Dist was GAYER, really.o_o;;

The Drama CD version of ABYSSMAN was the best!<3
Red and Silver are brothers (Silver lost his memory-- blah blah), Red was always commenting that HE should be the hero. Then Red calling Silver as Silver-niisan is WIN.XD
Luke calling Asch as 'Niisan'!? Who wouldn't say NO to that?

I wish other charas were there.x_x;; It's centric on the main party.D8 I wan more chara interaction.


Too Lazy to Scan Anything.

Took pics of my new arts instead if scanning.XD Yes, I was really lazy.

1 Tales of the Abyss. The rest are Tales of Vesperia.8D
ToV got some SPOILERS of course.>.>;;
1 Tales of the Abyss. The rest are Tales of Vesperia. )

Slept the rest of the day, I'm sure I'll still feel very tired...

I need all the inspiration help I can get!XD ARGH.
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I haven't had a break. I couldn't read ANYTHING that's longer than 2 paragraphs (in the compy) cause my head begins to sudenly ache at random.x_x;; I might have to start wearing my glasses for a few weeks again just to be able to type in the compy properly...

Aaand the flashdrive ate most of my supposed to be post (and e-mail replies). I'm glad this Convention post survived.x_x;; Some pictures didn't.D8

I still think I'm HYPER.x_x;; (diabetic-ally speaking)
2nd Day of ToyCon. Kinda image heavy? Not much cosplayers. Random rants. OMG Drawing Tablet... Ricardo and Spada...?XDXDXD And more of that deadly sugar. Dun dun dunnn. )

Ahehe, end of ToyCon report!XD That was really fun though we only stayed for a few hours...
I got to see a friends again, got to use a tablet for the very first time and... ate really tasty apple candy.

Errr... cosplay plans for Yaoi con? I think we have, ahehehe... We're keeping it a secret for awhile...

I'm not able to post some pics cause the flashdrive ate them all.x_x;;
I was also supposed to post a parallel ToI fic.Dx

Ah, after this, I'm probably gonna be out job hunting again.^^;; Ahehehe...
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Really late post. Hahaha.XD

Just got to sleep for an hour and a half cause we hand sewn all of our costume (except the boots and pants, of course), if only we had our sewing machine... ah well...

Tried to stop myself from playing NamcoXCapcom. ARGH, I'm on chapter 26 already and Judas still hasn't appeared!!! Oh yeah, KenXRyu is cannon!!!<3

The morning started off terrible cause I asked my twin to cut off a bit of my long hair-- but he ended up cutting... most of them.>.>;; Yeah, I was depressed. It was so long already.T_T;;

Anyways, forget about that (my head feels so light though) onto the piccies~!XD
Uhmmm... under the cut cause there's lotsa (low quality) pics.
4th UP AME (112407) )

Yeah, I think that's most of the pics we got. I'll probably check [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie later to check the pics she got.<3

What else... ate snow cone for the first time... Younger sibs bought some DVDs for us to watch (Water Boys, King of Bandit Jing, Shakugane no Shana and Death Note). Oh, they also bought a Mushroom plushie (the Mario mushrooms!<3), I'll probably take pics of it with my Guy figurine... Saw [livejournal.com profile] meru_neko but she wasn't in any drawing post.D8

We won the Audience Choice Award!!!XDXDXD but it was only announced yesterday... which means the Event was over so only our group and some friends will know about it.Xp WTH?


Lamento Photoshoot

The next day after the cosplay, we had a little photoshoot.8D

Here are some of the pics, but I won't be posting the ones that should be kept for the group only.>D
Lamento Photoshoot (112507) )

I will most likely make a double post today for my NamcoXCapcom rants and some more Tales stuff. Sibs playing Dawn of Mana too so I might be rant something evil about Square Enix... Keldric, Ritzia and the enemy reminds me too much of Zidane, Garnet and Kuja.Xp

No arts today, sadly, I haven't found the time to draw this week, but I promise I'll be posting a JadeXSaphir comic once I get to finish drawing it~!XD It's been bugging my head eversince...^^;;
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Like always, my drawing mood is still sleeping.x_x;; But I'll soon start drawing as soon as my giddy cosplay self subsides, And after I stop fooling around with our new camera phones.XD;; Anyways~

The 3 Cosplay pics I fooled around with came from [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie's Lj.XD
First is...

AschXGuy.8D We just noticed Luke's hand an Aniki suggested we put a vein mark.^^;;
[livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis, our Luke cosplayer, is OK with AschXLukeXAsch btw.>.>;;

2 more under the cut! Really stupid. Ahehehe )

I found RomeoXJuliet Search sites.8D Anyone interested?<3 I want RomeoXOdin yaoi Romeo and Juliet pics, seriously...>.>;;It's surprising I like this pairing so much.XD<3


[livejournal.com profile] xxryouxx and [livejournal.com profile] orphen, I can't thank you enough for this gift! Thank you so very much! I know I got to talk with you yesterday and said the package hasn't arrived yet, but when I got home, [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka surprised me with--

Yeah, it came while I was out in the compy shops.XD

I needed a nice BG.>.><3
And I'm too proud of that edited AschXGuy Novel cover I made.XD;;

My comment is... He looks GAY and his crotch is so right it's so nice to know he's a man. His hair is really spikey, his butt is so cute-- and the sword he has is kinda transparent.8D Cool.<3

I was able to read Akane's letter ok.8D You write nice, and actually I can read the weirdest handwritings, so you don't have to worry.XD Thank you very much for the handwritten letter.<3<3<3

~ And more really random pics under the cut~! Hey, Guy needs to meet his new family.=3
The really random adventures of the Guy Cecil figurine <3<3<3 )

More pics once I'm not the one taking the pics (my twin is a better photographer) and once [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist let's the FMA cast meet 2nd Lieutenant Jean Havoc.8D

I really should get my drawing mood back soon cause my ideas are piling up again.XD I have a lot of AschXGuy planned out and... more gift arts. I did a sketch of Van and Luke in the rain for [livejournal.com profile] glorious just this morning. Not yet final-- I'll thinking of something else cause I already drawn Van using his tabard's back as an umbrella in an old VanXGuy pic.XD
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No day 1 cause I wasn't there.XD Hahaha.

Instead of making a cosplay angst post-- which should've been posted last Saturday, I'd rather not cause
We had fun at the cosplay!8D Seriously!<3<3<3

We met a lot of new friends-- but just like the usual, we suck at names so we only know most of them by their faces.^^;; Ahehehe...

ToA Cosplayers:
Asch - [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka
Luke - [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis
Guy - [livejournal.com profile] pic_murasaki
Natalia - [livejournal.com profile] foxalollita
Dist - [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie

[livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist couldn't cosplay as Jade cause she doesn't have a wig.Dx SO she took most of the pics and the ToA skit on stage!!!*o*<3

There aren't much interesting shots here, we're just fooling around... We're just using 2 Motorola celphones' camera, but [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie brought a realy good digicam and you can find more ToA cosplay pics in her LJ.8D

A few prep pics )

Onto the event pics~!
Forgive our hyper Asch.^^;;
ARGH, and I forgot to bring a random sheath!DX Sorry...
Other cosplay pics under the cut as well~!8D

More ToA cosplay pics on Dist's ([livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie) Lj.8D

And some random pics after the cosplay.8D
Guy showing off his Blade Tamer/Master self.^^;;
ToD swordian Chaltier and... FF8 Seifer's Hyperion... WHAT? )

Okay, done at last.8D I'll be uploading our ToA Cosplay skit in Youtube, I'll be linking it afterwards.^^;; Hey, it's my first time to upload soemthing in youtube.XD;;

The music was still long when me and Luke exited, but... NO I CAN'T DO GuyXLuke suggestiveness scene! You know, go 'Luke are you ok? Were you hurt?' stuff.Xp

If they're able to get a Van-sensei on October, we would love to cosplay ToA again, but if not... Me and [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka will cosplay something else instead for the Game Con.
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First, if the doujinshi gets delivered first before the Guy figurine, I am so gonna panic.x_x;;

*cough* Cosplay preparation ALWAYS drains my inspiration FAST, but it seems I am too inspired for some strange reason this week (in betweens the mailing panic). Still I fill up my playlist with Bump of Chicken songs (added 2 new songs, 'Only Lonely Glory' and then my Roku!Guy theme 'To pass through the same door'... the song is incidentally one of the Roku!Guy themes in the Roku!Guy anthology.Xp meh.)

3 random pics. Asch's Tabard )
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With Dist-san's Super Ultra High Grade Gorgeous abilities he was able to take home FLOWERS from Singapore to the Philippines! You can never do THAT cause it's not allowed! But she was able to pull it off.<3 OMG.<3

And they're not just ANY normal flowers for Guy-- they're Gaillardias!!!XDXDXD

Guy's just been taking care of Mom and Asch's Euphorbias and these pretty violet nameless flowers...

I'm not really confident with the camera... But I have confidence in my photographer ([livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka).XD Kinda IMAGE HEAVY!*o*
So ANYWAYS Gaillardias!!! (and really low quality pics) )


Random ToA Ballpen Drawings...

I am LAZY, that's why I just draw with a ballpen... a violet ballpen.<3 )


Random Tales and OMG LukeXMieu!?

ToD2. I just watched the LAST 'Viva Tales of...' and I can't help but laugh at Barbatos! Wakamoto Norio is probably really playful huh?8D And BanaNamco just proved that BARBATOS IS GAY! (And also a PEDO cause he's a fan of Van's seiyuu, hahaha)

And these just made me think of more Tales of Fandom pairings like JadeXZelos, JadeXJudas, and the likes...XD

ToA. I saw screenshots of Tales of Tactics (Abyss), and there's a part Long-hairedSeme!Luke said Oresama no Butazaru ('MY Thing' if you translate in english).8D<3
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SPOILERS will be everywhere, so be careful.XDXDXD

I'm currently listening to the 2nd ToA Drama CD while typing this so-- I really don't know what to type about (Cosplay, Drama CD, or Matsumoto's radio guesting).8D OMFG! NataliaXLuke in the 2nd track!<3<3<3*hearts* (aaaaand MORE VanXLuke)

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie for the Drama CDs and... the others-- geez, I didn't expect you'll also put 2 screenshots in the cd!XD VanXGuy and JadeXDist moment...?>D

*Stops listening to Drama CD* Okay, I'll just play music for now cause I wanna type about the cosplay.8D (aww, ToDr's ending credits theme started playing...)

ToA Cosplay Cast-- by age. Hehehe.
Itoshii Asch - [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka
Guy-sama - [livejournal.com profile] pic_murasaki
Luke-obocchan - [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis
Jade-danna - [livejournal.com profile] shawaserenkinju
Natalia-sama - Foxalollita

Me and Asch didn't got to sleep the night before the cosplay just to finish EVERYTHING up and then this happened.XO


We were very nervous and all, but yeah, I hope you enjoyed our catwalk?8D

Oh, and when the ToA group was announced, I'm happy to hear the happy fans that screamed on the right side of the area.XD The ones who were in the DA section I bet.<3 THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!XDXDXD

Also, I'm so sorry that we had to leave early.-_-;; Asch was too tired and really needed sleep so he can go to wake up and go to work by 12mn.^^;; We were really planning to stay until the end of the whole event but some of our plans were ruined when we weren't able to bring our-- Van Eltia.

Who were the people who met up with my group?o_O;; Ahehehe. One was Ashley... and meru_neko...? I'm so sorry if I suck at remembering names.*shoots self* I wasn't able to introduce myself properly cause I am Guy and I needed to be a baby-sitter to my beloved younger sibs.<3

Anwyays, more talk--

If anyone noticed-- YES, my choker's pendant was a 5 PESO COIN!!!

(Random low quality pics are scattered inside most lj-cuts.8D)

Pre-cosplay rants= Safety Pins (pardible), Velcrow (magic tape) and Double adhesive's are a cosplayers best friend )

And maybe expect a Mieu-plushie on our next photoshoot!8D We were supposed to ahve one, but we lacked cloth.=<

[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie~! What's your Seimei's lj?>D I wanna friend him so I can really convince him to cosplay as Lorelei!Van in the possible next cosplay~!XDXDXD (I just hope he doesn't mind my over ToA yaoi rants... hahaha. *desperately wanted to do VanXGuy*)

It seems Natalia-sama likes someone in the cosplay.>D Ehehehe, don't worry, next time we'll take a pic of you and that person, ok?XDXDXD

How does it feel to be dressed as Guy?  )

While wearing the Guy costume-- I just feel like... Guy. Seriously. I was so motherly to the whole team when we were at the Con!XD

At the cosplay, just random piccies )

More probably rants once I have time...

Aww, we weren't able to take a pic of Luke in McDonalds!!!XO
(I was supposed to dedicate ther pic for [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated. Hahaha. It's your McVanlands fault!!! Maybe next time then...)


2 arts so far--

Cause I needed to refresh my mind in between making/sewing ToA cosplay stuff-- I needed to draw at least SOMETHING!!!

Pretty Mama-freak!Dist and VanXLuke )


Talesring the Abyss: Yasunori Matsumoto

Ever since the radio show started, I've been eagerly waiting for this guesting.<3<3<3 (you can hear me ranting about it in the Namco Tales forums

I still need to figure out how to upload this ripped radio show cause the file is really TOO HUGE for my time limit!!!XO (10mb takes about an hour to upload...) I'll see what I can do...

I also have to resize the HUGE ToA Hentai scans so I can upload them easily, sorry...

YES THERE IS ASCHXGUY (Huh, really?). After the VERY LOOONG radio rant )

See how the littlest Asch and Guy convos make me VERY happy?8D

More about the 2nd ToA Drama CD

I'm still listening to them and I'll make rants while listening.>D

LukeXGuy... waaah... it's just too much.x_x;;

And that certain ship scene in the drama cd was... weird...XDXDXD

More nonsense rant under the cut )

I might make a better summary/rant once my mind settles down from being too ToA hyper.XD

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