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Still scanning some stuff while typing this. Playing with my Oyakata-sama Shimeeji while scanning too. 5am and I'm still up!XD Wheee~!!!
Current icon so hurried. I really wanted a SB icon so bad.D8

Thankfully I was able to upload these even with he slow net connection.^^<3 Woot for Wireless Broadband!<3

What you'll find under the cut?
Hinted MasaKojuu, Yukimura ballpen sketchies, Mitsunari-centric comic and The Dango Colored Trio comic (the uke's, Motonari, Mitsunari and Yukimura).
Sengoku Basara. A guy kissing snakes, ballpen sketches, --Oh Was that comic supposed to be SAD?-- And DANGO!!! )

Also sketched something from the book I just finished reading. Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book.^^;; Random, I know.>.>;;

Expect more art posts soon! Hopefully my drawing inspiration stays. Oh Sengoku Basara, thank you so very much.T_T<3<3<3
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Finished my RicardoXSpada comic.XD Err... well, it's actually kinda one-sided.>.>;; *gets shot*
Of course you know I'm only online JUST to post this.>D *Is obviously lying...*

I got lazy with the coloring, so you'll only see violet. Yes, the color violet.XD
Rating it a bit higher than PG-13 cause Spada curses too much. And I enjoy it.<3
Though the comic is AFTER ToI, there're no story related spoilers.
Tales of Innocence. Hopeless Romantic. Ricardo<-Spada comic. )

Uhmm... there's a ToA version of this comic, but Spada was lucky he got the good ending.
The ToA version sadly doesn't. Not gonna say the pairing, wahaha.x_x;;

I'm probably drawing like this cause my inspiration knows I might not be able to draw much once I start working.
It's also fearing for ToV's release, it knows it changes easily.x_x;;

Gah, I need to draw that RavenXFlynn that's bugging my head AGAIN.>.>;;
But I might play ToI and try to meet up with Hartman in Naohs.^^;;
I still haven't continued my game... I wanna get Ange Ricardo in my party soon.
Then fight my beloved Gardle and yeah.<3<3<3
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This is probably the weirdest comic I've ever done, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!XD
I knew drawing it on my memo pad will give me certain problems...
The panneling is weird as well. Panneling? What panneling?

Anyways, no porn. AsrasXDurandal? RucaXSpada? HINTS only.
Some possible spoilers *cough*Hug event*cough* dark, angsty and the likes...
If anyone could still see the comic as SpadaXRuca, I don't mind,
but I seemed to have made Spada so OOC uke here.XD
Hey, I've always wanted to see him break down.>D

Tales of Innocence. Sweet Dreams, Durandal.<3 )

That was really long...o_o;;


Tales of Vesperia. Practice Sketches~!

No yaoi yet. I'm still trying to figure out their clothes!XD
Though I did draw a half-naked Raven... that I didn't scan!!! WAHAHAHA!!!
Tales of Vesperia. Practice Sketches~! Yuri, Raven and Flynn. )

I think Raven healing ability-- Love and Pleasure Needle-- works like ToDdc Chelsea's Cupid Arrow!8D
Think about it, ARCHERS!XD

Also, I just found a still uncleaned page 5 of the KH comic I did.8D
That's the only page Axel appeared in.>.>;; But I'll surely draw him in my freetalk.^^;;

Gaaah, I wish I could PROPERLY talk and make friends with someone and NOT feel stupid and embarassed in the end.
I always feel so intimidated wether it's a girl or a boy I'm talking with...
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I am procrastinating. Wahahaha... too much.x_x;; I hate myself.

Here's a ToI gif skit for Nina~!>D Clicky please~!
I suck at humour. I hope this is good enough.x_x;;
I seriously need to lighten up...

Huh, there are NO surprised expressions in the ToI skit pics.D8
This ones way better than the last one I made. More expressions and stuffs.XD
ARGH. Spada's intro and exit are the only trouble in that skit.XD
Making the gif was... fun...^^;;

Don't you just wish english ToI was true?x_x;;<3<3<3


ToI parallel - The Blacksmith's Children

Kinda like my... [livejournal.com profile] kaizer_guy ToA parallel.8D ToI style.<3
So... expect I'm gonna twist certain scenes in game like I did in Kaizer!Guy.>D
Should I give Spada the benefit of loosing? I'm thinking twice about that...

Pairing: Uke!Spada. HaSpa? RucaSpa? RicaSpa? GaeBolgXDurandal.>D
Rating: R-13...?=p Hasta means SOME blood gore.XD
Notes: First off, yes definitely there are ToI SPOILERS.
A few people recalls their Memories of Heaven way earlier (than Spada XD).
It's my only way to make this fic work out.x_x;; It IS a parallel anyways.>D
I love Gae Bolg and Durandal, they seriously need more fans.D8
ToI parallel - The Blacksmith's Children )

Trying to find work and apply online. I MIGHT be online in YM or AIM, but I might not be able to reply fast to messages.^^;;
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June 5 (tomorrow) is panic day for me! Wish me luck everyone...
Interviews aren't realy my thing, I hope I can do this...

So my Tales inspiration got bent a bit. Ueda Yuuji's NOT even there!^^;;
I'm quite attached to the anime. I recently found some manga downloads... even if I have NO IDEA of it's manga, I still downloaded the LAST VOLUME (39), just to know what happens in the end...
I was... quite surprised with what happened in GET BACKERS manga ending.XD
Getbackers SPOILERS Under the cut.<3
SPOILERS fo the GET BACKERS manga Last Volume. King of Creation? Why is Ban-chan fighting HIM again? Makube-hakase? Err... another world? WTH is going on!?XD )

Guess what? Me and my twin thought of the same thing.XD
We'll be cosplaying Ban-chan and Ginji in ToyCon (June 14? 15?).
We won't go up on stage, we'll prolly just run around yaoi-ing, wahahaha.


Tales of Destiny ~Lion's side

Played a bit of ToDdc last night...
Took a pic of a certain scene where Lion probably looked uncool in front of a stranger.XD
AGH. Didn't Johnny warned you to be careful when talking to swordians cause you'll look stupid!?XD )

Will be getting the whole script of Lion's Side today so I can continue my trans/summary of Lion's Side.
I'm thankful I found it! I don't need to watch my game while I translate now.ID


Tales of Innocence...
I promised Hasta he can have Spada... right?XD

No Spoilers, but since Hasta's there... expect I made it bloody...^^;;
ToI - Kowarechatta. Random HaSpa comic. )

I'm online to fix/print my resume... I don't have any 1x1 or 2x2 pic, sadly... I wonder if that's alright?x_x;;

Aaand I need to do the mountain of laundry once I get home... argh-ness...

May 10...

May. 10th, 2008 10:48 am
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It's may 10 again, I need to post something related to that seiyuu... I wonder if anyones gonna post anything for him in the [livejournal.com profile] seiyuu comm?>.>;;

Not gonna explain anything else. I'm posting this for my twin.<3
ORIGINAL. Burial. After the suicide of the brothers' father... )

So, onto usual schedule~!XD

WA5's inspiration is weakening a bit... NOT GOOD.DX
Wild Arms Vth Vanguard. Solo Chuck.. with goggles? And GregXChuck. )

In ToI. I have 1 that's NOT WORKSAFE in the end. And it's GardleXRicardo.<3
I love the pairing.<3<3<3
Tales of Innocence. Spada and Ricardo sketchies. More RicaSpa. One random comic about Spada's Hi-Ougi and lastly... GardleXRicardo!!! )

So should I post ALL my ToI yaoi in the ToI comm in one go?XD I wanna blow up some brains...
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Juggling 2 inspirations at once is NOT funny.
I don't know which one to prioritize when I'm hunting for jp fanart sites.
Well, ToI and WA5 has a small jp fanbase and my pairings are quite rare,
so there's not a lot of sites, but still...

A mix of Innocence and ARMs, cause I just want to rant about what I've been up to. Hahaha... )

A little more on Innocence...
[livejournal.com profile] sephi_chan21, I know how badly you want to read ToI fics, but all I can offer are rants of what I've read. If you want details of a certain fic, I might TRY making a better summary, haha. And the good thing is, I can probably make it taglish when it comes to you... but that would be really corny though.XD
Agh, and I know you're not as sick as me when it comes to pairing.x_x;;
Random ToI jp fics rants! WTH, I visited ALL the fic sites and found no RicaSpa smut!? )

And a little more of Wild Arms 5...
Chuck says, 'Adieu~!' in battle only.x_x;; )

Slowed down with drawing.x_x;; I'm not lacking from inspiration, I actually have TOO MUCH and don't know which ones to draw first!XD

ARGH, I can't look at the mirror anymore because I seriously look like Ricardo minus the beard. Even the arts with his hair down... yep, Ricardo really looks pretty, haha. *shoots self*


Sketchies of Innocence and ARMs

I got a few sketchies of ToI and WA5.8D;;

Let's start with WA5 first cause they'reless harmful, hahaha.
WA5. Fic inspired arts and one random comic. DeanXChuck, GregXChuck and DeanXGregXChuck! )

Aaand the ToI ones are next and under the cut!8D
ToI. HaSpa and RicaSpa. And random real life pics related to ToI...? )

Thanks for looking everyone~!<3

I need to TRY post my stuff in deviantart once I have the time.
I'm gonna flood everyone's message box again, wahaha...
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Lame title. But I've always liked how Mitsuami sounds when you say it. It doesn't give you any hints it only means Braids. Haha.<3

Done at last! I collected all the rough sketches and picked out the best panels and fixed them up. Some were still newly drawn and all. Ah, still, I'm really happy this came out great.<3
For [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated and her beloved.=D <3
ToA - Mitsuami (19yrs!JadeXDist comic). The only SPOILER in this comic is Dist's real name. Hehe. )

I found my inspiration to continue and finish this comic from the closest one I can connect...
Jade was seiyuu'd by Takehito Koyasu (Persona~TrinitySoul's Kanzato Ryou <3) then Dist was VA'd by Liam O'Brien (Persona 3's Akihiko). I warped my RyouXAkihiko pairing back to ToA and got this!8D And I'm happy my inspiration still didn't crash! Hah!

But... I still can't believe I am amused with VA's now!o_o I am seriously thankful I played the US P3 first cause I known Akihiko as Akihiko-- and NOT Midorikawa. This might sound weird, but ah ignore my seiyuu rants, please...
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Well... I said I'm planning to wait if ever someone makes a translation, but it seems I can't help but make arts and all about the Akihiko Figurine Mini Drama CD now.XD I was able to understand most of the scenes so yay.<3

OMG, Shinji and AKihiko were so gay!<3
Midorikawa didn't lie that it's about Shinji and Akihiko's Love Story!
Haha, Koromaru's there too.<3 Anyways, random art and summary under the cut~!
Akihiko Side: Episode Rain )

My confidence in translating will lower if someone releases a word by word trans-- and I find something wrong in how I understood the Drama CD (minus the yaoi hints I wanted to insert, hahaha). But I'm still looking forward to the trans, I didn't go to too much detail in my summary anyways.XD Honestly, I never had formal JP studies... I'm proudly self-studied and It'll really hurt if I get something really WRONG.

Angsting sucks, really. Hahaha.XD<3 *shoots self* I never did know what to say...x_x;;
Thanks everyone...
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Happy Birthday Junpei!8D

Most likely set in a parallel-- or maybe not? OOC-hyper!Minato? Why is a certain someone still alive? Why is Chidori a yaoi fangirl? Anyways, this is how our MinatoXJunpei pairing works...

Art and... well, explanation (fic?) of the scenes under the cut~!<3
MinatoXJunpei pt.1 (still untitled, sadly) )

Why am I making THIS instead of something ShinjiXAkihiko? My Gemini story is sooo angsty. I'm still writing it down before posting it. While this MinatoXJunpei is already finished-- well, the whole story draft is done, but the arts isn't. Hehehe...

Argh. HOPEFULLY I could finish this!XD
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Yes! Finished P3 and we hated Aigis more in the end. Don't get me wrong, I respect the people who hates Yukari with a passion.^^;; So please let us hate Aigis freely. I know there's a lot of Aigis fans-- I don't want to get another death threat e-mail from a fan. I still feel slightly traumatized when I got one from a GuyXLuke fan...

I still hate ToA's GuyXLuke, btw. But our hate for Aigis is MORE. Geez, I like GuyXLuke when Guy is being sadistic to Luke and all (pwp is the best!<3)... ARGH!Aigis...
Why am I comparing ToA and P3?o_o;; Oh yeah, I like KOS-MOS of Xenosaga cause she's the REAL heroine of the story, unlike Aigis who's a FORCED heroine. I like Yukari as the heroine a lot.*o*<3 I miss PINK heroines! Hahaha... *cough*Tales of Vesperia*cough*T_T

The ending song was AigisXMinato, but I think I can mentally convert it as ShinjiXAkihiko or Junpei thinking of Minato (and Ryoji) in the end.=X
Before I spoil anyone, lemme cut this now. P3 ENDING SPOILERS UNDER THE CUT!!! And more ARGH!AIGIS rants.>D )

I can't wait to see the anime NOW.8D;;

Random Aigis thought...
If I liked Aigis, I probably make a MinatoXAigis pairing Chobits parody. Y'know, how to turn her ON.>D But we HATE Aigis so let's just forget about that... Oh, there's also a friend who LIKES a teacher. wth

Metis is a HIEROPHANT!?O_O NO WAY! NOT FAIR! There's a LOT of other arcanas, but they still gave her the HIEROPHANT!?Dx It's like she's replacing the Hierophant of your party.T_T ARGH. HATE.

Back to playing NamcoXCapcom. OMG. Street Fighter's Ken and Ryu is so GAY.XD
(I'm a Ryu-fan eversince. Wheee~! KenXRyu KenXRyu KenXRyu~!) *gets shot*


P3 Sketches. And more of those lazy chibis.

A LOT of sketches under the cut!8D The other were the ones I wasn't able to post last time I was online... Sorry they piled up like this.x_x;;

And as always, my rants are never-ending...^^;;

There's a colored art of Akihiko (ToA HiOugi!!!). And there will be SPOILERS!!!
The first cut doesn't have Spoilers in it.8D
Persona 3. I got to draw someone BALD and his CAP is making things difficult for me.DX )

SPOILERS!!! October Full Moon
It's a comic! A GAG COMIC!o_o;;
SPOILERS!!! October Full Moon. )

SPOILERS!!! 1st December Full Moon (and a day after)...
Well, there are 2 full moons on December, btw.8D
SPOILERS!!! 1st December Full Moon (and a day after)... )

SPOILERS!!! Ending?^^;;
Angst?>.>;; It's kinda like my 'Yay I finished P3' art thing.
SPOILERS!!! Ending?^^;; )

I hope everyone enjoyed that?8D
Thanks for taking the time to look.<3
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We just got a 2008 Calendar...>.>;;
And I was staring at the back of it which had Year 2009...
Should I encircle the special events in that year?8D;;

*Shoots self*

OK, no special stuff today.^^;; Just some random sketchies cause I was busy the whole day yesterday. Did the groceries, cooked and some laundry (more laundry tomorrow!). Well, I played P3 a bit, but still no story progress.XD So be glad no long rants today. Hahaha.

Listening to a newly downloaded 'Yume no Sukoshi Ato' song (BoFIV ED song) and it got me sketching of Fou-lu.<3 Then more P3 laziness!XD
Cut! 2 arts under the cut! Breath of Fire IV Fou-lu and more P3 laziness! (WTH) )

Advanced Happy New Year to everyone again!8D I won't be online for sure tomorrow cause We'll be meeting with the "Appriser" the whole family and our relatives will have a New Years party!8D Me so excited.<3

I need to hurry my P3 game so I can reach the date today.>.>;; Hehehe...
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Nobody knows where the hell I picked my ToA inspiration up again (heck, even I don't know where). Anyways, that's good, I think...

Still can't draw more for the Cheegle!Asch comic even if it's in the part I've been wanting to draw! WTH!?

Here's a little special something for [livejournal.com profile] hhafiz, cause she uploaded Yasunori Matsumoto's 2nd TalesRing the Abyss guesting. Cheer up dear. *huggles*

Well then, onto yaoi! Hahaha.<3
I was reading some of [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated's saved ToA posts at home last night and well...
... I guess everyone knows what to expect.<3
Cut for arts of someones GAYNESS and someone elses EVILNESS towards the GAYNESS. I'm not a funny person, really. I'm not qualified to draw gag.D8 )

Oh yeah, which reminds me... The Dist inspiration was partly boosted last night by FMA's Yoki.8D
(They have the same seiyuu dammit!XD) Just read chap 77, and Arakawa-sensei should lessen the blood gore cause I can't take it.x_x;; It's one of the reasons why I can't read/watch her Juushin Enbu!DX

Suikoden 4 still got my time on the PS2.>.>;;;

BoFIV inspiration was trying to fight back as well. I missed drawing Fou-lu.D8 ([livejournal.com profile] raethes' fault for posting the BoFIV manga. now I wanna see more...T_T) I sudenly missed BoFIII's Teepo too...T_T
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ARGH!!! I forgot to put my new Guy icon.T_T

[livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist and [livejournal.com profile] foxalollita just began playing their 2nd playthrough in ToR.8D;; But before that-- like the past Tales, we listened to the Voice Test...

Tytree had this victory line where he says, "Choroize!" (translated as "Easy!" or "You're Weak!") which we usually add ToA Guy's "Amaize!" and Jade's "ChoroAma desune". We were surprised when we heard that Mao and Annie said those in the voice tst.o_o;;

So the original people who said the ChoroAma Skit was Tytree, Mao and Annie.Xp And I thought it was a ToA original! Hahaha.XD
I bring everyone-- a full-colored Tales 4-koma!!! )

Will keep on nagging [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist to make the ChoroAma~Jade~ one.>.>;; If she doesn't draw it, I'll do it.8D;;


Tales Gaming Rants~!

I need ToS OVAs in *.avi format so we could watch it in our home compy.ToT Our compy is only running in Windows 98 and I don't think it can handle any new programs.DX

Random Tales POssible SPOILERS!!!
Still playing some... )

Random. I just read a really old AschXGuyXAsch jp comic I got a year ago. Couldn't understand it much back then, but I know it was sad. When I read it again yesterday-- I cried cause I understood the whole thing...T_T;;


Obligatory Tales sketch post:

I seriously mean TALES art post, since my inspiration has been swinging from one fandom to another. And I badly want Tales of Destiny~Director's Cut as a Christmas and New Year present.T_T Even a pirated one would be nice...

2 ToR and 1 Tales of GAYS. Hahaha.XD
I just LOVE the Tales series so much.*o* )

Just got a text from Kimi saying that she got ToW~Radiant Mythology.T_T
[livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, when can we sleep over again at your place?8D Hahaha. *gets shot* Sorry I couldn't reply, everyone at home was out of load.XD

Will be visiting the 'person' who works in the art something to get tips for my possible work!!! I need all the luck I can get here, cause I seriously have NO idea on what to do.x_x;; I am so nervous...
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pr0n and talking with people saves me from angst. I'm glad [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie was still awake last night.^^;; Ahehe, so sorry you had to stay up late for that...>.>;; *huggles*

I should celebrate Evil Daddy's Day today.>D *shoots self*
Ok, I made that up. Still...

Our Dad SMS and MMSed my phone last night. Yeah, 'Mis u', 'Take care', and 'I love you's as I recall... Ah and he sent me a pic of Dragon Ball Z with all male Super Saiyan mode, hahaha. Ah, if only he knows what we're up to now.>D

Mom probably gave him my number. ARGH. I HATE IT.DX me and my twin BADLY wanted to MMS any ManXMan (yaoi) pr0n art of mine cause he's such a homophobe, but of course I don't want him telling Mom we draw such.^^;;

I know he wants to fix things, but I have completely lost my trust in him. That bastard. What will he think of his children who says YAOI, YURI, and HENTAI at random daily? (He speaks fluent and perfect japanese, btw) If he wants to fix things up he should be the one to cope up with what we do and what WE are now. Yeah, and my relationship with Kimi, he should accept that, but I don't think he will...

I was planning to draw pr0n to cheer me up, but I ended up just staring at my old arts. And then ended up looking at really old ToA pr0n.8D DukeFabreXGuy and... Evil!LukeXGuy?8D Hey, I might redraw some just for the heck of it. At least now I know people won't get mad at me anymore when I try to draw Evil!LukeXGuy.<3

Scanned a few of the DukeFabreXGuy's for FUN. All were made LAST YEAR before US ToA's release! Cool.8D
NOT WORKSAFE!!! DukeFabreXGuy with hints of Young!AschXGuy(?) in betweens )

I hope you guys enjoyed that...?^^;;
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If anyone finds my english wrong in the title, then what's Philippines' Monkey Eating Eagle?=p
There's a dash somewhere there, but I can't remember where...? Hmm...

Anyways, 2 new arts under the cuts!8D

OMG! Cheegle's eat human beings!?!?!? )

AND AschXGuy of course!8D<3<3<3
Next to Pere-jiichan being overprotective of his Gaillardia-sama--
What else could make things difficult for the redhead(s) to own Guy?
Count Gardios' Challenge )

And since I was looking at some screenshots I did a few months back when I got to play ToA at [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie's place...
A few new lj friends might find them.. interesteing.>D
And just some random pics... )

I'm back to drawing at last!8D
I hope this stays so I can start on the OP story of [livejournal.com profile] kaizer_guy.<3


Ranting about Telenovelas!?

I'm not biased with local channels, it's just that our TV only has one channel and that's ABS-CBN!XD

After Sana Maulit Muli's end (we seriously HATE Kim and Gerald), I began to watch pinoy telenovelas again with Ma cause I'm bored.8D Maging Sino Kaman last ep had a hospital scene and then yesterday Maria Flor de Luna ended in a Hospital AGAIN then a FUNERAL. Sana Maulit Muli also ended with a hospital scene and a funeral.>.>;; It's getting too repetitive and I want to get to see a last ep without a funeral and a hospital scene. (Sa Piling Mo ended without those, so it was ok.8D)

I'm currently watching Walang Kapalit cause it's kinda incest hinted (the lovers are step sibs), but it seems the story's also going downhill for the moment.Xp

I might watch Isabella too on Monday. Ahahaha, Pinoy telenovela Cooking Master BoyGirl.XD Errr, kinda like that.

We still think Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby are gay.


Argh, it's coming out on the PS3 and NOT in the PS2!ToT Nooo!!!
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OK, [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka got this text message last two days ago.8D From ABS-CBN!

To all COSPLAYERS 4 the KIM & GERALD Movie:
Shooting is on June 22, 2007 at 8am onwards at STUDIO 10 of ABS-CBN. Pls. use Mother Ignacia Gate.
Pls. txtbak wid ur Complete Name n Age, to confirm, Thanks


We just ended up laughing and going HATE HATE HATE mode.=p We seriously hate that pair of Kim and Gerald, well we MIGHT go if it was Piolo Pascual (he's gay 8D) or any other actor/actress that Ma likes (so she can meet with them XD), but NOT these two.Xp Eeew... I'd be glad to know if they're real fans and all, but I haven't seen them in ANY convention.

They're getting cosplayer props.Xp Oh yeah, and we registered the ToA team for that, but we're not going obviously. Hehehe.

ANYWAYS, random AschXGuy-ness under the cut~.8D The cosplay seriously took most of my inspiration with it, and this is worse than a slump, I needed something to boost my drawing inspiration to do SOMETHING-- ANYTHING so I can draw again!
Random MoonGate doujin sample trans and one drawing of mine.8D )

And at last, [livejournal.com profile] kaizer_guy gets an update as well!XD Just an art and some explanations on the weapon change system.>.>;;<3

And anyone wants to see how my Guy figurines doing?8D
Hmmm... What else should I make him? )

My ouji-sama thinks I'm silly...>.>;;


Angel Comes Here by Piochi - Lyrics
The Song in the Luke Labyrinth ToA BL game.8D

What?Dx I badly wanted to play it, but I can't, not yet.>.>;; And NO, it's not because my sibs uses the same compy, they could play the ToA BL game if they want to, I don't care.XD;;

'Angel Comes Here' Full Chorus Lyrics )

I am seriously going to curse the game if I get the GuyXLuke ending first.Xp ARGH.


Guess what cheered me up on the angsty before-cosplay day?8D
Rockman ZX Yaoi!?!?!?

GirouetteXVent, cause I still think Girouette is Zero.>D And Vent is Zero and X's lovechild
Hey, I seriously haven't played the game, I haven't seen spoilers and I only know chapter 1 to 3 of the manga.8D

I've been using RMZX icons a few days ago, didn't you guys notice?XD

This is partly incest if you DO see Girouette as Zero and Vent as Zero and X's lovechild.8D But of course, they're not, we're just crazy. )

Guess what? The seiyuu's made me really happy as well.8D X and the Model X of RMZ series and RMZX's seiyuu is RomeoXJuliet's ROMEO!!! And... The Zero of RMX series seiyuu's Tybalt. Wow. And NO I'm not pairing them.XD I just find it nice that Zero and Xs seiyuu's both there.<3 And I really like Romeo's voice...
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Lorelei day is FRIDAY, but it's Sunday today so it's Rem day.>.>;;

Anyways, after a year of waiting at last I can celebrate Guy's Birthday!!!*o*<3 Sadly, I missed Yellow Yellow Happy 2's updates, I also waited for that one. Grrr...
Also, my ToA inspiration is already a year and a month old, and it's still going strong since I STILL haven't played it! Ahehe...

Guy Cecil's Birthday
Special Comic~!

I was uneasy last night. I just had to FINISH drawing and editting this comic even if it's just their lines.ID I couldn't color or shadow them anymore tho.=X
Possible Spoilers ahead!!!
Hmm, It seems I really can't stop using Gaillardias when it's Guy.XD<3 )

Who else has Guy Bday Specials?8D Please do link them to me! I wanna see~!<3<3<3

In the last minute and I was to say goodbye the IM meebo completely hang up on me.x_x;; Argh, so sorry everyone.ToT *huggles everyone*
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That's probably the stupidest title I could ever think or, but I really needed some cheering up even if I act so happy and all.8D I feel that my insides aren't happy.>.>;; I'm sorry with the very weird andf long post. It's so random today.

Can anybody get me ToA gag or something?-_-;;

Anyways, [livejournal.com profile] helpyoufly 008 entry random comic part.>.>;; Cause I was really feeling morbid last night...
Lulz, more VanXLuke... )

What CAN disturb me? I really don't know. A friend gave me a link to guro, as in 'Grotesque', (lulz, I didn't know there's something MORE under than R18 Under Pages.XD) Only one person knows what really creepy stuff I saw yesterday-- and I explained a bit to my younger sibs and they were just grossed out.>.>;;

[livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka still doesn't know what I saw yet cause even we don't get to talk much lately...-_-;; And he's NOT amused and enjoys Necrophilia theme as much as I did. *shoots self*

ANYWAYS, instead of getting creeped out with guro, I was actually amused with looking at it.8D<3 And I was inspired to draw slight bodnage with Guy-- NOT guro!DX
NOT WORKSAFE. I can't imagine myself drawing guro stuff though, so my mind went to pr0n stuff instead... )

I'll probably start on gift arts soon, once my mind is off of the random drawing mood.x_x;; You know why I feel oh so depressed? It's like everyone I want to talk to is avoiding me... Or they're just too tired and too frustrated, and my talk timing is VERY BAD.

I need to set my priorities.x_x;; That's what I'm bad at. ARGH. *shoots self*


Read [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_blue's fic and ended up crying a little near the end. I really like how Peony is so understanding.XD And Duke Fabre has always been such a bastard.DX

Eeee! And Guy and Asch are both Count's now?*o* They can have a secret meeting now together and-- *shoots self*-- They need to kiss and make up with each other first.x_x;; *very frustrated*

Someone get me a happy AschXGuy or anything GAG with them.>.>;;

Oh yeah, the owner of the Internet Cafe I'm in was downloading anime earlier-- and he gave me a link to free hentai anime downloads! OMG!<3 I'm kinda happy now.ID


Melon ni Melon Melon
Tales of the Abyss Hentai Doujin
Pairing: LukeXTear
Notes: It's Hentai! And it had the MOST ADORABLE ART I'VE EVER SEEN!!!XDXDXD And The whole gang appears in it too.*o* And Guy's OMG so cuteness.<3 *shuts up now*
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This post gets my pouty Asch icon cause of the Asch abuse.DX

Okay, about the 4th ToA Drama CD-- Did I just heard AschXGuy?*o* *gets depressed after listening* I think NOT.-_-;;

First crappy summary I did... of the 1st ToA Drama CD. I don't think I'll make the 2nd and 3rd tho, but if I feel like listening to them again, sure.

Really sucky rants/summary of the 4th Drama CD.8D If anyone finds something WRONG, please be kind an correct me.^^;; My lack of english makes it difficult to pick the right english words for this.x_x;;

SPOILERS for the ToA Game are here as well.^^;; I know there're better people who summarize thse stuff-- but heck, I don't have any of them summarizing in my flist, hahaha!8D

Oh yeah, the last track of the 4th Drama CD is the BEST twist that's out of the GAME!!!
Lulz. Lot's of really random pairs appeared-- but NO ASCHXGUY!!!ToT )

Oh yeah, Kaizer Dist is FEMALE!!!DX Argh, so my Kaizer!Guy should call her 'Aneki' instead of 'Aniki'.x_x;;

Arietta only had 2 VERY SHORT appearances all in all in ALL the Drama CD too.DX WAAAH!!!


Gardios and Cecille Frings Comic

Surprisingly I have made a VERY NORMAL COMIC (xcept for the LAST page).>.>;;

Well, you can think. ZOMG! Aslan Frings got Josette Cecille preggy before he-- *spoilers*!
Yeah that.XD

A really random thought that bugged me for days.x_x;; I don't know if I'll continue or not...?

SPOILERS about the ToA game as well.XDXDXD
What ToA ending is THIS!?o_o )

Enjoy.8D Random thoughts about the comic are appreciated.XD

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