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I can't find my ToS chara whole body arts at home.DX I need to go to a Tales fansite that has official front-side-back views of the charas. Does anybody know a site?T_T Actually, I need ToR and ToL as well, if something like that exists, that is...x_x;; I'm actually partyle online for that reason.

Anyways, not another one... bur YES, [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis is playing Ace Combat Zero now and I am all too giggly and inspired. Of course, you can expect I have really stupid (ToA parody) reasons again!8D;;

Uhh, SPOILERS for Ace Combat Zero, hahaha.
Abyss Combat Zero. Hey, ToA and Ace Combat were made by Namco, so what's wrong with a little parody?XD )

PixyXPJ.8D;; *gets bombarded by missiles*

I might make more of the ToA and Ace Combat parody, Abyss Combat.<3<3<3
And it will be AschXGuy, of course!


Ran out of Tales to play!T_T

BTW, [livejournal.com profile] fate_repeated, you're right about US Jade's Indignation.8D;; I wasn't depressed with his voicing on that one.<3 (my US ToA game got glitched, after showing the end to my sibs and saving it, and still continued on playing the 1st playthrough, I was surprised that the charas could trigger the 2nd playthrough HiOugis.O_O;; The Skit player and The Abyss dungeon was open as well... But Peony-heika was still TOO smart and won't give me the Abyssman costumes, haha)

*Cough* ANYWAYS, [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist is playing the Tales of Rebirth and my twin just began playing the JP Tales of Legendia (we support MosesXJay!!!XDXDXD And I OMG so love Shirley.<3). I am left with playing both the JP and US 2nd playthrough of ToA... There was not Tales left for me...T_T

I'm still going hyper on the AschXGuy pairing so I guess that's ok.>.>;; But my sibs has been asking me to draw stuff for the other Tales as well, like-- EugeneXMao and MosesXJay... Oh yeah, I can't help but feel uneasy when Jay gets called in ToL (I feel like I'm being called, hahaha)


Onto Sketchies~!

No colored arts again and just sketches.^^;;
But I bring some random parody, gag and cuteness!!!XDXDXD
More Abyss Combat, more Asch, Peony and Jade, topless female!Guy and... and original chara.>.>;; ALL SKETCHES!!!
Cut for pics!!!XD )

I just finished doing the mountain of laundry at home and I'm about to start sewing the back design of Asch's tabard!XD Asch's costume's the only one that levels up.>.>;;

What? Lamento? I need to research on that. all I know is it's made by the same people who made Togainu no Chi. Ate Medith~! Pics please?XD

I know I'm missing on a lot of things! I'm so sorry I can't always get online~!ToT And someone should trust her friends more, yeah?>D *pokes*
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Check out the new icon!XD I seriously needed that.<3

Will be online for a few hours today. Why? [livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist wants me to get the latest FMA manga chapter. Hahaha.XD

Rawrz. My morning was ruined though cause the first person to texted me today was our Bastard!Dad.x_x;;

Okay, Game stuff first!
Yay for JP ToA renaming!!! 3 ToA pics and 1 ToR. )

Eugene and Mao will make really cute kitties together.8D I can't wait for [livejournal.com profile] foxalollita to draw EugeneXMao!XDXDXD


Abyss Combat 5 (ToA Art)

Some Young!Guy and Original!Luke arts (lulz, AschXGuy)...
And since I'm still at it, ABYSS COMBAT 5!!!XDXDXD

Sketchies under here~! )

ToF2 isn't working. ARGH.T_T;;

I'll be sewing SOMETHING again~.XD And Mom will surely freak out.>.>;;

What else... I might type more once I remember what else to type.^^;;;
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Online for an hour, cause Ma thinks I'm angsting too much at home.>.>;; And my twin says I look like I could cry anytime. Hahaha... ha...

I seriously LOVE the Ace Combat series! Namco really makes games with memorable stories.<3<3<3

Stopped playing ToA for awhile to give way to play Ace Combat 5 after finding out that Jade and Guy's VAs were there.>.>;; Jade was the AWACS Thunderhead so he gives orders and he shouts a LOT!<3 Which makes me VERY happy cause I badly wanted to hear him shout and think of Jade when he scolded Luke after St. Binah's fall.*o*<3

Cut for Ace Combat fangirling... And some ToA in betweens. )

I can't wait for our bro to play Ace Combat Zero!*o* Your wingman's VA is Luke/Asch and Guy's VA is still there-- I might still end up giggling with AschXGuy.>.>;;

Gah, with all these english dubbed games, I might get into English VA's as well!x_x;;


It's that time of the months again, but... It's the 11th of the month and my celphone just reminded that.
ARGH for monthly reminders that hurt.

Tales of the Abyss PeonyXNephry Gaiden inspired art )

I am so thankful that in my US ToA game I just completed the Frings and Cecille Subquest so I know what the dagger-giving meant.=X [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie, I remember you gave up on that subquest.^^;; I wonder if you know...?

I badly want that Gaiden...T_T *shoots self*


A~nd I'm not sure if I'll be able to be online on the 14th,
It's a really special day for my beloved Original Charas.=3<3

And a special day for me as well...^^;;

Blessing. Cut for art.<3 )

Will need to look for my past Tales of Symphonia art.x_x;; I seriously already forgot how to draw Lloyd and Kratos. *so random*
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I visited Namco's site and saw the updates on ToF vol.2's release date which is JUNE 28. And I also saw a new game in Namco's update list that made my JAW DROP.

ACE COMBAT 6!?!?!? IN XBOX 360!? WTH!? NOOO!!!ToT [livejournal.com profile] lloyd_dunamis is so gonna hate namco for this... We've been a big fan of the Ace Combat series, argh.x_x;; (yeah, I surprisingly play it too-- just for fun and 2 player VS and do really dramatic suicides in a jet.8D)

Okay, if Namco plans to release the next major Tales in XBOX 360, Aniki said he MIGHT buy one.-_-;; The past Ace Combats are all in the PS and PS2-- How could Namco suddnely transfer it to XBOX!?ToT



I texted [livejournal.com profile] kimivalkyrie as soon as I woke up this morning cause it's the 2nd time I dreamt of something in a reality world and with Kimi in it.^^;;

Random dream rants, move along now.=O )



Oh yeah, I'm in track 5 of the 4th ToA Drama CD now.*o* And all I can say is-- MORE really random pairs are popping out and STILL NO ASCHXGUY!!!ToT They torture Asch so much in the Drama CD-- even Natalia got to slap Asch.ToT

I listened to the rest of the Drama CD while I was playing an online RPG titled FlyFF with [livejournal.com profile] pic_kuroi_aka and I stopped in the 11th track where Kaizer Dist RX VS Tartarus, and Dist made Kaizer Dist RX go SELF-DESTRUCT WHILE HE WAS INSIDE!?!?!? I don't know what happened in the Tower of Rem in the game but I just pray Dist isn't dead in the Drama CD!ToT I'll write/rant/bawl more about this on my next post where I made summaries.>.>;;

Oh yeah, the AschXGuy event I was waiting for DIDN'T HAPPEN sadly...ToT Namco really doesn't like AschXGuy huh?

Oh yeah, and in the new Ai no Kusabi CD, Ohkawa Tohru voicing Iason is-- OK.XD OMG, that was totally unexpected!

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