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So me and my twin, Yo-tan, cosplayed Kotetsu and Barnaby of Tiger&Bunny yesterday at SM Megamall (ToyCon's 2nd day).
Thanks to my beloved younger siblings for doing all the work! I know I only did most of the necktie only. I'll Help out next cosplay!

A few people recognized us, so we don't have much pics, but maybe we'll cosplay again after a few months to see if more people will know who we are.XD

But just being Kotetsu and Bunny at the event made me happy.8D You'll never know, we might cosplay the Hero suits next time.

Just the T&B Cosplay under the cut. Plus random story while I was typing stuff...

No beard for Kotetsu, since the make up we used irritated my chin, and till now, it feels itchy. Hahaha. Will think of other options for that on next cosplay (whenever that'll be).
I also had to remind myself to remove my glasses again and again when we're taking pics!-_-


Kotetsu caling from his... thing.
Hopefully Bunny still answers his call.

They met at the local Pizza Shop.

Bunny having fun with his... Bunny.
(With the help from our younger sister's hand for the Bunny!kick)

Bunny: Here old man, you're only having this.
Kotetsu: What the--?OAO

The perfect background.XD
(It was Father's day on that day, what do you expect?)

Tiger & Bunny in Starbucks

Random tired photo taking.
This Kotetsu cosplayer should NOT be drinking Choco Chip Cream.

Change places. Since the old man is sleepier.

Aaand time to go home! Bunny's driving us home.

Thanks for looking!8D

Now, back to drawing.
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