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My yahoomail is really pissing me off. I love my yahoomail, I had it since... I dunno when... So backup email is picmurasaki@gmail.com. Lulz.

Lost all emails in yahoomail after I logged in again (seriously, I was really lazy to go online these past few weeks). Pakshet, there goes all my drafts... Dear yahoomail, do you know how lazy I am when I try to type something long?-_-;;

I've been trying to catch up on everyone... My facebooks available now. I think you can find me through Jaye Jiongco or Jei Revence. Still trying to get used to FB, and I'm actually hating it more. *sigh* Well, I guess this'll help me catch up... I THINK.

I'm risking so much opening up FB. Oh hat will our relatives think!? I like GAY anime and currently like GAY Samurai's and I like anything GAY. WTF!?!?!?

Kit.T_T I pray you see this friend me in FB, you said you have an FB right? *huggles*
Trick. Hope you read this, friends me in FB too.<3
Kisses. resend mail please?x_x;;
Roel. Do you actually have an FB?XD Wahaha.

Will TRY to stay online. This time... Actually, I think my PIXIV account is way more active than any other online accounts I have. WTH?
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