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Still scanning some stuff while typing this. Playing with my Oyakata-sama Shimeeji while scanning too. 5am and I'm still up!XD Wheee~!!!
Current icon so hurried. I really wanted a SB icon so bad.D8

Thankfully I was able to upload these even with he slow net connection.^^<3 Woot for Wireless Broadband!<3

What you'll find under the cut?
Hinted MasaKojuu, Yukimura ballpen sketchies, Mitsunari-centric comic and The Dango Colored Trio comic (the uke's, Motonari, Mitsunari and Yukimura).

SB2H item Ryuu no Migime was sooo cute and I love it's special ability for Kojuuro! Permanent Snap Mode.<3
Just Masamune kissing the thing.>.>;; Suggestive MasaKojuu?XD
Kojuu is UKE to Masamune-samaaa...

I can always get the faces right, but I still struggle when it comes to bodies so it gets sketchy...

Scene came to mind when reading the SB3~Roar of Dragon manga.

So Hideyoshi-papa just got killed by Ieyasu. Once Mitsunari goes home, he hears about the news that his Hanbei-mama had just passed away...
Mitsunari had to face two losses on that day...

Last panel... was gag. Sorry to ruin the mood!XD Pure ballpen drawing and I also had to erase the really weird side notes (each panel had one) like 'There's an invention called a ruler', since I didn't use one.>.>

The Dango Colored Trio
(Also known as the UKE team)
Mori Motonari, Ishida Mitsunari and Sanada Yukimura.<3

These three likes sweets. Well, Nari and Mittsun doesn't show, but of course our mood maker (and uber-uke) Yukimura shares! Even if it's the last one...
.. At least Yuki shared.^^;;

Special appearances from their beloved Seme's too.<3
Those stuff for Nari aren't Dangos. Chika just visited the Philippines and got some 'fishball'.=D

I have another one with the East-West Trio too (SEME Team), will be posting that once I'm done coloring it.<3

Thank you so very much for looking!<3

Also sketched something from the book I just finished reading. Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book.^^;; Random, I know.>.>;;

Expect more art posts soon! Hopefully my drawing inspiration stays. Oh Sengoku Basara, thank you so very much.T_T<3<3<3
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