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So it seems I have saved ALL DateSana pics in pixiv and on the BASARA search sites... I think I need more for inspiration.Dx

Since I am so desperate, I need to READ something. I've been out of practice anyways...

I'm still at work. Browsing Basara Search for another reason. Uke!Yukimura jp novels.>D

Saving the MasamuneXYukimura's for last.<3<3<3

I read one interesting KojuuroXYukimura... it's just weird for a DateSana fan like me to find Masamune-dono not in love with Yukimura. The novel was a scene in SB3. (Masamune's story I think? Where Kojuu stops Masamune from killing Yukimura)

Hmm hmm, R-18 jp novels are just the best!XD<3 I can read them at work and no one will know I'm reading porn.<3

Writing inspiration currently into Mitsunari VS Masamune X Yukimura. Not really a good start, since my inspiration is most likely rebelling cause my Masamune hates Ishida-dono with a passion. *sigh* I don't think he'll even read it.

I think my TadakatsuXIeyasu(?) fic might get a chance to be read by our beloved Ika-yasu.>.>;; I still think it sounds like an opening scene for a Gundam anime/manga/story whatever.XD

And Setouchi. Mori-dono, please stop tring to kill Ieyasu-dono.o_o;;

And Keiji needs a girlfriend. Badly.XD *pokes Magoichi*<3<3<3
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