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So I have been making practice sketches... period. I need to get serious. I know I'm seriously out of practice. Notice I could only draw faces to bust, but everything goes really sketchy when it comes to bodies. (What backgrounds? Since when did I draw BGs?)

I really need to draw my Sengoku Basara OTP, but Masamune-dono's hair is so not cooperating with me.x_x;; I can never get his hair right! The anime had a big influence on me since I started with the anime, but I wanted the Masamune-dono of the game who got a much badass look and hair.Dx

... and staring at really nice game!Masamune is not helping.x_x;;

Why am I this frustrated? I can draw IeyasuXMitsunari no problem, but they're not my fave pair. And I actually ship a LOT of pairs in SB and it's killing me since I wanted to draw them to show how much I like them.

But I still don't have any MasamuneXYukimura drawing.T_T

Younger sis beat me to it. She's drawing her OTP TadakatsuXIeyasu with full inspiration and is now moving onto uke!Ieyasu.

And I was actually, very jealous with the last one she paired. MasamuneXIeyasu. I am ok with the pairing (so far the only pairings I hate are seme!Yukimura's and ShingenXSasuke. Oyakata-sama is uke to Sasuke), I could definitely see (MotochikaX)MasamuneXIeyasu, since they're like the seme team (lulz). But I can't help but feel more frustrated cause I can't even draw MasamuneXYukimura... yet.

So yeah, I have issues with MasamuneXYukimura. Bigtime.x_x;;

Date Family parallel doesn't count. I've made a few sketches of Masamune, Yukimura and their two kids (OCs Saki and Yukari)... But that's not MasamuneXYukimura... I want to draw something Hot and Cool or sweet or those stuff... down and dirty or something...

I'm trying to be careful. I don't want to lose my drawing/writing inspiration anymore...

Oh and I need a Sengoku Basara icon. ARGH.
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