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My BSR uber uke's are Yukimura and Mitsunari.>.>;; And Yukimura is the most uke cause Mitsunari tops him too.XD;;

So... finished Anime Sengoku Basara (2nd season) yesterday. Also found out that our Masamune and Ieyasu (eldest and 4th younger sib) HATES Mitsunari with a passion.

My Masamune-sama gets ARGH so jealous when I pair MitsunariXYukimura, but he's ok when it's HideyoshiXHanbei and son!Mitsunari. Ah, same with IeyasuXMitsunari, he's ok with the pair.

Our Ieyasu is quite the fangirl of TadakatsuXIeyasu (and MotochikaXIeyasu, much to our Motonari's dismay) and he hates it when Ieyasu's seme. So she hates it when I fangirl IeyasuXMitsunari. Had to scream, "But he's your friend...!" Dx

So we got Sengoku Basara issues at home. I'm happy that our Motonari (youngest sis) felt pity for Mitsunari when she saw him in the anime. Damn that ending just made me cry... poor Mitsunari... I had to tell Mori-dono that Ishida-dono's our ally!<3

Not sure what is our Keiji's (younger bro's) thoughts about Mitsunari. Same like the real BSR Keiji, I think he might go for neutral mode.^^;;

The anime's ending might be a good reason for Mitsunari to remember Masamune-sama's name in the movie.XD Can't wait to see the movie!

But first of all, that OVA...! Sasuke kidnapping Kojuuro, Masamune seeing how stupid Yukimura is and Oyakata-sama punching the living daylights out of Yukimura's stupidity... Follow the Drama CD please.D8 It was way better than Yukimura's SB2Heroes Gaiden. After Hyottoko Kamen's mask breaking, Yukimura thought the man behind the mask LOOKED LIKE Oyakata-sama. That simply got me laughing so hard.

Ok ranting again. Need to finish some more piccies and ficcies.<3

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