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Icon is Akihiko since Liam O'Brien voices Ieyasu... Wat???

So at long last I tried to scan stuff. Not cleaned or anything since they were directly scanned and all. Crashed compy still doesn't have any photoshop to edit stuff.>.>;;

Ballpen and pencil sketches. Sadly no MasamuneXYukimura, but they are there. Some Oyakata-sama... KojuuSasu, Ieyasu and Mitsunari... and I think my fem!Yukimura was there too.o_o;;
Could've tried scanning some of the comics I've made, but I might save them till it's really worth posting.

Art post under the cut! IMAGE HEAVY of course.=D

First sketches of Yukimura.. yeah, ballpens.XD

Chibichibis! The only way I could make comics... so far.XD

Sketching Kojuuro. He's too easy since he looks like an older version of one of my original charas (OC that represents myself).

KojuuSasu.<3 Drew this without something to copy on.. I got Kojuuro's Moon wrong.x_x;;

Ieyasu and Mitsunari.<3

More Yukimura sketchies. Trying to draw more bods.x_x;;

Benmaru and that fluffy red thing that can be called 'Oyakata-sama'.XD

Desperate attempt to draw Oyakata-sama and Yukimura's first meeting. Was listening to the Drama CD of the scene. Man, I missed Hoshi's default voice-- and he used it on the young!Yukimura.<3

fem!Yuki on the side.>.>;; And some ShinShin and KojuuSasu at certain places.XD

Mitsunari and Takechiyo-sama.XD Hahaha.<3

Thanks for looking!=D

Need to start drawing TadakatsuXIeyasu and some ChikaXNari soon too.=D And some other uke!Yukimura pairs.>3
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