Mar. 29th, 2011

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Currently playing FFIVTA and my RM3 game is on hold on the PSP. Ah, and before anyone could react "A Tales game got on hold for an FF game!? Ridiculous!" youngest sis is playing the game fulltime and is nearlly ending the game (still figuring out how to get Lilith, argh). I'm sort of helping her out with the translations.

Specially the skits! OMG, Tytree mistaking Woodrow for Veigue!*o*<3<3<3

*cough* Anyways... I am playing FFIVTA right now. Skipped the actual FFIV game, finished Interlude and just recently finished Ceodore's Scenario...

And I still can't believe I'm playing this game!

It's the same feeling with it's Tales parallel which is ToD2. I couldn't believe I played the game after waiting for oh so long...T_T

I just wanna kick Namingway for changing occupation. I NEED to change Ceodore's name to Kyle and HoodedMan/Cain to Judas. Argh.

Ceodore's so anti-Kyle though. He's a more mature and smarter Kyle.^^;;
And I see Cain as the ultimate Judas. Well, at least there's no Loni figure that would be too suspicious of the Hooded man's identity. Ceodore's quite oblivious of it... so far...

Oh, I just realized I need to finish FFIVTA before Persona 2 Innocent Sin (PSP port) release!*o* OMG, I missed Jun sooo much!<3 Agh, so much to play, this time I'm gonna make sure I get a FOOL card.=/
Best of the Persona series ever.<3 My opinion, of course.

Anyways, onto Sengoku Basara...

We played SB2Heroes last SundayMori. It was the first time we actually PLAYED the VS mode, and we loved it so much.*o* The battle was Eastern VS Western Armies. Masamune and Ieyasu VS Yukimura and Motonari (or Motochika).

Youngest sibs actually played it first. They used their own charas and ieyasu kept on losing.
Next was me and Yo-tan and I kept on beating him.XD

Western Army wins 7 points over the Eastern Army's 4 points.=D

Our Keiji gets SOME points as well, even if he wasn't playing, NPC!Keiji actually won a few times.o_o;;

And about new sketches and stuff? Uhh... ARGH FRUSTRATION!!!x_x;;

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