Feb. 10th, 2011

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Typing this while at the office. Feeling really depressed and all. I needed to do something.

So much for trying to post new sketchies. Computer at home is failing...T_T Really need to get a new one and put this 10 year old win98 compy to rest.

ANYWAYS. Fearing for my SB inspiration since I might get ToWRM3 soon... But hopefully we could get SB2heroes and SBcross working too.>.>;; So it'll be an ugly inspiration clash. I don't think my brain is ready to handle 2 inspiration at the same time like before.

Apart from my Descender, I might make a really random team of Keel, Kongman and Jade. Yes, complete Takeda Family. Too bad Moses didn't make it, I'd really love to have him in RM3. (Masamune-dono~<3)

*cough* So onto SB rants...

Taking everything back about DateSana. It's currently my main pairing now. Been trying to sketch something with them, but it seems I can't get Masamune-dono's hair right. Would've been easier to copy the anime version, but I really love the game version.

So main SB pairings are now... the generic pairs.
UKE!Yukimura - ok, that's not an OTP, but it's my priority to have my faves as uber ukes!
MasamuneXYukimura - can't get enough of this pairing. maybe the influence of doujins?
KenshinXShingen - yes, in that order. calling it ShinShin wasn't a joke.
KojuuroXSasukeXKojuuro - reversible!<3
ChosokabeXMouri - really cute pair
TadakatsuXIeyasu - needs more LOVE
IeyasuXMitsunari - the ONLY time I see Ieyasu seme
SasukeXKasuga - sorry, Kenshin-sama, I like this pair way more

Got a few more we support, got threesomes and all the uke!Yukimura I could list down (MitsunariXYukimura<3).
[livejournal.com profile] pictoalchemist got forced into liking SB and is now into uke!Ieyasu. Main pairing is TadakatsuXIeyasu... she doesn't like it much whenever I rant IeyasuXMitsunari.^^;;
Youngest sis LOVES MotoMoto. She starts giggling WAY too much when I play as Chika in SB2.>.>;;
Kuya... simply supports whatever gayness we throw.XD He's our Maeda Keiji-dono.

Yo-tan's Date Masamune, I'm Sanada Yukimura, Kuya's Maeda Keiji, Sanse's Tokugawa Ieyasu and Lisette's Mouri Motonari.
I really need to get in shape if I plan on cosplaying Yukimura.XD

So yeah... hopefully this inspiration stays until my drawings gets better again. Been sketching a few naked Yukimura's and I don't think it's good enough. Argh..

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